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Almost like a jump scare the Mizukage's words ran deep into her head, she would have halted her movement for that second, taking in a deep breath, as the telepathic communication always seems to catch her off guard. To which she would have simply nodded and rang the thoughts deep into her mind.

"Yes Lord Mizukage, thank you very much!"

should her words reach him or not that would remain to be seen. It wouldn't be to long however it wouldn't be long for her to notice the sounds of clashing and very familiar voices, for it was her younger sisters, being drawn to her like a beacon, she would have found herself a lovely little stand point to watch their fight, she would be sitting on one of the rooftops, her feet hanging off the side as she simply would lean forward, watching her younger sister in action.

Mizuki couldn't help but feel a rush of excitement and adrenalin for her younger sister, she couldn't help herself and wanted to be involved, she would have raised her hand up, plucking a small strand of hair from her head, the hair was about as long as a Senbon, using her own chakra she enhanced its penetrating prowess by sharpening it to a blade like point, to which she would throw the strand of hair, the strand of hair travelled at what could be seen as a blink of an eye, with its featherless like weight with the enhanced projectile speed, it would have pierced deeply into the ground before her younger sister aimed to not hit her, only catch her attention, to which she would have bellowed deeply.


She would have propelled herself downward in-between the two, while she wasn't a registered Jounin she had the prowess of one, this is because while she was still training at the rank of Chuunin, she was hand picked to become the Mizukage's aid, a role she has fit perfectly into for the last few years, she didn't have full authority to deny any ranks or advance any either, but she had sway in a debate on advances and deranks, she would simply smirk to her little sister Soma and ask.

"Somaaaaaa-chan, do you want to get stronger? you won't do that with such weak little strikes with those tiny arms."

while intentionally provoking her little sister, she would have placed her index finger square on her little sister's nose.

"Unless you want to prove me wrong? you two vs me? I really want to see how far you've grown and what Father and Mother have taught you!"~

her provoking wasn't without reason, she as stated wanted to see her little sister's strength, inwardly her thoughts continued to echo as a "I do apologise lord Mizukage, I haven't seen my younger sister in a while and would like to see her growth in action"


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A droning in the back of the head, incessant and vicious for a second, then faded. Some people feel such droning with little pause, its place in their mind as a purposeless pest. For Kazuo, this heralded one of his telepathic connections, intending to come to direct telepathic contact with him. A few months ago, Kazuo was to act as a dispatch operator for Isamu. He established a telepathic link with one of the Shinobi on the first response unit to all things supernatural.
What's going on?
We have an incident. Citizens report purple light shows, screams, and a few explosions. I'm on the first response. We have a wounded woman, unconscious, weak pulse. Her injuries appear to be ninjutsu-inflicted, with many third-degree burns and tremors.
We're securing the scene; we can't be sure what happened until we get specialists for jutsu-forensics. But this woman, if I can't explain the black goo she's oozing from wounds and mouth, then neither can the local hospital.
The closest hospital should be able to handle it.
My aide can help once she's stable and determine the nature of the damages. ETA?
A quarter of a click. I'll direct the ambulance over there.
Please do. And if forensics says Mind Release or anything adjacent, I want all reports regarding this case on my desk. If this is what I think it is, that'll require expertise known to a few others. Out.
Given the history of fresh Lord Mizukage and his aide Mizuki Chinoke, hearing words in thought-ether meant for him was effortless, as if the link worked by instinct, on its own. He smiled at Mizuki's explanation of checking on who must have been Soma if the buzzing behind the term 'younger sister' meant anything. The one thing he was jealous of Mizuki was a family to stand firm behind. Family is all, especially if it's denied to you. To an extent, house Chinoike was a substitute for his family, and he spent much of his life doing it proudly as if it was his own.
His mind jumped right back a the first response as he chimed in his brain:
My lord, it's about the patient we spoke of.
What of her?
The patient had to be restrained due to aggressive behavior. The things she tried despite her wounds were... The purple flare of her eyes suggests only one possible thing.
Rote Possession Technique? To think someone is... I myself never tried it. Tell you what, she's still going to that hospital, but I'll be there with Mizuki to assist presently.

Kazuo unearthed a scroll once, a few years back. A trove of Mind Release's know-how described a technique that overrides a person's free will, putting a set of instructions in the driver's seat instead. Thankfully it could not last long, but before it expired, it could get the victim to do anything, such as attack anything that moves and/or not feel pain. Kazuo used the know-how the technique derived from to perfect his own powers, memory editing can be argued to be rooted in that very scroll, but he never tried it himself.
We've already taken her to an ambulance. The hospital is expecting you. Over'n'out.
Almost casually, Kazuo opened his office windows and stepped out of them as if it was the most normal thing in the world. A flash of lightning struck him as he fell, lifting him up and flashing him away, straight into the scene where his aide was at. As the two of them were sparring, all three girls saw a bolt crashing down into the middle of the beach, with Kazuo seemingly materializing out of it.

"Nashiro, Soma." he waved at the two girls politely.
"Mizuki is needed else place urgently." - he continued - "But I do invite you to spar in our presence tomorrow. You heard it right, our presence. Unless you don't think you dare show me what you have." - he spoke to rouse Soma's arrogance, which he could almost smell. He was happy to help a Chinoke... and give her perspective on how far she has to go, wherever she may be.
He then turned to his aide, a smile creeping up on her sight. A smile that was with him every time he saw her. A smile reserved for a childhood friend, nothing more. To say otherwise was to invite a voice hiding behind Kazuo's voice for a long time. Or two. Or three. And a Mizukage's mind had to speak in unison.
"Mizuki, we have an emergency. A heavily wounded woman, she's been confirmed to be struck with a Mind Release malady. I want to be present and assist, given there are so few experts on Mind Release around these parts. We should both be there and figure out exactly what's happening with her. These books will get you far, but you must learn some things on the field if you're to master healing. I'll have someone collect your books for my office. I say you take my hand, and I'll take you there. If anything keeps you from doing so, now is the time to tell me."
As soon as Mizuki would take his hand that he extended, both of them would be taken to a cocoon of lightning release that would spew chakra ahead of it and propel itself with it through electromagnetics, effectively riding the lightning. Straight to the hospital reception.​



As the genin drew closer to his destination the scents from the city flooded his nose, he could smell the food, the different scents of the people, ect. Though the particular scent he was now fixed on following was that of his sensei Isamu; he wanted something to do and thought the best idea would be to see if there was anything he could assist with even if it was just helping out Soma with her combat abilities or being of some use around the village in general since he had a quite an impressive range of abilities. Though he knew there was a few familiar scents from his clan still in his range of sensory, but unfortunately the two he wanted to avoid was headed straight for him. He hoped that they just ran past him but it was in fact the exact opposite of what he wanted. Within seconds, he heard the annoying voices of a high pitched female and the voice of a male that always seemed to piss the genin off just from being around due to their history growing up together. The female stopped right in front of him holding his cursed blade while the male stopped directly next to Mellow with his arm around the genin just before the female spoke out first before the male followed up. "Your mom stopped us and told us to bring you this crystal rosary." - "You really shouldn't forget about such important items when you're leaving us y'know. It'd be a shame if we found you out here dead." While both voices were annoying, at least the female was nice but the guy always spoke in such a irritating and sarcastic tone. The atmosphere around the 3 slowly gave off a more demonic vibe as the genin was already getting pissed off by the presence of his male clansmen. "Aww why do you have to tease him so much Segoshi, anyways, here's your blade Melly." - "Get off." - "I'm sorry did you say something, little killer." - "Ahh not again, Segosho let's just go ok?" - "Get your wretched hand off me.." - "And if I don't what are you gonna d--" With the growing irritation, along with the responses from his clansmen, Mellow simply backhanded his clansmen with enough force to shatter all the bones on Segoshi's jaw and knock off the skin which resulted in his entire lower jaw to fall to the ground. This was an unexpected motion from Mellow and completely out of character for him which shocked the female and caused her to squeal before rushing to check on Segoshi just as his jaw very slowly started healing itself and reforming. "Take him home Inari." With that simple exchange, Mellow darted off once more, leaving them alone in the wetlands as he entered the forest area right outside the village after traveling an extra mile.

Once making it to his destination, mellow ran atop of one the tallest buildings within the Kirigakure city to overlook everything and take in the view while also slightly sniffing the air to pinpoint exactly who it was he was looking for. However, the scent of his sense had suddenly vanished and Mellow lost his location which he blamed Segoshi and Inari for. "Ahh dammit, I lost him. Well, plan B it is then. I'll just head over to where Soma and Mizuki are. Now... where are you?" Mellow now looked in different locations until he found where the scent was coming from before smiling. "There we go." After pinpointing their location, Mellow bolted towards the edge of the roof and hopped off in a formation of a flip while simultaneously making hand signs for his Wind Skating Technique, which allowed wind pressure to shoot from the soles of his feet making it seem as if he was skateboarding on the air itself, making many complicated movements while being in the air and heading towards the ground just for fun to flip over any boxes and under bridges. During these movements, two other scents appear at the destination one after the other which made him think he was going to get a chance to help out as he planned anyway even if neither of the scents was that of Isamu's. Either way, whoever remained at the location will sense his demonic like chakra and eventually see him land in the center of everyone as he fell from the sky. "Alright then, so what I miss?"

Mist District: Wetlands --> Kirigakure City




Before Sōma could swing her blade, she heard Mizuki yell her name causing the gitl to stop and look up only to see her eldest sister flying straight toward them making the two girls lower their weapons as she touch down in between them and hear Mizuki call her again asking if Soma wants to get strong then follow up with a remark of her tiny arms which triggered the young chinoike with a single vein popping on her forehead, indicating her temper reach it's boiling point already, especially when her placed a single finger on her nose "Oh trust me onēsan, I'll show you what mother and father have taught me" tightens her grip on the sword and ignites it with black and blue flames making the water below her slight ripple from the heat. Raising her blade towards Mizuki and Nashiro, with anger and new fire glowing and burning in her eyes, she was gonna make a vow but was interrupted when a lightning bolt crashed down near them and then the new Mizukage appeared, her senpai, Kazuo "Lord Twelfth" she says but didn't bow since he hasn't earned her respect yet as Mizukage. Hearing that her sister is needed elsewhere made her enraged but kept her composer but which proved nigh as he invited them to spar in front of him, Mizuki, and their parents, even going far as to provoke her arrogance which the whole clan knew and has been using that to get her riled up and wanting their blood "Bet your ass I'll be there, Master Kazuo" she says with more veins appearing all over her face while Nashiro stood back and nods in agreement with her sister and mizukage "It'll be an Honor, Lord Twelfth" she spoke in a cool tone but detected an unpleasant chakra nearby so she turned her attention to where it is, completely ignoring the lighting that appeared and gone with the two who just arrived "Careful, Sōma-Imouto we got company" she warns the still pissed off blonde who nods and kept her sword at the ready only to see Mellow land in front of them and Xuân crawl out of the water like an animal on the prowl "Mellow and Xuân, we didn't expect to see you guys so soon" eyeing them both with curiosity "and my I say your chakra is more intimidating as ever"

Soma looks at Mellow before approaching him "it's been a while since we last wrote to each other" she said while calming herself so he wouldn't noticed her agitation from before "I take it your here to spar with us?" she ask while Xuân walks around Nashiro, taking in her appearance and attitude "it sure has been a while, my wrathful angel" pulls her close to him by the hip knowing full well she hates that "best get your hands off me" showing for the first time since they last met, annoyance, for the twin brother while mellow deals with Sōma "Best try to get my hands off" he winks at the Ashida Princess, clearly attracted to her beauty while the tension gotten high.​


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A sudden and unexpected invasion shook the Earth as a group of rogue beings emerged from the shadows, snatching people into the realm of darkness within seconds. The invasion was beyond comprehension, as it seemed to come from a realm beyond that of the Earth's inhabitants. The threat was palpable, and those sensitive to hostile emotions could feel it coming from all around them. In a blink of an eye, around 2,000 individuals had gone missing, leaving behind an eerie silence and confusion.

Questions arise regarding the fate of those who have been taken into the shadow realm. What happened to them? Are they still alive, or have they been lost forever? The fear and uncertainty surrounding the invasion linger as authorities and experts scramble to unravel the mystery and find a way to bring back the missing individuals. The suddenness and magnitude of the event have left a profound impact on those affected, and the shadow of the rogue beings continues to loom over them. As the search for the missing individuals intensifies, reports of strange occurrences begin to surface. Some claim to have seen glimpses of the rogue beings lurking in the shadows, while others report feeling a strange pull towards the shadow realm. Panic and paranoia spread as people struggle to come to terms with the events that have transpired. The shadow of the rogue beings continues to cast a dark cloud over the planet. The invasion has left a permanent scar on the collective psyche of humanity, a reminder that the universe is vast and mysterious, and there are things beyond our understanding lurking in the shadows.


".........." A person spies on those who may have taken notice of the sudden disappearances; whether one could respond to it accordingly. Her presence was imperceptible as she remains observant within the shadows.


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The sudden shaking of the earth caused panic and chaos as people stumbled and fell, struggling to keep their balance. As they looked around in confusion, they saw dark entities emerging from the shadows, their forms indistinct and their movements unsettling.

The entities moved quickly and purposefully, snatching up random people and pulling them into the shadows. The screams of those who were taken echoed through the air, sending chills down the spines of those who remained.As the situation became clear, people began to run in all directions, desperate to escape the grasp of the shadowy entities. Some fought back, wielding whatever weapons they could find, but their efforts seemed to have little effect on the shadow creatures.

Amid the chaos, a few brave individuals banded together, determined to find a way to stop the entities and save those who had been taken. They moved with purpose and determination, their eyes scanning the darkness for any sign of the creatures.As the entities continued to strike, the group of heroes grew in number, their determination unwavering. They fought with all their might, using their skills and abilities to drive the shadow creatures back and save those who had been taken.The battle was long and grueling, but in the end, the heroes emerged victorious. The shadow creatures retreated back into the darkness, leaving the people to pick up the pieces and try to make sense of what had just happened. But for the heroes who had fought against the shadows, it was a moment of triumph and a reminder of the power of determination and courage.

Isamu Chinoike stood tall and unafraid as he carefully observed the fast movements unfolding before him. His ketsuryugan took in every detail as he followed the blood movement inside his opponents body, analyzing the situation with a calm and focused intensity.

As he assessed the danger before him, Isamu's innate abilities kicked in, and he began to form an invisible armor made of water droplets around his body. The droplets swirled and spun, coalescing into a protective shield that would help him withstand any attacks.

With the armor in place, Isamu stood even more confidently, his posture strong and assured. He knew that he could take on any challenge that came his way, and he was determined to defend himself and those around him with all his might.As the fast movements continued, Isamu remained poised and ready, his eyes tracking every movement with precision and skill. He was not afraid to face whatever danger lay ahead, for he knew that he was equipped to handle it with his formidable abilities and unwavering determination.

In the end, Isamu emerged victorious, his protective water armor keeping him safe from harm as he fought against the danger before him. His courage and strength had prevailed, and he stood proud and unyielding in the face of adversity.

Isamu's victory may have been profound, but it was short-lived. As a Jashinist, he knew all too well the costs of victory, the sacrifices that must be made in order to secure a win. But even with this knowledge, Isamu felt a growing sense of unease as he contemplated the enemy that he had just faced.

Despite his impressive abilities, Isamu knew that he had very little information about this new enemy, or about the potential threats that they might pose. He could not shake the feeling that he had narrowly escaped a danger that he did not fully understand, and that the next time he might not be so lucky.As he grappled with these feelings of uncertainty, Isamu began to reflect on his own abilities and shortcomings. He knew that he had a great deal of power and skill, but he also knew that he could not let his guard down, even for a moment. He needed to be constantly vigilant, constantly aware of the dangers that lurked in the shadows.

With this in mind, Isamu resolved to redouble his efforts to learn more about his enemy, to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and to find a way to neutralize the threat that they posed. He knew that it would be a difficult and dangerous task, but he was ready to face it head-on, fueled by his determination to protect himself and those around him from harm.



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Yumaro is a shinobi from the Hidden Mist Village, known for his exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to his village. He has consistently advocated for strong leadership, so he was deeply disappointed with the former Mizukage's tenure. Yumaro was one of the few who spoke out against the former leader. Yumaro felt that the former leader was putting their own interests ahead of the village's, which only made his disappointment and frustration grow. His critique was harsh, but he believed that it was necessary for the betterment of the village. Yumaro realizes that his disappointment with the former Mizukage was rooted in a sense of duty to his village. He cared deeply about the safety and well-being of his fellow villagers, and he was willing to speak out against a weak leader in order to protect them. In the end, Yumaro's critique of the former Mizukage's leadership was not just about politics or power but of purpose.

After his disappointment with the former Mizukage, Yumaro decided to take a break from the former leader's company and went to visit the mist district capital city. However, his peace was short-lived, as soon after his arrival, he heard terrifying screams coming from the nearby villagers. At first, Yumaro couldn't figure out what was causing the horrific sounds. He thought maybe it was just a few villagers being attacked by bandits or rogue ninjas. But as the screams grew louder and more frequent, it became clear that something much more sinister was happening. Yumaro could see that the villagers were being snatched up, one by one, by an unknown force. He didn't know what was causing it, but he knew that he had to do something to help. Without hesitation, he sprang into action, determined to protect the villagers and stop whatever was causing the chaos.

As he ran toward the source of the screams, Yumaro could see that the villagers were being attacked by a group of silhouettes. They were quick and agile, darting in and out of the shadows as they snatched up their victims. Yumaro knew that he had to act fast if he was going to stop them. He drew his blade and charged toward the silhouettes, hoping to catch them off guard. But they were ready for him, and they quickly sprang into action, attacking him with a barrage of weapons and jutsus. Yumaro endured with his incredible resilience and fought back with all his might, determined to protect the villagers and bring the attackers to judgment. The battle was fierce and intense, but eventually, Yumaro emerged from the dust resulting in many of the villagers being saved from damnation.

Yumaro surveyed the aftermath of the attack, he felt a deep sense of regret and frustration. He had managed to save many of the villagers, but he couldn't help but feel that he had failed those who had been taken by the shadow figures. Yumaro was angry with himself for not being able to protect those he wanted to. He had trained for years to become a powerful shinobi, but he felt like his abilities had fallen short in the face of this new threat. He wondered if he had done enough if he was strong enough to truly protect those around him. These thoughts plagued Yumaro, and he found himself questioning his own value and worth as a shinobi. He had always prided himself on his strength and determination, but now he wondered if it was enough. It was not enough he determined.
Had he failed his village? Had he failed himself?

It took some time, but eventually, Yumaro came to a realization. He knew that he couldn't change the past or undo what had already been done. But he also knew that he could learn from his mistakes and become a better shinobi as a result.

As Yumaro watched the shadow figures disappear into the darkness, he couldn't help but feel a sense of unease. He had managed to fend off their attacks and save the villagers, but he hadn't been able to take any of them down. And the way they moved, disappearing into thin air as if by magic, left him wondering just what kind of enemy he was up against. Yumaro knew that he needed to learn more about the shadow figures if he was going to defeat them. He began to investigate their movements, looking for any clues that might give him an advantage. And it wasn't long before he realized that their movements were unlike anything he had ever seen before.

Through his deductive ability, Yumaro realized that the shadow figures were using space-time manipulation or a related technique to move in and out of his reality. They were able to shift between dimensions at will, making it almost impossible for Yumaro to track them down. Yumaro knew that he had to act fast if he was going to stop them, understanding a task not accomplishable alone he retreated into the air with the use of his natural speed. He was determined to meet with the former or current Mizukage, his destination yet to be disclosed as he traversed in silence and suppression. Soon he would meet with Isamu or Kazuo.



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He was in the zone. He would lead his aide to a hospital, do whatever it took to save or dissect the woman in question and show everyone, most importantly himself, that at the very least, his tenure would not be a disaster. A shadow loomed over his mood and plans though. Literally.
First, there was a disturbance in the noosphere, as if the clamor of thoughts felt no more faintly than the weight of his fingers, shook into terror as if a violent crime spree suddenly took place. Before he could do anything, he and the gang were witnessing a dark chasm, a shadow. A single Mind Release wave meant to detect hostile intent did just that and revealed its target: Little Soma.
The mere thought of such an alien being doing anything to her sent Kazuo into a determined, focused rage. Would the young Shinobi lash out first or follow his lead? No matter: it was safer to beat them to respond either way. Eyes flashing purple, Kazuo produced whips made of serrated chains of copper: A material chosen not for its hardness but the ability to conduct Lightning release, pulsating through his hands.

WRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! - What used to be a high metallic screech when he was young was now a warcry of a grizzly bear, but it was still overshadowed by lightning blasts incinerating the area where the shadow emerged. The two whips were mashed into the shadow, one after one, repeatedly. As crude as it seemed, there was a good technique to it, allowing the whips to maintain their attack rate and momentum as they slammed from above, pulled back, and slammed again. Kazuo's fury was very much calculated, and he was more than capable of thinking through the red mist: Indeed, he now noticed that the creature was not only like a shadow but was itself a shadow. A shadow is cast by light. How does it make movements independently of it? Was it a chakra-based lifeform? He had to take it and capture it; one can't simply fight a thing one knows nothing about. And yet... the creature was weakened by his storm.

Without thinking much, he drew upon his illusory talents, crafting a wall of light from chakra. This would answer a pressing question: Does this kind of shadow answer to spirit-based light? The entity crawled back towards the hole it came from, shaking and bleeding dark goo all over. Kazuo prevented it by leaping into it and slamming his sword into it: Its sharpness was enhanced with Water release, pressurizing water around them into unbelievable sharpness, enough to cut the being into pieces and watch it dissolve into seemingly nothing. It was not clear yet if Kazuo's lightning or illusory power caused that, but the important thing was his companions were safe.

As the wrath cleared, Kazuo did not feel like a victor in the slightest. His attunement to his people's collective psyche meant he'd feel all the event had to offer. The dreary, hard-to-describe fear of the dark. Fear of the dark. A constant feeling that something's always near. The phobia that you're next to be snatched. Snatched? So these beings came here to snatch people to where they came from? Scared to take a look at the corner of the Mist District's thoughts, he felt as if he was alone at night; he thought he heard another of the entities behind and turned around: There was no one there but the girls. But the worst part was the calling. The more he stared at the chasm, slowly closing, where the entity emerged and tried to retreat, the more it called to him as if Darkness was encroaching upon this world and wanted him the most. The paranoia of this world drilled into him. Once again, Kazuo was made to feel insignificant before cosmic force way beyond anyone's comprehension. And the worst part?
Echoes of utter terror making way into his mind suggested that he failed to stop at least a few abductions. The Mizukage ground his teeth, for he would have to be first now to fight such a hopeless battle: While taking all of the fears the populace had about them on himself.
He had to. A Mizukage feels and cares for his people as much as one can. With an understanding of their fear, he can dispel it.

Assuming he'll dispel it from himself first.

"We must hurry. We're expected at the hospital. But I must ensure these shadows aren't still on the prowl... whatever they are. Hurry already, Mizuki! Take my hand, I'll take you there, then leave to help with the response. You can do this on your own. See if you can't counter the patient's mental curse by introducing a sedative with your blood powers" - he turned to the rest of the girls - "Get to the palace and stick together, now." - he twitched his head - "The lads will escort you until we know the attacks aren't continuing." - As he and Mizuki disappeared in a bolt of lightning, a team of Shinobi appeared seemingly out of nowhere, surrounding the girls and ready to escort them to relative safety.

Maybe my mind is playing tricks, and the abductions are over already - Kazuo thought as he sensed, and suddenly eyes fixed on the dancing shadow by his lightning ride. It was gone as soon as he arrived.

"My Lord, they got at least one... okay, two citizens. We're still trying to keep the people under control; we're corralling them back to their homes. Sorry, my lord"
"It's okay, dispatch..." - The only thing more important than dwelling on the losses suffered was to comfort others. Nothing's their fault. You're responsible for everything. That's how it works for a student, a Shinobi... a Mizukage.



With the arrival of both Mellow and Xuan, the girls both spoke out to each individual twin. While Mellow wasn't as focused on the one who was speaking with his brother, he did infact address the daughter of his sensei with a friendly tone as he put on his famous smile while rubbing the back of his head.

Ahh come on now So, you know I don't write much. But I was looking for sensei Isamu, I was in the middle of tracking him when I lost his scent along the way; And since you two were the closest I thought i'd pop over.


Though, almost immediately after his sentence, he sensed a strange and ominous source lingering within their village, something dark but with endless possibilities of what the source could be; One could only guess what was really going on. While the young wendigo had his moments of being overcome with negative emotions towards others, it wasn't something that happened enough to where it was a constant, everyday thing. Regardless, the source felt as if there were hundreds of beings surrounding his very being; As such, Mellow scooped up Sōma in such a smooth motion and placing her on his back while moving his body in such a manner which seemed as if he was skating on solid ground. He also performed a jutsu taught to him by his father which was meant to only be used by high ranking shinobi, but with his control he was able to learn the only S-rank jutsu in his arsenal, though it was much weaker than intended due to his mastery. As such, he performed a series of handsigns simultaneously with putting Soma onto his back; Thi was done by using one of his hands and one of her hands which in turn accumulated a strong fluctuation of wind current around the 2 genin children. Normally, this jutsu only works for one person but with his performance of using both his own hand and the hand of his sensei's daughter, a glowing white shield of wind based chakra covered both of their bodies.

This was a protective shield that not only protected them from attacks, but also worked as its own attack source should the enemy come in contact with the aggressive swirling wind shield. Even with his own protection, the constant lightning strikes from the new mizukage made evading them and getting around much easier since he didn't have to do anything himself outside of his continuous dodges with Sōma should she follow his lead and allow him to take care of her.

Mellow: I'll take care of her Lord Kazuo, thanks for the escape route! Don't get close to them either, stay away when I do this!

With his words and warning, Mellow jumped into the air while taking a deep breath before releasing a cloud of mist right into the area where the beings were, wreaking of the scent of death. This was his clans 'Mist Of Phobos' jutsu which struck fear into whatever beings inhaled the scent, with his control, Mellow was able to target specific beings. As such, each shadowy figure the young lad saw, the mist's stench was redirected to them; Should the stench be useful against the beings, the effects will take place the instant their noses took in the smell of this technique. After doing such, Mellow ended the wind chakra technique and smoothly transferred to the previous wind skating technique he used prior to get himself and Sōma away from danger as he escaped into the air.






As soon he answered her question, Sōma began to sense a ominous presence but couldn’t sense it as good as Mellow could so she was thrown in a loop but when she focused some more she began to sense something cold, so cold that it left her shivering from whatever it is. Right when she was gonna ask Mellow, the young wendigo scoops her up on his back and all she saw was his hair and upper shoulder, immediately blushes and push herself up to get a view "Oh shit!" Startled by mellow using her hand to perform a jutsu while amidst flip.

as Mellow and Sōma made their escape, Xuân took the initiative to scoop Nashiro up bridal style and run with her away from danger by pumping wind chakra to his feet and kicks off flying several feet off the water towards shore while evading each shadow figure that appears and try to snatch them into the void, Nashiro used her Bō to channel lightning through it before shooting out towards a small group of dark shadows, electrifying them on the spot giving them both a chance to escape, completely passing mellow and Sōma "so uh still no for us going out on a date?" He ask with a charming smile he usually does with the girls he talk to while Nashiro simply stared at him annoyed with a light shade of pink dusting her face “my answer is still no" she huffs, refusing to give into this lady’s man charm, one of the most annoying things to come across since the academy. As the four genin run for shore, Xuân felt cautious of entering the city since he’s detecting the same thing his brother is detecting, a dark, ominous presence that is snatching up people who couldn’t outrun its advances, feeling chakra signatures disappear instantly is terrifying, got the young wendigo wondering…what is going on?!. "Mellow! We should barricade the palace!"​