Turtle Island Forest (North)


Landmarks: Building Shaped like 8-Tails, The Falls of Truth, Tailed Beast Temple
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"Is this the place?"

The unfiltered sounds of his soles crushing the grass beneath him seemed to echo within the ominous silence this part of the forest exhibited. Despite the local fauna being so lively mere moments ago, when approaching this building—a decaying ruin of garish architecture— the area now seemed to be devoid of all life. ”Yup, we’re here. How’d you guess?” a question only this man could hear caused him to stop in his tracks. While taking in the design of the building as a whole, his eyes were directed to an obscenely large decoration above the main entrance. Staring back at him was the stone carving of the 8-tailed beast, Gyuki, which was half-covered by ivy and dust; similar to the rest of the abandoned home. Takeo grimaced before responding out loud, It’s uhhh...not very subtle.. before starting to move toward the doorway.


Getting inside was simple enough— the door was already torn off its hinges and laying in dozens of pieces across the ground after all. It seemed that either an animal or bandit had made their way into this home at some point because the furnishings inside were in the same state as the door. Despite the peaceful and inviting exterior decor, the house filled Takeo with dismay the moment he passed the threshold. Books, papers, weapons, and the like were scattered across the floor. With each step he took his melancholy became more intense, but all the while nostalgic. With grime blocking the light from the windows, the iridescence of his golden eyes seemed to quite literally light up the room when they widened, once he realized what was really going on. He cleared his voice, somewhat nervous to ask the beast within him a sensitive question, ”Hey, Gyuki? Are you doing alright? I didn’t take you for the sentimental type.” Even in his mind, a moment of silence took place before the Biju responded, "Me neither, kid... Just a lot of memories in this place I guess.” Due to the ethereal link that the two shared it seemed that the Tailed Beast's emotions were manifesting onto Takeo’s psyche. The man smiled softly at the thought; basking in the humanity his friend rarely showcased before continuing on his exploration of the property.

He slowly moved from room to room, not finding much else other than mold and worn out ninja tools. When finally entering the master bedroom, Gyuki spoke simply and directed him to a specific floorboard next to the mattress. This entire trip had been to satiate his friend’s curiosity. Time had seemed infinite since stepping down as the Lightning Monarch so the blonde man hardly minded a detour on his visit to Turtle Island. When pulling up on the wooden plank, as the tailed beast had instructed, Takeo smiled at the discovery of a hidden treasure. After removing more of the surrounding cover, a wardrobe trunk hidden within the foundation was fully revealed. Grabbing a hold of the trunk’s sides, the man lifted the locked box and placed it atop the rickety mattress. For being hidden away for a couple of centuries, the metallic case was in pretty good condition. His thumbs pressed against the rusted latches and lifted the top of the trunk with anticipation and observed the contents of the case. Like the outer shell, the items within the container were preserved surprisingly well. He took them in hand one by one and spoke to Gyuki while viewing each object; allowing the hachibi to reminisce over what seemed like a once close friend. Impulsively, a white scarf and sunglasses caught Takeo’s eye especially and caused him to place them into his medium-sized ninja tool pouch for a snug fit. In a way, it seemed like the once-great Monarch to the Land of Lightning had downgraded to that of a common looter, but he shook the thought from his mind and convinced himself it was all for Gyuki.

Toward the bottom of the case was a photograph of Gyuki’s old partner. A man known as Killer B, a notorious master of the tailed beast techniques was posed hand in hand with the 4th Raikage, A. Realizing the significance of the picture he inspected the final item within the trunk carefully— a palm-sized notebook. Takeo expected world-class information within this journal due to the importance of the previous jinchuriki and his relationship with the 4th Raikage. With his hopes skyrocketing the contents of the first page read as follows:






”Alright! Moving on!” shouted Takeo as he slammed the book shut and closed his eyes; the feeling of second-hand embarrassment welling up and overwhelming him. As if he had just set off a bomb he closed, locked, and hid away the trunk in one fluid motion before making his escape from the building. He sighed, disappointed at the lack of any real treasure or information. He began to shift back into the forest area and carried on with his journey toward The Falls of Truth; a sacred waterfall on the island that concealed the elusive Tailed Beast Temple. Once again, Killer B’s home regained the silent, but peaceful isolation Takeo had originally found it in. Hopefully to preserve and carry on the legendary Jinchuriki’s legacy for centuries to come.


Yama Full.png

Although he was indeed the reigning Lightning Monarch, Enō always goes to great lengths to conceal his presence regardless of the setting. One would typically suspect an individual of his stature to make some sort of grand entrance, however the young seer believed those who soaked up the spotlight often burnt out the fastest. Given his ties to the land it was only natural for its residents to greet him upon his arrival. Genbu itself being known as the equivalent to the Forest of Death stood as a testament to Enou being an revered figure even among other species. The young lord found himself solemnly standing at an entry point into the woods. His destination likely being the Tailed Beast Temple hidden by the Falls of Truth. After taking a generous amount of time to acknowledge the animals gathered to greet him on arrival, Enō found himself quickly growing irritable after noticing the presence of a familiar chakra signature. Taking a brief moment waive off his companions, Enou would've kneeled to the ground for a brief moment while kneading his chakra properly to sensory mode. Placing just the index finger of his right hand on the dirt and vegetation laying across the floor. Taking not a moment longer he would've slowly made his way back to a standing position, with his head turned in the direction of the chakra he'd detected. Although he was grateful for the respect and affection shown by inhuman subordinates, this was not the time nor the place to have a reunion. Returning to the island itself caused him to constantly reminisce about times of his childhood he'd rather not revisit. With both of his arms extended outwards he signaled for his companions to embrace him one last time before he continued making his way to his destination.
Golden Tooth.jpg

"Look ya fools, aint no new rules. Don't get no drool, on my diamond jewels or I'll feed ya to the wolves. Word to Ayako herself, I'll distmantle ya and put you on my top shelf."

Hearing him speak only added to the excitement exhibited by the animals, so much so that some of them began wrestling amongst each other. Taking just a few moments to glance and watch over his long time companions, he'd finally close his eyes and push the ones closest to him away to create walking space. Should he remain standing put any longer the sentimental appeal of his cozy creatures would surely overwhelm him. The time he spent on the island in his youth far surpassed the usual training regiments followed by that of the local Shinobi. Unbeknownst to the public, the island itself was once a place he called home shortly after withdrawing from the academy. Enou spent many years becoming acquainted with the different wildlife species and inhabitants on the island, so much so that he's accepted and viewed as family to most.

With a path cleared for him to continue on his venture to the temple, Enou took the proper measures to further analyze his environment before proceeding. As he continued strutting down his path his right arm would've quickly shot up, with his index finger and middle finger pointed upwards. Birds sang out harmoniously as they scattered from his vicinity seemingly aware of his dialogue prior to it happening.

"Later losers, I got shit to take care of. Hold it down for me."

His voice could be heard echoing throughout a small portion of the forest causing a uproar among the departing wildlife. One might question why he chose to travel by foot and not use a technique to speed up his journey. A man such as King Kuwabara himself knew full well how quickly he was capable of reaching the waterfall. However, he was one who believed in living in the moment and enjoying his time with nature. Knowing that Takeo too had arrived on the island, there time to reunite after so long was soon approaching.​






The forest was overly peaceful. With the wreckage of the human bomb attack finally being cleared from Kumogakure’s streets, Takeo had finally felt that he could rest easy. He held no qualms over handing over the title to Ayako since then. She was a capable leader until the administration could properly fill the chair of the Lightning Monarch. It would be unjustified to bear down the responsibilities he had with no notice beforehand. It was within her right and power to either keep the title or step down herself—but knowing his stubborn friend to a fault, he understood her home was with her patients and clan. Breathing in the clean woodland air atop Genbu’s shell, Takeo broke down the hectic week he had thus far. Due to his lack of sleep the memories he had were faded and somewhat hazy: Building new defenses with Hikaru, adjusting Ayako to her position, working with top officials and ground shinobi alike to finally perfect the land’s ninjutsu technologies. He struggled to think of times he actually had to himself, so this casual stroll toward the Falls of Truth felt like a vacation.

However, all good things must come to an end, and as Takeo came face to face with the rushing water ahead of him, he was reminded of days from his childhood.

A young man once stood at the base of this waterfall; his wrists in handcuffs as the pain of today’s “treatment” left him battered and bruised. One false move or uppity remark would lead to a painful electrical shock throughout his body from his overpaid “caretakers” for the day. His backtalk from today’s expedition alone had already caused six of these incidents. He had not yet made the psychic connection with Gyuki and only felt the beast’s unfiltered animosity. That rage was starting to impact the tailed beast’s host. He was suddenly pushed forward by one of the shinobi ordered to keep him in control and landed face-first into the dirt. The water being pooled below the rapid, falling rivers felt seductive as it splashed against his wounds. Out of instinct, he rose to his knees and placed his cupped hands into the water in front of him. As he raised the water to his mouth he also closed his eyes in order to fully indulge himself in this moment of bliss. He gasped heartily, enjoying his precious seconds of relief before opening his eyes and having the moment transform into a quaking fear.

“ .̴ ̴.̷ ̸.̵ ̸H̸E̸L̷ ̷!̴!̸ “


“ H̴̦͈̘̾͗̈́̊A̵̲͐̇̀H̴̥̭̗̋A̵͍̘͍͇̒̎̉͝H̶̢̖͉͑A̷͎͓͙̍̐Ḧ̴͓̰̞̻́̈́A̵͔̎H̶̗͎͒̅͠A̴̞̎̎͗̿ ̵̦̳̼̓.̴̰̏́͂̕.̴̼͇̥̠̌͂͑̚.̸̡̟͍͊ ̷̼̬̔͘Y̸̛̙͂̓O̸̳̳͐̆͠ͅU̷̜̿͜ͅ ̴͔͍͚̈͘Ǵ̷͚̲̚Õ̷̦̜̭͛͝Ť̶̪͓̎͐ ̸̡̲̲̺̔͐͒̂S̵̩̬̦̽͝Ȍ̴̯̏̃͠ ̵͈̽̅͠S̶͓̿͛͆C̴͙͎̀̅Ằ̷̼͕̲͈͌R̴̥̠̜͂̍̊͑E̶̛̛̟͙̙̎̑D̶̗̮͒̒̏!̴̤̰̍̇͂͝

The being’s voice vibrated at frequency, speed, and pitch that made him indiscernible. Even while Takeo was frozen in place by his overwhelming panic he understood that, at its roots, the creature seemed to be having fun. More than that, he realized that he and the being were connected. The shadowed specter of a child, the same height and shape as Takeo, began to dance and play along the water’s edge. Takeo’s trauma turned into confusion; part of this event made him want to understand the shadow. He knew that its appearance here answered to a higher power. As he reached his hands out, trying to get the shadow’s attention from afar, the being would suddenly teleport back into his face. With no time to react, the formless child dug his fingers into the sides of Takeo’s skull. Upon reaching the outskirts of his brain he was forced to view images and futures that, to this day, keep him from sleeping. Recent memories of his time on the Okami estate were corrupted into times where the Tailed Beast gained control of its true form—killing his new friends such as Ayako and Eno. He was shown scenes of a burning Kumogakure, with his perspective being made that of the beast itself. It was being manipulated to where Takeo could feel the devastation and sadness from the driver’s seat. As the full form of the tailed beast, he would howl toward the destruction’s fumes covering the moonlight. It was just then, in real-time, as the shadow’s hands let go of his psyche that Takeo once again felt parched from the screams he had been letting out all along.

The boy was warned of this event. Due to the hurried nature of the scientists who worked to transform him into a full-fledged Jinchuriki, he was told exclusively that an inner turmoil could stop him from moving past the Falls of Truth. They spoke of solutions such as “acceptance” or “forgiveness” of the creature working in the past. Takeo’s nails drove into his palms and his curled fists began to leak blood. Still on his knees, at the mercy of the shadow’s taunts and games, he mumbled to himself before latching the same bloodied hands onto the shadow’s neck.

"...They don't know SHIT.."

Visibly confused by this turn of events, the shadow child clawed at Takeo’s forearms to get free. Its previous whirring voice was now only aired gasps with a mixture of panicked, forced laughter. As the figure lunged its own arm toward Takeo’s neck, the young man tensed the muscles in his hands and fingers and broke the being’s neck with force alone. The laughing effectively halted, and as the figure’s body turned limp it began to disintegrate. The shadow’s eerie, wide smile never left its face. Without eyes, it somehow seemed to be peering into Takeo’s soul until the very end, and as the last of its ashes left the boy’s fists, the waterfall began to split apart. With an exhausted expression, he looked toward the ancient Tailed Beast Temple for the first time in his life.

"Boy, we sure had some fun times here."

He spoke sarcastically and as he rolled his eyes, he was met with the same view he had been rewarded with over 15 years ago. He moved forward, the same way as he had done every day this past week, and walked along an aging bridge before stopping in front of the room known as the Chakra Isolation Chamber. A team of trusted scientists was hard at work. Scrolls were messily laid across the ground’s ruins and modern generators and monitors were set up under hoisted tents. The wiring could be seen coming from the open doors of the isolation chamber while statistics and recordings were being sent into their computers. Takeo had been working alongside this team in order to discover what materials and ninjutsu were used to not only mask one’s chakra but modify the technique to nullify it completely. Takeo’s part in all this was to act as the standard for what the new barrier could handle. This project had progressed wonderfully, and in a week’s time, they had successfully been able to hide, absorb, and dissipate direct contact with chakra up until the seventh tail’s source of energy being used as a medium. Even landscape-altering attacks such as the Tailed Beast’s Biju Bombs would evaporate into nothingness within the same nanosecond they made contact with the new barrier formula. Of course, these findings were all tested thoroughly and Takeo’s sleepless nights gave birth to this update in the ninjutsu seals and coding throughout all of Land of Lightning and its affiliate countries. He had ordered this survey team camping out here, along with the Heavenly Transfer Specialist ninja that made up part of their division, to relay these technicalities to Eno and his direct line of communication and information. He had not seen his old sparring partner in years but was in fact part of the committee to appoint him as Land of Lightning’s next leader. From the second he was branded as the country’s new Monarch, Takeo trusted Eno with everything he knew. His time as a shadowed politician, the same types that he ironically despised for so long, would not go to waste.

After today’s various tests with the barrier were approved and updated to Land of Lightning’s network, he was reminded of his appointment with the new supreme leader. “King Kuwabara” they called him. Takeo respected the moniker but loathed his old friend’s brazen stylings. Perhaps this was born out of jealousy as the Jinchuriki’s palette and aesthetic were always directed toward more elegant fashions. In an effort to be punctual, Takeo made a mental note to actually try and learn a thing or two from Eno’s trends before making his way out of the temple. Before he could complete his first step, he paused and looked to the local communication shinobi and spoke toward him candidly

"Uhh... Go ahead and tell my secretary-...errr tell Hikaru to pick up a few gold rings from my favorite shop. She knows the one."

No, wait!"


Eh. Actually, yeah. Send the message out. I’ll just hope she doesn’t get the wrong idea."

Takeo slowly moved away, walking along the bridge until the waterfalls camouflaging the area began to curtain open once again. Today’s meeting with Eno was to confirm that the messages regarding the human bomb incident had been properly relayed through Ayako. He had confidence that Ayako would have done so at the start of her reign whether outsiders realized it or not. In regards to the latest terrorist attack, their meeting was also organized in order for Takeo to reveal the countermeasures he had been working on behind the scenes. Discretion was key due to the nature in which Takeo had been secretly implementing these tactics into his nation’s defenses. All he needed now was Eno’s stamp of approval on the formal paperwork and schematics.

Takeo Kashima, a man who was faced with endless trials and misfortunes would soon find himself at the expense of the universe’s cruel hubris to move along no matter what devastation awakened. Upon taking the first step past the divided waterfall, he’d look over his shoulder to investigate the sudden commotion coming from the science division’s work stations. Even with the distance between them, Takeo’s hawk-like vision was able to make out the familiar green hues of the symbols overtaking their systems. The war on humanity. The war on technology. The war on the planet itself had begun.




As he inched closer towards reaching the Tailed Beast Temple, the young lord couldn’t help but further reminisce on his experiences on the living fortress. With the time only being 6:25 PM, Enō found himself drifting off with his thoughts, as he gazed down the walkway leading towards the temple grounds. The canvas in his head was painted with memories of his time spent with Mugen disturbing the peace of merchants during the winters away from the village. He’d been taken back to a time when they’d stolen various designer coats and fabrics from the people of the Snow Country. The freezing cold weather was thought to be the catalyst for this memory, as the Land of Lightning had recently been hit with an untimely snow front.

One might have mistaken the lord to be sleepwalking should they’ve caught him strolling through the forest in the manner he did. It wasn’t often that one would catch him drifting off into a daydream. This had been the first time he’d been completely alone since inheriting the title of Lightning Monarch from Ayako. Although he was able to make light work of his typical day-to-day duties, one would find it rare to truly find peace when having to constantly worry about the lives of millions and then some. Selflessness was a trait that Enō was told he must develop in order to lead successfully should he honestly plan on restoring his clan.

With his attention being lost within the winds, Enō found himself snapping back to reality at the alerting sound of his mobile phone receiving notifications. As he extended right arm into his pocket to grab the device, he’d taken notice of the mount of time that's passed since he drifted off. The time now reads 6:45. His attention would quickly be drawn to the messages received from Takeo’s survey team detailing the needed approval to their advancements of the ninjutsu seals and other developments made towards the land’s defenses. Like many of his peers, Enō was well versed in technology and took little time to return a voice message.

“Everything sounds golden! go ahead and relay the updates to the Intel Unit back at the office ya fools!”

Using his thumb to scroll to the next message, he’d taken notice of a message received from the latest Hokage, Mowa Sozo.

“Just what in the hell could these folks want now?!”

His vulgarity came in response to the message requesting an emergency meeting with the United Republic. Knowing that his meeting with Takeo served as the primary matter at hand, he’d taken the time to send another audio recording to all intel units within the Land of Lightning regarding preparations for his departure and updated security measures.

“The United Republic has requested an audience with yours truly. Following my meeting with Lord Kashima, I shall return to the office briefly before my departure. Before then make sure that the land's ninjutsu codes have been updated accordingly with the findings of our scientist on Shimagame.”

As his words finalized the audio recording would’ve successfully been delivered shortly after. With his intent once again being redirected towards his priorities, chakra would’ve begun molding within his figure. Streaks of black lightning could distinctly be seen buzzing around his frame, as a black cloak of lightning release chakra flushed out of his body. This derivative of the Raiton no Yoroi had been developed shortly before his tenure. Possessing the same qualities of the original technique, his body's physical parameters had now been heightened. There was no quarrel to be had though, his execution of said technique was simply to increase the speed at which he traveled at. Having previously acquired the location of Takeo’s chakra signature, King Kuwabara wasted no time in taking off. Squatting down similar to the form one takes when stretching, before pouncing from this state at a bolstering speed. Leaping from branch to branch between the woodworks, the entrance to the temple would soon come into his line of sight.

Utilizing one last branch as a step, his body would’ve gracefully soared through the air. With his hands extended outwards and his hakama fluttering through the evening sky, the gleam of his luxury items would’ve clearly caught one's attention. Landing perfectly at the entrance he remained in a kneeling position, with his left hand pressed against the floor. Beneath it was a golden coin that he’d received from Ayako. On it was the insignia of the Ōkami Clan linking it directly to her lineage. At this moment he’d initiated the use of the Reverse Summoning Jutsu in an attempt to summon Ayako Ōkami herself.

Time of Arrival - 6:55





Ayako sighed, sinking into a soft chair that sat neatly behind a messy, metal desk in her gigantic lab that was built under the Ōkami estate. The bags under her eyes made it obvious she had been overworking herself with little to no sleep. A little time had passed since the sudden appearance of a heavy snowfall and a deathly cold, but the number of patients that Ayako had grew even greater by the day and her personality was one that just couldn't leave sick people to suffer while she took the pleasure of sleeping in a bed, knowing that her genetics allowed for her to regulate her body temperature so that she could quickly adapt to the sudden weather changes. It simply seemed too selfish to her and so, she had been up studying each one of her patients charts starting with the least serious so that she could quickly make room for those with more serious illnesses and diseases. The majority had to be housed inside one of the medical wings of Ayako's lab so that she could keep an eye on them and though Ayako had two medical wings, the first one was filling up at a steady pace which meant she soon had to prep the second wing. Two of her elderly patients were on life support having nearly frozen to death outside. It broke Ayako's heart to see her people having to sleep outside though, this snow wasn't helping anything. Construction plans for rebuilding the lesser or more run down areas of the land had been driven nose-first into the ground.

As Ayako was sliding off her lab coat, a young girl around the age of 4-6 had approached her and tapped her arm. The white haired 'beastess' had turned her head to focus her attention on the small child, giving her a small, tired attempt at a warm and welcoming smile "Is there something wrong, my lovely?" The child shook her head and held out her hand to Ayako. It was balled into a fist as if inside was hiding a surprise. Ayako lifted her left arm, her palm facing upward to receive whatever the little girl was kind enough to give. Two small items had landed in Ayako's hand and they brought an amused smirk to her face as she lifted her right arm to gently ruffle the girls hair. One of the items was a 'coffee candy' and the other was a little golden hair clip with a flower on it, the middle of the flower was decorated with a blue gem that twinkled under the dim lights of Ayako's lab. Ayako leaned in while the small child smiled up at her, excited to hear what she was about to whisper "Don't tell the others that I'm tired, okay? They might worry I won't do a good job as their doctor!" A playful chuckle escaped Ayako and a giggle was given in return "Thank you for my gifts, little one." Ayako's words were soft and filled with gratitude and she clipped the hair accessory to the front of her hair and unwrapped the candy, quickly popping it into her mouth. The candy was bitter and would have caused Ayako to grimace if not for the sweet taste of the toffee that came soon after. Seeing Ayako wearing the pin and eating the candy, the small child ran back to her father happily while Ayako hopped up from the chair and stretched out her body, multiple bones from all across her skeleton cracked all at once and the moment she had finished, she broke into a stride that led her out of the underground lab and toward the upper level so that she could get changed and by the time that she was done, it had already turned 5:35PM


It had taken Ayako two minutes to reach her training yard. She had changed from a black pencil skirt, white blouse and black heels into her training gear that consisted of baggy, black trousers, a black turtle neck shirt that was missing sleeves and black lace up boots that had weights in the soles. Ayako's shirt was tucked neatly into her trousers and she looked as though she was ready to blow of some steam and wake herself up a little. Perhaps normal people just napped when they were tired.

Ayako slipped off the weights she was constantly carrying on her wrists and ankles. All together she had shed just over two tons of weight and her body felt as thought it were so light she could walk on air. Though, the weights had never annoyed her. She had been wearing weight from the very first day her training began at six years old and every six months, her teachers increased the weight. After spending almost nineteen years with them, constantly adapting to new weight, she had grown used to having something to weight her limbs down. Feeling this light and free was a little awkward for the Clan Lord.

Ayako raised her arms up and held them in front of her face. There was a slight pause before her left arm outstretched first, viciously striking the training blocks in front of her. These blocks were wooden on the outside but had steel on the inside. Her punches had been pulled so that she wouldn't destroy these blocks - she'd simply gone through too many of them in her life. Left, right. Left, right. Left, left, right, right. Ayako had her own sequence to her punches which, after twenty minutes of doing nothing but punching these blocks, she drew her hands back and raised her left leg, swinging it upward to kick at the block. Upon making contact, the block had flown from it's support pole and ferociously crashed through the doors of her estate. "I-...Aha...I think that's enough for today..." Ayako's cheeks were slightly red. Luckily no one had been around to witness the fact that Ayako forgot to secure the training block to the pole...or watch it destroy the backdoors of her estate. To make matters worse, her stomach growled loudly. She hadn't ate for the entire day and it had completely slipped her mind. She'd been filling up on nothing but water since early hours this morning and now that she was exercising, her stomach had something to say.

Ayako waddled carefully around the debris of what was her two, sliding doors and bounced into the kitchen. Not many noticed it, since she only did it when she wasn't focused, but Ayako was walking on her tiptoes; habit from her time in the mountain when she lived freely and was actually feral. She stepped to the fridge, pulling the door open and snatching up the two sandwiches that were on the second shelf. As she unwrapped them, she made her way back outside and started munching while putting her weights tightly back onto her body. NOW she felt normal.


Ayako had long since finished her sandwiches and was just laying outside on the floor sprawled out. She had been thinking of her life for the past ten minutes and everything that led up to this point. She was Clan Lord at six years old after killing her father, she was trained intensely for years, because Raikage at twenty-three and then Daimyo at twenty-four. She also currently hold the temporary position of Supreme Sovereign of the UR. Thinking about all of this suddenly made her feel a little heavier and so she jolted up, standing on her feet. She started to run laps around her estate, making punching motions in the air as she ran. Ayako was so distracted that she hadn't realised she'd eventually stopped running and was just punching and kicking the air and had been for a long, long time. Then...


Ayako had been summoned. It was this that snapped her out of her trance. She answered the call to find herself stood in front of one of her favourite people, though she would never admit that. Her fist had stopped inches from his face and she tilted her head "Still obnoxiously flashy..." She grimaced for a second, but her expression became blank as quickly as it had changed in the first place. She lowered her fist and rolled her shoulders, her eyebrow raised. Ayako was still wearing her training outfit, though it's not like she cared regardless. The only thing her usual outfit did was hide the weights she wore and now they were on full view to give people that saw her an idea of how hard this woman really tries - though, she was naturally beautiful and elegant either way, there was no need to try that hard.


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The timing of his arrival couldn’t have been any more perfect, with the meeting being scheduled for 7:00 PM exactly. Although he was indeed the embodiment of greed, Enō’s lack of respect for others was thwarted by his responsibilities as village head. It took him a few days to really get settled into the role, and properly acquainted with his work schedule. Though he was no stranger to attending meetings of this severity, Enō found little pleasure in leaving his office regardless of the task. If it weren’t for Lord Kashima having requested his presence personally, King Kuwabara surely would’ve had a representative attend in his place.
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As he found himself rising from his crouched position the presence of a familiar chakra signature was immediately felt. Erupting from a cloud of smoke right before his eyes was the figure of Lady Ayako herself. To his surprise her fist had been fully extended, halting just before contact was made with his face. Upon her arrival he’d quickly analyzed her person, taking notice to the difference in her wardrobe as this wasn’t her typical business attire. Whilst his eyes roamed, he paid close attention to what he presumed to be weights wrapped around her wrist and ankles, leading him to believe she was in the midst of training. When she’d finally lowered her fist the expression written on his face was surely one for the ages. A giant smirk was plastered across the face of the Raikage, as he found himself once again reminiscing on the times spent with his close friends. He’d been taken back to the first time he’d sparred with Ayako, and discovered her true strength as an Ōkami clansmen. Their exhibition ended with no true victor. However the memory of him flying through the gates of the Ōkami Clan Estate bruised not only his mind, but also his ego.​
Before his mind and eyes had been allowed to wander any further, his attention shifted towards the comment she’d made about his methods.

“The only thing flashy on me is my jewelry pup! Let’s make this quick shall we? I had my clone spend all week rehearsing with Maihime. If she gets wind of my absence you just might have to look for a new Raikage and sparring partner.”

Should any other individual refer to Lady Ayako in such a manner, they’d surely find themselves moments away from meeting their maker. The underlying humor in his words was one that only his close friends would pick up on. Besides the fact that he had a meeting and performance to attend, the freezing cold weather served as another reason for him wanting to hurry things along. Enō being the kind of person that believed his appearance should never be affected or determined by something as trivial as bad weather, had shown up with his kimono being the heaviest article of clothing on his person. With the remaining five minutes they had to spare now being shaved down to a mere thirty seconds, the young lord made his way under the Falls of Truth to proceed towards the temple located within. The moment of silence created after his dialogue would be short lived as the sound of his mobile phone erupted from his right pant pocket. Assuming that the person trying to contact him was none other than one of Maihime’s representatives from TENKA ENT, he’d begun reaching for his device before his attention was drawn back to a nearby commotion. The scientists weren’t the only individuals baffled by the random appearance of strange green markings that’d spread across their devices, but the Lightning Monarch himself stood in confusion.

“Just what in the hell is going on here?!”




Though the weather was freezing cold, Ayako seemed as though she were as warm as a summer afternoon. These weather conditions didn't actually affect Ayako due to her natural ability to regulate her body temperature. As she lowered her arm, she raised her eyebrow at Enō, seeing him analyse her wardrobe choice. Her eyes rolled at his mention of her being a pup and in response, her right arm raised and her hand rested upon her right hip, her left arm hanging limp at her side. She looked Enō right in his eye and and slightly leaned forward, her eyebrow arching at him. Though her face had a very obvious scar across her one, green eye, she was a picture of beauty. Her skin was like flawless porcelain. Her hair was silky, soft and white that was tied in fishtail braid down her back, the tips of her hair grazing the back of her ankle. Her training outfit was both tight and baggy, her black shirt being what was tight. It hugged at every inch of her body and flexed her perfect curves. Her stomach was flat, but very well defined, showing the muscles she'd worked for through intense training since she were but a child. Her trousers were also black but were pretty baggy. They had cut outs on the side of her thighs like her usual trousers did, though because these were a bit more loosely fitted, the tattooed, blue-inked seals on her thighs were slightly exposed. Her shoes definitely weren't her regular. She was wearing steel toe-capped boots that raised just above her ankles and laced tightly all the way up. The tied laces were tucked into the top of her boots to stop them from becoming a hazard if they came undone. Her plush, peach lips parted to speak "Do I look like a pup to you?"

"Oh and...I was talking about your jewellery. It's obnoxious."
Ayako turned on her heels abruptly and as she did, her braid waved outward in Enō's direction. If he were paying enough attention, he would stop it from smacking him clean in his face and if he wasn't, he was getting a face-full of hair.

Ayako purposely trailed just behind Enō, but was still keeping up with his walk. After a while, Ayako's ears picked up the sound of Enō's mobile phone and she tilted her head in his direction but was snapped away immediately by the commotion that was being made. Ayako saw scientists in various states, they were easy to pick up on, but even easier for the woman with a natural pheromone ability. There were scientists in panic, confusion, frustration and even anger. Some kind of marking had appeared on their devices and all of the confusion had in turn made Ayako confused as well. She looked at Enō for an answer, perhaps, but she could feel he was just as baffled when he suddenly exclaimed.

"Is this some kind of prank? What the-"



Eno Fullbody.png

In the midst of all the commotion and confusion the young lord took this opportunity to seize the moment to once again instill faith within those on the temple grounds. Knowing that if they weren’t the only people to be experiencing said disruptions, then surely the innocent lives of his citizens were in grave danger. Nonetheless, he wasted no time in issuing orders to those present and capable of carrying them out.

“Takeo as pressing as the matter is to upgrade our security; it would be an understatement for me to simply say I trust your advancements. With that being said I gave the go ahead to implement these advancements prior to my arrival. If technological communications are down then we must work diligently to find the cause of this phenomenon, we can’t afford too many casualties after that human bombing incident!”

With his words finalizing the sound of his voice could be heard beckoning throughout the temple grounds. His head would’ve dropped down as he’d clenched both of his fists. The time to cherish his peace had long passed, and he was now realizing the severity of the role he’d accepted. “To think people spend all their lives training and dreaming of having this position.” He spoke in a tone low enough that one could easily mistake his words for mumbling. Knowing that in his presence was an Okami this would surely not go unnoticed. This brief statement was followed by the sound of his lips smacking and a long sigh. It wasn’t often that one would visually see Eno upset, and he didn’t plan on revealing that side of himself to his subordinates anytime soon. If he was to garner any sort of respect from his peers and villagers then he would have to first start by persevering through such troubled times.

His primary focus was now set on identifying the source of this problem and ensuring the safety of his people. At least that’s how he wanted it to seem. Knowing that a power outage would surely impact his land for the worst, Eno was pressed to return to the village with utmost urgency. Any more damages meant more money spent on renovations, funerals, and other tasks taking away from money that could be made. Ultimately meaning less money that was being made for the Lightning Monarch.

He’d spun in a perfect 180 now facing the very same walkway he’d just passed under upon his entry. Right behind him would be Ayako who he’d assume was ready to depart as well. With each step he took towards the exit, his chakra could be felt gradually molding in the soles of his feet. Little did he know the very moment he’d attempted to release this chakra it’d be siphoned into the very seals scattered across the devices present. Yet another setback created within just moments of what seemed to be a life threatening emergence in the world. The foreign symbols and their workings remained a mystery to those present, one thing that had been discerned within this moment was the inability to manipulate and mold chakra while in the vicinity. Upon this discovery he’d immediately discarded the device located in his pocket, attempting to rid himself of any further known deterrents. If viewed, the look on his face was anything but pleasant, in fact it’d been the first time he had shown anything besides a smile since he’d been announced as the Raikage.​



Ayako was scratching her head with confusion - Quite literally. She was confused like any other but her curious nature so badly wanted to study this entire situation. Unfortunately, this wasn't the time to bury her head in curiosity. Instead, she watched Enō dish out orders. Ayako smiled slightly, the role suited Enō quite well and he was doing a fantastic job. Her smile quickly faded and she cleared her throat, listening to the mumbling under his breath. Ayako shook her head "Enō, It's a very rewarding position to have. Seeing your people smile in the safety of their own Land is the most incredible feeling..." Ayako's voice held emotion, but her face was just as blank as always. Her hand rested on her chin for a minute while she gave something a thought.

After a few minutes, Ayako reached into her pocket and pulled out a handful of silver coins. Within seconds, four or five people were summoned in front of Ayako. It was obvious they were Ōkami Clansmen, dressed in lab coats. Some would be recognised as the people who worked in Ayako's lab directly beneath her and kept the place up and running while she was away. The white haired Lord quickly gave them all directions, instructions on where to go, what to do. She even began to form teams between the scientists already on the scene and some of her own. In the eyes of Ayako, this was excellent harmony. She loved to see things such as this happen.

Ayako was busy watching the scientists and only noticed Enō turned on his heels when she heard the sound. She quickly gathered herself and caught right up to him as he walked. Though, Ayako paused. She looked down at Enō's feet while her eyebrows arched. Ayako was simply beaming with curiosity. She got closer and crouched at Enō's feet, ushering him backwards while she ran her hands over the ground
"How very interesting...What a beautiful enigma!"

Ayako was investigating the place where Enō's Chakra was siphoned for a few minutes before she shook her head. Of course, she got lost in the mystery of these markings and the way they worked. She forgot all about everyone else for a second. Ayako cleared her throat and stood up, grabbing Enō's hand and immediately pulling a golden coin from her pocket. She slipped the coin between their hands and gently pushed a small amount of her chakra into the coin, looking at Enō and waiting for him to do the same. This one was much thicker and bigger in size compared to her regular silver coins. When Enō activated the coin with his chakra, Ayako used this to teleport them both to the Okami estate, where the garden of Ayako's estate had a much similar coin; embedded into the ground about the size of a stepping stone.​