The Great Khan Of Kirigakure Vs Okami Kitsune, Descendant Of The 9 Tails


It seemed that the Kitsune, like most others in a weakened state, had the strength of a cornered animal. Even though the nerve in his right arm had sustained damage, as well as his shoulder having been entirely dislocated from its socket, he still managed to continue an offense. One not built upon the premise of tactics, but rather, scratching frantically like a frightened pup. Many may have viewed it as an honorable attempt to continue fighting, but the Khan despised it, for it was nothing more than a masochistic delay of his inevitable victory. A hint of rage ran through his veins in the form of chakra, and for a moment, his flesh was fortified against the onslaught of Kitsune's fruitless attempt to escape and his grip had tightened immensely.

As for the Kitsune’s pathetic excuse of a counter-assault, that was going to be easy, especially since the Khan's had an eye on the entirety of his victim this whole time. So the moment he noticed the motion of the legs beginning to swing, the Khan raised his left knee with ferocity, while twisting his lower body in tandem. Not only did this mean that his opponent did not have a chance to strike him in the groin like he had planned, but also, it put him in the worst situation possible. This means that if the Khan’s knee had properly been given a chance to make contact, then the Kitsune was going to feel his patella dislocate, as the strike would pop his kneecap out of its vertical groove; preventing him from even walking.
Though a question that might’ve been lingering in the Kitsune's mind, even if all his attacks had ended up failures or not, is where his flames had gone? If the Kitsune had done his research at all, he’d know that the Khan always carried the Samehada inside him, as the two had a rather unique symbiotic relationship. Whereas in the past, users of Samehada had to choose between blade form or full-transformation to attain this chakra-consuming effect, the Khan had managed to do so in a partial fusion. This meant that while he did not gain the physical alterations of a full-transformation, he did obtain the ability to consume chakra through his skin, as the two technically shared the same body.
So as the Flames of Ruin went to spread throughout the Kitsune’s body, in an attempt to completely enshroud him, they were going to ultimately be absorbed through the Khan’s scarlet flesh. A feat not unheard of due to the fact that in the past, when Kisame and a former Eight Tails Jinchuriki fought, the Samehada had managed to absorb six tails of the Jinchruiki’s Chakra Cloak at once. Meaning that this little fiasco which the Kitsune relied so heavily on was going to be as useless to him, as he was to the Land of Lightning, just another pathetic attempt in a long list since their duel had begun. For a moment, the Khan thought about writing a letter to the Raikage, telling him that this pathetic excuse of a Shinobi should be exiled from a once Great Shinobi Nation.
Nevertheless, if everything had gone correctly, the soon-to-be cadaver in his grip was going to have had his leg broken. As for the hand that had moved to strike his liver? Well, the Khan had chosen to lock the muscles in his right arm through flexing, essentially stopping the forward moment produced by the punch. Something that might have been viewed as favorable for the Kitsune, but as with all things thus far, he knew little of what was to come. For the Khan had been thinking and prepepping on how to finish this battle, and after all this time, he had come to a conclusion.
To begin, the Khan was going to let go of the grip he had around his throat, but he did not plan on letting him drop to the ground. No, for his grand finale, the Khan was going to unleash a devastating barrage upon the Kitsune that had enough force and momentum to keep him in the air. It started with the continuation of his right hand’s strike, but not to the liver, rather the sternum in an upper-cut fashion, knocking out nearly all the air in his lungs and severely aggravating the wound in his chest. Next, his left hand was going to travel from its recently pulled back position, and swung around toward the Kitsune’s left side to perform a proper liver-shot this time, putting him in intense pain.
These two strikes, while going to be performed with swiftness, precision and immense strength, were just the beginning of this assault. His right hand was now going to search for its new target, which unfortunately for the Kitsune was going to be his face, underneath the jaw to be precise. Doing so in any fashion was likely going to cause his mouth to be forced shut, likely breaking his teeth, and filling his mouth with blood. At the same time, the left hand had been pulled back to guide the next strike toward the center of the Kitsune’s face, striking him in the mastoid, causing several complications in itself down the line if untreated.
It is likely that the Kitsune was going to be feeling like a punching bag at this moment if everything had went through, but like all other times before, there was little reason for it not too. As at every possible point, he had managed to put himself into horrible situations, that he couldn’t blame on anyone but himself. Yet rather than seeing an end to the torture after these four potential strikes, it was going to continue, because the Khan hadn’t had his fill quite yet. A rather ironic situation as the Khan despised the Samehada for never being satisfied, but to him it was different, he didn’t want to kill the body, just the soul.

In order to do so, if everything had went as planned as it should’ve, the Khan’s right hand was reaching forward to grab the entirety of the Kitsune’s face. Not to break his cranium through the sheer force of his grip strength, but to slam him down into the ground beneath, most likely creating a crater several meters deep. As much pain as this might’ve caused to literally any portion of his body, he wasn’t going to have much time to think on it, as the Khan continued his assault. Standing over the Kitsune now, he was going to bring his left hand down upon his face once more, this time aiming it at the center of his face, more than likely causing the nose to break.
“I hope they see this!” Said the Khan as he sent another strike toward the Kitsune’s chest, most likely aggravating the wound once again, as well as causing fracturing in his sternum. “I hope your mother and your father see as their pathetic excuse of a child draws their last breath.” His fist continued to bombard in the Kitsune’s general direction, striking everywhere and anywhere they could, doing so with untold ferocity. “Perhaps I should revive them!” He snarled through the strikes, “Bring them back before your eyes, only to watch them die once more, alongside the rest of your clan!” He sent a fist one fist toward the face on purpose, looking to strike the cheek itself, and another toward his chest in an attempt to rupture his pectoral muscle. “Yet you aren’t even worthy enough to be given such torture!” This time one of his strikes were going to the already dislocated shoulder, while another traveled right above where his kidney rested, both meant to cause nothing more than pain. “You aren’t even worthy enough for me to take that tail as a prize!”
In the span of a few seconds, around a hundred strikes were going to be placed all up and down the Kitsune’s body, each delivered with extreme prejudice. Broken bones, ruptured organs, torn muscle fibers were all going to be a threat. Yet the Khan didn’t care how much damage he done to him, he knew that this pathetic excuse of a Shinobi could take it, and thus he’d deliver. If the poor bastard ever had a chance in hell at becoming strong, he had to be broken inch by inch, mentally and physically. Yet it is the Khan’s next words, that might’ve truly done the most damage in this entire fight, whether the Kitsune could handle them or not were not up to him.
“In all my years of fighting, I have never seen anyone as unskilled as you! If I had even the slimmest idea of how pathetic you were, I would haven’t even accepted your challenge! No wonder the ones who massacred your clan didn’t even bother killing you! You are and always will be a weakling, and your clan, whom you pride on so much were just as worthless as the breaths you take! You are a stain on everything you are apart of! The Land of Lightning, Shinobi Culture, even the very Earth you walk upon! I hope that no one ever comes to love you again, because you know as well as I, you will never have the strength to protect them from anything or anyone!”

Needless to say, Okami was genuinely surprised to see his flames rendered entirely useless before he even got to actually activate them. However, he had still followed through with gripping the arm connected to the hand wrapped around his throat, and would instead channel his chakra through every cell in his body with precision that required complete, intimate knowledge of one's own body and everything it was made up of. This had the benefit of drastically speeding up his regeneration at the cost of losing his stamina faster, provided this wasn't also absorbed like his flames were. Even so, his good arm would still dig deep into the Khan's arm, his claws brutally ripping through skin and flesh until his hand was wrapped around the man's radius and refused to let go, instead threatening to crush it as he gripped it with every bit of the rapidly fading strength he had left... Or at least this would have been the case had the Khan not also reinforced the bandages around his arm with chakra as well, like he'd done to his entire body.

Okami's grip on the Khan's arm would not falter even as the giant continued his assault, though this ceased to be the case when he was slammed into the ground by his head. Okami was then mercilessly pummeled into the ground, making the crater around him a bit deeper with each blow. Okami's fading consciousness would hear the man speak, leaving him with much to think about since he didn't even have the strength to think let alone speak at this point. Okami's wounds had finally caught up to him, and he was in immeasurable physical pain. It also didn't help that the backlash of a failed transformation into his Omen form was considerably worse than the aftermath of a successful transformation, which was to be expected.

All of Okami's remaining chakra was being used up by his body to regenerate from the worst of his wounds, the hole in his chest obviously taking precedence due to it visibly being the fastest one to heal. The pain and adrenaline that had previously been keeping him in a fighting condition despite his grievous wounds had made his heart start beating again, removing the inflicted cardiac arrest. With proper medical attention, Okami would make a full recovery... Or at least his body would. His mind, however, would never forget everything the Khan had done to him tonight, and what the man would continue to do now that he knew the Kitsune could physically handle the punishment. He would also forever remember the man's words, as they would serve to be the fuel needed to become stronger, faster, and nigh impossible to put down through conventional methods... He needed to seek out his Youkai ancestors in the Land of Demons. He needed to properly become a full-blooded Youkai. To learn everything that his clan had forgotten, which had made them grow stagnant and weaken. He himself could now testify and speak from personal experience just how weak the once-proud, feared, and respected clan had become... And he could speak of it because he had actually survived the brutal demonstration that proved it and opened his eyes to the fact.​


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During the battle between both The 9 Tails Descendant and The Great Khan, a mysterious woman will have been observing the fight from afar but keeping her presence completely hidden by making it blend in the rest of the inhabitants that may have been around so she appears as your everyday average human until she wanted to be found. She had gotten word from a very "reliable source" that something was supposed to be going down in the Land Of Iron, though she didn't expect this. Regardless, it was definitely something worth being around for, or atleast she thought. The fight itself was completely one sided, however she was impressed by the simple fact the poor fox didn't just drop right off the back once he felt the presence of the larger scarlet skinned male. The aura being given off was something even her daughter Akuno would have trouble with, so someone like the still being able to even attempt to fight back was impressive. Tenken would even give small smirks and giggles as she watched this... gorgeous man toy around with his prey similar to how she has her own fun scaring her targets until they give up on even trying to escape her grasp before she finally consumes them. All the woman could bring herself to do was lift her left hand up to her mouth and seductively bite down on her index finger as her cheeks turned a slight shade of pink. "Oooh, that's it big boy. Break him!" Her giggles continued as she watched the Khan grab the poor mans heart and proceeding to pound his body into the ground. Every word spoken by this mysterious man only further grew her interest in the situation, but mainly in the man doing the all the damage himself.

Once she was able to confirm that the battle was already over, she then made her move to get save the poor fox. In all honesty, she didn't really have a huge liking to him, especially since she considered everyone outside of her family fair game as prey. In fact, if he had died in this battle, Tenken could have simply eaten the corpse and returned to the village to report the fact the body couldn't be found and was most likely destroyed in the battle incase questions of Okami's whereabouts were to be brought up. However, since he wasn't dead she had a couple choices to make, even though killing and feeding sounded more appealing to her, she decided to just heal him herself and return the poor creature to the village since he was an acquaintance of her family.
"Ugh, why do they even hang around this creature, this was the fastest fight i've ever seen. If I can even call it that." Sighing in nothing but disappointment and finally revealing herself on top of one of the roofs closest to where the battle took place before she casually hopped down, landing softly and quietly on the ground only about 50 feet away from where they currently were. As she grew closer to the Khan, she could understand why most people either died before his intent or were too afraid to be in his presence, he definitely had an overwhelming presence and she could sense it. However, to her it seemed quite nice to be around another with another Inhuman like intent, in a way it made her feel warm and excited instead of petrified.

In this moment, she finally began walking towards the Duo. The cool breeze washed over her dark tawny skin and blew her dark scarlet hair gently in the wind, making her appear more appealing to whoever may have seen her. The debris rushing in her direction from the point of destruction in the Land of Iron where the two men were simply brushes across her long Indogo coat which bears an imprint of a deer skull in the center which also 2 fully functional Osoregans in the eyes due to a particular spell which helps keep them fuctional even though the beast itself is already dead. Adding to this attire is also a black Kimono with white lining that has a significantly low-cut neckline, exposing her large breasts. Not to mention the wind causing the bone necklace she wears to also flail within the wind. Over a few moments, she eventually came upon the two of them and stood directly in front of the Khan, looking him over with her royal purple eyes while slightly biting her bottom red glossed lip in pure amazement of how handsome this man was he wasn't her husband but it was definitely a sight to see since the passing of her husband, Endigo Tomogui a few years prior.

"Well well, aren't you quite the handsome specimen Mr. Muteki. You're much more handsome in person. It's really a pleasure to meet such a.. tall and delicious looking man such as yourself. Not to mention how well you handle yourself. But are you going to kill this little creature? By all means if so then I can simply inform my son he died as a Rogue shinobi for leaving the village, but of course i'll be having his corpse for lunch. Which is really much easier on me, but if not then may I have no choice but to return this useless pile of flesh back to the village, ugh, it's work i rather not get myself involved with but its for my son so, either way its not going to be good news for the little fox. You're more than welcome to join me, I wouldn't mind being escorted back home. Not that I need it, It'd just be nice seeing something else to look at besides this." Her tone was soft, but she spoke in a confident yet slightly annoyed manner as she awaited the answer from the taller man she was speaking to. Tenken even went as far as to fix her outfit a bit to keep her large chest contained but in doing so she teasingly pushed them together. "Oh by the way, my name is Tenken, Tenken Tomogui." Extending her hand towards the Khan in a manner as if she was insisting he took it into his grasp, further adding disrespect to the situation altogether since she spent more time flirting with the man who had just beaten her son's jonin, instead of immediately taking him back to the village.



For a moment, the Khan thought about digging his hand back into the cavity of the Kitsune’s chest, and ripping out his still-beating heart. All it would take is a single movement, and there was nothing that the Kitsune could do about it, other than watch. The only thing that stopped him is that he had already become bored of this battle, and thought it as a waste of his time, just as this being at his feet was a waste of space. Though this did not mean the beaten pup didn’t entertain him some, in fact, it had been a long time since the Khan had a chance to defeat someone so mercifully. It made him curious as the next time something like that might happen, or, if it ever will again.
Like almost all thoughts the Khan had, this one ended soon after it had begun. Not because he had nothing else to trail onto, but rather, something lingered in the distance. Samehada’s gnawing hunger turned to its direction, sensing that whatever it is had a powerful source of chakra, but it is the deep, overwhelming sense of dread that seemed to coat the area that caught the Khan’s attention. Not in a bad way either, as for the first time in months, his lips curled to form something vaguely reminiscent of a grin. Soon after, the sound of a beating heart filled his ears, and the undeniable stench of death in his nostrils.
“Impressive,” The Khan said underneath his breath, “I’ve only felt one other of this magnitude before..”
Stepping away from the Kitsune for the time being, the Khan was going to turn his attention toward the entity that approached the two of them. He didn’t think anything of them at first, besides acknowledging that it might’ve been a rather strong female, but as her physical characteristics became clearer, he began tor realize who this might’ve been. She had many names, the Wendigo, the Shōhijiko, Daemon of Raijin, but the Khan knew her best as Tenken Tomogui. An individual like him, considered as a character so larger than life, that many thought they did not exist. Yet here the two of them were, less than fifty feet apart now, something that no one had ever imagined was a possibility, or perhaps, they never wanted to imagine this reality 2in the first place.
Although she might’ve just known the Khan by his name and title as Jonin Commander, he knew a lot about her, as well as her clan. So much in fact, that he had an entire series of scientific journals that he had written about them, and they were comprised of every bit of information that he had available. The only thing that he hadn’t expected to come from the woman was her rather flirtatious demeanor which was revealed the moment she opened her mouth Admittedly, the Khan would’ve been rather shocked by anyone attempting to do such an act, simply due to his appearance and who he was as a person. So he tried to think nothing of it at first, yet when she continued on, well it became something that he couldn’t quite ignore.
First things first, however, the Khan gave a graceful bow to the Wendigo, as if the beatdown he had delivered never happened in the first place. He then, rather respectfully, stood and listened throughout the entire spiel she delivered about the Kitsune, her son, and whatever decision he wished to make. As he listened though, he began putting pieces together about who her son might’ve been, especially as she said that she could inform him of the Kitsune potentially becoming a Rogue Shinobi. It is then he realized that the individual she had been referring to all this time wasn’t just a random Jonin or Daiymo in the Land of Lightning, no not at all, she had been referring to the Raikage himself. Although he did not automatically seem shocked or surprised in any sense of the word, he did take it into consideration as she offered to let him escort her back home.
In almost any other situation, the Khan would’ve walked away from her and went back to the Land of Water, but he thought about the potential diplomatic aid this could offer in the long run. So as uncharacteristic as it was of the Khan, he replied to the Wendigo’s extended hand with the bloodied black bandaged hand of his own, and nodded his head softly. She was quite beautiful indeed, but the Khan didn’t care for physical appearances, not in the slightest. If any attraction were to be found in this woman, it would be in her physical and mental prowess, for the stronger two partners were, then stronger the potential child. It just so happened that throughout all the nations on Earth, the Land of Lightning had been the only one to harbor any women of preferable caliber, the only proof being that the woman who birthed Meinichi, his daughter, was from there.
“Ms. Tomogui, it is an honor to have given one such as yourself audience.” The Khan no longer spoke in a low or violent manner, but in a respectful and kingly tone, something he did more often than most might’ve expected. “I do not plan on executing him in the slightest, I see no use in doing so, as the death of his spirit is much more satisfying to me. As for your invitation…”. The Khan drew silent for just a moment, instead choosing to twist his wrist so that her hand laid on top of his, and if she allowed, kissed it gently. One thing that’d be a shock to her more than likely is that, while his facial hair was bushy, it was incredibly soft to the touch. A fact that, nearly no one, not even his own daughter had the pleasure of knowing anymore.
Looking back up at her now, if he had been granted permission for such a thing, the Khan’s face was going to still be reminiscent of a grimace, but the features of what were meant to be a grin still lingered. While still bent down, the Khan was going to try and grab the Kitsune by the scruff of his collar, lifting him up just enough that he wasn’t putting any pressure on any parts of his body. Not only so that he didn’t hurt himself further, but also, to remind him of his rather fickle state. Though the Khan had a slight semblance of hope that, after such a brutal beatdown, the Kitsune would grow strong enough to present some sort of challenge someday. Yet tonight, the two of them did have a similarity, as each was likely to be taken care of by a woman in one way or another.
“Let us make haste before it is to late for our lost canine..”
As Okami stubbornly clung to consciousness, he was able to watch and listen in on the interaction but thought nothing of it. As his regeneration used up the last of his chakra to rapidly patch up the worst of his injuries and mend the broken bones including his teeth, the pain coursing through his body dulled to more tolerable levels with the exception of his still-dislocated arm. With a concussion, dislocated arm, and blood loss being the worst of what he was feeling as of right now, as well as his chakra being exhausted with the exception of what the body needed in order to live, he was lucky to not pass out or risk suffering further complications from the concussion. However, he wouldn't be standing on his own power let alone returning to Kumogakure unassisted.

As he was lifted up by the Khan, Okami would look towards the man and speak, resolve showing in his otherwise tired and beaten eyes and voice. "Hey... About what you said... You've given me a lot to think about. About how weak both I and my clan have become, and how weak we've become compared to the rest of the village... About the ease of which all but myself and one other were slaughtered, even if it was by an Otsutsuki. How I and that one other clan member weren't even worth killing... How can I continue to call myself a proud Jonin of Kumogakure if I can't even protect myself? As for what you said about nobody ever loving me again... I agree with you."

Okami would pause in his speech long enough to take a few breaths and clear his head before continuing, now looking upwards towards the moon. "I cannot rightly form any such attachments until I'm strong enough to protect them... It's half the reason I work alone, after all. Hell, the only reason I'm the head of my clan is because I'm the only member of my clan that can currently be found in my village and have been since that day. I want to become strong enough to back it up and protect myself, but most of all to protect others, especially those who cannot protect themselves. But I can't do that alone. Not anymore." Okami would continue taking deep and concentrated breaths as he stopped talking, feeling much better and more level-headed after vocally coming clean to himself and others about the burden he carried on his shoulders. He had long known just how weak he was and that he had a very big pair of boots to fill with responsibilities to match, but he'd never known just how weak he truly was.

Okami would remain silent for the remainder of the trip back to Kumogakure, however long it took. He had nothing left to say and honestly couldn't be bothered to care about whatever punishment his Raikage came up with for him... They didn't exactly see eye to eye these days, to the point Okami was no longer holding back whenever they clearly disagreed on something, especially on decisions Okami morally couldn't agree with in any way at all. In fact the Kitsune didn't even call the man by any respectful title or suffix anymore. As it was, Okami didn't exactly have much keeping him tied to the village anyways, and thus had little to no reason to respect the same person who could strip him of his rank and cast him into exile on a whim, without having to let Okami even try to defend himself.

Okami was a flight risk, albeit with generally justifiable cause. While he may vocally disagree with the Raikage on various matters, he refused to do anything that would be counted as treason. Okami was many things, but a traitor he was not. Everyone who knew him and his reasons for being the way he was could tell with but a cursory glance that it was only a matter of time before he either found a reason to stay or cut ties himself. He just prayed he wasn't actually given a reason to leave by his own Raikage, the one friend he knew he had left in spite of everything due to being the only one who truly interacted with him worth a damn anymore. There were very few things that could truly hurt him at this point, but that would definitely cut deeper than the Khan's own words.​


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Tenken gave a heart warming smile to Muteki once he took her hand and planted a kiss on her, she paid close attention to his body language and even took a moment to bite her bottom lip from the gentle feeling of his beard and lips, even his hands were surprisingly gentle to the touch. She was also able to smell and feel the fresh warm blood from the Kitsune as it gave off a stronger sent once she was actually close enough to him, added with the fact the blood was now on her hand after her source of interest held it in his own. "You know, for someone who just finished a brutal slaughter, you sure have a way on writing it off as if nothing happened and showing good manners right from the start of a new interaction. Normally someone will still be in fighting mode, but you... You really are something Mr. Muteki." Their small exchange of words and feeling of one another came to a halt after he bent down to pick up the Kitsune. As expected of a woman of her caliber, Tenken simply reached into the pocket of her coat to pull out a small empty vial before opening it and covering her hand over the opening. This allowed the blood that been put on her to drip into the vial during the duration of the conversation between Okami and Khan. It was a good thing the blood was on Khan since this would make the process of keeping the Kitsune alive much easier for what she needed to do, since she no longer had to risk getting blood over her outfit. She felt a little bad for the creature for the state he was in but then again, it was the actions and words of the Kitsune that put him in the situation to begin with. Whatever reason the two of them had for fighting, could have gone much worse if the reason caused for it.

Regardless of the situation, the Kitsune needed attention and the Khan was right about one thing, they needed to get him back to her cave so she could make him stable enough to transport to the village which also meant she need to use her jutsu. "After I take care of him at my cave and return him to the village, I would like to keep you around more if that's not a problem. Could you do that for me?" Regardless of the answer she was given, Tenken will simply kneel down and use her sharp yet durable claws to draw a snall foot circle around the 3 of them with sigils for "Land Of Lightning" and "Ancient Wendingo Cave". After doing so, she makes a few chants in ancient language. "Fer ad speluncam antiquorum wendendo in terra fulminis" After chanting these words, the circle she had drawn around them began to emit a mysterious pink and bright purple glow before a light shot up with the 3 of them inside, engulfing the trio all at once. After that, the circle will disappear and the trio will be completely gone from the Land Of Iron as a whole.

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