Phase 2 - Location 6: Team 5 vs Team 6


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The battlefield unfolds amidst a rugged and rocky terrain, where skinny, towering mountains, reaching heights of up to 50 feet, dominate the landscape. Meandering through this craggy expanse are slender streams of water, their crystal-clear flow winding between the dense formations of jagged rocks. This natural arena offers a unique blend of advantages and challenges for the combatants. The rocky terrain provides ample opportunities for concealment and strategic positioning, favoring those adept in the arts of Earth and Water Release, who can harness the elements to both shield themselves and launch potent attacks amidst this unforgiving landscape.

The rules of this phase are simple yet challenging: the moment a team member is immobilized or hit by a single jutsu, they are immediately disqualified from the exam. However, if a member of the opposing team manages to incapacitate one of their rivals, their own disqualified teammate can be reinstated, much like the rules of dodgeball. This phase aims to assess the genin candidates' adaptability, teamwork, and tactical acumen as they confront unfamiliar situations and opponents. It's a rigorous test designed to ensure they can effectively respond to unexpected challenges on their journey to becoming chunin.

Team 5: Shinsuke Uzumaki, Setsuka Yuki, Saito Shima
Team 6: Ketsu Uchiha, Taichi Yamazaki, Xuan Tomogui

Posting Order:
Setsuka Yuki --> Shinsuke Uzumaki --> Saito Shima --> Ketsu Uchiha --> Taichi Yamazaki --> Xuan Tomogui

Time Limit:
72 Hours (3 days) Posting Limit
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"In the unforgiving embrace of absolute zero, time itself freezes, and the world becomes an icy abyss. Those who dare cross my path shall witness the chilling certainty of their demise, for in the realm of frost, your fate is sealed—an eternity of icy torment, where your very soul shall shiver into oblivion."

Within the enigmatic realm of the Shinobi World, Setsuka found himself suddenly roused from the depths of slumber, awakening amidst a rocky landscape. The world around him was a jagged, unforgiving expanse of stone, and his senses quickly sharpened to the alien surroundings. The Genin quickly rose to his feet, his movements fluid and controlled, his demeanor as calm and focused as ever. Beside him were his two teammates, their presence a testament to the bonds of camaraderie that had been forged through the prior trial and tribulations. Setsuka's keen intellect quickly began to unravel the mysteries of their predicament. The rocky landscape and the presence of his teammates were familiar elements of the Chunin Exams—a series of trials designed to test the skills and mettle of aspiring shinobi. His thoughts churned with the realization that this phase of the exams must be a team battle, a crucible where strategy and coordination would reign supreme. This being quite a logical conclusion based on how the prior phase was a search & rescue mission.

As the revelation settled in, Setsuka's fingers twitched with an almost imperceptible motion. He initiated his Ice Release; Emperor Time Technique—a formidable jutsu that harnessed the frigid power of ice to manipulate the flow of time within a limited area. It was a testament to his mastery of this elemental art, a skill that set him apart from the ordinary. The air grew chill as Setsuka's chakra surged, and the very landscape around them began to freeze. Time itself seemed to bow to his command, the seconds slowing to a crawl. With his Executioner Blade suddenly in hand, he moved with calculated precision, racing through the frozen tableau. Boulders and rocks, once solid and immovable, now became his instruments of offense. Setsuka's blade sliced through the frozen air, sending shards of ice cascading through the battlefield. With each strike, he shattered the boulders into manageable fragments, his movements as fluid as a dance, as deadly as a sword's edge. With swift effort, the boy batted the fragmented boulders around the entire vicinity, attempting to locate the opposing team—a barrage of icy projectiles that would test their mettle and challenge their defenses.


The line between victory and defeat was razor-thin, and the Yuki had initiated a gambit that showcased not only his mastery of the Ice Release but also his tactical brilliance. The battlefield had become a frozen tableau of strategy and skill, and Setsuka was its orchestrator—a calm and focused intellect that saw the path to triumph even in the face of adversity. As the frozen time flowed around him, Setsuka moved with the precision of a well-oiled machine, his actions guided by the utmost desire for one thing....




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The sun's rays pierced through the sky, casting an orange-pink hue over the rocky terrain where Shinsuke, laid as the second phase of the Chunin Exams had officially begun. As he stirred, he felt the hot earth beneath him and squinted against the harsh light of the sun. Shinsuke's mind was groggy, but as he struggled to sit up, memories of the previous phase came flooding back. The Flooded City and the chaos of the first phase of the Chunin Exams felt like a distant, intense dream. Beside him, his teammate from the first phase, Setsuka Yuki was already awake from his slumber. He figured the other one had to be around them somewhere as well but at the moment he just wanted to gain his composure. He gazed at the vast expanse of rocky land around them, noting the towering sandstone formations that loomed like ancient sentinels. The wind itself almost seemed to whisper tales of adventure and danger which only added a more mysterious aspect to the their situation. With a sense of urgency, Shinsuke gathered his belongings that lay beside him, confirming that his dual swords and his spear were intact and along with his other shinobi tools. He quietly assessed the surrounding area, and carefully thought out plans using the towers should they need to fend for themselves in case this was some sort of survival game.

However, his plans soon came to an immediately failure as he realized that the one who controls ice began recklessly running off and destroying the rock formations that could have used to set up traps.
Shinsuke: Setsuka hold on what the hell are you doing?!

Not only was his actions a waste of resources, but he they had no idea what kind of creatures of enemies will have been lurking around as he ran off alone. At this rate, Setsuka was going to go get himself killed and they'd be down a teammate before they can even properly act. Shinsuke's annoyance was palpable as he watched the once-solid boulders crumble into the surface of the earth.

Shinsuke: Setsuka, we might have needed those for defense, or we could have used them as a distraction!

The tension was already high at the start of the exams, Shinsuke could sense that his frustration was just going to continued to grow as things went on and he couldn't help but feel exasperated with each wasted opportunity. But despite the issues Shinsuke had come too far to let a reckless individual ruin his chances at passing the exams. The Chunin Exams were a test not only of their individual skills but also of their ability to adapt, communicate, and collaborate under extreme conditions and it seemed at the moment the only one who didn't think about that was Setsuka.
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Two days had passed since passing the first part of the chunin exams, Saito Shimo who had spent those two days roaming the alleys of the Earth District, a sudden disappearance of its homeless would come to fruit as now during the second part Saito stood under the rays of the brilliant sun. Observing his teamates actions and how the ice user had skrewed over Shinsuke's trap or defense formation, the voice inside of Saito spoke to him,​
"Can I eat this one too?! He clearly lacks a Brain!"
Though Saito Remained quiet and not responding to his teamates, he stood ready for what was to come; Understanding the rules of this part it was basically a game of dodgeball, meaning if he wanted to win he'd need to play much more violently than the last test. Something he had no issue to do. His body suddenly spreading out black like tendrils the young genin stood his face showing this colder expression as these tendrils swiftly enveloped Setsuka, concealing him and his Ice Release inside a Dome of strange tendrils as Saito himself still seemed to produce more and more of these strange anomalies. Stepping forward, young Saito spoke to Shinsuke,​
"Seems we will have to carry the team. I won't be playing scout and sensory this time... No, time for the world to know my Clans Power!
This being said his body swiftly began being covered by the tendrils his height growing an extra 10 inches as he seemingly transformed into a hulking monster with razor like teeth.​
The Strange form shouted flexing its body as its cloudy pearl white slit for eyes flickered with excitement!




Taichi's eyes snapped open, his senses heightened as he awoke to partake in the second phase of the Exam. The anticipation had been coursing through his veins, a tense undercurrent fueling his every thought. He had consciously conserved his energy, knowing that this moment would demand all he had to offer. He cast a glance towards his teammate, hoping that they, too, were prepared for the trial that lay ahead. With a sense of readiness, he surveyed the landscape around him and found solace in the knowledge that the battleground was no stranger to him. There was a distinct advantage in fighting on familiar terrain.

With his determination surging, Taichi moved with a fluidity that only a seasoned shinobi could exhibit. He initiated a sequence of hand seals, his chakra flowing like a steady river, calm yet powerful.

Then, an abrupt surge in his chakra, like a volcano awakening, flooded the area. The very air seemed to ignite, a sudden and palpable heat radiating from his body. The moisture on his brow, remnants of a nearby stream, vaporized in an instant. Beads of sweat transformed into glistening droplets of molten lava, tracing a treacherous path down his knuckles, over his wrists, and across his arms and chest. It was a molten cascade of Lava Release Chakra Mode, a fiery armor that enshrouded him entirely, casting a beastly silhouette against the backdrop of battle.

Seizing upon the split-second distraction of his foes, Taichi initiated his assault. His movements seemed almost maniacal, as he flung molten torrents of lava with an apparent recklessness. Yet, there was a purpose behind every wild gesture. Massive globs of incendiary lava landed around and drew perilously close to Saito and Shinsuke. It appeared as though the molten onslaught inexplicably spared Xuan. Each molten projectile, comparable in size to a boulder, carried a searing intensity far exceeding that of ordinary fire chakra. The temperature of Taichi's Lava Release far exceeded the typical 800-1200 degrees of fire chakra, reaching the searing extremes of 2500-3000 degrees. Anything unfortunate enough to intersect with the molten deluge faced the grim fate of disintegration and disfigurement, their defenses crumbling before the seething fury of the scorching lava. There was no escape from its blistering touch, and even the verdant foliage and stoic stone found themselves devoured by the all-consuming flames.

Unbeknownst to their adversaries, Taichi's erratic and seemingly frenzied assault concealed a calculated plan of action. Amidst the tempest of his assaults, he discreetly coordinated his movements with his teammate, locking eyes momentarily. The subtle flicker of his eye was meant to convey the beginning of a choreographed assault, a synchronized dance of destruction that left their opponents with little time to react.

As the battlefield deteriorated into chaos, Taichi remained focused, his father, the esteemed Tsuchikage of the Stone District, and his assembled friends and family watching with bated breath. The weight of his district's expectations hung heavily upon him, and he was determined not to falter on his own turf. Every molten cascade was a testament to his resolve, an unspoken vow to protect and prove himself in the face of both duty and destiny.



Xuan laid there for some time, listening to the commotion around him, from the buzzing of cicadas in the area buzzing that insufferable noise they make, to the small critters crawling across the earth and into small cracks within the stone. His ears would pick up movement in the surrounding area he's in, finally, company has arrived but felt an intense chakra near him, it felt hot as hell with him just standing there while the other individual's chakra is more murky and ominous. After assessing who is awake and who isn't, Xuan opens his eyes and kicks up off the ground onto his feet in a crouch position then stands straight up, feeling his muscles tense then relax all over before unleashing a surge of chakra that shrouds his body, the pressure increasing tenfold by the second, making the ground crack and shake beneath his power, the power of the Tomogui, the blood of the wendigo running in his veins, the blood he proudly accepts and acknowledge will be seen in what he will do to his opponents. After a while he finally calms down his surging chakra and look up at the sun.

"Now, let's have some fun"

Xuan takes off towards one of the Rocky pillars near Taichi then rolls his head around, getting a satisfying pop in his neck bone then rolls his shoulders getting more pops and cracks until it he was satisfied. After Xuan finished loosening his limbs, he looks over and see Taichi take off cloaked in a fiery armor which made Xuan even more amazed and interested in the boy who is now on the offense decided to follow from a distance, letting him launch a barrage of lava everywhere around them and notice the locking of eyes with him and flicking his eyes which immediately gave Xuan the indication to follow up with his own attack.

"Hmm okay I’ll follow"

Performs a sequence of hand seals before clasping his hands together as invisible blades of wind gather around his hands and arms before he proceeds to swing his limbs more wild, sending blades to slice through the frozen rocks thrown around and leaving hash cuts all over the opposing teams body, the rate he’s swinging his arms was almost a blur but made sure not to push his body to much since he isn’t running off a infinite supply of chakra, he’ll have to use his chakra wisely. Once he finish launching his first attack, Xuan murmurs under his breath while performing another sequence of hand seals which then caused his skin to darken and his left eye to glow dimly before disappearing in the dust cloud created by all the distraction going on.

"Time to play some mind games"​



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Shinsuke's annoyance for Saito was unbearable, in fact he was wanting to off the other genin himself for being too reckless and risking too much, though it seemed that the Uzumaki wasn't the only one with that thought in his head as only seconds afterwards; A cascade of black tendrils shot from Saito to envelop the ice user in a dome of some strange black substance. He had no idea what was going on with the technique even after seeing it in the previous test, though this time he was actually using it for combative purposes. As Saito walked passed him and spoke with a seriousness in his voice, Shinsuke's eyes squinted as if he was annoyed but then a smile came over his face in agreement with what was just said to him. However, before he got to respond; Saito's body began morphing into a bigger, bulkier and more terrifying form which could have made anyone outside of the Uzumaki demon himself to experience what fear and power were in it's true form. This however did cause his eyes to widen in shock as this was something unexpected and something he's never seen before, but his surprise and praise for the bein went away the moment it spoke as it left Shinsuke making a confused expression.
Shinsuke in his mind: You gotta be KIDDING... He out of his mind...​


Though with the sense of another's chakra approaching at quite the fast pace, Shinsuke quickly formed but 2 hand signs [Boar -> Ram] before any technique could get near him and Saito and he immediately snapped from his non-serious demeanor and got into action properly, as such, a group of Adamantine Chains shot from his back. Though unlock the usual chains shown by others of his clan, these chain links were separating from each other as if they were breaking; Though this allowed the young genin to manipulate these very chain links to move around both Shinsuke and Saito like a barrier at high speeds.
Shinsuke: Adamantine Hailing Inferno. - Chained Barricade​

With the spinning of the technique, they were surely safe from any incoming attacks, and with these chains possessing the same properties as Shinsuke, once they were hit by the Lava Release techniques; Instead of the chains disintegrating, they will absorb all of the heat from the Lava in almost an instant, turning them into "iced" Lava rocks after the freezing on top of connection with the spinning chains caused them to shatter. With this in play, the attacl being thrown by the others will have melted the moment they were within a few inches of these heated chains. While inside the barrier, Shinsuke reached across his chest and grabbed a hold of one of his swords and pulled it from the sheath on his back with his right hand.
Shinsuke: Get ready, it's our turn to attack. I plan on ending this in one shot, but if I happen to miss, you combo in with me. Let's show them who's the better duo.... Adamantine Hailing Inferno - Chain Barrage!​

With those words spoken, another portion of his jutsu activated and smoothly transition from the barricade dome to a full on onslaught of over a thousand chain links burning with the intensity of the absorbed technique all while remaining solid and dense as they are use to hotter levels thanks to Shinsuke's seal. These links attacked with unpredictable movements, going at his adversaries from all directions including raining down from the sky like a meteor shower at speeds reaching nearly 150mph. Connecting with the earth itself will leave burning hole in the concrete ground and being hit by one will be like getting hit but a flaming jackhammer.

fire rain.gif

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Saito Shimo -Youth.jpg


Though the hulking monster stood listening and observing Shinsukes actions to counter the incoming Magma, it too seemed intrigued by the ability of this Uzumaki ally to absorb the heat from the magma, turning it to frozen stone. But it wasn't before long that Saito or rather his Hulking form created by his sentient KKG watched the Chains of the Uzumaki sprout and acted with an almost graceful movement crashing across the battlefield that the Creature that went by Null Grinned, its razor like teeth now showing from ear to ear as the concealed dome that held Setsuka opened a small hole allowing a flow of the Ice Release Air to blast out towards the opposing teams direction, using the trajectory of the prior magma it wasn't hard to locate the enemy as the Below freezing gust of air shot out as a stream of violent gale force, freezing everything it came into contact with made of organic matter whilst at the same time having it perfectly avoid Shinsuke who stood beside the hulking Null.

His follow up or rather utilization of Setsuka's ability was more of Nulls Reaction to cause the opponent team to slip up as Tendrils from Nulls large legs pierced the soil, carving its way through the earth as they silently moved in the direction of the enemy team; its objective to layout a webbed trap as Null extended out both his arms shouting with such excitement,
"Oh hell yes! This is going to be Delightful!"
With his arms extended out, Tendrils of black viscious substance fired out, avoiding the chains as they were aimed at the glowing beacon of magma, thanks to his natural resistance to elemental forces excluding wind release, this would prove favorable if connected as while Null would feel the burning sensation, this would also result in chakra being drains from the target. An outcome that followed with the raining hell fire of chains would prove tedious but not impossible to avoid!



Xuan stood on a partially ruined rock pillar concealing himself in a cloud of dust and smoke created by the lava that is scattered near the enemy, watching from afar as the opposing team launched their defense that blocked the jutsus he and his teammates threw at them, those chains looked mesmerizing but deadly from first look, and how they blocked and withstood the blows, impressive indeed.​
Impressive, very impressive​
He comments to himself then looks over to his left, observing his teammate over yonder who appears to be preparing for another attack but looked back over to the dome of chains only to see it transition into a volley of flaming chains, thousands of them raining down on the area they all are in, wrecking havoc on the landscape before him.​
Huh, they must be pretty good with those chains, I'll have to take out whoever is controlling them.​
Jumps down from where the pillar once stood before it was destroyed by the chains, using the flexibility and elasticity in his arms to swing from pillar to pillar, dodging and evading the chains but couldn't escape from them all as two chains came down at high speed, cuts his arm plus with the heat added to the chain made the pain way worse just from a simple cut to his forearm. Xuan had to hide under a larger pillar just to avoid getting hit by them but also harden his skin just in case the pillar doesn't withstand the onslaught of chains raining down but sensed Taichi nearby but couldn't get to him so patience will be key, will have to rely on his companions to counter act this attack. While he stood there waiting for the barrage to end, Xuan couldn’t help but wonder how his twin brother is handling his trials.​



Shinsuke Divider.png

In a stunning climax to the battle, Shinsuke had already seized the moment. With his previous attack combined with the efforts of Saito Shimo marking their victory, it had become clear which duo was the superior one. His absorption of the heat was proved to be successful which only made his actual attack much deadlier. As such, as the barrages hailed down on both Xuan and Taichi, the lava user will have been hit by the chain links which will have resulted in his ultimate elimination from the battle while being knocked unconscious from the connection of said attacks on impact while the rest were diverted towards the surrounding area to stop any further damage from happening to the genin. However, the same could not be said for Xuan, as his decision to remain stationary to observe the links raining down around him instead of moving out of the way meant he failed to notice the other several hundred links raining down on him from above. As such, the 2 toned male will have been trapped in a cage of raining fire links while being hit by the he was directly in line of.

By the time the male tried to move, it will have resulted in the poor boy losing his balance as the pillar he had been standing on was already being shattered which will have put him in a very peculiar position to have his leg broken by the first set of links, this triggered Shinsuke to change the trajectory of the links to return back to him, but with the extension of Xuans arm in an attempt to escape, this will have also resulted in his arm being removed by the links as they returned to the red head boy who was still remaining in his spot from the very beginning. With that, he'd place his sword back inside of its sheath. His skill was enough to take on two opponents by himself, though the help of Saito's combination technique only solidified their ultimate victory.
Shinsuke: Well that was disappointing, I didn't even get to use my swords. And that dumbass lost an arm since he decided to wait til the last minute to try moving... great.​
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