Shippo Forest


A forest on the coast of the Land of Palm Trees. It is quite serene and dense, much like a jungle.​


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Koga Kaguya

The forest. A place of usual comfort, as well as solitude for the ones who seek refuge from the world of civilization. The sound of chain links brushing together beating against the young Koga's eardrum like a terrible headache took away from the quiet and serenity of the wooded paradise. His head hung low, retreated, trapped within the deepest, darkest recesses of his mind. Although, it seemed to be his only way to manage. Walking along with the men, he felt nothing, numb even; as if bitten by a venomous snake multiple times to the point where your body doesn't feel like your own. Perhaps.. it was because of the drug inside him? No, this ran deeper than physical ailments. A type of pain that could not be seen on the surface to the eyes of normal people. The kind of pain that only those who've been through that very same pain could possibly understand. He wanted to speak.. to scream.. but he knew that all that would become of such an activity would only cause him further mental torment. So, as such he remained quiet.


As the group trekked onward Koga felt his mind begin to settle, as if a heavy fog were being lifted from his view of vision. Meaning, the drugs effects were started to subside, but this also means a member of the Black Market thugs would feed him another pill soon making this a race against the cloak. The blindfold that was tied around his head was not one that had a seal placed on it, fairly easy to remove. His hands were bound together by a relatively crude thin rope that had been tied over multiple times to become thick keeping his hands in place. As he subtly inspected his bindings a single guard, possibly the leader of this squad, halted them. Why had they stopped? To rest? Kill Koga? Or worse. The man had a powerful voice, booming across the group in the form of barking orders to set up a temporary encampment.

"Alright! We'll set up here for the rest of the day and continue onward at the first sign of light! Now, get moving and set up a perimeter around the camp!"

With a hardy acknowledgement the rest of the men began setting up for the night to come. One guided Koga over to a lone wooden pillar tying him to it, Koga could feel his presence standing over him making him uncomfortable as just then he felt a pair if hands on each side of his face lifting the blindfold from his eyes throwing it to the ground by Koga's feet, his hand reaching into his pouch to pull out what seemed to be the drug used to keep Koga in a trance like state. Silent and yet full of quiet rage, Koga simply glares at the man, his eyes glaring into his as if he was peering directly into his soul. This, sent the man stumbling back a few feet away from Koga visibly shaking a bit before collecting himself then turning around to leave to finish the work given by the leader seemingly to forget all about the drug he was going to give the boy. The sounds of hustling and bustling to finish as fast as they could was apparent, giving Koga the assumption that they wont be very worried about defensive measures seeing as how we were the only ones in this forest, supposedly. Using this golden opportunity, Koga quickly made use of his Shikotsumyaku abilities, bones protruding from his wrists, chest and back severing the ropes that held him prisoner. Still, he did not utter one word. Not for relief nor cursing merely cracking his neck before releasing a deep breathe. He only wanted blood and what better targets then the ones that surrounded him within the camp. He finds himself walking towards the hub of the camp, most likely where he would find the leader. Naturally, he was spotted by several of the Black Market guards as they attempted to halt Koga in his tracks, yet, it seems he was unresponsive to them. Taking offense to their "authority" being disregarded, they started their attack on Koga. Though, this didnt bother him in the slightest. Three men rushed the boy but much to their demise, Koga had skewered them within a blink of an eye, their lifeless bodies slump to the ground with a hard, sickening thud as the bones that detached from Kogas body protrudes through the mens corpses leaving them in a pool of blood while some even poured from the center of the bones giving a very drizzly sight to behold. Shakened at the scene of their fallen comradea, but holding fast, more approached the boy with deafening war cries. Koga quietly hums.

"Dance of the Blood Lotus.."

Four swords flew, Koga bent backwards, thank to his taijutsu prowess, he easily avoids a would be stab aimed at his skull, gracefully, Koga landed on his palms coming up to a handstand, his body twisting in one impossibly fast movement as four bones sprout from his calves, knees and shins. Unable to react quickly enough all four men were simultaneously caught in the crossfire cutting them in multiple places that's vital for humans to live. Blood spewed from major arteries covering Koga in a shower of red mist coating a good majority of his clothing as well as his face which now sported a demonic, otherworldly look. One step, all it took was one step for the last of the remaining Black Market guards to realize just how outclassed they were, by a child no less. Koga's malice was undeniable, a shadow loomed across the majority of his face only keeping both his eyes and mouth visible. A twisted, sinister smile spreads across his lips while his eyes glew pure white as the world around the remaining men seemed to distort and warp from the reality they knew, but, this wasn't Genjutsu. This, was Kogas Killing Intent and all it took was a mere step forward to cause them to either stumble backwards or stand completely still dropping their weapons in the process, paralyzed with fear not wanting to dare test their luck against the Kaguya child. Just then, the leader of the now broken squad emerged from the main tent in shock of what he sees before him. The Kaguya boy free, most of his men killed and the remnants violently shaking with fear given to them from the boy. Drawing his sword he spoke directly to Koga.

"I don't know HOW you managed to kill my men, but I swear to you I'll tear a piece off of you for each of their lives you little bastard! RAHHHHHHHHH!!!"

Unfazed, Koga met the vengeful leader head on, obviously riddled with anger and bloodlust his attack were sloppy, uncoordinated and wild. His arm came down recklessly seemingly forget Koga is far stronger than he is, not to mention smarter. Koga simply moved his head back a few inches, not at all fazed by his offense. Suddenly, the leader attempted to redirect power to his foot at the last second to catch the boy off guard, but Koga knew better as he knows people like him fight dirty to gain the upper hand. Sadly, today wouldn't be one of those days where he succeeded. Koga ducked skidding his foot outward with a bone piercing from his heel aimed towards the planted foot of the man connecting with his achilles heel. This causes the man to scream in horrid pain as he fell to the ground with a loud thud clutching his bleeding heel to try to stop the blood from pouring out. He attempted to get one if his men to fetch the healing tag but they were still to paralyzed with fear to dow anything useless, so, his cries only fell on deaf ears. Koga stood over the man looking down on the pathetic sight with deadpan eyes. Without a single word he reached behind his head, his skin shooting up as it bursts open reveling his spine, his fingers coil around his spinal column pulling it from its space while just as quickly a new one takes his places as the skin from wence it came closes. The weapon found itself wrapping around the mans neck while Koga squated on the mans stomach, looking into his eyes giving one last smirk before pulling the spinal weapon causing his head to detach from his neck sending it rolling on the ground as his body twitched for a few seconds before finally going still. Koga stood on the mans body tilting his head back turning it towards the remnants finally speaking but in a hushed yet very clear whisper.


Without needing a second warning they stumble and fall over each other trying to flee from the child's wrath. They dispersed amongst the trees fleeing into the forest. Such a sight. Cockroaches scattering when faced with a obstacle they know would be their end. How feeble the will of humans are, they preach about bravery but when it finally comes to it they falter in the face of death turning them from men to mice. The boy continued to sit there on the body of the headless man sitting with his legs crossed as he picked up the mans head. A laugh emits from his lips as he began mutilating the severed head humming a lullaby once sung to him by his late mother.

"Mmm.. hmm, hmmhmm, mmhmm... hm, mm, mmmm"
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The sound of numerous pickaxs' collided with the large grey-hued rocks. Their weight and mass were far too great for any regular human to lift, only those who went through intense physical training would be able to lift these rocks of sheer size. The clanking of shackles wrapped around the ankles of the prisoners hit the eardrums of all in the surrounding area as small coal-size rocks departed from the large boulders. Residing in a technologized world, these shackles were far from normal and did more than just restrain the prisoners physically. Branded with these devices, any man or woman who was born with supernatural gifts was demoted to mere mortals. The ones who were subjected to these shackles prevented them from molding chakra and from using techniques. When attempted to use ninjutsu or chakra-influenced techniques bolts of lightning would release from the cuffs, electrifying those subjected to the device. Sadly, the Kaguya would become the cause for his self-harm as he attempted to utilize and manipulate his osteoblasts converting his own bones into deadly weapons, but such an attempt was interrupted as the smart device detected the utilization of chakra before the could tear through the thick layers of skin, it immediately retracted as the chakra had been siphoned while simultaneously electrifying the boy measuring of no more than 30 volts of lightning. The blue streaks of lightning coated the boy's entire body, easily bringing him to his knees.

"Stupid Brat. You shinobi tend to think you are better because of the curses you were born with...well settle into a new reality where you are nothing but scum." The guard's words were unsheathed and pierced deeper than any sword. "ptooey" a ball of saliva thrashed onto the left cheek of the boy. Prison guards who were in proximity laughed at the altercation, as they knew that the Koga's fighting spirit would soon shrink and eventually dwindle away. No matter how much willpower one possessed, those who ended up as a slave under the Black Market soul would be broken down eroded away like the very rocks their pickaxs' pierced through.


"No please Lord Tsuchimuro! I've done everything you've asked of me!" a random old man had exclaimed as he pleaded for his life, though it had done little good as the man had been forcefully pulled from the red wooden mansion that was assembled in the middle of the forest. The eldered man's body had hurled into the metallic casket. The force of the throw was so great that it resulted in the man severing his spine. What happened next was unforgivable and was traumatizing to the human eye. Sealing the casket closed where no amount of sunlight can intrude, the old man was surrounded by complete and utter darkness. Mounted on the shoulders of four men who were equipped with black robes hiding their physical presence much like the Hidden Villages Anbu Black Ops, their steady steps had all moved in unison as they walked to the dug grave sight. Gently placing the casket inside of the hole, they'd begin to fold their hands, close their eyes, and bow their heads. All at once, the four emotionless hooded men begin to chant a scripture. "May you rest in peace and serve the rest of your internal life to a higher calling. As your body is only a fragile shell entrapping the soul of the holy spirit. May your body decompose and become one with nature, while your soul becomes apart of the Deity you have shamed. May he seek forgiveness and allow you to walk the Earth again as a better mortal." The breathless speech that subsided from each of the robe individuals was monotone, which had struck fear in the other prisoners as they knew that their time was next.

Equipping themselves with the shovels now, the surrounded prisoners begun to transport the small dark-hued rocks onto the casket until it completely covered it. Stepping aside and moving out the robed men's way, their hands would dig into their confines summoning flame throwers as they then activated the tools releasing powerful waves of fire onto the rocks melting until it completely encased the casket. Now all was needed to be done was for the melted rocks to cool and solidify. What was the reasoning for this? Many prisoners had asked themselves? But there was obviously no answer that could justify such inhumane actions.

Screen Shot 2021-03-09 at 7.49.42 PM.png

Appearing in the middle of the forest appeared a red six-story building. It was the base of operations of the overseer of this small branch within the black market. Not only was the mansion the catalyst of what kept strict order and controlled all those who were imprisoned in Shippo's forest, but it to felt like a human entity as the house contained an ominous aura. It was here where the Kaguya electrified body would be stored and furthered punished for his disobedience. Surrounding the green land where hundreds of soldiers were equipped with technologized weapons. Their gadgets were rather useful as they overpowered numerous shinobi who attempted to "free' the contents of the Black Market.



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Sayū not only heard the voice of the Hokage through the Taiwa Scroll but also felt the transference of chakra occurring. It wasn't the Hokage’s and it didn’t seem suspicious. However, as a cautious individual he was, he’d use kai as a precautionary means. This chakra signature wasn’t one that he was familiar with but on further observation, it felt different. Not of this world almost. The chakra coursed through his system, integrating with his own, and creating a new structure in unison. His spacious optics began to flicker on and off, but it wasn’t the Byakugan that was flickering. He didn’t know what it was however he had a general idea. Sayū had heard of a set of optics that were an evolution for the Hyūga like how the Sharingan evolved for the Uchiha. Perhaps this explained why from a young age he had been so overwhelmingly powerful in comparison to his peers. The power that coursed through his eyes felt much more potent and concentrated. More powerful. Fortunately, no one was watching him, but had the young Genin turned around they’d notice his spacious white optics radiated a light blue hue. With it introducing a blue pupil that overlapped a light white flower lotus. The Tenseigan. It all made sense now. The Tenseigan eventually prompted Sayū to close his eyes and deactivate them as he heard the voice of the Hokage, urging him to become stronger.

He was never good at these things. These talks. To him, it was better to lead by action rather than be a conversation. It held more weight. Unfortunately, not everyone prefers that method of encouragement. Sometimes, you have to do either or, or both. He sighed before he began the conversation, but before he did, he thought of what Hinome was doing right now. He hoped she was safe, especially with all that was occurring, or rather, had occurred. The Hyūga stared at the children walking in front of them. Hinome was always great at these types of things he thought to himself. She was kind, empathetic, and when she spoke, it made the others feel warm and safe. Somehow someway, she just had a way with words. The man thought about it for a moment longer, thinking about her future and how she’d make a great leader. The mere idea of it put a small smile in the corner of his lip. Even though he wasn’t great at it, he understood that it was something that needed to be done. A trait that was important for a leader, which he was not only for his unit but for the entirety of the Hyūga. He would have to learn.

“One moment,” Sayū stopped walking just as he got the attention of the children. “We’ll have a debrief when we get home, but there is something I have to tell you all.” He paused momentarily sighing deeply. “While we were gone, the village was attacked. There has been a lot of damage and injuries, but it has since been mitigated by Leaf Shinobi. I’m telling you this beforehand so it doesn’t catch you all off guard when we get there.” As he spoke he glanced at each of them, Samiya included, making eye contact with them and making sure they were understanding the gravity of the situation. “Prepare yourselves mentally. And remember, the enemy could potentially still be out there. Keep your eyes open, be vigilant, rely on your teammates, and most importantly, do not leave my side until I have given you permission.” At this point, he was staring directly at Kabuki. He knew the others would understand, but Kabuki always had an interesting personality. He needed to be told clearly. “Is that understood?” Once receiving confirmation from them, he’d glance over at Samiya, “I understand your Land of Earth, I suggest you stay with us and when we get to Konoha we can arrange transportation for you."


Once they all had an understanding, the team would continue walking forward. As they walked he felt the presence of other individuals in the area. Eventually, they were near the building, where it appeared as some prisoners were working outside of the building mining. Manual labor from prisoners was natural. It was something that had existed in the world and Sayū was fine for that. Though he had an ominous feeling that it wasn't exactly a prison based on the way the guards were dressed. What had bothered him was the child that was imprisoned and the fact one of the guards had spat on him. Typically, Sayū was one who would mind his business, but for some reason, he just couldn’t keep walking. The kid was younger than his team and when he saw what occurred, he thought about what if that was one of the kids from his team. It dropped his heart and at the same time ignited a fire inside of him. They were more than likely twenty feet away from them when Sayū spoke out toward the guards. He had positioned himself in front of his team. “Oi,” he spoke out toward the guard that had spat on the kid, “Is that really necessary?” His spacious white optics glared at the guard with immeasurable killing intent. Just from a mere glare, it would cause the guards' legs to start shaking violently before falling onto the ground. Regardless of whether or not that occurred, he’d stand there waiting for his response.


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"Performance? Of course not! This is a display of my inner feelings!"

It was no secret that genin would experience much hardship before adulthood. Kabuki was no different. He stood amidst the group with the girl from the Rock Village at his right, Yua his teammate at his left and Hino his former classmate on the other side of her. In front of them was the jonin leader of their squad Sayu who was sure to give them direction on what was to come next. While the Hyuga spoke Kabuki couldn't help but to glance over at Hino who seemed a bit dilapidated and troubled. He couldn't help but to wonder what had happened to the rest of his team and what hardships his comrade had faced. It made him sad. Shaking off the feeling and tuning into what Sayu had to say once more, Kabuki saw a flash of his rival and former friend Suhaku in his mind's eye.

Not long after he rejoined the others in thought he heard notice of the village's attack. Immediately he recalled his mom and pa as well as his grandparents and the other genin from his class. Were they okay? Puckering out his bottom lip and doing his best not to cry, Kabuki breathed in a deep sigh and looked downward.

"I sure do hope everyone is okay..." thought the performer.

Kabuki was no fool - he remembered the protestors who wanted to boycott the Chunin Exams as well as the television programs about the people who hated ninja. This was not a new issue, nor was it one that he as a shinobi could ignore; the village had made them aware of the dangers. Before they had left, he knew that Ryojin and Keiwa were helping the village with the blackout. Was this connected? Obviously. If he remember correctly a similar problem had taken place before some 15 years ago. "The Red Tongue..." Kabuki clutched both of his small fists. Once Sayu offered Samiya to stay with them he would also agree, letting her know that she was welcome. "Yeah. You should stick with us." said the boy trying to be brave. It was unlike him - he was usually quite flamboyant as his face paint might've suggested. "I'm Kabuki."

Eventually they would continue forward. Kabuki stayed a ways behind with Hino at his side, glancing over to him to speak before they reached any other peoples. There was a silence other than the crunching of the snow. Maybe everyone was thinking about the village? "So... Hino... About your squad. Where is Rika and Suhaku?" Kabuki had already asked once. Maybe Hino just hadn't answered because they were in a tight spot? Maybe he could answer now.

Then, suddenly, Kabuki caught sight of an odd red building. It was kind of hard to miss beside the whiteness of the snow but he had been so enraptured in his question to Hino as well as thoughts of the village's safety that he had allowed it to slip. Those beady black eyes of his peered into an unsightly sight - an adult male spitting on a child! Without hesitation or even thinking in unison with his teacher's 'Oi', Kabuki was off. His small legs made quick-work of the distance between the team and the commotion and before he knew it he was standing in front of Koga with his arms out to his sides, bottom lip puckered and eyes a-glare.

"Adults shouldn't treat kids like garbage! If you wanna' fight, fight me!"

Bold words for a little scary cat. Soon after he said it he had regretted his words; Kabuki's once determined face flustered as he glanced off with a tinge of fear. Despite the fact that he had gotten over his crippling anxiety when it came to combat he was still a child and did not like conflict.
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Was the fighting finally over? Samiya was on what seemed to be an endless mission. Not only was she sent to retrieve the scrolls, but just days before she was fighting for the lives of everyone in her village. For all intents and purposes, she shouldn't even have been standing right now. However, she somehow defied the odds and made it out alive. But, for whatever reason, regardless of her wins, all she could think about was why she was still alive. As brutal as it sounds, Samiya never truly saw herself as anything more than a mundane ninja. So what made her life worth more than those that died on the same battlefields she's fought on?

It would seem that even more lives were lost in her absence. News of a large-scale attack loomed over her head like a storm cloud, another reminder of the cruel world of shinobi she resided within. She could only hope her village was still intact, they had only just recovered from their last attack, so going through another could leave them in an irreversible state of discord. But, to assume such things would be downplaying the will of her village and the strength of her Tsuchikage, something she couldn't in her right mind suggest.

Samiya shook her head, almost as though to shake the negative thoughts from her mind. Luckily, her attention was quickly drawn elsewhere, drowning out her thoughts and bringing her attention out to the forefront. She looked up to a greeting by the flamboyant boy, Kabuki.

"Nice to meet you, Kabuki!"

Samiya couldn't help but smile, her mouth curling up slightly on each side in response to the boy's kind words. It had been more than a while since she was met with such pleasantries, so it was a relief to say the absolute least. Despite being from a different village, she couldn't ignore the hospitality of the Konoha shinobi. Not only did they potentially save her from an unpleasant fate, but they allowed her safe passage back to her own home. She couldn't help but admire the boy's smile and energy, even after partaking in such a fight. Though, it's not like he'd seen half of what she'd seen on this particular mission. Regardless, shinobi weren't usually as upbeat as him, especially in such a tumultuous time. However, it would seem her fate wasn't done toying with her just yet.

Just like the rest of her team, she was faced with a large red building. Surrounding it was a dense and sinister energy, one that would question the motives of those that could dwell within it. Her eyes trailed from the sixth story of the building and down to the first, soon befalling a most unpleasant sight. A young boy was being beaten and spit at, his body thrown to the ground as if he was only an idle piece of trash. Before she could call out to his assailants, Kabuki flew from his position, in an instant standing on guard for the young stranger.

She admired his bravery, even if his expression suggested that it was a bit more fickle than it initially seemed. She shot off behind him, soon appearing at his side and before the young boy, holding her left arm out to block not only the boy, but also Kabuki. She called a small amount of chakra to her right hand, balling it into a fist as her smile fixed itself into a scowl.

"That's enough! Spit won't be the only thing to fly if you try and lay another hand on him!"

She spoke with conviction, her words unapologetically bearing her feelings forth as she stood beside her comrade. Despite her young age, she couldn't help but stand up for those in need. It wasn't only her duty, but her right as a shinobi. Despite her dislike concerning such violence, if it was to aid someone in need she wouldn't pull her punches by any means. Her fists held strong unwavering intent, intent she planned to employ in support of her newfound companions.



Her eyes peering forward as she was seemingly lost in thought, an internal conflict within herself that brought about the worrying of something else, a transference of eminent danger looming over her as if waiting to crush her. The source of the feeling unbeknownst to her, but certainly not pertaining to her own. Reaching her left hand up gently sliding her middle finger over the crescent seal that resided upon her forehead which concealed itself signifying that this had in fact been the origin of everything she had currently been feeling.

"Papa...are you okay?"

The girl spoke softly under her breath in hopes no one would hear her own worries so as not to be the burden of the group. After a swift rescue and save support mission, her genin squad was now accompanied by the newfound members that traveled with them for the time being. Their destination, Konoha. The temperature of the area had drastically changed in but only a few hours, snow blanketed the ground beneath their feet, weighing branches down whilst sending animals whom normally would migrate into somewhat of a panic – particularly the birds. The singular butterfly which typically circled around her, made itself warm by blanketing itself beneath the under layers of her hair closest to the back of her neck. Something had certainly been amidst, an unexpectedly powerful gust of wind carrying the frozen flakes of snow abrasively against the exposed arms and face of the young kunoichi – yet despite the drop in temperature she still seemed to remain warm, as if someone or something was maintaining her body temperature. A subtle movement within her hair apparently giving her a hint at exactly what it was preventing her from freezing over.

Her train of thought had suddenly been interrupted by her own sensei as he delivered some rather devastating news that certainly wouldn't contribute to her current mental state. The alerting of the attack of Konoha nearly sent the girl into a frenzy of emotions – the one place she could finally call home, devoid of her previous struggles in her homeland, had now been attacked and potentially decimated. Her friends and family which resided within had certainly been made subject to the attack as well. She hadn't been emotionally prepared for this news, however she did everything in her power to suppress her emotions for now – her sensei being present and providing a warming sense of security certainly aided in doing so.

Just as the young girl thought she'd gotten the reign of her emotions, the next scenario she would see when she leered into the distance, had hit far too close to home for her. A young male, likely around her age had been confined to a post and appeared to be captive. A much older shady looking individual abusing the child and spitting upon his face. Yua's eyes shot open, and for once instead of the reserved timid girl she was known to be at heart, had been shattered and replaced by what could only be described as vessel seething anger. The snow beneath the man's feet immediately beginning to crystallize using the snow itself as a medium before creating eight crystal spiked spears that erected in but an instant from nearly every angle in the shape of something synonymous to a pyramid. Should he fail to react accordingly, he would be faced with halted spiked portions of sharpened crystals pressed against his neck from eight different directions, only a shift away from puncturing the skin.

She said nothing in reply, as she had in all actuality suffered from PTSD which had developed during her years of struggle, slavery, and destitution in the land of sickness, along with the invasion of demons only two years prior.






Hino was still feeling numb from the surge of harsh emotions leaving him. He didnt know what to feel right now and he was basically the same as a walking husk. Even though he had completed the mission, the second mission he has ever been on no less, he had still lost so much. He had watched Suhaku die right before his eyes and his leaf just fly off into nowhere. Even worse than that he had just left his body out there. He had wanted to at least take it back with him so that his family could see him at least. To add on top of that he had lost Rika somewhere in a foreign country, not knowing where even he could be. Though as if that was not enough he was told that the leaf village had been attacked by the red tongue and his home could possibly not even be there anymore when he returned. The last piece of his mother and father that he had to his name and he was possibly about to lose it to some people that didnt like ninja. They were here to protect everyone where, how could someone be so ungrateful that they would want to get rid of them now out of everything they have done.

He was feeling the anger starting to resurge and overtake him before he heard Kabuki talking to him. Asking him a simple question that sent his mind racing at hundreds of miles per hour. He knew that him and Suhaku had a falling out when they had that fight by the lake but they were still friends. This was going to be something that he would have to talk about at some point but he didnt want to talk about it now. Anything but having to talk about it right now. Please, if there was a god he would have stopped all this from happening. Saved his friends. Saved his village. Saved his parents. They were always the ones doing the saving that people forgot that they were human too and that when they were in trouble they needed to be saved as well.

”I dont know what happened to Rika." he paused, taking a look at the group as he placed his hand against the back of the head. "We left him behind when we went into the mine after we got kidnapped by those filthy rats. He is probably looking for a way home now since he cant find us." He appeared to be nervous, as a realization hits him."He will probably pronounce us missing or even dead by time he get to the leaf." He sighed as he know it will be a hassle to clear up the misunderstandings once he get home. "As for Suhaku.." He paused once more, the eyes darted to Kabuki and then Yua, knowing their individual relationships with his friend. "he wasnt even supposed to be here. It was all an accident." He murmured. Tears begun to fall down the face as he looked down and then. "It was my fault it happened" He continued as he looked up at the duo in particular, appearing rather apologetic. "it was supposed to be just a simple retrieval mission but it turned out bad. Suhaku died saving me from an arrow that would have more than likely taken my life.

And just like that the anger faded once again. Leaving him emptier then it had the first time. It hit him hard as the sadness crept on him and began to overtake him. He was filled with self-hatred. Because he was so weak he had let one of his closest friends to die and the other stranded. He didnt even know what he would do if Rika had died as well in there. Then it hit him that he would have to go through all this again when he told Rika that Suhaku was dead. He started to feel nauseous as dark tendrils began to creep into the edges of his vision. Though before he could give up and accept the sweet embrace of unconsciousness he was blessed with a distraction.

Whatever was happening to this kid he had not noticed or paid much attention to but whatever t was it was enough to get the attention of his rescue squad. Coming around the side so that he was in a line with the rest of them he looked out ahead of him towards the scene. Watching it unfold and feeling that emptiness be filled with a new, unexpected feeling.

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After the sudden and devastating declaration by the being known as Madoguchi, it would seem as though as he had retreated into the chakra source as fast as he had arrived. Due to this sudden retreat by the alien threat, the world leaders have ordered all citizens' return effective immediately.

Time-skip Implemented
Zone 1 & 2: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 AM
Zone 3 & 4: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 PM