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The air around Shinsuke crackled with the intensity of chakra as he and his clone stood face to face, the sun casting a warm, golden hue upon the training ground. His chakra resonated with the surroundings, creating an invisible link between himself and the natural energy pulsating through the environment. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes to center himself. In this tranquil moment, he visualized the intricate network of chakra pathways within his body, honing in on the ethereal threads that connected him to his clone. With a steady breath, Shinsuke initiated the next phase of his training. Chakra surged within him, and soon a brilliant glow enveloped his form as the Adamantine chains also began to materialize around his wrists. The links gleamed with an ethereal light, a manifestation of the potent chakra coursing through them. Beside him, the clone mirrored his movements flawlessly, a perfect reflection of Shinsuke's own skill. The young shinobi could feel the connection, the unity of purpose that bound him to his clone in this shared pursuit of mastery.

As the Adamantine chains extended from their wrists, Shinsuke focused on maintaining the delicate balance between control and release. He could sense the strain in his muscles, the subtle trembling as the chakra coursed through the chains. This time, however, the intensity of the chakra flowing through the chains was different. It hummed with a newfound vigor, resonating with the combined strength of both Shinsuke and his clone. The clone, a manifestation of his own essence, served as a catalyst for the accelerated growth of his abilities. The chains, once confined by a temporal constraint, now lingered in the air, a testament to the progress Shinsuke was making. The training ground echoed with the sound of metallic vibrations, a symphony of power and control. The forest seemed to respond to their efforts, the leaves rustling in the gentle breeze as if whispering secrets of ancient techniques. Shinsuke and his clone existed in a harmonious union of chakra, each movement a step closer to unlocking the dormant potential within.

Slowly but surely, Shinsuke began to feel a sense of pride in himself as the chains, once a fleeting extension of his will, now hung in the air like a tangible testament to his growth. The accelerated pace of his training, facilitated by the presence of the clone, had yielded results that surpassed his expectations. The journey to a new level of chakra mastery continued, and in this moment, Shinsuke Uzumaki knew he had taken a significant stride toward the shinobi he aspired to become. Eventually Shinsuke had entered a state where he was mentally having a battle against a mysterious shadowy figure. Should anyone happen to stumble on the training grounds, they will come across an abundance of swirling chains around his very being, reacting on their own to any object or being that may stay too close to him.


The Battle Within

In the recesses of Shinsuke's mind, a surreal battleground unfolded. The terrain was an amalgamation of memories and emotions, a dreamscape where the boundaries between reality and imagination blurred. A spectral moon hung low in the sky, casting an eerie glow over the landscape. Shinsuke stood at the epicenter, surrounded by the whispers of the past and the shadows of his own subconscious. As he took a tentative step forward, the air crackled with anticipation. The echo of his footfall reverberated through the ethereal space, alerting him to the gravity of the encounter awaiting him. Before him materialized a figure, a nebulous silhouette that seemed to draw darkness into itself, coalescing into a formidable adversary. The mysterious being emanated an aura of malevolence, its features obscured by the shifting shadows. Shinsuke's eyes narrowed, recognizing the familiarity of the threat. It was a manifestation of his deepest fears, a specter born from the insecurities that lingered in the corners of his consciousness.

Without warning, the shadowy figure lunged forward, its movements fluid and unpredictable. Shinsuke instinctively fell into a defensive stance, his mind racing to conjure the most potent arsenal at his disposal. In this mental battlefield, the Adamantine chains, a testament to his Uzumaki heritage, materialized around his wrists, the very things he was hoping to maintain and master. The chains gleamed with an otherworldly radiance, their links humming with the latent power contained within. Shinsuke focused his chakra, channeling it through the chains with an innate understanding that surpassed his years. The metallic links responded, extending outward in a mesmerizing dance, their tips poised to engage the shadowy adversary. The clash commenced, a symphony of blows and parries reverberating through the dreamlike expanse. The Adamantine chains moved with a grace and precision that belied their physicality, weaving through the air with a supernatural fluidity. His own movements mirrored the ebb and flow of the chains, a dance of combat etched in the annals of his ninja lineage.

Each strike was a declaration of his resilience, a defiance against the intangible foe that sought to unravel his mental fortitude. The chains, imbued with the strength of his spirit, lashed out with an almost sentient awareness, seeking to bind and subdue the shadowy menace that haunted the corridors of his mind. The clash within his mind mirrored the struggles of a young shinobi grappling with the complexities of his own prowess. In this surreal battleground, Shinsuke Uzumaki embarked on a journey of self improvement.

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Awaiting his punishment, Mugen readied himself, and with but a swift and fluid motion a coursing and searing pain coursed through his right arm, a thud sound forming from the ground as his arm fell to the ground, the young Uchiha keeping eye contact as a bead of sweat slowly ran down his cheek. His nerves being shot with searing pain he still remained calm; gritting his teeth as Mugen watched Tenbo begin walking off, signalling him and others to follow. Rising to his feet, Mugen would ultimately follow diligently, having heard his bosses words the Uchiha only had one option, to ensure the success of his objective; but as for now he'd have to like all Root Members Adapt to his current situation. Following behind Tenbo, Mugen remained silent awaiting for the words of his boss, completely ignoring the arm he had lost and left behind, a symbolic feature of leaving behind the act of independence without alerting his superior of his action.

Following Tenbo into a Private room, it was here that Mugen stood, preparing to debrief his mission and the collective information he had obtained; Starting with the mysterious bounty set by the Kusakage and his journey to the Mist District, Mugen left no detail out including how he kept himself hidden and concealed as to not bring back any symbolical of his involvement. The Debriefing leading up to the assassination of a mysterious clan with the ability to transform into strange parasitic monsters to the final part involving the Mysterious Gold District where Mugen then would speak the riddle given that would hold the clues to the location of the Black Market Organization's Hideout. "Where the ocean tides are influenced, and the people worshipped a celestial body" Though ambiguous Mugen knew the combined efforts of Root would solve the first Clue; but as he finished up the briefing of his mission, Mugen stood awaiting the response of his boss Tenbo, his head held high with honor and determination to see this search through no matter what missions he must do; should it be killing another person or even members of his clan it was an evil he would carry for success of Root. But one thing was for Certain, The Gold District had an involvement with this mysterious Organization, it was uncertain on exactly who would be apart of it, but their involvement at this current point was a suspicion to take account of.
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Mirai sighed exasperatedly as Shijo disappeared from her side, relocating close by. Perhaps upwards? She had no intention of tracking him down, she would simply be sure to reprimand him later on; angering his brother and then leaving her to fend for herself against a jinchuuriki beast was simply unbecoming of someone of his status. There would be heavy consequences for this apparent cowardice, and she would ensure they were enacted.

Mirai’s sharingan was not only more advanced than Gyoken’s, but was also more well trained. A decade more of training to be accurate. As his muscles tensed, and his form disappeared, her eyes already centered on where his form rematerialized, ten feet above her. She frowned, a barrage of 5 weapons firing at him immediately, slicing through the chakra blades, effortlessly swatting them to the side and off kilter. Interestingly they seemed to move with intent, swinging back around to knock the blades that might have been missed.

Her form flickered, a flash of fiery chakra infused butterflies replacing her, a small trail showing that she had relocated only 15 feet back, gentle ripples on the water showing that she was still a figure of finesse and control. Her fingers moved, and the Kusanagi blade responded, moving in front of her and whirring in a manner similar to a helicopter blade, aiming to deflect and dispel any ranged attack coming towards her.

With everything dealt with, her fingers spread out, all the blades halting in their positions. She closed her fist, and the blades closed in on Gyoken with deadly intent, aiming to impale his still falling form. They seemed as though drawn by invisible strings, following him with accuracy, and righting their course should they be knocked off course. Close observation would allow one to see the golden seals along them that granted Mirai unrivaled control of the blades.

A surge of chakra began to gather in her aswell, as though she were preparing for a large technique she would enact soon enough.
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The shadowy figure, though elusive, could not escape the relentless pursuit of the Adamantine chains. his movements were a manifestation of his inner turmoil and determination, a ballet of combat that unfolded with every step across the dreamlike battlefield. Each strike and parry was a testament to his growing mastery over the Uzumaki heritage coursing through his veins. The mysterious being, fueled by the insecurities that lingered in Shinsuke's subconscious, retaliated with tendrils of darkness that lashed out like serpents. The chains intercepted these shadowy attacks, the collision releasing sparks of chakra that illuminated the space within his mind and the struggle played out in a symphony of light and shadow. As the battle unfolded, Shinsuke's mind became a canvas upon which the struggles of his past and the uncertainties of his future played out. Memories, both triumphant and painful, flickered in the background, adding a surreal depth to the confrontation. The spectral moon above bore witness to the emotional tempest that fueled Shinsuke's every movement.

In the midst of the chaos, Shinsuke's determination crystallized into a singular thought – to confront and conquer the shadows that threatened to ensnare him. His chakra surged, infusing the Adamantine chains with renewed vigor. The chains responded, intertwining with one another to form a protective barrier that shielded Shinsuke from the encroaching darkness. With a burst of energy, Shinsuke pressed forward, the chains surging like a tidal wave. The shadowy figure, momentarily eclipsed by the brilliance of the chains, recoiled. The young uzumaki seized the opportunity, channeling his resolve into a decisive strike. The chains lashed out, binding the shadowy adversary in a cocoon of ethereal links. As the shadows dissipated, the dreamlike battlefield shifted, revealing a glimpse of clarity within Shinsuke's mind. The battle was far from over, but in this moment of triumph, Shinsuke Uzumaki had asserted his dominance over the shadows that sought to define him. The Adamantine chains, still aglow with the intensity of the struggle however, hung in the air.

The aftermath of the battle left an echoing silence within Shinsuke's mental landscape. The mysterious being, once a nebulous threat, writhed within its ethereal prison, its form flickering as if struggling to maintain its existence. Shinsuke, however, maintained a resolute gaze. The battle within his mind was not just a physical confrontation; it was a symbolic struggle against the doubts and fears that sought to undermine his potential. With a deliberate motion, Shinsuke tightened the Adamantine chains around the shadowy adversary. The chains responded to his will, constricting with a strength that transcended the physical. The being emitted a haunting wail, a manifestation of the insecurities and self-doubt that had taken root within Shinsuke's psyche. Yet, even in this moment of apparent triumph, he felt a pang of empathy. The shadowy figure was, after all, a reflection of his own inner turmoil. With a sense of resolution, he spoke to the imprisoned entity, his voice resonating through the mental expanse.​

Shinsuke: I acknowledge you. However, I will not let you control me. You are a part of me, but I am more than the sum of my fears.​

The spectral moon overhead seemed to respond to his proclamation, casting a gentle light that illuminated the once-darkened corners of his consciousness. The battlefield, now touched by a serene glow, became a symbolic representation of the internal transformation taking place. As Shinsuke continued to confront the shadowy being within, he realized that the battle extended beyond mere physical combat. It was a journey of self-discovery, a quest to understand and integrate the various facets of his identity. The Adamantine chains, once thought to only be wielded for sealing, was now being wielded for a more diverse form of combat and also served as a conduit for introspection and growth for the young shinobi. With a final surge of determination, Shinsuke made a profound decision. Instead of banishing the shadowy figure, he chose to embrace it, acknowledging its existence as an integral part of himself. The Adamantine chains, now released from their imprisoning grip, coiled around Shinsuke and the shadowy entity alike, intertwining in a symbolic dance of acceptance. As the chains embraced the shadows, a profound sense of unity washed over Shinsuke. The once-hostile adversary transformed into a spectral ally, merging seamlessly with his consciousness. The mental landscape shifted once more, revealing a newfound harmony within Shinsuke's mind.


In Reality

Back into the realm of the real world, as Shinsuke continued his mind training, deep into the recesses of his consciousness, the Adamantine chains began to coil around his very being, forming a type of protective cage as they pulsated with an otherworldly glow. The metallic chakra links shimmered in tandem with the ebb and flow of his chakra, each pulse resonating with a quiet power that transcended the physical realm. The glow intensified, casting a warm radiance that bathed Shinsuke in a celestial light. In this meditative state, Shinsuke sought to harmonize his chakra, to attain a level of control that surpassed the ordinary and this was only the beginning phases for him to achieve his goal. The Adamantine chains responded to the depth of his concentration. As he regulated his breathing and focused his intent, the chains glowed brighter, weaving an intricate dance of chakra around him. Unbeknownst to Shinsuke, the rustling of leaves took on a rhythmic quality as a pair of curious eyes observed from the shadows. The Pangolin creature who once observed the young man, returned yet again but treded cautiously as her scales glistened in the dappled sunlight. The Pangolin, a creature attuned to the nuances of chakra, could sense the extraordinary energy emanating from Shinsuke and the pulsating glow of the Adamantine chains. She circled him with a mix of curiosity and familiarity, her keen instincts attuned to the subtleties of the spiritual realm. As Shinsuke continued to delve into the depths of his chakra, the tranquility of the training ground was interrupted by the arrival of another visitor. The father Pangolin, larger and more imposing, emerged from the foliage. His scales were weathered, a testament to years spent navigating the shinobi world.

The father Pangolin regarded Shinsuke with a discerning gaze, his eyes reflecting a wisdom that surpassed the ordinary perception of animals. He sensed the potency of the chakra that enveloped Shinsuke, recognizing it as a force that went beyond mere training. In the presence of the Uzumaki's profound meditation, the father Pangolin observed with a deep understanding of the spiritual journey that unfolded before him. The Adamantine chains, now stopping the pulsation as remained at a steady bright glow, seemed to respond to the shared connection between the Uzumaki and the creatures. In this sacred moment, the training ground became a convergence of spiritual energies – the Uzumaki's chakra, the ethereal glow of the Adamantine chains, and the innate wisdom of the Pangolin creatures. Shinsuke, the human shinobi, and the Pangolins, sentient beings attuned to the flow of nature's energy, stood united in a silent communion and the father pangolin remain a silent observer.
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In the midst of the unfolding chaos, Shijo Uchiha stands by, his Sharingan eyes closely observing the intricate maneuvers. His initial interest in Mirai Uchiha's capabilities has turned into a critical evaluation as the situation escalates. For some reason, he was taken away by the simple fact Mirai Uchiha was about to release a quick entourage of weaponry which were at her disposal, However, Gyoken was the first to react, though in the tailed beast transformation Gyoken had little or no control. He deemed this a perfect time to see what the Uchiha Lady was made of in the joust. His matured Sharingan eyes elaborated the entire movement of the “Guild” and simply comprehend the jutsu within moments of analyzing it.

Initially the young Uchiha received a beckon from some anbu who just arrived at the scene, however through his headpiece. There was little no way someone could sense them, as they performed some sort of Chakra Suppression technique. It was very keen of them to go undetected as they spat through the very essence of the electronic headset. The message was that they would take over from there. The young Uchiha knew based off his readings and knowledge of the Sharingan he could simply of stopped this with just a share glance of his eyes, however, he cared to see what the woman of the Uchiha clan was made of, which seemed to be a disappointment to him, as her showboating and so forth was not something he cared for. The Nara, Yamanka, and Akimichi members of the Anbu executed a well-coordinated Formation Ino–Shika–Chō, displaying a seamless blend of their respective techniques. Shijo recognizes the historical significance of this formation within the Leaf, a testament to the Anbu's experience and expertise.

Now, the team began to act. One behind the other, firstly as Gyoken transcended within air towards the apparent water, whilst there was a gathering of chakra of some sort from Mirai Uchiha a hand which seemed to be a great shadow which stretched across the area and quickly converged from several direction, synchronising to the very shadow of Gyoken, it was much like stitches of darkness, they partially was stricting even for a Tailed Beast, even within its deepest rage once there was some sort of control by the caster of this jutsu. Of course, the caster couldn’t hold it for too long, especially with the aid of fuinjutsu. By the time the shadow was to restrict the young shinobi there was already an simultaneous act which saw another member of the Anbu from a good distance behind Mirai hold their hand in shape of pyramid like shape which allowed the user to shatter the mind of its target which was by now was Gyoken which was restricted and binded by the other anbu shadow like possession.

It was so fast that even by now, Mirai would see events even unfold with the aid of her Sharingan. However, it was not completed as to further stop, or rather restrict Gyoken was another who had been the closest to him and was enacted to further a stricting grip of Gyoken, this Anbu arms were enlarged by width and diameter and it simply was to grab at the young Uchiha so there was no way he could escape out of the grasp of the collaborate jutsu of a Nara, Yamanka, Akimichi which was seen as Formation Ino–Shika–Chō. This formation itself had a long history within the Leaf and it continued through this generation of Anbu. The Nara himself was the one to administer some sort of Fuinjutsu related shadow paralysis jutsu initially and then the Yamanka was the one to shatter the mind of Tailed Beast which in the result seemingly broke the grip and restored him to normal. Whilst, Akimichi was aid of the two to ensure that there was no release of Shadow Possession like Fuinjutsu. As Gyoken, in his Tailed Beast transformation, is temporarily subdued by the collaborative jutsu, Shijo's attention remains fixated on Mirai. His crimson eyes follow her every move, anticipating her response to the unfolding events.

The young Uchiha is surrounded by a complex dance of shadows and mental manipulation, a testament to the Anbu's strategic prowess. Shijo, being well-versed in the capabilities of his Sharingan, could have intervened, but he chose to let the Anbu handle the situation. Perhaps, it was a test of Mirai's abilities or a measure of his trust in the Anbu's proficiency.

As Gyoken is restrained and subsequently restored to normalcy through the combined efforts of the Nara, Yamanka, and Akimichi, Shijo stepped forward, standing beside the Yamanka. His gaze remains fixed on Mirai, waiting to see how she reacts to the turn of events.

The chakra-suppressed Anbu members, with more seasoned experience than even Shijo, converge on the scene. The atmosphere is tense, and the young Uchiha remains vigilant, ready to respond to any developments. The situation has become a complex interplay of jutsu, strategy, and the prowess of skilled shinobi, and Shijo Uchiha stands at the center of it, observing with a keen eye and preparing for whatever may come next. In total there were three more, it was duly through precautionary measures that six was dispatched in the first place, especially given that they were all assigned to watch Gyoken even before Shijo was assigned the role as Anbu Captain. Shijo fully matured Sharingan gleamed in the direction of Mirai as a slight smirk remained plastered across his face. It was as if he knew something of her, or probably he was so cocky and ignorantly trying to get beneath her skin. It could be a feasible question but the proof was yet to hit the pudding right?

Shijo Uchiha's smirk persists as he comments on the Anbu's display. His tone carries a mixture of amusement and perhaps a hint of mockery. Despite the chaos and the Anbu's intervention, he seems rather pleased with the outcome, possibly finding it entertaining.

He turns his attention to Mirai Uchiha, directing his words toward her. "What a splendid display from the Anbu, don't you think?" The emphasis on "splendid" suggests a level of sarcasm or irony. Shijo seems to enjoy the situation, reveling in the complexities of the Anbu's coordinated efforts.

His next words, delivered with a continued smirk, imply a level of expectation that Mirai didn't meet. "Here I thought you would have ended this in a matter of a snap of a finger. Probably you didn't want to show me too much, huh? Now I really know that the Uchiha Clan is in capable hands."

Shijo's comments carry an undercurrent of challenge and scrutiny. He appears to have expected a more rapid and decisive resolution from Mirai, possibly testing her capabilities or gauging her response to the unexpected situation. His acknowledgment of the Anbu's competence and his reference to the Uchiha Clan being in capable hands suggests a certain standard he holds for his clan.

Mirai, in turn, might feel the weight of his expectations. Shijo's demeanor, a mix of amusement and scrutiny, adds an additional layer of complexity to the situation. How she responds could influence not only Shijo's perception but potentially the dynamics within the Uchiha Clan.


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Amidst the relentless clash, Gyoken, consumed by his rage, struggled to maintain control while still tapping into his potent lineage and abilities. His two tomoe Sharingan strained to track the intricate movements of Uchiha Lady Mirai, but was able to decipher some of her hand gestures and signs amidst the chaos. Despite the overwhelming sensory input, Gyoken employed his keen instincts, utilizing partial cues to anticipate her maneuvers. As Mirai's barrage of weapons sliced through his chakra blades, targeting him with precision, Gyoken, fueled by his determination, summoned forth multiple-tailed beast arms. These appendages, pulsating with formidable strength, intercepted the incoming blades, serving as both a defensive barrier and a launching point for altering his aerial trajectory, and proceeded with the barrage of jutsu that once targeted Mirai but was not discriminatory.

Amidst this tense confrontation, Gyoken's eyes detected a ripple in the battlefield's chakra landscape—an unexpected intrusion by three Anbu operatives. Though the Anbu sought to conceal their chakra, their ninjutsu techniques revealed telltale signatures, their energy profiles starkly contrasting against the tumultuous battle setting. In a critical oversight, their efforts to mask their chakra while executing techniques compromised their stealth, baring their presence to Gyoken's discerning gaze. This revelation provided him a momentary advantage, allowing him to capitalize on the unfolding chaos. As Mirai's weapons ricocheted through the air, their momentum became Gyoken's catalyst. He seized the opportunity to propel himself skyward, surpassing the Nara's previous position, and landing firmly ten feet away from Mirai's former stance.

The unleashed fury of Gyoken's barrage had a profound impact on the ocean, initiating violent tremors that disrupted the focused equilibrium of the Ino-Shika-Cho trio. Their collaborative jutsu, engineered to maintain fluidity amidst the shifting tides of battle, faltered under the assault, subjecting them to the turbulent surges of water. Gyoken's strategic moves, coupled with his heightened perception and evasive maneuvers, reshaped the battlefield dynamics, leaving an aftermath of disruption and disarray in its wake.

Amidst the high-stakes conflict, Gyoken, fueled by an unrestrained fury, began the intricate dance of hand seals, channeling his chakra with meticulous precision. An aura of intensity surrounded him as he conjured the essence of his jutsu, weaving together strands of flaming hair into a manifestation resembling a blazing mouse. This fiery construct was a testament to his formidable abilities as a jinchuriki, a spectacle that resonated with the ferocity of his emotions.

The flaming mouse transformed into a volley of incandescent projectiles, each hairball resembling a miniature comet ablaze with infernal brilliance. These searing entities streaked across the battlefield, their relentless pursuit locked onto the elusive Anbu operatives and the enigmatic Lady Uchiha, their fiery tails painting a trail of destruction in their wake. Gyoken's technique defied conventional evasive measures; attempting to escape these relentless projectiles proved futile, for they were designed to pursue their targets with unwavering determination.

Upon contact with any obstacle or surface, the fireballs erupted in a brilliant explosion, casting a cascade of scorching infernos that engulfed their surroundings. The sheer intensity and unrestrained power of these blazing projectiles left a visceral impact, altering the landscape into a maelstrom of searing heat and destruction. The very air crackled with the intensity of Gyoken's unleashed fury, an unyielding storm of fire and chaos that swept through the battlefield.

Should one attempt to counter with shadow clones, the projectiles responded with cunning adaptability, splitting and multiplying once more. This calculated response ensured that every clone created became a target, perpetuating the onslaught with a relentless pursuit that mirrored Gyoken's fervent determination. The jutsu unfolded like a choreographed symphony of destruction, showcasing both Gyoken's unyielding rage and his mastery over the incendiary power of the Matatabi.

Amidst the chaos and ferocity of this infernal display, Gyoken's intent was clear: to assert dominance, subdue opposition, and leave an indelible mark that etched his presence into the annals of this tumultuous confrontation.


Location: Valley of the End


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After a few moments, the tranquility of Shinsuke's meditation was abruptly disrupted by a subtle brushing of a tail against his knee and the gentle sound of scales gliding over the ground. His eyes, still closed in deep concentration, finally acknowledged the presence of the Pangolin creatures that had interrupted his training ground sanctuary. As the Adamantine chains slowly retreated back into his body, the glow they emitted also slowly diminished; Shinsuke opened his eyes to two Pangolin creatures standing directly in front of him. The father Pangolin, with a wise and weathered demeanor, regarded Shinsuke with a discerning gaze, acknowledging the potent energy that lingered in the air. The daughter Pangolin, standing beside her father, seemed to share the same sense of curiosity that had led them to interrupt Shinsuke's training. Her scales shimmered with a playful glint as she tilted her head, with a silent inquiry in her eyes. Shinsuke, though momentarily confused, maintained his composure, offering a stern gaze towards the Pangolin duo. The Adamantine chains, now fully retracted, he made sure to at least keep some of them coiled around his wrists as a visible manifestation of the control he had gained over his chakra.

Father Pangolin: Young man, your chakra is a beacon of potential. It resonates with a power that goes beyond the ordinary. There is an offer I would like to extend to you, a pact that could benefit both our species. We are the Pangolin clan, beings attuned to the essence of chakra and nature. I sense latent potential within you. Would you be interested in a deal, a summoning contract that binds our fates together in battle? This contract will not be something you should utilize recklessly as my daughter will be the one coming out when you performt he summoning jutsu.

Shinsuke, remained quiet for a moment as he thought about the offer carefully. A summoning contract was a sacred pact between a shinobi and a specific species, allowing the summoner to call forth the creatures in times of need. The idea of forging such a bond with the Pangolin clan, creatures of wisdom and agility, appealed to the Uzumaki's desire for growth and connection. This was the perfect opportunity for him to expand his arsena, which worked out for him perfectly.

Shinsuke: Before I give you an answer, what else do I need to know about this contract?
Father Pangolin: Im glad you asked, you see. This contract requires you to forge a bond with us Pangolins, but more specifically my daughter, Amilia. The stronger your bonds are with each other, the more you two are able to do together. Failure to do so will result in the contract ending and you losing access to our aid. In other words, keep your bonds strong.
Shinsuke: Alright then, I guess I accept then. We'll see how things go moving forward.

The father Pangolin, satisfied with Shinsuke's response, approached the boy with a dignified presence as Amilia stood back and observed. Shinsuke reciprocated, sealing the pact with a solemn handshake. The daughter Pangolin, sensing the newfound alliance, let out a contented chirp, her scales radiating a subtle warmth.

Father Pangolin: Very well, give me your arm child.

As Shinsuke extended his arm, the father Pangolin, with a gentle touch, traced the contours of a summoning seal onto his skin. The seal, intricate and pulsating with chakra, took the form of a majestic Pangolin, its scales adorned with arcane symbols that seemed to come alive in response to the touch of the summoner. The sensation was a unique blend of warmth and tingling energy, as if the very essence of the Pangolin clan was being etched into Shinsuke's being. The father Pangolin's claws, guided by a wisdom that transcended words, moved with purpose, ensuring that the summoning contract was seamlessly woven into the fabric of Shinsuke's chakra network. As the seal took shape, Shinsuke could feel the connection forming between him and the Pangolin clan. The symbols glowed in response to the harmony of their chakras intertwining. The daughter Pangolin, ever watchful, let out a soft chirp, her eyes reflecting a sense of approval. The process, though imbued with a sacred solemnity, was not without its challenges. Shinsuke felt the surge of the Pangolin clan's chakra intertwining with his own, a merging of spiritual energies that required focus and resilience. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead, as a testament to the intensity of the ritual.

The twilight sky above seemed to respond to the summoning contract, casting a surreal ambiance over the training ground. The air hummed with a quiet energy as the father Pangolin completed the final strokes of the summoning seal. The Pangolin, now a permanent mark on Shinsuke's arm, radiated with a subdued luminescence. With the completion of the ritual, the father Pangolin withdrew his claws, his eyes meeting Shinsuke's in a silent acknowledgment. The Pangolin clan had found a new ally in the young Uzumaki, and Shinsuke, in turn, had forged a connection with these beings. The boy flexed his arm, admiring the summoning seal that now adorned his skin. The presence of the Pangolin clan, sealed within him, resonated with a sense of trust and camaraderie. The daughter Pangolin, sensing the completion of the ritual, nuzzled against Shinsuke in a display of affection. With the summoning contract now in place, Shinsuke knew that the Pangolin clan would answer his call in times of need. The training ground, witness to the mystical union between shinobi and summoning creature, exuded an air of ancient wisdom and boundless potential.
Father Pangolin: Alright, the seal is complete. I shall return back home. Amilia, you and our friend here get aqainted with each other. I'm too old to perform this damn seal, im going to sleep.

With that, the father pangolin left the scene and returned back to their home, meanwhile, Shinsuke and Amilia's journey together began here as they left the training grounds and returned back to the village in search of the Hokage, Lord Suzaku.
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Location: Third Training Ground --> Konoha Streets




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[ Location: UMF Office window ]
Mujin sat on the window seal, taking in the chakra signatures of those who came and left, those who stayed, those who moved naturally, and those who took pause. He inhaled and as he did the oxygen around him briefly took over a flame shroud, his chakra moved throughout his body and channeled the aura to a single point of contact; the tip of his unlit cigarette.

There the tobacco ignited as he continued his inhale, taking a long concentrated drag his chakra settled back to a point that Shinobi would register as a civilian, this incognito level of chakra suppression is one of his strongest features. This is what made him so frighteningly dangerous to his enemies. His chakra control was probably the highest the village had seen in a hundred years; undoubtedly due to his ability to conceal it completely.

This wasn't cause for alarm though, the other Uchiha often talked of Mujin as a Ghost, he came and went and no one knew any better. Tapping the cigarette filter after removing it from his lip, the ash carried on the wind in the open window. Mujin was about to have a very busy month.

As the smoke trailed the tree line, Mujin's sharingan; a constant state of release, showcased his unwavering reserves and absolute control of his three tomoe. His dialed and nearly perfect eyes focused on large explosions in the distant horizon. Mujin would take another drag and sigh.

"The Uchiha will always be looked at with mixed feelings when every sparing session turns the tide of the landscape.... I better see what's going on. "

Mujin would reach into his sleeve before drawing the handle of an ancient-looking relic; The Thunder Blade. He activates it and immediately his chakra surges with the amplification of the relic, He points it out the window, cigarette still hanging from his mouth.

" I shouldn't want to miss anything ... "

His gravel tone mumbling through gritted teeth and cigarette where low and monotone. Suddenly he would allow his chakra to take a bioelectrical charge from his chakra, amplifying his muscles and tendons before setting a foot on the window seal and kicking off. Like a burst of lightning from the window, Mujin was gone. Leaping lightning fast over rooftops, walls, and trees, His destination was the valley of the end, those around would feel the lightning coming.

[ Location: The Valley of the End }

Listen while you read~
Mujin's presence would of been felt by those undistracted first, And even before his physical arrival the glint and shine of many objects would be seen scattering through the battlefield like glitter, as if they had suddenly appeared out of thin air. Each kunai was reflective, and they all were sent out; not random, but specifically each one no matter the angle of contact would reflect back to Mujin, and his sharingan would suddenly befall the Anbu team, Shijo, and Gyoken.

Without immediately shutting their eyes they would all fall under Sharingan Genjutsu of frightening precision and accuracy. To be honest, it wouldn't matter if they had fallen under the jutsu or shut their eyes for the very next instant their bodies would course with enough electrical power to paralyze them all. Mujin was frighteningly powerful for someone who never aspired to be anything but silent and humble. The speed and unpredictability in attack would make it nearly impossible to avoid as they were all thrown into the bowels of chaos amidst this .. spar?

Mujin quickly deduced what was going on here and it was atypical of Shinobi of this age range. His eyes would flick to Mirai and then back to the water he was standing atop. With the Chidori current stopping its massive and impressive range, to be able to target all five involved.

For Gyoken however, Mujin would enter his mental state, Looking for this tailed beast and attempting to put it to rest with his powerful eyes. This process would feel like a ten-minute talk, however, it would be over before anyone's body landed on the surface they were on, due to the huge electrical surge shutting their bodies off momentarily.

Mujin's cigarette was half gone by the time the events of his arrival came to an end. He would look around at them all before muttering through clenched teeth.
"What the hell is going on here. This training? Whatever it is I'm sure wasn't sanctioned by the Lord Hokage. Shijo! You and I will have a discussion about these childish antics later. Retrieve your ANBU team and escort them back to the village. Gyoken will talk now. "

Mujin couldn't help but act like a father to all Uchiha, it was his harshest personality trait. Mujin looked to Mirai for an explanation even though he wasn't owed one due to her outranking him. He took another drag from his cigarette and sighed out a large cloud.



Staff member


The thorough briefing on the mission had left Tenbo content with the acquired knowledge and experiences that would undoubtedly benefit both Tenbo and the recently disarmed Uchiha. The Root commander emphasized the readiness of his subordinates for the imminent mission, urging them to seize the opportune moment. However, a lingering thought began to crystallize in the Uchiha's mind—a thought born from the freshness of his newly acquired abilities and powers. In his estimation, taking the necessary time for adjustments and acclimation was crucial.

Cautious deliberation became the guiding principle for him at this juncture. Recognizing the need for a temporary withdrawal, Tenbo made the decision to dismiss the squad, allowing each member to regroup and prepare individually. Retreating into the seclusion of his underground quarters, the Uchiha sought solace and the necessary solitude for introspection.

Within the confines of his hidden sanctuary, Tenbo delved into the intricacies of his newfound capabilities.



Mugen Uchiha Rogue.jpg


Having given the mission briefing, before alas being granted dismissal, Mugen like the flickering of shadows vanished from sight, his reappearance being located in his apartment where the one armed Uchiha would change once more, finding an outfit that he'd put on with leather chest guards, arm bracer and thigh latch as he slowly finished his outfit with a Black cloak with internal scarlet pigmentation. His Sharingan staring into the mirror, as he looked upon his own reflection Mugen seemed calm, the Hyokkoto Mask being placed on the dresser as the Uchiha thought back to the Chunnin Exam that was displayed. There was one individual who displayed such unique use of fire release that it even made Mugen interested in the young boy. So much So that Mugen had decided it would be time to learn something new along with being able to teach the new youth something in return. Whilst at the same time allowing him to adjust to fighting with but one arm.

This in mind, Mugen without a mask, slowly made his way out of his apartment, rather than utilizing Body Flicker, this time the Uchiha would walk as he moved towards the Streets of Konoha; his objective was to locate this uzumaki child as Mugen walked, many konoha woman staring in awe to the sheer attractiveness of Mugen's actual face. Though his hair was a mess, he still stood as a 9/ 10 for these women who stood in awe and admiration. Paying them no mind though Mugen continued walking, his Sharingan observing each person for the young boy he had seen on the Television. A daunting task that Mugen would happily take; as he had time before his next mission this would be the best route to spend his time off. He would rather not be inadequate on the next mission.
Root Hideout---> Konoha Streets