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The tremor.
the shattering pain has roused Mizukage to new heights of awareness and his chakra formed quickly to amortize the shockwave and pressure... A wall of water manifested to that end. Despite this powerful move, the Mizukage felt good amount of pain. When the ground started to collapse under him, Kazuo's personal eel, which was spared from the onslaught upon the shadow, quickly let him hop on it, and together they rose up above it, lifted by the chakra of both beings. Kazuo fought the pain and the eel went on, giving a chance to Isamu and Mellow to hop on and evade the quakes.

Kazuo if anything, was glad he felt this pain. He embraced it, as it allowed him to be closer to his District, alive but crippled. He bathed in it, ensuring his thoughts would relate to the district as much as possible. So many dead. Some even abducted to shadow realm...
We must retrieve them
We must protect what we have
We can't protect what we have; we'll be vulnerable if we don't have it all!
Raise the dead!
No, commune with others,
Make up for manpower with coordination!
Again, thousands of plans hatched in Kazuo's mind. But he told them to calm themselves. Now he must rest. He will set off to prepare the Mist District to compensate for its losses in mere hours. Mellow... in Kazuo's mind, he's had his Chunin exams already, but he chose against the right thing in promoting him on the spot. For two fold reasons:
Firstly, he wanted to see how he'd do in Chunin exams.
Secondly, if he made him Chunin on the spot, he'd have to adjudicate his collateral damage incident with the accused being a Chunin, not a mere Genin. For now he reassured himself that his penance started already. Fighting by side of titans, sinking claws in a toughest foe they faced yet... A good deed does not wash off the bad...

Nor a bad act the good.



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With such an epic and draining battle finally coming to an end, this young genin who had transformed for the first time into his wendigo state; Had finally achieved victory with his own strength against an enemy that was far beyond his level and even with the aid of both his sensei and Mizukage, this was a feat to be proud of nonetheless. Though, even with being in his giant monstrous form, the tremor caused by the falling giant caused Mellow to land wrong due to the ground beginning collapsing which resulting in the wendigo genin to let out a roar of pain as his ankle twisted upon landing. Either way, he temporarily brushed off the pain just long enough to use the power in his legs to jump up onto the eel alongside Lord Kazuo where he then began shrinking back into his normal form but with slight alterations to his appearance. While the boy already had a descent body type, this transformation made his body more toned for someone his age, his teeth had become razor sharp all around with unique engravings on his forehead where a small pair of antlers protruded from. It was uncertain if this was a permanent alteration or not, but only time will tell.

The genin had been weakened and could barely move at all, he only had enough strength to speak, give Kazuo a thumbs up, and keep a hold on the beasts heart with his other hand. His body was bruised and cut from his attack on the beast, as when he travelled through it's torsi to take it's heart, the ribcage of the creature left deep gash marks on the young boys entire body. As such, a low and weak chuckle came from Mellow just before a small cough.
Mellow: Hey.... Lord Kazuo... We may have won, but we look terrible right now. I'm still holding to the heart of that thing, but I don't even have enought strength to eat it.

Should Isamu join them on the eel, Mellow will say one last thing in a very weak and joking tone before finally falling asleep from being tired and wounded.
Mellow: Ahh, so you're alive afterall, heh.. That's good... sensei..
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ARC Begins
Chunin Exams - What's going on!?

In the heart of the Stone District, the day before the highly anticipated Chunin Exams was a flurry of activity. Two weeks had passed since the devastating attack from the Shadow Realm, and the shinobi world was still reeling from the aftermath. However, the indomitable spirit of the villages remained unbroken, and the prospect of the Chunin Exams brought a renewed sense of determination to its inhabitants. The sun hung low in the sky, casting a warm, golden hue over the shinobi continent, as shinobi of all ages and ranks converged on the sprawling training grounds. The atmosphere was charged with energy and anticipation, a testament to the significance of this event in the shinobi world. Banners bearing the symbol of Stone City fluttered in the breeze, their vibrant colors a stark contrast to the recent shadows that had loomed over their world. Teams of Genin, adorned in their respective land headbands, gathered to finalize their preparations. The air was filled with the sound of shuriken clashing and kunai piercing targets as they honed their combat skills. The many sensei of the young shinobis watched over them with pride as they were easily able to see that their students were determined to pass their upcoming tests.

Shinobi were getting ready for their adventure to the Stone in order to participate and/or spectate while some villagers left with their children and others remained in their lands to watch on TV. Though, with the memory of the Shadow Realms attack still fresh in their minds, they were prepared for any eventuality. As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the world, the shinobi's preparations for the Chunin Exams were nearly complete. The village's resilience in the face of adversity, its unwavering determination, and the unbreakable bonds forged through countless trials were evident in every corner. Tomorrow, the Chunin Exams will begin, and the Stone District will host its first exams and stand as a beacon for the shinobi world.


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The sun dipped below the horizon, casting a warm, orange glow over the tranquil city of Kirigakure. Mellow, a young genin with a mop of unruly black hair, sat at an open-air food spot near the cities bustling market square. The pleasant aroma of freshly prepared dishes wafted through the air, mixing with the salty sea breeze that permeated the coastal area. Mellow had just recovered from a grueling battle that left him battered and exhausted, It'd taken two weeks of rest and recuperation to regain his strength, and now, the night before the Chunin Exams, he was indulging himself in a well-deserved meal. He wore a completely different outfit and even his hair was styled different than usual which made him more appealing and caused a lot of others female to be attracted to him. Even so, there was only one he wanted to keep in his mind and give his attention to, and that was Soma, daughter of his sensei. He now wore a blue high collar jacket with heavy hints of purple, his headband was now worn around his neck instead of his head, along with a pair of very dark purple baggy pants with blue leg warmers that matches his jacket, dark purple shinobi sandles, and matching blue arm warmers that covers half of his forearms from the wrists up. He replaced the usual diamond earrings on his ears with double loop earring.

The food spot was a humble establishment with a few wooden tables scattered across a stone courtyard. Paper lanterns swayed gently overhead, illuminating the area with a soft, warm light. The genin had ordered a spread of dishes, each a tribute to Kirigakure's rich culinary traditions. There were bowls of steaming ramen, skewers of grilled seafood, and plates of freshly rolled sushi. As Mellow dug into his meal, his taste buds danced with delight. The ramen was rich and savory, the broth warming his insides, and the toppings adding bursts of flavor. He savored each bite of sushi, appreciating the skill that went into crafting the delicate rolls. The grilled seafood skewers were perfectly seasoned, with a hint of smokiness from the grill. The ambiance of the food spot was perfect for a genin seeking a moment of respite. The soft murmur of conversations from other diners provided a comforting background noise.​

As he ate, Mellow couldn't help but reflect on his journey as a shinobi. He remembered the rigorous training sessions, the friendships he had forged, and the sense of purpose that led him to this moment. The Chunin Exams were a significant step on the path to becoming a full-fledged ninja, and he was determined to give it his all. A group of genin from Kirigakure, wearing their distinctive attire, sat at a nearby table, engaged in spirited conversation. They too were preparing for the exams, and Mellow exchanged a nod of camaraderie with them. The bond between shinobi transcended village boundaries, and tonight, they were all united in their shared goal of proving themselves in the Chunin Exams.

As Mellow continued to enjoy his meal, he felt a sense of anticipation building within him. Tonight, he will head towards the Stone District, and tomorrow; He will step onto the exam arena and face challenges that would test his skills, his resolve, and his determination. But for now, in this tranquil moment at the food spot in Kirigakure, he could savor the simple pleasures of good food and the company of fellow shinobi, finding strength and inspiration for the challenges that lay ahead.
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The devastation that had befallen Kirigakure was a grim reminder of the cost of war. The village lay in ruins, its buildings reduced to rubble, and its once-proud streets marred by the scars of battle. Yet, amid the chaos and destruction, the indomitable spirit of the Mist shinobi burned brightly as they worked tirelessly to rebuild their home.

Shinobi with the rare and coveted Lava Release Kekkei Genkai proved to be invaluable during the reconstruction. With precision and mastery, they harnessed their unique abilities to solidify lava, crafting it into new structures that rose from the ashes. The molten rock flowed like a river, filling in the gaping wounds left in the earth's surface by the cataclysmic battle. Quicklime became a potent tool in their hands, restoring damaged buildings to their former glory. Kirigakure's architectural heritage was painstakingly resurrected, stone by stone, plank by plank.

However, amidst the hopeful signs of renewal, the village's hospitals were overwhelmed. The wounded, both shinobi and civilians, filled the sterile halls. Medical teams worked tirelessly to mend broken bodies and spirits. The morgue, too, saw a surge in activity, as families sought to identify and lay to rest their fallen loved ones.

In this backdrop of resilience and recovery, a figure emerged from the shadows, his presence commanding attention. It was Isamu, the former Mizukage, who had led Kirigakure through countless trials and tribulations. His reputation still held immense weight, granting him access to places others could only dream of. As he approached the Mizukage's office, his intentions remained veiled, his demeanor a mix of concern and determination.

"Lord Kazuo, I'm glad to see you're doing well," Isamu began, though his tone belied the gravity of the impending revelation. His eyes, marked by the crimson hue of the Ketsuryugan, bore into Kazuo, searching for a glimmer of readiness to accept the burden of truth.

A pause hung in the air, pregnant with anticipation. Isamu's confession was a revelation that could shake the very foundation of their village and its alliances. He spoke of venturing into the enigmatic Shadow Realm, a realm that existed beyond the comprehension of most. It was a place where darkness and malevolence held sway, and Isamu's journey there was not one of idle curiosity.

"In order to appease Lord Jashin, I required sacrifices," Isamu continued, his words heavy with implication. "But my allegiance to the United Shinobi Alliance prevented me from taking innocent lives in our world. In my quest, I inadvertently weakened the Shadow Realm, setting in motion a cataclysmic implosion that threatens our very existence." Isamu's eyes never left Kazuo's face, his own a mask of vulnerability and uncertainty. He laid bare the possibility that the recent attack on Kirigakure was not mere retaliation but a desperate bid for survival from the Shadow Realm's denizens. The solution he proposed was daring and fraught with danger – a journey into the heart of darkness to confront and eliminate the looming threat.

Yet, Isamu's fears ran deep. The consequences of revealing this information to the other villages could be dire, branding Kirigakure as a pariah and leaving it vulnerable to aggression from its neighbors. It was a gamble, a gamble that would test not Kazuo's resolve but also their loyalty to the United Shinobi Alliance and their sensei and predecessor, Isamu Chinoike.