Phase 2 - Location 6: Team 5 vs Team 6



Saito Shimo -Youth.jpg


With the barrage of attacks from the burning chains of the Uzumaki clan, the gale force of sub zero winds, and tendrils in play; victory was all but ensured, the individual clouded in Lava armor being reverted back to normal after being slammed into by the chains of Shinsuke, only for the tendril of Null to latch on and begin consuming chakra to ensure that he'd stay down; to the Tomogui who failed to react in a proper manner resulting in a leg being broken and an Arm being torn off causing Null's mouth to run with saliva, his tendril unlatching from the individual with Lava Release only to rapidly swoop and grab the severed limb as it is then pulled into the grasp of Null who before the Tomogui began consuming the flesh, taking in delight by adding salt to the wound as Null Spoke upon finishing the last bite upon the hunk of meat, his tongue slowly coursing across his face to rid it of blood,​
"What a tasty hunk of meat, you were fortunate I don't take your arms, and legs; leaving you as a piece of turd... To the Wind."
This being said, Null seemingly is reverted back into Saito who stood with pale skin, showing the use of the Transformation was quite taxing on the Genin's health. Looking upon the destruction though, Saito slowly let out a sigh as he turned towards Shinsuke speaking with a curious tone,​
"So what exactly Happened? Sorta drawing a blank here... Did we win?"