Tournament Dispute (Round 1; Naraku v. Kirinji Uchiha)


Hello and good afternoon/morning staff, I'll try to keep this brief and simplistic primarily, knowing you all have a lot to manage, but I indeed would like to request that staff review some concerns regarding the circumstances of the battle between Naraku and Kirinji Uchiha as it stands. My concern is quite simple, in my last post, I stated that I had not only entered Sage Mode, but also attempted to kick Kirinji out of the back of the train, mutilating him. This following link provides the highlighted segment I am referencing;

Within the subsequent post provided by Kirinji (Raj), he not only blatantly stated doing absolutely nothing, he did not react to anything done against him within my previous post. In fact, he chose to deactivate his sharingan, look around, strike up a conversation and mentally weigh in on weather he should attempt to kill me or not.
Now, unless I completely missed something (which may have been the case we all make mistakes), Kirinji has indeed taken the full brunt of my attack, and the battle should be over. The following link provides the highlighted segment of his post that I am referencing;

This is my only concern for now, I'd also appreciate an extension for my posting limit until the matter is resolved, please and thank you for the time,