Location 1: Teams 1 and 2



While Mellow and others on the island rescued people trapped in fire, debris or inside their homes suffocating from the smoke, Sōma and Xuan did their best to rescue anyone needing help like the a couple who were running out of panic and ended up surround by burning trees and bushes, smoke filling their lungs made them panic even more but thankfully Sōma heard them from a few yards to their east, they couldn’t see through the flames but their screaming panic is loud and clear enough for them to quickly approach the growing blaze, Sōma looks at Xuan with a crazy idea.

"Throw me high"

Without a beat, she turns around with her back facing him, grabs the girl by her clothes before spinning two times before throwing her up in the air right above the burning forest but gave Sōma clear view of most the area with how high she’s flying up from the brute force of her companion however she detected a familiar chakra at a village up north, 3 miles from their location, pinpointing the signature, made quick work weaving her hand seals.

"Water Style: Wild Bubble Wave!"

Puffs her cheeks then her chest began to swell nearly to the point it looked painful before she spews out a medium size volume of foam-like bubbles that quickly extinguished the flames around the couple trapped then Xuan used his limbs to stretch far enough to grab ahold and pull them out of there and Sōma landing on some trees that were stable then hops down beside Xuan, tending to their wounds while her partner stayed on guard.

"Don’t worry, we’re mist ninja, we’ll take you somewhere safe till help arrives"

Turns to Xuan, signals him to take them to an area near the coast, nonchalantly nods and leads the couple away after healing their wounds which left Sōma time to venture off from her original objective, finding that signature and ask questions, however, she wouldn’t have to hunt down this being she’s sensing cause she so happened to stumbled upon Mellow and Satoru together, from what she can see is uncertain but something in her felt a pang of jealousy in her chest, the desire to confront the girl was strong but she stopped herself from attempting murder on the girl who is worried about her chosen prince. Grabs her katana tightly and drops silently behind Satoru before rising up slowly like a king cobra rising, flaring its hood in a intimidation, the young Chinoike smiles at them before speaking.

"Hello, Mellow-kun"





As if in some sick, programmed game, Ryò found himself spawned in the midst of hell on earth. Agony, sorrow, and fright came from almost every corner of this infernal landscape, a cacophony of madness rising from the ashen canopy, and descending down on the mind of one child. Young Ryò was hit, like a torrent as a wave of disorientation and nausea rose from his feet into his bowels, rendering everything in thereof violently out of his mouth and onto the side of the grey, statuesque remnants of a tree. Careful not to make a sound, Ryòjíń bit down on his teeth, the weight of his agony clamping down hard on his molars.

This is one of the worse situations he could find himself in
the young boy's acute and sensitive extra sensory abilities left him on the verge of collapse, but he knew he could not afford to give in to his body's demands. Lives could very well be at stake.

His vision doubled as he struggled to reign in his concentration

Focus Ryò, Focus

His furtive efforts began to low pass filter the ambient noise streaming into his consciousness. As his awareness darkened, the only thing that remained was the solace of his internal inner workings of his own mind.

Taking a breath, he directed his resolve,


The boy flashed a wave of his awareness throughout the vicinity like a radar, bringing back a startling degree of intel, both beneficial and caustic. Mapping geographically his current whereabouts to any known cartographic points in the Konoha public archives, he soon got an accurate lay of the land, including any changes generated by the ensuing chaos. He would periodically update this map throughout the course of this section of the exam.

A searing headache like the chime of a blade rang through his psyche as he attempted to filter out the useful information from the chaos. Body trembling from the pain, he began

There are 1…2…4 other people , in the immediate vicinity and hundreds of thousands more displaced from their homes by the insatiably hungry flames

Wiping the remnant vomit from his lips, he did his best to regain his composure within the turbulent psycho-storm.

They're all… children, no shinobi like me, and from the looks of it, all of a similar rank. Either we were all abducted by a powerful demon for some sort of ritualistic sacrifice, or this is chuunin exams


Suddenly, one of the more rustic individuals of the group darted from his current position into the chaos, masterfully weaving earth style jutsu into a path of salvation to those who needed it. With the initial panic of the accompanying shinobi replaced by a steel resolve to save as many people as humanly possible, they would all eventually follow suit, departing into the fiery maelstrom, their fading presence creating a mental sanctuary for Ryò to think more clearly.

All leveraging their unique abilities, from advanced ninjutsu to brute strength, to help the surviving villagers and each other, their efforts would be wasted if the villagers in their confusion were unable to find the salvation forged by the culminative works.

The course of action then was obvious

Step 1: Release

First a genjutsu break: when a shinobi is inexplicably found in an unfamiliar environment, its always best to test the first fail point of an unexplainable situation: the mind. Though his elevated extra sensory disposition could see through such paltry attempts to convolve his perceived reality, it was better safe than sorry.

Once the veracity of the situation was redundantly confirmed, he would carefully and meticulously form 4 hand signs:


This sequence of actions would take 4 to 5 seconds, incredibly slow for a shinobi of his rank, but necessary to ensure the most efficient use of his chakra.

A small legion of clones would soon appear, but something was off…. upon closer inspection, one could see the charred remains of a leaves and soot floating straight through the new adolescent platoon.
These were not shadow clones, but basic Academy cloning technique.

His limited reserves keeping him married to the basics, he could not afford to create complete shadow clones despite his skill. What then could he hope to accomplish with such an elementary technique in the midst of a critical situation?

Step 2: Guide and Assist

Though intangible and incapable of creating physical change, they were still able to transmit information, and information was all that was needed to calm the aggravated souls out of their distress, and shepherd and organize the displaced civilians through safer routes that remained -especially those created by his new capable Shinobi an Kunoichi squadmates: sheltered tunnels crafted by Mellow's Earth Jutsu and dampened forestry created by Xuan and Soma's teamwork- towards the remaining safe havens throughout the vicinity, thus leveraging his intimate knowledge of Geography with basic academy jutsu to compound the efforts of those before him. Like heavenly messengers to the souls of the damned, the small massless Ryò clones descended into the madness, ushering the salvation of countless more lives and bringing further order to the chaos. One of the clones broke off from their objective, curiously tailing Soma instead, observing her actions from a concealed distance…

Without extra chakra and with his compromised mental estate, this was the best he could do on his own.

Step 3: Regroup
The most efficient course of action he can take now was to regroup with the rest of his compatriots. Taking a now safe path, thanks to the strays of Soma's Jutsu, he was able to quickly and safely catch up to the others safely and with relative ease, gathering any useful remains of herbs along the way.

A small bundle of robes posing as a shinobi would soon break free from the clearing, settling an awkward distance outside of Satoru's saccharine crystalline structure. Upon approaching the sugary dome, the boy was stopped dead in his tracks, for swirling within the confectionery globe lied a dark and ominous aura: there was no sugar coating the evil that dweled within.


Now completing his initial set of objectives he took some time to observe and reflect.
Surely the hidden villages wouldn’t cause this much wanton destruction for the sake of an exam? Perhaps the stakes are higher in light of recent global events... The situation was grim, but seemingly, intentionally so.
Even if this chaos wasn't manufactured, and there were no Anbu hiding in the shadows waiting to assist in the event of a true emergency, with Xuan's brute strength, Soma's Ninjutsu prowess, Satoru's sweet medical skills, and the adamant resolve of Mellow, it would seem that the villagers were all, for now, in safe hands.

Knowing the infamy of these exams, he was already beginning to calculate the next course of actions.​


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Satoru Amatō
Satori blinked her eyes of bewilderment, then figured what the boy was talking about maybe was a manor of speech. She dusted herself off, then pouted "Still, its not a wise Idea of going off alone...even if this is some sort of...dare I say it...genjutsu..." She then thought, "maybe we can't get hurt of its a genjutsu, or... maybe the elder's planted us in this island to save it for real because it was in need of help the lords and Kage didn't have time to rescue. No matter."

She then put her medical gauze back into her pouch and crossed her arms aloof of what to do next. Seeing so many people hurt, she shrugged still folding her arms, the rock candy barrier around them melted into clones of Satori who all went to help the hurt and burnt with gauze. She still couldn't help frowning thinking about this predicament until, she realized another had awoken, his chakra vibrant and stirring. Then a girl faster then Satori could sense appeared behind her. Surprising every urge to not appear frightened she slowly turned her head to see the new arrival.

"Another... how many of us are exactly on this flaming rock?" Satoru muttered before staying to herself to watch this new girl talk to the boy she only knew as "the raven haired boy". She addressed him by name... maybe they know each other, but she seemed different, culturally then Mellow, maybe lovers? Or Rivals? Didn't matter, those questions could be answered another time, nor was it any of her business'. She stood quiet and watched the two speak while her clones aided those around her. Besides whatever these kids spoke about could be intresting.


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Amidst the chaos and the relentless efforts to aid the beleaguered village, a moment of unexpected celebration pierced the tumultuous air. A resounding explosion sent brilliant fireworks soaring into the night sky, illuminating it with shimmering colors. The display of pyrotechnics was nothing short of spectacular, but what truly captured the attention of the onlookers was the message they formed in dazzling brilliance: "Mellow Tomogui, Satoru, Soma Chinoike, Xuan, and Ryo + 25 points."

In the midst of the trials and challenges of the shinobi world, they had achieved something remarkable, earning them valuable points toward their ultimate goal. Yet, as the smoke from the fireworks began to disperse, a creeping sense of uncertainty filled the air. The genin had experienced something inexplicable before, and now, once more, the ominous smoke began to rise.

Escape seemed inevitable, but where would they awaken this time? The question hung in the air, shrouded in mystery and foreboding. What new challenges awaited these young shinobi on their path of growth and strength?