NARUTO FIGHTERS: Kiseki vs Ryòjíń Extension Request


Staff member
I realize the case on the related battle had already been resolved, but the timing of the resolution is somewhat challenging to *IRL affairs.

I don't mean to delay the development of the tournament any further, but I was wondering if I could have an extension time for my post, for the deadline to be tomorrow by the end of tomorrow, Saturday Pacific Standard Time.
This is like unnecessary, as I'll likely post well before the end of tomorrow, but would be incredibly helpful in ensuring the completion & quality of said post.

*IRL affair: College Assignment Deadlines🙏

Thank you so much for your time and consideration, and I do hope that you all have a wonderful and blessed day!😊

Sincerely, Ryojin,
Aka, Gabe




"Extensions for the tournament are strictly prohibited. Only emergencies will allow for an extension. Real-life serious circumstances will also be taken into account. Only a single instance of the extension will be allowed outside of the special extension and the chakra tester extension, even if it is a real-life emergency. Going over your time post limit will result in your automatic disqualification from the tournament. This is NONnegotiable."

This is word-for-word what was stated in the tournament announcement channel in the Discord server. These rules were made to make sure that we break the cycle of previous tournaments that never finish. Unfortunately, your college assignment does not qualify as a real-life emergency. The blue team thanks for your understanding and hope that you participate in further events.​