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The world of shinobi was thrown into turmoil as shadows emerged from the darkness, launching relentless attacks on shinobi across various villages. These shadow assailants possessed an eerie and unknown power, leaving the shinobi community bewildered and on high alert. As the Mizukage and the skilled Mist shinobi celebrated their hard-fought victory against the shadow soldiers, their triumph was short-lived.

Reports of encounters with the shadow attackers began pouring in from different corners of the shinobi world. Shinobi from different villages exchanged information and pooled their resources to understand and combat this enigmatic threat, but all stories came to have no resolution on how to defeat the enemies.

In a devastating turn of events, the shadows swiftly reemerged, taking on a new form that defied comprehension. Instead of physical humanoid figures, they transformed into flat, 2-dimensional shapes, intertwining their chakra with the shadows cast by each person present.

This unexpected metamorphosis granted the shadow assailants complete control over the minds and bodies of their targets. With this newfound power, they sought to manipulate and dominate the very essence of their adversaries.

The momentary relief that filled the air turned into a tense battle for control as the shinobi realized the dire situation they were facing. The shadows' ability to manipulate thoughts and actions posed an unprecedented challenge.

As the shadows continued their relentless onslaught, the dire situation escalated further. A population of 30,000 people worldwide became the target of the shadows' relentless tactics, plunging the world into a state of fear and uncertainty.

The first wave of attacks struck with precision, targeting 2,000 individuals across the globe. Shockingly effective, the shadows managed to capture and transport 1,800 of their victims into the shadow world. With each successful abduction, the number of people remaining on Earth dwindled to 28,200.

However, the shadows were far from finished. The second wave of attacks brought a new and insidious method of infiltration. In this wave, approximately 13,000 people, including both shinobi and ordinary individuals, fell victim to the shadow's malevolent control.

The situation grew increasingly desperate as the shadows tightened their grip on the possessed. The only known way to sever the shadow's influence was to eliminate those who had been overtaken, but the method or means to accomplish this remained shrouded in uncertainty. The ethical implications of taking lives, even to save others, weighed heavily on the hearts and minds of the remaining unpossessed individuals.

The world was thrust into a struggle for survival as the shadows' numbers continued to swell, and the captured individuals became tools of the enemy. Shinobi and ordinary people alike faced the grim reality that the lives of the possessed were seemingly forfeit if they were to have any hope of breaking free from the shadow's control.


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Isamu meticulously observed the shadows as they emerged, studying their patterns and movements. However, despite his incredible sensory abilities, he was caught off guard by the sudden onslaught of the second wave of attacks. Unlike his master, who possessed the ability to foresee such events, Isamu had not developed the same level of foresight. As the shadows enveloped the surroundings, the behaviors of those around Isamu began to change drastically. People who were once allies now appeared to be under the control of the shadows, their intentions turning hostile. Isamu faced former comrades who seemingly attempted to attack him, a situation he had not anticipated. Although taken aback by the unexpected events, Isamu's extensive training and combat experience kicked in. He swiftly adapted to the situation, relying on his honed instincts and quick reflexes to defend himself against the shadow-controlled adversaries. With his incredible sensory abilities, he sought to discern the true intentions behind their actions and formulate a strategy to counter the impending threat.

As Isamu's mind raced with thoughts of the potential harm he could inflict through his jutsu, he made a split-second decision to retreat. Understanding the gravity of the situation, he realized that his actions could have fatal consequences for those under the control of the shadows. Instead, he chose a more cautious approach. Activating his Ketsuryugan, the unique dojutsu exclusive to his bloodline, Isamu's eyes shifted, revealing their crimson hue. With this heightened visual ability, his dojutsu delved into the intricacies of the blood flowing within the bodies of his turned allies. The Ketsuryugan allowed him to study the blood's composition, granting him insight into the next series of moves his adversaries were likely to execute. Keeping his distance, Isamu relied on his Ketsuryugan's analysis to predict the actions of the controlled individuals. By observing the subtle changes in their blood flow, he could anticipate their strategies and adjust his own movements accordingly. This strategic advantage allowed him to evade physical contact, avoiding direct confrontation and minimizing the risk of causing harm to those who were being manipulated by the shadows.

Drawing upon his expertise as a master illusionist, Isamu carefully weaved his chakra to create a web of deceptive illusions. His keen understanding of the human mind allowed him to exploit the vulnerabilities of his adversaries, trapping them in a world of illusions that would more than likely knock them unconscious. As Isamu swiftly weaved hand seals, his chakra surged through the surrounding bodies of water, harnessing their elemental power. The bodies of water responded to his command, converging from all directions, including underground, as streams of water burst forth through the rocky terrain. In a display of advanced water manipulation, two jutsu were simultaneously summoned. The first manifestation took the form of a water clone, a perfect replica of Isamu formed entirely from the flowing water. The clone stood poised, ready to execute its assigned task. The second jutsu, however, was truly awe-inspiring. The gathered water transformed into a colossal dome, its sheer size capable of ensnaring a multitude of opponents within its aqueous confines. This water sphere prison served as a formidable barrier, trapping its captives and cutting them off from the outside world. Maintaining control over his jutsu, Isamu's water clone extended its arm into the water prison, ensuring that those trapped within remained confined. The clone's presence served as a constant reminder of their imprisonment, and its vigilant grip ensured that escape was an elusive endeavor.

"Great Water Prison Technique"

Isamu yelled after ensnaring hundreds of his targets into the large oceanic three-dimensional dome. The water sphere prison exerted relentless pressure on its captives, limiting their movements and depriving them of the freedom to act. Isamu's intent was not to harm but to subdue, using his jutsu to restrain and incapacitate until his opponents succumbed to unconsciousness.

With a keen awareness of the water droplets suspended in the air, Isamu seized upon their presence as a unique opportunity for mass communication. Harnessing his chakra and the elemental nature of water, he infused the droplets with his message, transforming them into carriers of vital information. The coded message, known only to those uncorrupted by the shadows, was a directive to follow the established protocol of the Allied Shinobi Forces. Recognizing the importance of unity and coordination, Isamu's coded message served as an urgent call to retreat to the designated safe haven—the Grass District.


Location: The Mist District ---> The Grass District



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Yumaro traveled with his heart heavy with grief and anger. The remnants of the recent battle lay scattered around amongst his thoughts, a stark reminder of the lives lost and the innocent souls taken away throughout the world. His failure to protect them gnawed at his very core, fueling a deep-seated rage within him. The anger was not an outburst of blind fury, but a focused determination that burned in his eyes. Yumaro's resolute spirit grew stronger, fortified by the weight of his responsibility and the vow he made to himself to bring justice to those responsible. With each step he took, his resolve grew, his fury transforming into a fervent determination to eradicate the darkness that had invaded his world.

He would not have to wait long... before the swift return...

As the shadows that had confiscated the people returned, they emerged as two-dimensional black forms, casting an eerie presence over the desolate landscape. Yumaro watched with keen eyes, his gaze locked on their uncertain movements. The once-vibrant village was now a haunting canvas for these ethereal beings. The shadows slithered across the ground, their movements devoid of the fluidity and grace of living creatures. Yumaro observed their return with a mix of curiosity and wariness, his instincts sharpened by his anger and determination. Yumaro studied their uncertain movements, trying to discern any pattern other than their consumption of humanity.

Yumaro stood at the crossroads of a moral dilemma, his heart heavy with the weight of his options. The shadows had consumed and took control of citizens and shinobi, their intentions clear: to increase their count and perpetuate their dark influence. It was an angering sight, witnessing the transformation of innocent lives into vessels of malevolence. Yumaro's anger burned within him, a righteous flame urging to take action. But grappling with the choice before him, Yumaro felt a profound sense of conflict. Should he end the lives of those who had fallen victim to the shadows' influence, sacrificing them to save the uncorrupted? The very thought weighed heavily on his conscience because of his sense of duty. Yumaro's grip tightened. He understood that in order to protect the innocent, he might have to make the unbearable choice of taking the lives of those who were already lost to the shadows' influence. It was a sacrifice that tore at his soul, but one he deemed necessary if he could not deter the actions of some through restrictive and trap methods.


In the face of the shadows' attempts to increase their count by capturing and controlling innocent individuals, Yumaro called upon his formidable bone-manipulating capabilities to rescue those in trouble. With swift, fluid motion, Yumaro's bones emerged from his body, extending and transforming into intricate and versatile structures. Each bone served a purpose, honed with precision and agility. Some bones elongated to form lattices or bars, to transport individuals out of harms way. He wove a complex network of bone restraints, meticulously forming interlocking barriers that encased each encapsulated individual. The bones wrapped around their bodies, intertwining and solidifying with an unyielding strength, rendering the victims effectively immobile. With the bones leaving no room for the shadow to escape, he had believe he had effectively captured some shadows. Yumaro's bone restraints were not mere shackles; they were an expression of his determination to break the shadows' hold and liberate those who had fallen under their control. He worked swiftly but with great care, ensuring that the restraints were secure and unyielding, leaving no room for the shadows to corrupt or escape their confinement.

With each captive encapsulated and restrained, Yumaro's resolve intensified. He moved from one victim to another, his bone structures adapting and morphing according to the specific needs of each situation. The shadows' attempts to increase their count were met with a formidable defense, as Yumaro's bone manipulations grew more refined and strategic with every encounter. With every able bodied citizen and shinobi nearby, he ordered them to assist each other by keeping each other safe and away from the shadows. After receiving the message from Isamu, the populace began retreating to the Grass District.


As Yumaro confronted the grim reality that his bone manipulation alone couldn't directly free the encapsulated victims, his mind raced with thoughts and theories. A different approach was required to break the hold of the shadows and release those trapped within their grasp. Yumaro began contemplating the involvement of other abilities and allies. Recognizing that collaboration would be crucial in this battle against the shadows. Yumaro took a decisive step, propelling himself into a blinding motion as he raced towards the Grass District.

He moved with a fluidity that seemingly defied the laws of motion, as if he were gliding effortlessly through the air. His agility and grace were unparalleled as he weaved through the landscape, effortlessly evading obstacles and dangers in his path. Yumaro's body seemed to blend with the environment, becoming one with the wind itself. Every twist and turn showcased the intense training and mastery he had achieved over his abilities. His words were clear and concise, delivered with urgency yet tempered with reassurance. Yumaro's speed and agility were not solely physical; they extended to his mental acuity as well. He processed information rapidly, analyzing the environment and the needs of the villagers in real time. The villagers felt a glimmer of hope in his presence, knowing that they had a true protector amidst the chaos. He utilized his bone manipulation abilities to create protective barriers, shielding the villagers from harm. His bone structures manifested with incredible speed, intertwining with precision and strength to form shields and shelters. As he raced through the Grass District, Yumaro's actions became a symphony of movement and purpose. Each step, each bone manipulated, and each word spoken served a greater cause. In the midst of chaos, he remained a beacon of strength, embodying the hope that existed even in the face of darkness.
Location: Mist District - > Grass District