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Stepping from the estrange pillar of mystical chakra was that of a nicely polished onyx black loafer in which gently pressed against the stone structure that held this pillar of chakra. Moving up to be revealed was a finely pressed black slacks that is held up by a classical Brown Ox hide leather belt with a silver crafted buckle. Tucked into this outfit is a freshly pressed dove white cotton pearl snap dress shirt over lapped by a elegant and refined black Suit jacked. Swaying with the intense winds caused by the chaotic commotion. The final thing to emerge from this pillar of chakra is that of the individuals head, a fine, young looking man with unkempt jet black locks that swayed in a dancing manner to the wind that violently crashed around. Though coming out of this pillar of chakra his eyes remained closed, and upon opening his eye's this revealed the steel grey iris with the pupils constricting due the Land of Winds natural sun light and desert humidity. His eyes focusing towards the events below at quite some distance away, he stood as he witnessed the mysterious woman who had brought him already lunging into action to handle what looked like a young shinobi shrouded in a bubbling crimson chakra formulating three explicit tails.

His eyes analyzing the situation, this mysterious man who was known as the Land of Grass's current Kage though even at a young age he stood with such a refined yet stoic posture. His hands slowly removing themselves from his pockets revealing the white cow hide gloves in which he'd slowly tighten allowing his fingers to become more prominent. Hailed in his village as the Black Reaper, this young man called Tendo Xaio, stood ready to head into action; but he wasn't as foolish as one would believe, he was not a person to heedlessly leap into action before analyzing the situation. And from what he can depict the land of wind's Hidden Sand Village seemed to be in some sort of dire situation, one that required a powerful barrier to be put up, with a rampaging Jinchuuriki preparing what can be described as a dense ball of positive and negative chakra or in simple terms a Tailed Beast Bomb. Though this wasn't all that puzzled him on the situation as there was a mysterious man seemingly preparing to counter act the tailed beast bomb; though naturally he'd want to gather more information on this situation, but he knew that the Alliance with Sunagakure depended on its survival. As a result, he'd simply need to rely on the gathered intel he had uncovered in this instant, with the main objective to getting the Seven Tails Chomei Jinchuuriki back in control as this would bring a form of distrust in the alliance.

Slowly pressing his fingers into the oppositional palm a low crackling sound emits, the bubbles building up in his joints being relieved as his knee's slowly bend at a acute angle. Pressing down with the balls of his feet just as the pillar of mystifying chakra faded away, with a thunderous clap the stone pillars top erupted into debris that scattered away from the village and scene of conflict, the young man who is sent soaring through the air swiftly lands on the sand below thirty feet away from the mysterious woman, , the force and momentum of his acceleration and descent scattered the silicon particles abruptly around him as he remained in a crouching position before alas in that second slowly ascended to his stoic posture. Xaio slowly patted his clothing off before speaking with such an annoyed yet almost curious tone,
"How Peculiar, it isn't often I get to leave my village. So being summoned to see such an actrocious site is quite perplexing. No matter, seems I won't get to take a break any time soon. Lets get this tailed beast under control."
Witnessing the woman's strange vortex of wind and sand dissipate with what would seem like it had no effect, Xaio stood puzzled, was it beaten by the Jinchuuriki? No there was something more to this situation as this woman possessed some type of ability he was unaware of. Though now wasn't the time to probe the woman who brought him for answers, even as much as he wanted, he had a job to do. His eyes diverting towards the Jinchuuriki, Xaio swiftly weaved the following hand signs at a speed dignified for that of the Kage status almost seemingly like a blurred motion, [Snake]-> [Dragon]-> [Tiger] -> [Ox] -> [Hare] before alas a strange accumulation of crackling white ion's or electricity began to surge about his being; these sparks which transitioned into that of bolts of naturally flowing lightning that curved towards a central point as Xaio's left hand swiftly thrust out as it acted as the focal point of accumulation. These strands of White Ionic Lightning which accumulated at such a rapid pace formulated into that of a brimming illuminating ball of light and energy.

In that mere second between hand seals being done and focusing of the Ionic Lightning, Xaio's hand thrusts forth, pressing against this ball of chakra as he unleashed forth his Ninjutsu, Shock Release: White Lightning Array. A ninjutsu of the Shock Release Kekkei Genkai of the Tendo clan that releases up to Five rays of White Lightning moving at an intense speed. Though they moved at speeds that were faster than a shinobi of Chuunin and lower's reaction capabilities without the aid of a Doujutsu, it happened to lack the proper damaging force. It's true ability occurs upon collision these Rays of lightning will Shock the target causing a slight stunning debuff upon the target. Though these attacks move as a homing based technique if hitting something other than the target it will Dissipate completely leaving slight trails of electricity. Though with the target being the Jinchuuriki, these five rays of lightning swiftly soared across the distance between Xaio and the Jinchuuriki, avoiding allies as it would home in on the Tailed Beast's host. This acted as a way to restrain the tailed beast host if successful, even if not, Xaio knew these rays of lightning would not stop unless the tailed beast host managed to get it to hit something else, and with a desert around them, that itself as a feat would be quite tricky.

Tessa -> Xaio -> Aiya
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Fifteen Years of peace. Fifteen years of questions left unanswered, mysteries still unsolved. People tried to go on as if nothing ever happened, how they tried to continue life in ignorance..but they knew. The thoughts still lingered, clawing at their mind, the nightmares were constant trespassers of their dreams. The truth was the Shinobi World could never forget that travesty, no matter how hard they tried.


The Japanese stylized sliding doors of the Senkaimon opened one after the other over the realms of Sunagakure, a black and pink coloured butterfly came fluttering out. Following shortly after was a young man with white spiked hair, his face fixed in what seemed to be a permanent sense of apathy, an intense glare of eyebrows furthering his indifferent façade. With bokuto in hand the male took a single step, exiting the gates to land on his village grounds. Geta sandals pressed quietly against the ground, and in that same instant the man was surrounded by a dozen or so individuals. They were cloaked in black, their faces hidden beneath ANBU masks, removing any sense of individuality between them; they were members of the Sunagakure Shinobi Force; here to warn Akihiko of the travesties ahead and how his assistance was urgently needed.

Akihiko stared at them with violet painted hues of indifference, passing a cursory glance over the crowd of frightful Shinobi. His superiors, even. Yet they still cowared like mice before a feline; ANBU before a mere Genin. Despite their discipline and uniformity, the boy still appeared unimpressed. He glanced over his shoulder, eyes cutting towards the still open Senkaimon. He scoffed quietly, a blatant sign of his displeasure.


He turned to face the gathered members around him, there were no exchange of words between them, yet still they understood. Akihiko turned away from them, his journey towards the main conflict, the ANBU shadowing his every step. His mind drifted elsewhere, towards the Shinobi Communication Magazine and the words of remembrance inked into each page. Peace, a funny word—especially for those of Suna. While others had the luxury of reveling in the reprieve that followed the tragedy, Suna was hard at work. How many lives had they been forced to take as deterrents to would be enemies? How many Shinboi and civilians have been spirited away in the dead of night, never to be seen or heard from again—possible threats, forcefully detained for crimes yet to be committed? They lurked in the shadows all around the Shinobi World, observing their peers in silence. They noted and composed a list of the abilities of students still enrolled in the academy that showed promise. Kage's were especially observed during the covert surveillance. Powers and abilities, strengths and weaknesses, habits and routines, friends and family, desires and fears. Everything and anything that could be used against them in any way was noted, so long as Suna reigned there would be no such thing as secrets or privacy.

Known by some as the "underhand" of the Shinobi World, Sunagakure has become one of spies, manipulators, and assassins who value loyalty and duty above all else and for whom the ends always justified the means. Members of the "family" understand that by dirtying their hands, they ensure that no others need do so—a fact lost to those who would paint them in a poor light. Often it is said that if one possesses a secret, there is a member of Suna somewhere who already knows it. Akihiko's expression grew increasingly more stern as they approached the rampaging beast that seemed to facing against a duo; a man and woman. In his eyes, the peace they so desperately wish to maintain, has been sustained as long as it has thanks to the efforts the village. What did they know of the numerous enemies that would sew chaos and discord amongst them? Nothing. What did the others know of the number of times they narrowly avoided war or catastrophe? Nothing. He was surrounded by idiots bundled up in a blanket called ignorance. Fools, the lot of them.

Having passed through a majority of the village, they entered into the fight against the uncontrolled beast. Those following the boy began to break off from behind him, stepping on either side of the path, forming rows. He paid those behind him no mind as his thoughts returned to his duty, his mission, the obligations entrusted to him as Shinobi.

"Do you wanna and I are both monsters after all! Let's find out which of us is worse!"

With a toothy grin sprawled across his pale lips, Akihiko suddenly became enveloped by a blood-thirsty aura - one of rage and a lust for violence. With a stomp of his foot, the floor beneath the combatants' feet seemed to buckle for a brief moment before congealing and trapping the lower-half of the rampaging Shinobi's body. Hopefully, the other Shinobi avoided his assault. Despite having barely paid them any mind, Aki wouldn't mind to have some back-up.


Tessa -> Xaio -> Akihiko -> Aiya
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With the raging child being attacked by both Tess and Xaio, their combined attacks was now ensured to be successful. The spirit being she sent fourth did indeed make contact with Aiya, rendering her temporarily trapped in place. Though with the beast being powered by the strength of a tailed beast, the spirit paralyzation wasn't going to last very long. In fact, it was only enough time for her to start up her soul cage jutsu; As such, the lightning strikes from Xaio worked out with the situation perfectly, as the situation could have continued south if the timing of his technique was off by even a second. With that, the child had been under a true state of paralyses which gave her enough time to complete the cage before his effects on it ended. It was here that the immobilization of the Jinchuuriki had been successful, and with her cage's effects; Aiya was also being drained of her chakra until the cloak completely subsided and caused her to fall unconscious which could take quite a while due to her immense reserves. Now with the late arrival of yet another child, one who seemed to be lacking in intelligence by her standards due to his reckless attack which could have released the Jutsu and freed the beast if it wasn't already completed. While this ticked her off, a child will always do childish things; Especially when faced against a superior opponent or lacking proper mental stability. As such, as the attack from the child made its way towards them, she simply jumped back to evade; Though this was not out of worry that she would be hurt, it was simply to keep her outfit from being scratched and ruined by any debris. Even though this was a reckless move from the child, it helped in the long run as the very earth that surrounded the beast encased the cage to give Aiya no chance of escape.
Tessa: You should be more careful with what you use hon, you could have risked the safety of this entire village. Pay more attention to your surroundings and the people around you. However, since your attack also further trapped her, I won't scold you any further. - Xaio, we should go help the others if they need it. We can deal with the girl later, she's not going anywhere anytime soon.

She spoke with a serious tone towards the both of them before turning towards the other ongoing battle where she noticed a giant barrier surrounding other shinobi. As such, once Tessa closed in on the barrier; she simply placed her hand on it. As first, this looked to be a tactic of finding an opening when in reality this was a completely different game she had in play. With her hand pressed against the barrier, a small black leech like creature maneuvered itself along her arm and to the base of her wrist where it opened its mouth against the barrier and sucked in the chakra based technique. While this all happened hidden within her Kimono, it seemed as if the barrier simply vanished from the area. This leech, (which was actually many) was one of the two creatures currently posessed and created by Tessa herself, which can eat chakra. That is exactly what had transpired in thise few moments of her contact with the barrier, and in doing so it added the stolen chakra from the barrier to Tessa which refilled her reserves of what she had just used up. With her action taken of freeing the Sand shinobi, a few of the other leech like creatures moved down her Kimono and into the sand, roaming around with a specific objective.

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Tessa -> Xaio -> Akihito -> Yuichiro -> Setsuka -> Story
Note: Due to Time, we have continued the story with Aiya being successfuly immobilized.





As the Kusakage's Kekkei Genkai Ninjutsu soared across the sands before alas meeting with the target, it ruptured out forth a surge of White Lightning, one in which began charging the Cage that formed around the Jinchuuriki securing her lock down till she could fully calm down whilst the cage itself seemed to drain the chakra of its victim. Needless to say, Xaio slowly stood upright as his analytical mind kept in thought of the trajectory of the Young Genin's attack as he'd with a fluid motion, the Kusakage simply pivoted upon his hip, his legs almost dancing across the sands of this vast desert allowing the attack to simply continue on its trajectory, missing Tendo Xaio as his eyes now fixate upon the mysterious man who had planned to absorb the Power of the Tailed Beast bomb. His eyes cold and analytical as he listened to his ally who had summoned him to the land of wind,
"You go ahead of me; It seems that this guy just might be the cause of this turmoil. Don't know for sure but A gut feeling is connecting this guy to whats going on. If I'm wrong then I'll take accountability."
This being said, Xaio's attention now locked on this mysterious man, his hands slowly sliding into his coats pockets as he straightens his posture, his cold glance fixated and locked towards this man as he slowly takes in a deep breath before exhaling just a second after. This is where things would truly be tested, if his hunch was correct then it would give the Kusakage no reason to hold back on someone who jeopardizes the sanctity of the Sand Village and Allied Shinobi Forces. Although Xaio stood readying himself, his flow of chakra remained steady, though those with the Byakugan or ability to see the flow of Chakra Network can bare witness to the rapid accumulation or rather the fluctuating flow of chakra towards Xaio's eyes, and yet as nothing seemed to have changed, one thing was certain, something was about to arrive or rather Activate.

Tessa -> Xaio -> Akihito -> Yuichiro -> Setsuka -> Story
Note: Due to Time, we have continued the story with Aiya being successfuly immobilized


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Harnessing his renowned shadow portal technique, Kagemi deftly conjured a minuscule portal behind the Jinchuriki of the Seven-Tails, utilizing its ethereal void to siphon the lingering traces of chakra, drawing it into the nebulous expanse known as the Shadow Realm. As the energy flowed into the portal, a seismic shift surged through his being, a sensation reminiscent of an out-of-body experience, yet something far more profound. This was a beckoning, a connection to an entity that eclipsed even Kagemi's own mastery.

Vocalizing his protests, Kagemi's words echoed in the midst of this ethereal connection, a plea for the continuity of the battle that seemed abruptly halted. But words held little sway against the torrential force of this newfound link. His flesh became a canvas, veins erupting across his forehead and limbs, a grotesque tapestry of agony and transformation. His body, once controlled by his will, now became a battleground for an unseen power, a conflict that left him immobilized, knees striking the earth with the weight of impending doom.

"Father, stop, please," his voice trembled, torn between the plea for respite and the torment of transformation. The emergence of a portal from beneath marked the climax of this tragic confrontation. Consumed by its yawning maw, Kagemi's form was swallowed whole, his existence abruptly transposed from the corporeal realm to the enigmatic void of the Shadow Realm. His essence evaporated, leaving behind the wake of destruction that his powers had sown, a trail of death and chaos etched into the land. Yet, an uncanny absence followed, for not even the echoes of his chakra remained.

Amidst the inhabitants of Sunagakure, a spectrum of emotions arose in response to Kagemi's vanishing act. Some found solace in the dissolution of his presence, a relief born from the anticipation of his relentless malevolence vanishing. Yet, others cowered in apprehension, aware that Kagemi's abrupt departure might only mark a temporary respite. The memory of his dark prowess lingered, a cautionary tale that whispered of potential resurgence, and the relentless fear of impending doom still loomed over their lives.

Tessa -> Xaio -> Setsuka -> Yuchiro



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With Tessa successfully taking out the barrier that entrapped the Kazekage, she noticed the person she and her jonin had been fighting vanished before her partner Xaio was able to successfully begin his assault. With her further observing the situation their entire village seemingly been destroyed by one person, which in her eyes was seen as absolutely pitiful as she felt like her time there had been utterly wasted. As such, she planned on getting something out of this visit so her time wasn't a complete waste. As such, Tessa walked up to where the Kazekage and the rest of her jonin team were, greeting them with a look of pure disgust. Her diappointment for their entire district was beyond colossal and the next actions she took was proof of that. As she approached, she made 2 simple hand signs [Hare -> Serpent] as she mumbled but a simple word.
Tessa: Aki...

This caused the very ground beneat them to shake before a Giant fox head with multiple eyes popped up from the ground, just barely missing Yuichiro but completely swallowing up the other shinobi who was with the Kazekage, instantly draining all their chakra from being eaten. Right after, the rest of the fox body emerged from the ground as well and tightly wrappeing one of it's enormous tails around Yuichiro, restricting her movements as she will already be damaged from the tendrils in the previous fight that she had just taken part in.


After doing such, Tess began walking back towards where the Jinchuuriki girl had been captured while in the process she'd grab a hold of Akihito's neck, the young genin male who previously annoyed her but upon realizing he's from the same village as the rest of the weaklings within this District, she took it upon herself to eliminate any other remaining shinobi she may have came across. As such, she utilized her chakra and focused it within her hand to snap the neck of the young boy before holding him in the air where the giant spirit fox creature will have lowered her head and held the corpse of the male in its mouth. NOW, reaching the the spot where she captures Aiya alongside Xaio, she signalled Aki to utilize her other tail which the beast did to wrap the jinchuuriki with in the same fashion as the Kazekage.
Tessa: Xaio, the dead boy will be useful as he will be a base for something I have planned along with the other ones Aki just ate up. The girl is going back home but not before i extract some of her chakra and make use of that thing within her. As for the lady, I think she can be kidnapped and used as well. Though she was weak in general, her abilities might prove... convenient for me in the long run.
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Xaio standing as he observed the actions of the woman called Tessa, as various of the Land of Wind's Sunagakure Shinobi fell to their untimely demise; this village which once stood as a proud reminder was now in ruination. Xaio stood observing the horrors of death and destruction, and yet with but a calm face he stood observing the swift and decisive action of Tessa Xaio couldn't help but slowly move his hands from his pockets, the flow of Chakra that circulated towards his eyes returning back to the natural flow whilst unbeknownst to him, the threat of this location had not been finished. While yes the Villain had escaped, and this villains goals still remain unknown, Xaio pondered about the situation, hearing out Tessa's words only then a strange moment of silence befell the land. No birds in view, the winds still and stagnant; something felt wrong. As if the very location was being frozen in time, Xaio could feel this tension building in the air, and yet no idea where it would pop up. No; something was definitely wrong.

This silence as if even the words from Tessa made no vibrational frequency in the air, it was deafening, and in that instant as things seemed to swiftly flow at a normal pace, where the audible sounds caught up; Xaio's eyes had already awakened into the Jikangan, and what he had experienced was the synapses slowing things down for him to process. Something that as his eyes finally corrected, allowing things to flow in normal time but it was this lapse in perception that would prove to be vitally dangerous. From the sands behind Xaio Tendo, a tendril black as a raven shot forth, formed into a spike it pierced the back of the Kusakage, causing his eyes to widen as the end that punctured out the front of his stomach extended forth, shifting and twisting its appearance to formulate fingers as they swiftly tore the Jikangan's from Xaio's eye Sockets causing the Kusakage to scream as the tendril Retracted back to the sands, eyes concealed in this strange substance. Appearing quite a distance away, a strange hulky black creature rose from the sands, placing Xaio's Jikangan's into a container filled with liquids to preserve the ocular Dojutsu before placing it into the beings body which revealed a strange viscous fluid from the body or rather the body itself wrapping around the contain concealing it behind the beings substance like origin. It was in that same second the creature began fleeing, as a second strange creature though of a larger stature tore out from the sands, its hulking muscles and arms swiftly extending out towards Tessa in hopes to crush the woman in a single sweep,

But things did not go as planned for this strange creature, as hidden within Tessa's Sleeve a strange transparent being extended out, revealing its maw filled with razor teeth which caused the Hulking creature to shout,​
In that moment, the maw gripped and began swallowing the creature as if pulling in its mysterious viscous body like a syrup being pulled into a straw. In that brief moment, the creature was gone leaving behind a skinny, body devoid of life as if All cells were mummified and chakra consumed. The Creature that was consumed by the Transparent Leech, only revealed a sudden transformation, its body gaining Gravel gray complexion, eyes seemingly pearl white forming similar to the creature or Parasite that it ate. Xaio on the otherhand, now needed medical attention as he gripped the wound on his stomach, pressing on it to slow the bleeding whilst both eyes remained shut after his dojutsu was gouged out.


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Setsuka's breathing was heavy. Labored, and short. It was as if something was eating him from the inside and practically sucking the life out of him. There were searing cuts, scrapes, and burns coating his body in several places; he could feel the heaviness, hear the bubbling, and smell the putrid scent of the bloodshed and violence that coated Sunagakure in a thick film of tension. The young Genin heaved. With his back against one of many broken structures across the desert, he held onto his abdomen in pain. He had not been damaged, much, but he felt an emptiness inside him....




This whole time... Setsuka had done nothing.

Even after all that, he hardly had a chance to prove his worth. An annoyed snarl escaped his body, but it quickly silenced upon the sudden ripple of power in the air. Turning his nose up to the sky, he inhaled deeply, and the all too familiar scent from long ago had once again resurfaced, and in aggravation at that. The scream that came with the emergence of the demonic fox-like entity was painfully bone-rattling, causing the already injured Genin to cover his ears, his brows knitting together in a tired glare. For what reason had he emerged into Suna? After missing the massacre that happened no longer than a couple of minutes ago. And as quickly as he had come, he had gone silent.

Taking the chance at a small break to rise to his feet, Setsuka propped himself up against the structure and inhaled deeply through his mouth, his tongue smacking against the roof of his mouth in annoyance at his failures. He must've something to do, surely? He needed to get stronger. More power would equal a higher chance of contributing, right? The ignorance clouded the young boy's mind as he only sought strength.




"Stop it."



The boy tries to swim up to the surface of sanity once more to escape his enthralled, ridiculed mind. Setsuka feels his sins crawling down his back. It is futile, his grief compacts beneath him, transforming into a shackle to keep him put; morphing into Sumato's hand and body.

He stares deep into his soul. He feels every cell in his body being examined through all of time and space. No, its deeper than that, his 'brother' is seeking through each possible decision in his life. Then the life he has built around the decisions from then on. Every possible instance of his existence is at Judgement.

”In this life.” Sumato says with a shudder,Omnicide is your future.”


Setsuka feels his heart begin to beat fast as his stomach churns. He places a hand over his heart, gripping his chest, praying that it doesn’t burst from his body. It's all in my head, It's not real…

'Sumato' begins to slowly leach toward him. He becomes incomprehensible in size, so gargantuan and strong, even a cypress tree seems small.

"It's not real, Mommy says it's all in my head, all in my head…"




Now finding himself back in the real world... Setsuka clutches his snow-white hair, pulling at it as tears stream down his chubby, round face. This place; Sunagakure.... was evil.

It was from here that Setsuka set off, beginning his saunter out of Suna and back home; to Sumato. Each step lingering against the ground. The viscous winds refreshingly cooled against Setsuka's skin now that he was moving at a steady pace....

"I'm coming... brother...."



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Tessa having witnessed the assault on Xaio and the creature that just tried to attack her by orders of her attacker being eaten by Leech was quite an interesting even indeed. Though it had seemed that the body the creature was hosting had already died and as such, this was yet another body added to her wonderful collection of DNA to experiment with. As for the man she showed up to the village with, he was in very bad condition and while she had no huge relationship with him, it was enough of one for her to be saddened if he were to die by someone already dead. As such, she waved her hand directly beside her and picked up Xaio's body just to walked through the portal with him, she appeared directly inside of the hospital halls where the head doctor would have been, in order to alert them of the condition their dear leader was in.
Tessa: "I need a medic here now! Your Kasukage has been seriously wounded in the battle with sand the sand shinobi! Take him at once before he dies of his injuries!"​

With that, the doctors took him from her and placed him on an emergency bed and rolled him off into an operating room where they immediately began prep. As for Tessa, she fell back into her portal in order to return to the sand district; Her hands and arms covered in the blood of Xaio which was a perfect scenario for her once again. With her own prowess, Tessa took another empty vial from the corpse the devoured beast belonged to and carefully allowed the blood of the Kasukage to fall inside of it until it was full before using his clothing as a handkerchief and wiping the blood from her body. Tessa now had quite a few sources for DNA and corpses to experiment on which was indeed about to make her life so much more interesting. With but a single though, the mysterious woman tossed the child corpse into the air for Aki to catch in her mouth along with the other bodies and it was here when Tessa jumped on the back of her enormous spirit fox to prepare departure until Aki picked up on another scent within the area and began sprinting in it's direction, the sand kicking up and causing a slight sand storm in their wake. Though once the source of the scent was found, the came across a small child walking around by himself. While the intent of Tessa was strong, her good mood had an effect on her presence which will have caused a warm and calming presence to overshadow the child as if being embraced by a mother figure.
Tessa: If you wish to make it out of this disappointment of a village, come with me. I'll make you stronger, all I ask in return is your help with collecting samples for my... projects, one like my dear pet you see me riding on.​

It didn't matter rather Setsuka decided to go with her or not, either way she planned to leave and head off into her Clan's estate, within the Coin District by stepping through the portal just before it closes. Should the child follow her, he'd be met with a gorgeous view of lucious gardens, modernized homes in a traditional japanese style surrounded by forest that was nearly untouched by civilizations outside of their estate. Though, instead of going to her home; Tessa instead went to the laboratory and having Aki walk through a giant door that was specifically made for her before it closed, working like an oversized garage. This was where her experiments took place and as such; She'd place all the corpses in cooling chambers to preserve the bodies and keep them fresh, meanwhile the Kazekage and Jinchuuriki were placed in sealing cages in order to keep them from using chakra in order to ensure they do not escape and(or) destroy her lab and home.
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Tessa -> Setsuka -> Story
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ARC Begins
Chunin Exams - What's going on!?

In the heart of the Stone District, the day before the highly anticipated Chunin Exams was a flurry of activity. Two weeks had passed since the devastating attack from the Shadow Realm, and the shinobi world was still reeling from the aftermath. However, the indomitable spirit of the villages remained unbroken, and the prospect of the Chunin Exams brought a renewed sense of determination to its inhabitants. The sun hung low in the sky, casting a warm, golden hue over the shinobi continent, as shinobi of all ages and ranks converged on the sprawling training grounds. The atmosphere was charged with energy and anticipation, a testament to the significance of this event in the shinobi world. Banners bearing the symbol of Stone City fluttered in the breeze, their vibrant colors a stark contrast to the recent shadows that had loomed over their world. Teams of Genin, adorned in their respective land headbands, gathered to finalize their preparations. The air was filled with the sound of shuriken clashing and kunai piercing targets as they honed their combat skills. The many sensei of the young shinobis watched over them with pride as they were easily able to see that their students were determined to pass their upcoming tests.

Shinobi were getting ready for their adventure to the Stone in order to participate and/or spectate while some villagers left with their children and others remained in their lands to watch on TV. Though, with the memory of the Shadow Realms attack still fresh in their minds, they were prepared for any eventuality. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the world, the shinobi's preparations for the Chunin Exams were nearly complete. The village's resilience in the face of adversity, its unwavering determination, and the unbreakable bonds forged through countless trials were evident in every corner. Tomorrow, the Chunin Exams will begin, and the Stone District will host its first exams and stand as a beacon for the shinobi world.