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Alright. I'll post below the beginning argument of my court dispute. This is not the end of what I may have to say. But I'll post what I said to Raj and Dm's. I'll respond after Raj posts his response.

  1. You in your initial post are projecting massive amounts of chakra, because Fuinjutsu of that degree requires chakra to do so. Then you are using chakra control to manipulate the chakra to formulate countless Fuinjutsu inscriptions. This in itself is very incredible. Sasuke with the Sharingan and rinnegan was able to project the Amaterasu, but even with his sage of six paths abilities and chakra control - which he is a master of. Strained his eyes, and at times of overextending it just from meters away causes a strain upon his visual prowess. Sayu, despite the byakugan being able to project chakra. This is a rare ability of the Byakugan, the only person doing it in canon was Kaguya who casted a single dojutsu. A god-level character. Given the objective facts. It's not a walk-in-the-park thing, but Sayu is effortlessly sending massive amounts of chakra across miles and then spreading the chakra across miles to do so and formulating Fuinjutsu seals. To create the Flying Thunder God requires great chakra control, and talent to do so. In addition, the level at which Sayu is transferring chakra is even beyond the scope of what Tailed Beast can do. And there is simply no eye strain. Sayu has just cast two of these fuinjutsu barriers, back to back with no wear or tear. The ability to do such in all honesty should cause him unable to use his Byakugan. The feats here are beyond anything in canon by miles using FTG and other seals. Aside from that, your initial post has not been countered attacked, or interrupted. Therefore, while Sayu is using his chakra control and chakra to create these Fuinjutsu and using the same manner in which you arrived from Yozu. It is impossible for Sayu to adjust his course of action. I had no way interrupted Sayu's introduction, so all of your prior actions are there you arriving. So Sayu making adjustments does not make sense nor does it follow T-1 role-play rules. If I had attempted to take down your barrier or impact it directly I would understand. [c]

  2. Sayu and Takewa arrived uninterrupted, therefore it wouldn't warrant an adjustment to your post. In addition, while chakra is being utilized and manipulated directly from an individual. Chakra sensory can not be utilized. Which according to your post, Sayu is doing. It is actually a rule of ND that chakra is being used, the user can not use chakra sensory at the same time. And given the instantaneous arrival, especially since it is not interrupted at all. It is impossible. It literally is backtracking your steps for adjustments your character would not be aware of. Also, you did not explain how Sayu would know Ketsugo is using Senjutsu. As the Ageless Canvassing Seal is an esoteric Fuinjutsu, which Sayu would not even be capable of reading. Including, the rule of negating senjutsu chakra would make no sense. First, it would have to target natural energy. However, there is senjutsu in Ketsugo anyways and the energy of this technique is not amplified by Nature Energy or Senjutsu Chakra initially. In addition, Ketsugo body is filled with Senjutsu Chakra because of the Ageless Canvassing Seal. Therefore, the tactic wouldn't work anyways because it's a far superior technique in ability and rank.


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Dispute Origin: Story
Dispute Type: Combat, Continuity, Metagaming
Accusation: Metagaming, God-modding
There are actions that I believe Sayu Hyuuga committed, which are rather improbable as well as impossible regarding going back on his actions because he's ultimately going back into the cycle to adjust his actions. One of the concerns with Sayu Hyuuga is as follows.

1. Sayu Hyuuga usage of Byakugan. Sayu had used his Byakugan to project chakra. We are aware that the Byakugan can project chakra and it's a part of Sayu's abilities. However, projecting chakra is not an easy task. Even those with masterful chakra control, with large reserves, are chakra, are stressed when using high-ranking or advanced techniques. Sayu is transferring/projecting chakra from his Byakugan across massive distances. This can not be ignored. - Chakra Transfer is a variation of what Sayu is doing. As a result of projecting his chakra, it's traveling to its new target. In this exact situation, being from the Uchiha Compound to the Mito Forest. It's also essential to note. Sayu is projecting high levels of chakra, the amount which equates to countless S-Rank techniques also categorized as an advanced technique. This same action was done moments ago by Sayu when traveling from the Hyuuga Compound to the Uchiha Compound. The use of projecting chakra from the Byakugan is not a trait any the Hyuuga Clan has shown to do, in fact, it was shown by Kaguya, an Otsutsuki Clans member. Sayu is supposed to be the pinnacle of the Hyuuga which is understandable why he can do something.

But we must factor in the scale of what he's doing. Sayu is casting high-level Fuinjutsu across miles and miles, back-to-back without any preparation.

I'd like to note, Minato FTG seals were prepared and any made on the battlefield has shown to be placed on people. All his FTG seals are premade. Minato was damn near out of chakra performing FTG and transporting Kurama. And Sayu seal is made out of arguably the strongest form of technique - Yin-Yang Release which is greater than Sasuke's Amaterasu. Amaterasu vs Yin Yang Seal = Seal is coming out on top

Here below, shown how Naruto Uzumaki and Minato Uzumaki: A shinobi masterful of the highest caliber of Fuinjutsu, canonically could not even transfer chakra or project despite having the ability to do so. Even a Sage and mastered Kurama Chakra Mode Naruto, and Mastered Kurama Chakra Mode Minato could not transfer/project chakra without physical touch. The chakra control to do so would be improbable, but understanding it is possible should paint the picture of the Byakugan straining and becoming overused rather instantly.


- Understanding Sayu can do such a thing, Sayu is a Hyuuga who Byakugan would be under immense stress to do so. Chakra projecting is a feature of the Byakugan but not something that is relative to most Hyuga as it has never been done. As stated, no Hyuuga canonically displayed the ability to do such. This is where the knowledge of chakra control factors in. Sasuke is a master of chakra control, someone who is arguably the strongest shinobi to ever exist with many impeccable feats of chakra control and in possession of massive chakra reserve. Yet, it is shown that the over usage of Dojutsu can cause one's eyes to strain and cause the user unable to use it temporarily. Especially when using advanced techniques.

For example, Amaterasu. Despite Sasuke no longer going blind, his Dojutsu will become strained and temporarily incapable of using his Rinnegan or Sharingan advanced abilities. The strain below shows what happens to Sasuke.

It's also to take into account context. Sasuke in this predicament had relatively had much chakra left, yet had used a singular advanced technique.

2. Sayu's Byakugan Context
Minato had utilized objects and materials to use Flying Thunder God. It was an efficient way to do so. Projecting and transferring chakra without a medium, would require more focus and control needed to do so. Therefore, requiring more energy and in the Naruto sense stamina and chakra. Sayu seals may try to appear simple, but that is far from the truth.

The Flying Thunder God is an Advanced Technique. It is a technique that requires remarkable chakra control. So taking this into account. Sayu is now projecting droves of chakra across miles and miles back to back, and then before the technique is completed will be needing the focus and control to create Flying Thunder God Technique. The use of creating and activating an S rank instantaneously, again and again. Initially from the Hyuuga Compound to Uchiha, then Uchiha to the Mito Forest without any preparation or really any significant delay in between the time frame. In all honestly, Sayu should be unable to see because of such immense strain. Sayu is not just performing one advanced technique, Sayu is performing countless Flying Thunder God Technique through his Byakugan. And it's not just Sayu's FTG seals, but also - technique. Enough seals are cast to cover miles and miles. Imagine Sasuke projecting Amaterasu, but countless of them over miles... Sasuke would lose the ability to use his Rinnegan/Sharingan for a good amount of time while being depleted of all his chakra.


  • A-rank - Kage or jōnin-level techniques. Require great control over one's chakra and may be forbidden.
  • S-rank - Secret, extreme level techniques. Are typically unique to a single user.

Sayu is not only exerting large droves of chakra for the FTG and other Fuinjutsu of the Heavenly Domain, but Sayu is also transferring Takewa and his poison. Which would require additional chakra and focus of his Byakugan.

Once a user does become able to use the Byakugan, they must avoid using it excessively, otherwise, they will be rendered unable to keep it active until they've taken time to rest.[16]

-Based on what I read, combining an S Rank Technique with the Heavenly Domain Rank and the description reads more like an SS - Rank Technique due to its complexity. Given the fact, it has no drawbacks.

Other Scans of Advanced Techniques - Examples: Almighty Push, Rinnegan, Deltas Eye

3. Unreasonable Strength of an Unprepped Technique
Most role-play characters and role-players would fail against the Heavenly Domain Technique. For one, the Technique is made out of Yin-Yang Release, and coming into contact would cause one to fail instantaneously. That part is fine, but because of the rules, there is literally no way to fight against it unless using Taijutsu and given the description of the technique. It can impact your very character based on perception, balance, conditions. So how are you able to break a technique, that literally has zero weakness? The technique once established, is self-sustaining without drawing on an active source of energy. In the description, once it's set it's final, and that it has energy within that negates chakra molding. Only for the victim but not the user itself. Given the rarity of Yin-Yang Release, it would make sense for the technique to also impact the user. Because it literally leaves no one with a chance to fight against it unless they are in Sage Mode, and it is contained within its body.

Given what I just mentioned. It's a Yin-Yang Fuinjutsu Barrier. Within it, the victim cannot create or mold chakra but the user can. This automatically handicaps the victim and gives them no chance to fight against it. It requires taijutsu, and even then. The rules cannot be broken. So if Sayu ordered 'not to move and you move, it's a wrap. And with the user left at an advantaged, and then - later on when you read. This barrier can also impact nature energy and Senjutsu chakra. Which ultimately is an overpowered character unless you have a god-like character. But even then, if a god cannot mold chakra or have no chance of fighting back. There's no fair fight. Also, this technique is not prepped at all. If you pay attention to the timing, it happens quickly and activates from location to location. So again, an extreme level of chakra control and droves of chakra would be needed to do such an impossible task. If you read Raj's introduction post in Uchiha Compound, then last two posts in Mito Forest the timing is illogical with the actions taken.

Sayu currently has 3 Heavenly Domains set up in role-play, one across the Hyuuga Compound, Uchiha Compound, and now Mito Forest. These should excessively be drawing on his reserves. These are not passive seals, it's impossible to be considering the information does not state they are nor does it react upon specific conditions. Because of the design included - it is impossible to be a dormant seal.

4. Sayu's Chakra Reserve
- Sayu's chakra reserve, used to read at Kage's level. Used to be because Sayu Hyuuga's bio was edited. Prior the ranking on the biography stats read "6" but we all know, based on role-playing and based on descriptions which we go by as decided by the founder of the role-play. Descriptions and information take precedent. Sayu's Hyuuga biography, heading to attack Ketsugo and Mowa read at Kage level. Sayu's biography was edited today. It read at the level of "4" therefore being that of a Kage. Based on his actions and the prior description, Sayu should be depleted of chakra considering the amount of chakra needed and focus needing to be done of his Byakugan which should honestly leave him dead, but I prefer him to just be unconscious. We all know during death-matches, which story role-play is when combat happens, biographies cannot be edited. If you look at Sayu's bio, especially those with powers to the wiki you should see changes to the chakra section.

5. Going Back on Post Cycle
Sayu also made adjustments to his post.
Raj's response is as follows

"I see where you’re coming from. Even when I was originally writing my post I thought to myself that this post feels weird and I gave it thought before I posted. The following was my logic. In my original post before Sayu and Takewa had transported themselves, Sayu had scoped out the area via his Byakugan searching for any irregularities that may foil his plan. In the manga, it has been mentioned that high level sensors are capable of noticing when Senjutsu is being used. After that he had transported them. Before, or during, the transport Ketsugo had activated his technique. In this instance, the initial sensory would be a live asset in play that would allow me to do such.

In regards to the technique, you’re mistaking the techniques as having originated from the Byakugan. Which isn’t the case. The Byakugan is merely allowing the Seal to be painted wherever he wants within his sight. It doesn’t take a massive amount of chakra to brush stroke a seal onto an area especially if you have great chakra control. After that, the seals are powered by his chakra. Even then, Ketsugo and Sayu have the same chakra levels however you were aiming to seal a whole country. So I’m confused as to how it would exhaust his reserves? This seems much more plausible in my opinion. Now, if he were using a technique such as Amaterasu it would be understandable, but this technique is just painting chakra onto an area. Which is extremely different from the mechanics of Amaterasu. Lastly, Sayu recognizing the usage of Senjutsu is plausible as it would be second nature to him.

"The mechanics of using chakra, which you are doing to project and paint fuinjutsu inscriptions are god level six paths stuff" <- Not really. Dojutsu is known to project chakra, Byakugan does that and has more sight. Projecting chakra to form a seal is the same as the Sharingan projecting chakra to create an illusion. There is no difference. " And Ketsugo and sayu reserves are not the same." <- Ketsugo and Sayu are listed as the same reserve level at 5. And if we were to go into detail, more specifically the reincarnates, Ketsugo is Ashura's reincarnate, meanwhile Sayu is Hamura's. "And even then, you can't go back and chance what was done." "And then again, you went back on a previous post cycle and because he is utilizing chakra you would not be able to use chakra sensory" Both of these was already answered as well. Sayu scoping out what was going on before transporting via his Byakugan. A live asset."

Sayu had scoped out the area via his Byakugan searching for any irregularities that may foil his plan. In the manga, it has been mentioned that high level sensors are capable of noticing when Senjutsu is being used. After that, he had transported them.

< -
Sayu is using his Byakugan throughout his time in Uchiha and Mito, in your latest post it states Sayu was using chakra sensory. Sayu was not mentioned to using chakra sensory in his latest post. This is backtracking. There's no mention in Sayu's post of chakra sensory but the use of his Byakugan. And the Byakugan cannot see nature energy let alone Senjutsu chakra. Let alone the Byakugan would not even be able to see the Ageless Canvassing Seal other than when it became visible and unable to read it. Which it became visible after his arrival. As a result of Sayu using the Byakugan his sensory would fail. Meaning every other action that he had adjusted in his post would not happen.

regards to the technique, you’re mistaking the techniques as having originated from the Byakugan. Which isn’t the case. The Byakugan is merely allowing the Seal to be painted wherever he wants within his sight. It doesn’t take a massive amount of chakra to brush stroke a seal onto an area especially if you have great chakra control.

In regards to the technique, Sayu is using the chakra from his Byakugan. Raj previously stated it did ooc, and Ic this supports he did. "His eyes snapped open and as they did the veins around his became bulging due to the increased blood flow. With an instance, the Uchiha Compound scouted out and within the same instance, it was entirely surrounded with his presence sharing similar seals to the ones that surround the Hyūga Compound, Heavenly Domain."

It was not visible for it was scribed into the earth, which merely took a second which was plausible due to him ejecting chakra through his Byakugan and precise chakra control.

So, Sayu did use his Byakugan to do so.

It doesn’t take a massive amount of chakra to brush stroke a seal onto an area especially if you have great chakra control. After that, the seals are powered by his chakra. - Sayu is a Kage level shinobi, whose chakra is powering three monarch domains. Miles across from each other simultaneously at the moment. Also, how is Sayu stroking a seal without ink or anything? He's using chakra to do so, as he is currently doing with countless seals across Mito, Uchiha, and Hyuga. This is beyond great chakra control, this is ten tails level type of stuff. And based on biography information, prior to the adjustment to the chakra reserves done to Sayu. Ketsugo chakra reserves far outclasses Sayu Hyuuga. It's not simply painting a seal, chakra is being used to project, control, and create the fuinjutsu and maintain the prexisting seals.

Proposed Solution: First off, based on role-play rules. Raj has edited his bio since this fight began in the Mito forest. So based on that, he should be disqualified or his entire post voided. I propose, that Sayu Hyuuga is left crippled and on the brink of death because of the over usage of chakra and cool down time for his Byakugan from over exertion, and the disusage of his Heavenly Domain until it is reworked and approved by the moderation. As well as, since role-play rules of going back in a posting cycle given no valid reason, given there was no indication to interrupt, nor was the action of using chakra sensory mentioned beforehand. Therefore, the adjustment of his Monarch Domain should now be ineffective. With all of his domains active, they would need a power supply to continue them therefore drawing on Sayu threathening death. In addition, the biography was edited. I ask for the continuity of role-play, Sayu on the ground, dying, all fuinjutsu barriers down or threaning his life.

Note: Because no one antagonized him, interrupted him, or attacked him nor his Byakugan being valid. While telling us, the reader, that his justification was based on adapation for something that never happend. That being chakra sensory. What happened was eseentially switching the initial function of the previous technique, but the issue is, he did not have proper intent or motivation to switch it.

I'm all for the advancement of story, so if we continue this role-play under the agreement death will not happen and must be absolute for this interaction. I am fine with Sayu post being voided and allowing a repost, otherwise, I'm pressuring for ramifications for so much chakra to cast, maintain and SS rank technique created and control by the Byakugan.
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As already stated before, Sayū is not projected high-level Fuinjutsu anywhere. What he is projecting is chakra, just how the Sharingan can project chakra for genjutsu. Dojutsu have been known to project chakra and that is what Sayū is doing. Since Byakugan can see incredible distances, he is using the aid of the Byakugan to brush a seal onto the area that is within his Byakugan sight. Once the seal has been painted it becomes contingent upon his chakra reserves to uphold said seal. I don’t really know where Davon is getting the idea that Sayū is transporting massive amounts of chakra because I have not once stated that. Him even implying that is actually character control. Also, the comparison to Sasuke Uchiha using Amaterasu is similar to comparing apples to oranges. Releasing potentially the highest release of Fire Release technique from your eye versus releasing chakra to write a seal are two completely different things. Essentially, the chakra projection is marking the technique and since the seals are so small — not much chakra is being used. Plus, the Byakugan can already see that far.

Furthermore, attached below are screenshots of a conversation Davon and I have had in DMs discussing the chakra level of Sayū. Now, the fact that he is aiming to use it against me, while having discussed it in private, seems unsportsmanlike and in bad taste. However, this is not IMVU. History of changes and variations of the biography can be pulled to see what exactly was changed.


Chakra Level: 5

Definition of Chakra Level at 5: The tailed beasts possess this measure of chakra and as such jinchuriki technically have two chakra levels. This measure of chakra often seems to be immeasurable and varies from the chakra level possessed by the One Tailed Shukaku and the Nine Tails Kurama.
Even then:

Definition of Chakra Level at 4: Like a high-level jonin or kage, you can power through high-level jutsu with chakra to spare. S-rank techniques do not scare you but you are no fool; everyone has a limit. Still though you have enough chakra for yourself and others.

In regards to the Flying Thunder God Technique, Minato, a shinobi not known for his massive chakra reserves, had hundreds of shinobi throw out many kunai bearing the FTG and fought against 1000 shinobi. Imagine the amount of times it was necessary to teleport from seal to seal. I do not believe that the Flying Thunder God technique requires a massive amount of chakra. I do believe that it is a challenging technique to teach. Unfortunately, we do not have certain proof whether or not FTG requires massive amounts of chakra each use. But it can be theorized that against 1000 shinobi, and during the time of war, he jumped quite a bit.

It also believes the character itself should be taken into account as he is the reincarnation of Hamura. While Davon is under the assumption that his technique is SS-Ranked and too powerful with no drawbacks, the counter to this technique is actually very simple. Of course, I will not post the counter to this technique because that would put me at an unfair advantage and suddenly everyone will know the counter to it. As for his last point, he seems to have copied and pasted our conversation into the thread so I won’t make you reread but I strongly suggest it be discussed in the moderator server.

I believe I covered everything Davon had to mention. I am trying to keep it short since Davon’s was so long. The rest can be discussed in the mod server whenever everyone is ready.

Proposed Solution: Continue as is.


Final Verdict:

The story will continue as is and no changes are required.

We would also like to remind all roleplayers that court cases are meant as a last resort. We should all be capable of communicating and coming to a conclusion from one adult to another. There are always cases in which parties do not agree on something, but if you listen with an open mind there’s always an agreement to be found.

The Blue Team and Administrators are growing an intolerance for unwarranted court cases and will begin new rules starting today. The first is, if there is no strong foundation for the case, it will be dismissed. As well as a second rule, that from here forward there will be a penalty for overuse of the court system. Further details regarding these rules will be provided in the days to come.

The role play is fun for no one when it is stopped for a court case every week.​