Location 3: Teams 5 and 6


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Chunin Exams - What's going on!?

Amidst the flooded city and the dedication of the two teams, fireworks appeared within the sky to render the many different points of the participants of the exams.

"Saito: +25 points!" While he didn't actively save anyone, he provided his team with vital information and acted as a sensory type with the use of his Kekkei Genkai to tell his teammates exactly what it was they needed to know.

"Shinsuke Uzumaki: +25 points!" His actions to clear debris from different doorways and staircases with the use of his own abilities, on top of his guidance allowed the civilians to head upstairs to follow the tendrils provided by his partner Saito for a safer escape.

This was the completion of the first round for the team as each member gained the neccessary points needed in order to pass. (Setsuka gained his points in the in the last story post and passed with his team.)

"Gen & Taichi: +35 points!" These two worked together and put the priority of the civilians first as they realized saving those trapped inside is top priority and acted as true shinobi from the very start.

"Ketsu: +40 points!" While he lost 10 points at the start of the exams by abandoning his team and going off on his own, he also managed to achieve something that was crucial even if it was by accident. His effort to fight back against the beast while caused it to retreat after the electrocution did in fact come with a downside as the tendrils that once held Ketsu were poisionous and left him needing medical attention. However, if it wasn;t for his defeat of the creature, saving those people will have been much harder due to its aggression and attraction to noise, meaning it would have attacked the building until it flooded entirely to eat those inside.

These individuals passed the first section of the exam with flying colors; As such it was now time for the next to begin. In this moment, a seal will have activated on the inside of the buildings to release a sleeping gas to put the 6 genin to sleep once more. Where will they awake now? Will the next portion be more devastating, will it challenge there brains to figure out yet another task or will it be something more obvious and straight forward? Only time will reveal the truth of the 2nd portion and their strength and growth will be tested once more!
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