Naruto Fighters: Yozu vs. Takeo


Hi. Just to make this short and sweet because I’m doing this on my lunch— I wanted to point out the instances and examples shared in our fight that would void Yozu’s last attempt to take action at all, allowing for my last post to be the ending result.

I dislike having to rely on the mod team but the dispute has gotten reached an impass when trying to discuss it privately.

Please refer to the following conversation in which I tried to explain why Yozu was caught in Takeo’s genjutsu.


She later tried to elaborate that it was in fact Takeo caught in her own Genjutsu first, with abstract concepts that I can justify the means to the end. (Also did not elaborate how she escaped my own technique)


Her perspective and reasoning is just too abstract in its explanation. My lines of sight were always determined to be focused elsewhere in order to avoid the commonplace sharingan genjutsus. In her wiki or the page explaining her mangekyou it is never shown that her genjutsu can be triggered through means of “intent” via the air/aura/or proximity. It requires a direct line of sight that, while she argues is “implied” is never actually established past looking at her surroundings rather than the characters.

I wanted to ask mods as an unbiased party to review the content as a whole and declare a winner based on the timing they are able to piece together themselves.


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Here is my decision:
Yozu Uchiha has been caught in a genjutsu by Takeo and is dead unless there is an interrupt by a third party.

(1.) Yozu did not know that Takeo tricked her with his genjutsu trigger; she thought it was Gamma Release but admitted to seeing the hand signs which, along with simultaneous light, was the trigger.

(2. ) She, although capturing him in a genjutsu, did not activate it in enough time because he activated the use of his illusion before she did. She only tried to activate hers AFTER he did his and by then, his attack would've killed her.

Yozu attempts genjutsu > Takeo attempts genjutsu and doesn't know he's in genjutsu > Yozu does not know she is in genjutsu and fights him > Takeo activates genjutsu and kills her > Yozu tries to activate hers but is already dead.