Phase 2 - Location 5: Team 3 vs Team 4


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As the sunlight filtered through the dense forest canopy, it cast an intense reflection of Gyoken's Sharingan onto the battlefield, amplifying the ocular prowess that held his opponents captive. Neither Okami nor Mellow dared to avert their gaze or disrupt their chakra flow as the Sharingan's hypnotic hold ensnared them. Gyoken's presence stretched across the battleground like a sentinel poised to ensnare those who dared to defy him, leading them into a cerebral labyrinth far removed from the sylvan beauty that enveloped the forest. (From last paragraph)

The hapless duo, their vision locked onto the Sharingan's fiery whirl, could feel its inexorable pull as they lost consciousness, their forms crumpling to the forest floor. Okami's voice, a last beacon of command, called out to his teammates, "Kyo, Otaru, Bring the Rain!" But it would be a futile order, for Okami's own body lay prone, unable to generate the chakra required to launch his hair and fur needles.

A similar fate awaited Kyo Kegan, his sensory abilities now mere fantasy as his senses became mired in the Sharingan's illusion. The hair senbon remained an unfulfilled potential, leaving his allies' movements shrouded in a veil of mystery.

The ill-fated kunai, bearing explosive tags, found their mark on nearby trees, creating detonations that sent wooden shrapnel hurtling through the air. Massive branches and trunks crashed down toward Otaru and his unconscious comrades. The explosion unleashed a haze of smoke and an odorless, enigmatic mist, enshrouding Otaru like a spectral ring. While Gyoken and his allies remained immune to the noxious contents of the fog, Otaru was not as fortunate.

Emerging from the remnants of the smoke, Gyoken had rapidly closed the distance between himself and Otaru, now standing a mere ten feet away. In a swift, coordinated motion, he launched ten kunai and shuriken, each with wire strings attached, enabling mid-air course corrections should Otaru attempt to evade. These deadly projectiles closed the remaining space in the blink of an eye, hurtling toward their quarry with relentless intent.




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Though the Barrage of Needled Hair created from Chakra was unleashed towards Yatoru's team, the genin leaped before his team, his left hand extended forth as his chakra molded to the basis of his palm causing it to disperse the chakra from the needle like hairs returning them to a normal strand like state, only to flutter to the soil as the chakra that hardened them was completely canceled by the Kengan's Technique. By doing this, Yatoru allowed a shield for his team for that briefest of moments before at last leaping into action. With his twin brother stricken by the effects of the Sharingan, Yatoru blitz with full speed, like a blur his body became displaced creating afterimages, concealed by the rapid smoke produced by the explosion forcing the air to smell like that of burning sulfur or gun powder, the ringing echo from each explosion which would block out the natural sensory of hearing for those with superb hearing. Moving through the battle field effortlessly, his speed showed the pique of a speedster martial artist, as he'd close the distance before leaping towards the treelines as his body spun rapidly before alas throwing his left leg out using the built up momentum to unleash an azure colored shockwave the shape of a dragon towards Kyo's body, a secondary dragon being unleashing in this spin before Yatoru landed upon the tree branch towards the Kitsune boy. Each dragon which moved with such fierce speed traveled around 70-90 MPH, thanks to Yatoru's natural speed superseding the two he targeted, these dragons like a swift flash soared and closed the distance. Giving both little time to react due to the speed and momentum building up the attack would ultimately come crashing down with enough force to embed both fighters into the soil if successful.

Though if they managed to dodge this purely kinetic attack the shockwave of impact would only worsen ones hearing as it would ring like the thunderous applaud of lightning striking metal. This tactic was a diversion allowing his teamates to do what was needed to secure at least one knockout. This was done ultimately to throw off the enemy team's rhythm as Yatoru stood as unmatched speed in the Genin Class. Making contact with him quite a difficult situation as the Kengan stood remaining focused and on guard for any other sneak attacks.


The real Nashiro who summoned a weaker linear wave of water that came at Kyo was dispelled upon seeing an Azure dragon flying right at the boy she was targeting and had no choice but to subdue Kyo and Okami, which in turn guaranteed victory if their coordinated attack pays off. The clone hiding up in the trees saw this as well and jumped down to hug kyo from behind, if he were to break out of the genjutsu somehow and attempt to strike at the clone, it would turn into a jelly-like substance that'll pour forth over his body and binding him there. The other clone propelled itself off Nashiro's back into the air and right over the Kitsune, landing on all fours like a wild cat before lunging forth to grapple him to ensure they don't escape but if he also broke out, Nashiro made sure to give him a special surprise that'll even shock those who are watching this battle back home.

Nashiro murmured under her breath and generated a rapidly swirling stream of water around her left arm, ready to put the redhead to sleep with this one strike ran at him but disappeared from sight before appearing to Otaru's right, letting out a battle cry as she swung her left arm encased in the swirling stream right at the boy, if her strike connects to the boy's face will unleashing a strong surge of water that will propel the boy across the field, showing the people what a true kunoichi of the Ashida Clan really is.​


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Unknown to Okami Kitsune’s still-closed eyes, the second exam had been brought to a swift and brutal end by a single technique just as quickly as it had begun. Gyoken had cast a Genjutsu over the area that required the target’s eyes to remain open. As a result, contrary to what Gyoken had expected to happen, Okami had not been caught in his Genjutsu and had thus successfully fired off his Hair Needle Senbon Technique due to the simple fact that Okami still had not opened his eyes from when he was in meditation. As such, just as planned, Okami’s veritable wall of hair needle senbon had been fired from all nine of his tails at once with each needle striking faster than Yatoru could twitch his muscles - thus demonstrating that speed alone truly would not save whatever target he launched them at, shattering Gyoken’s kunai and detonating the attached exploding tags from the outside interference. Due to the dangerously close distance of 35 feet between Gyoken and the point where Okami fired off his senbon, there would be no time for Gyoken to weave hand seals or mold chakra for any jutsu he may have that would allow him to escape getting hit by the combined concussive force of three powerful exploding tags - as well as shrapnel damage from the six kunai themselves, which wasn’t even mentioning the senbon that each had no more than 9 centimeters between them… And that was the greatest amount of distance between any two senbon. Not even Gyoken’s Sharingan could save him at that close distance, and not against so many senbon at once. After all, being able to see and process things at such speeds was one thing, but the rest of his body being physically capable of keeping up with it - Jinchurikki or not - was an entirely different matter. This was especially true for Genin… No matter how talented they were. This also had the effect of stopping whatever follow-up moves Gyoken had been about to make dead in the water. (Note that Okami knows nothing about the Sharingan or the fact Gyoken’s a Jinchurikki IC, nor is this to be taken as him having that knowledge. Furthermore, it had to be stated in-character that Okami had opened his eyes, which didn’t happen, thus saving him from the genjutsu.)

As for Yatoru, he had made the mistake of putting himself between the two teams and the senbon, running headlong into the non-elemental technique in a vain attempt to stop it. The attempt to stop Okami’s jutsu in its tracks was a bloody failure due to the fact that the Kengan Clan’s Dispersal Palm Technique strictly works solely on elemental jutsu and only ranged ones at that, and the technique Okami had used - while a ranged technique - was not of the elemental variety… Not to mention, the sheer speed of Okami’s technique meant that Yatoru simply didn’t even have the time to use the Dispersal Palm in the first place. Considering the close proximity between Yatoru and Gyoken at that moment since Gyoken - like Yatoru - had foolishly rushed headlong into the technique fired by Okami immediately after throwing his kunai, the two would be sharing the resulting pain from the kunai shrapnel, exploding tags, and hair needle senbon. Even Yatoru’s speed, great as it was, would not save him at approximately 17.5 feet away from the point Okami had fired his jutsu from, with Gyoken being another 17.5 feet behind Yatoru before the Uchiha had also seen fit to move forward. It could not be stressed enough that Okami had fired a veritable wall of hair needle senbon, making it his fastest jutsu that had the greatest range and area in his arsenal… And with good reason. Speed alone was useless against it, and Yatoru Kengan was due to find out the hard way - as noted earlier, these needles were striking faster than Yatoru could twitch his muscles. Okami had, after all, launched his senbon at the ENTIRE area in front of him - left, right, up, down, center, and everywhere in-between including diagonal angles. Essentially every possible direction in front of him, and shot even more everywhere in-between for good measure on top of that. The outcome was that Yatoru was unable to proceed with his intended assault on Okami and his teammates. (Note that Okami does not know about the Dispersal Palm, but the profile of that technique makes it quite clear that it only works on ranged jutsu of the elemental variety.)

Unfortunately for Nashiro, she and her clone were not safe from the chaos caused by the onslaught of Okami’s jutsu either, therefore preventing any offense she would have mounted if Okami had been caught in Gyoken’s Genjutsu. Her clone, due to the combined maneuvers of Okami and Kyo, was left wide open to be the first to fall due to having placed itself directly behind Kyo’s former location - revealing itself to have been made from a sticky, syrup-like substance made from the caster’s chakra upon being forcibly dismissed by being turned into a pincushion itself. Nashiro herself had made the mistake of performing her techniques out in the open, having not bothered to at least take cover behind one of the older, larger, and far more durable trees beforehand. One of her techniques left her even more vulnerable due to having to remain in one spot to cause the tremors in the ground. As a result, even if she had the foresight to cancel her technique, she simply would not have the time to block or counter with another technique, nor would she be fast enough to take cover behind a tree - the closest one to her position being 10 feet in the direction she’d just jumped from. That tree also happened to be the same one her own team had been positioned at. Nashiro’s final error of the match was that she had also made the mistake of separating herself from her team’s formation. However, this action did save her from taking further injury - namely, injury from Gyoken’s exploding tags and the shrapnel damage from the kunai shards - effectively making her condition better off than that of her teammates by a longshot. She would make a full recovery from her injuries with time and - hopefully - she would learn from her mistakes, take the lesson to heart, and make sure to never repeat them in the future. The worst the senbon did to her was neutralize her arms and legs at the wrists, elbows, and knees, immobilizing her without causing any harm that could not be recovered from with proper medical treatment, muscle training, and therapy if it proved necessary. If she was especially lucky, next time she would have a team that actually took the time to strategize and not be so impatient that they would foolishly rush directly into an opponent’s technique.

It would become painfully and violently clear to Team 3 that their entire strategy (if it could even be called that) had, quite frankly, been entirely dependent on Okami being caught in Gyoken’s Genjutsu, which - unfortunately for them - simply did not happen. As a result, Gyoken’s kunai were shattered, and the exploding tags detonated right in his face after being sent back from the force behind the hair needle senbon. The combined heat from the spontaneous combustion and the concussive force of the three exploding tags heated up the shrapnel from the shattered kunai and drastically accelerated their speed while also scattering the shards in many different directions, punching right through Gyoken’s shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and shins at the joints, tearing through the various tendons and muscles that connected those bones and ligaments to each other, effectively rendering his arms and legs utterly useless - those joints had effectively been neutralized to the point even legendary medics would struggle four hours if not days to heal the damage inflicted. The heat from the shrapnel that was now embedded in his flesh would sear the wounds shut, preventing Gyoken from bleeding out. To make matters worse, Gyoken’s body was littered with hair senbon needles especially in specific points that would cause the most pain possible without killing him, two of them shooting through the explosion made by Gyoken’s tags to neutralize his eyes, destroying his Sharingan without killing him since those specific senbon had been decelerated by the explosion… But only enough to not penetrate the brain itself. The eyes and optic nerves, on the other hand, were unsalvageable - Gyoken would never see again due to damage to the optic nerves being irreversible. They simply do not have the capacity to regenerate or heal themselves when damage occurs. Furthermore, Gyoken’s face and upper body - due to being in immediate proximity of the tags when they went off - would be horribly disfigured by severe (yet not life-threatening) burn wounds for the rest of his days. Even his hair was gone. In summary, Gyoken’s days as a ninja had effectively been brought to a permanent end.

Yatoru, if it could be believed, was even worse off. Two pieces of shrapnel had been sent directly towards his spine, and punctured his lower and upper spine with enough force to sever the cord in both areas at equal thirds of the way down, striking at the proper angle for it to be possible since he was not directly in front of Gyoken, having been positioned five feet to Gyoken’s left and 17.5 feet in front of his team - the former being due to the distance Nashiro had put between herself and her own team. A shard of shrapnel had also punctured his right kidney and narrowly avoided his liver, while even more rendered the bones and joints in his outstretched right arm and his right leg unsalvageable. The size and force of the explosion from Gyoken’s tags did, however, make sure he suffered just as much damage to his backside as Gyoken did to his front. Okami’s senbon finished the job by inflicting the same amount of damage to him that they’d done to Gyoken - Yatoru would likewise never be a ninja again. The damage done to the spine, his backside, his right arm, and his right leg was just too great. The fact his upper and lower spine had been severed, in particular, was by far his worst injury. He would be unable to move on his own anymore, and was lucky he could still breathe and talk unassisted. However, the concussive force behind the explosion would also send Yatoru and Gyoken flying back, knocking them out if their wounds didn’t do that for them… Unknown to Okami, the damage done to Yatoru would soon be the least of the eldest Kengan sibling’s worries.

In summary: Gyoken Uchiha had permanently lost his eyes and all use of his arms and legs due to a combination of hair needle senbon and shrapnel from his own kunai, with second and third-degree burns all over the front of his upper body and numerous hair needle senbon having bitten deep into his body, somehow all avoiding vital areas while still causing the maximum amount of pain without killing him. Gyoken would never be able to see or use his Sharingan again due to the senbon in his eyes also inflicting damage to the optical nerves, which lack the ability to regenerate or heal themselves. Yatoru Kengan had permanently lost the use of his body below the neck via two pieces of kunai shrapnel severing his upper and lower spinal cord at equal thirds of the way down his back, and is also short of a kidney on top of second and third degree burns all over the back of his entire upper body, with similar shrapnel damage being inflicted to his right arm and right leg as well for good measure. This was complete with similar wounds from Okami’s hair needle senbon technique to match Gyoken Uchiha and Nashiro. Nashiro herself, being by far the luckiest of the trio - if only just barely - only received temporary immobilization of the arms and legs via hair needle senbon to the knees and elbows, on top of the same amount of needles all over her body in areas that would inflict the most amount of pain without killing her. She had not suffered any form of shrapnel wounds or burn damage from Gyoken’s failed attempt to use kunai with exploding tags.

It was only after this was all done - and it was entirely flawless, due to all of the prior mentioned factors - that Okami would finally open his eyes, his expression turning to one of horror and shock as his amber gaze took in the carnage he’d just caused. Even though he’d wanted to end the fight quickly, he had NOT meant to inflict such wounds that - in all likelihood - had permanently ended these young men’s careers as ninja. Numbly forcing his legs to move, he would mold more chakra into his hands as he unsteadily walked towards the unconscious Yatoru Kengan and Gyoken Uchiha after jumping down onto the ground beneath him. The smell of blood and burning flesh would snap him out of his shock at what he’d just done, bringing him back to reality which would allow him to rush to their sides, swiftly forming the lesser - but thankfully still potent - Flames of Rejuvenation on his hands. These flames were made by manually mixing the Fire and Yang nature releases, and he allowed them to spread over both of the young men. Even while keeping an eye on his own available chakra since his flames were being remotely fueled by his own chakra in this case, his primary focus was on stabilizing them enough that they would not be in any immediate danger, and making sure that if nothing else they would not die from their burn wounds. He also had to very carefully remove the two senbon from Gyoken’s eyes while he was at it, thankful that even the Flames of Rejuvenation could burn on their own since it allowed him to focus on removing the senbon and shrapnel from their bodies. Okami was far from being a medic, but he knew enough emergency first-aid to patch the boys up as best he could. Unfortunately, even with his careful ministrations, there was no repairing the internal damage done to them. Yatoru was permanently immobilized and was down a kidney, and Gyoken was forever blinded and would be unable to move his arms and legs on his own. He only needed to take a cursory glance to know that out of the three of them, Nashiro was by far the most hopeful case and would only need medical attention and some muscle therapy if she wanted to have full range of movement again. However, the first thing Okami did was place specialized seal tags on Yatoru and Gyoken that made them unable to use chakra in any sense by suppressing their chakras to the point of being on the level of an untrained civilian child. This was done in case they woke up and/or proved uncooperative. After everyone was sufficiently stabilized and patched up, Okami would finally dismiss the Flames of Rejuvenation and shift back into a one-tailed state while releasing a long, drawn-out and tired breath before he spoke, also taking a look around him to see that the senbon he’d fired had made much of the ground and the trees within that area quite unsafe to walk on.​

“Such devastation… This was NOT my intention. Otaru, snap Kyo out of that Genjutsu will you? He hasn’t moved from his spot since Gyoken got to us, and I think he’d like to know the exact condition his brother’s in.”

Okami’s tone of voice and body language would show that he had truly not intended for this massacre to be the end result of just a single use of his technique. However, in hindsight, he realized that the unsalvageable conditions of Gyoken and Yatoru were no fault of his own. His already naturally much more acute senses of sight, sound, and touch had sharpened themselves further to compensate for his temporary lack of eyesight… And Okami had no such recollection of the opposing team ever forming a strategy. Instead, they had simply rushed in and/or opted to wing it - the absolute last thing you did as a fresh Genin team that had less than a week (if even that) of prior interaction with the involved teammates, especially during the Chuunin Exams. Team 3 simply didn’t have the necessary experience as a team for that level of cohesion, and had paid a very hefty price for their lack of foresight. Okami’s team, while similarly inexperienced when it came to prior interaction as a team and actually being one, had at least shown the foresight to strategize using the time they knew they had and had expressed willingness to properly introduce themselves to each other at a later date. When addressing Otaru, Okami sounded even more tired since he had no idea how Kyo would take the news of his brothers’ condition. And being as intelligent as he was, Okami could tell from a glance even from his current spot that whatever Genjutsu Gyoken used, Kyo had gotten caught in it or else he’d have made a move by now. He also didn’t know for sure whether Kyo and Yatoru were brothers, so he was merely guessing.
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While Kyo had initially been caught in the genjutsu of Gyoken, he was able to tell that he had been caught due to the sunlight filtering through the dense forest canopy, a reflection of Gyoken's Sharingan had manifested onto the battlefield. Added with his very presence stretching across the battleground like a sentinel, identifying the attack only made things easier for him. And as such, the young shinobi released himself from the technique by disrupting his own chakra flow before returning back to his natural state. This was done just as Yatoru was preparing to utilize Kyo’s Dispersal Palm.

However, upon this release, he realized what his brother was attempting to use on a non-elemental justu, and with a single glance of the situation; Kyo’s body moved towards his brother as if he was acting on instinct as 4 mysterious objects shot from his lower back. 2 large unusual Rinkaku that seemed to appear as black and red centipedes wrapped around Yatoru to shield him from the explosions and Kunai, though in the midst of doing so one of the tentacles slammed against the clone of Gyoken with such force that caused it to disperse. Though, the way these centipede like kagune wrapped around his brother was in a way that blocked Yatoru from being impaled and killed by the senbons shot from his teammate, which in turn also meant Yatoru couldn't attack Kyo as the Kagune also blocked Kyo from being hit. The other 2 appeared right below the centipedes like objects but appeared as glowing veiny tails that matches the coloration of the larger ones, these smaller but much faster Rinkaku that appeared from Kyo were rapidly breaking off parts of the tree and throwing them directly behind him to shield himself from being hit by the senbons as well. While the senbons were strong, they'd fall down after impact with the portions of the tree, and Kyo continued throwing out parts of the trees to protect himself until Okami stopped shooting his attacks.


Meanwhile, he didn't worry about shielding the others, his only goal was to protect his brother from an attack that would kill him. Even though he was protecting himself, some of the senbons did ricochet off the tree and cut up Kyo's clothes without actually hitting him. This revealed his back marked with the face of a demon, this was a technique taught to Kyo by his father which doubled his physical capabilities which was also true for the structures that came from his body which were his Kekkei Genkai Kagune's. This was activated unknowingly to the others the moment he had freed himself from the genjutsu and noticed what his brother was doing which is how he got to him so quickly and avoided being damaged before anyone knew what was going on. At the same time, he will have avoided the clone of Nashiro which left its fate up to the senbons from his partner.

Though, his actions will not have saved the other 2 who were on his brother's team as he had no idea where the Uchiha kid went, but surely Nashiro will have had no chance in escaping the slaughter as Kyo was only able to avoid damage by activating a separate technique on top of his KKG which allowed him to move faster than what the senbons were currently moving. This being said, the instant Nashiro had been eliminated by the senbons; the centipede like Kagune that were a product of his 5% Kakuja which was gained from devouring Bofu's Ukaku wing, enclosed on his brother in an instant with the force of a brick being throw 4 feet as he knew his brother's bodily limits and ultimately knocking him out but keeping him safe until Okami stopped his attack. This also meant, Gyoken couldn't save Yatoru as he'd risk being impaled and eliminated as well on top of being slapped by Kagune of Kyo.
Kyo: Okami stop shooting the senbons!​
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As a sensory shinobi, the red-headed lad was determined to survey and distinguish the circumstances within the current scenario. It was imperative for him to remain on the battlefield to assess the ongoing situation and maintain communication with his team. Utilizing his sensory prowess, Otaru of the Uzumaki clan tracked the flow of events.

The opponent, who had earlier multiplied his chakra to create a doppelganger, had also used a considerable amount of chakra. The red-headed boy, out of sight and range, couldn't perceive the glow of chakra due to his previous actions. By positioning himself out of the light's range within the dense foliage, Otaru remained protected and immune to Gyoken’s genjutsu. Although he was hidden, he could sense the chakras being utilized. Otaru was aware that most clone techniques divided the user’s chakra, particularly the shadow clone technique, which evenly distributes one's energy.

Unlike most genin, Otaru possessed much more chakra than average. Splitting one’s chakra could prove detrimental, especially in a prolonged battle where chakra conservation is crucial. Unbeknownst to Otaru, the opponent was managing a two-Tomoe Sharingan in a chakra-depleted state due to using a shadow clone. Casting a wide-ranging genjutsu to capture Otaru and his team further exhausted the clone or the original Gyoken. Otaru surmised that the opponent, with half of his chakra reserves or less remaining, would likely aim to end the battle quickly.

Otaru attentively observed the situation, allowing for more insights. His teammate Okami acted swiftly and decisively, launching an outstandingly ranged and lethal attack. The considerable flow of chakra and the speed at which the chakra-infused senbons moved was remarkable. The onslaught made it impossible for the opponents to remain unscathed, initiating a devastating assault.

Buried within the foliage, Otaru remained ready and defensively poised with his weapon. Though observing the battlefield through the Mind’s Eye of Kagura, he was shocked at the aftermath. The chakra signatures of two opponents quickly dwindled due to succumbing to Okami's assault. The chakra-infused hair senbons caused immense pain, with destructive force enough to tear through boulders, making survival highly unlikely for the opponents.

Otaru noticed Okami’s decision to annihilate the adversaries, disregarding the rules of the Chunin exam. He also observed the disappearance of the clone. With the survival rate low, despite a chakra signature within the vicinity, Otaru chose not to risk his position to potentially aid others.

Promptly, Otaru loudly identified the real Gyoken positioned sixty feet to their right. Confirming the chakra and relaying the information, Otaru executed a half tiger seal, conjuring forth two shadow clones. One advanced behind Okami and Kyo, while the other stood guard beside Otaru, as the original focused on sensory perception.​