Sand District


Industrial buzzing, banging and drilling filled the air of New Sunagakure. Nestled tightly away in a popular little corner surrounded by a multitude of merchants and vendors was the recently re-established and reopened Sand Box. It was a rigid atmosphere where construction was at its highest point as crowds of men and women entrusted with the rebuild trudged back and forth. Some utilized their jutsu to help them lift enormous steel beams amongst taking on other perilous tasks the construction required of its workers. However, weaving in and out of the employees was a pack of mischievous kids looking for some trouble to get into.
Thankfully, they were smart enough to avoid interfering with the worker’s tireless efforts but as they snuck closer and closer to the garage and the volume of the catchy music increased it was clear they weren’t as smart as they appeared.
Bouncing a little from the side to the side were the shoulders and the top half of a giant blonde's body. Heavier toned music was blasting itself loudly from an intricate sound system. Some built into the walls, some built into her own tools!

Eyes wide with wonder, one of the brats became a little too intrigued by the sight of such a monstrously tall woman almost drowned in piles of unfinished prototypes, scrap metal and then there were assortments of finished products she must have felt some kind of pride in since it appeared to him that they’d been buffed and polished so well that they sparkled in the light like stars in the sky he and his friends had watched together just the night before with dreams of how their new home was going to look when it was all finally finished.
Everyone had been excited, moving into their new homes that had been built for them before their arrival. Perhaps it had been his child-like wonder that distracted him long enough for the seemingly oblivious amazonian to throw a wrench she’d been using at such a degree of accuracy and speed that the kid found himself pinned to the wall by the sleeve of his shirt. This scared the other children so much that they opted into taking off and abandoning the lad to his uncertain fate. Turning on her heel, there was an imposing





As her ironclad feet neared her struggling prey, she crouched so that she was on the same level as the boy. He had frozen, his little heart rapidly beating and she could hear them each one individually. Green orbs captivated the child’s quivering brown ones before she reached out with a hellish gauntlet and in one fell swoop began to tickle him just underneath his pit. This caused the brat to squirm and shriek and cackle and lured the crowd of his friends back to the entrance of the garage. Chuckling herself but hiding it with a scowl, Chinatsu of the village hidden in the sand and local philanthropist as well as a willing source of the children's entertainment stood back up all while twirling another tool on the edge of her relaxed index finger, the fidgeting merely something the engineer did when she was in the middle of a conversation and sometimes out of boredom or when she was attempting to invent one of her latest and greatest projects.

“Fuck my life, one a’ you’s gets caught up n’ the rest just high tail it?! What kinda shit’s that?!”

“Mm, We didn’t mean to bother you but the Kazekage’s back n’...”

“And?! That means abandon’n your friend when things get hairy on a mission?! You're headed to the academy soon’n it looks like y’all still got alot to learn about what that means.”

“Sorry miss, we didn’t think…”

“S’right ya didn’t think!”

Their disappointed faces, downtrodden and discouraged cast themselves toward the ground. They had left their friend to his own fate which, in the real world of the Shinobi that they all had their own ambitions to work toward,would have most certainly resulted in the boy’s death. Had it not been Chinatsu as their enemy, they would have all been dead.


Yanking the wrench out of the wall so the boy could land gently on his feet once more, Chinatsu trotted past them, giving each one a ruffle of their hair so as to lighten their spirits and cause them to gaze up at her once more. This time, floating by her sides were two gigantic pieces of equipment that had barely made a hum as they and she passed through the doors of her place of business. One, lowered itself so that she was able to step up onto it and hover there momentarily. The other seemed in a sort of stasis, awaiting orders before it would move; albeit whatever move Chinatsu made, it automatically avoided being in any collision course with her limbs at all times. Essentially, they were built with sensors capable of helping them detect obstacles automatically.


“Y’all still got time to fix all that. Now, go on! Git! Stay outta my garage!”

Though her words were harsh, the beaming grin on her face told the kids that she was humoring their antics and this was something all kids, most kids, appreciated. Though she would have preferred not to have been disturbed at all, the kids had brought her some very important news and that had gotten her moving! All at once, Chinatsu was boosted, leaving the children in her dust, into the skies of Sunagakure and made a beeline for the Kazekage’s towering compound. Now that was a sight to behold...dare she say a masterpiece. Every ounce of care that she had in her body was used in the tower’s creation from the foundation to the tip and seeing it lit up with life, well, it could almost make a gal cry. All the while as she surfed by the dedicated workers she barked orders telling them to work harder, to work faster and to keep up that good work! There was no doubt, the once elite general of the sand had kept things in line for their leader just as she had been entrusted to as evidenced by the fact that overall production was further ahead of schedule than even she considered possible.

Finally arriving at her destination, Chinatsu dropped from her booster loudly and allowed the both to remain idle outside whilst she entered her Kazekage’s chambers alone. There was a somber expression on her face, a smile even that may have shown a hint of sentimentality that she was finally able to see him again when…

"PAHAHAHA! Have you seen your face?! Boy that musta’ been a long trip cause you look like SHIT!”

Boisteringly so, the Chinatsu all of the sand knew and loved spared her abrasive personality from no one and Shishio was not an exception. The two had known each other long enough for her to feel comfortable addressing him in such an unorthodox and disrespectful manner for a handful of reasons but the most of which was that this was just how she rolled.

“Glad your back, as ya can see we’re way ahead a’ schedule though.”

Smirking, Chinatsu offered the Kazekage her signature ‘thumbs up’ as if solidifying that things were in fact hunky and dory.


Location: New Sunagakure
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