Naruto Fighters: Kirinji vs Naraku

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Hello, will make this short. Naraku's recent post stated this:
"How unfortunate for the man that he continued to underestimate the likes of the sage and his mysterious abilities. Perhaps the man had forgotten the fact that the Sage had at no point ever been exposed to the environment whatsoever, and had in fact been surrounded and protected by a dense layer of Senjutsu. Not only would there be no way for the relic to perceive this field of protection, due to the fact that he was not a sage himself, but it would also separate the sage from ever being exposed to the environment or foreign chakra whatsoever, vicariously protecting him from any genjutsu related tactics. The bull workings of his mind and body had also been dramatically increased from the very existence of his Sage mode activated at this given moment, dramatically increasing his Durability and defense, as well as mental fortitude, such an attack, had it even made contact which it would not due to the defensive aura around him, would not be able to even break through his skin much less serve any real damage or threat. Unfortunately, the ambitions of the relic would fail miserably, and for that he would pay."​

This post brings concern due to its convenience as it he added that aspect of the technique after the fact my genjutsu was made apparent. If we go back two post back, Tyler in his post stated this:
"His gaze tantalizing, daring the elder to try something in that very instance.. For if he did not act within a second of seeing the Sage appear before him, he would be met with the unrestricted force of a career ending flying side kick, which sought to make home against the sternum of the man, and let it be known that if such a strike makes contact, it will be no small offensive strike, it carried the power to crush the man’s chest, causing it to concave inward and smash broken rib shards into the major organs of his internal biological system. What was odd was the fact that at no point would the Sage actually physically touch the man, not directly anyways, as a thin layer of extremely dense senjutsu would be coating his entire physical parameter, an over shield of sorts comprised of the legendary energy of the Sages, and perceivable only by one who possesses such merit. These feats being able to accomplished due his his life time training as a Takamagahara Monk."

Nowhere in his previous post (When the Genjutsu was not made apparent) did he state anywhere that the over the shield of Senjutsu would protect him from outside forces. My thing is, why would a natural shield of Senjutsu even do that? It goes against the whole principle of Sage and Senjutsu. Not only that, but it is rather convenient that he seemed to introduce this aspect of the technique AFTER the fact the genjutsu was made apparent.

I believe that my genjutsu and my actions/attack after he had been caught are the actions that should've truly happened because this technique, that Tyler added in his previous post, makes no sense.
"Body Consciousness (身体識, "Karada Shiki") provides the monk with the capacity to move their body without the use of their brain, even while asleep. Techniques used to control a person via their internal physiology do not work because of this. Meaning, the Sage’s actions would progress regardless."​

Does not make sense. What is he reacting to? His brain is induced in a genjutsu, he's been frozen, he has no connection to reality to react.

I ask the moderators to look over this, as due to ambiguity in Tyler's post, his counters should be voided.

Please and thank you.​


I will also make my response short out of courtesy to the moderation and administration staff. If we indeed go back two posts as Raj has presented before us, it shows that I had entered the facility of his cart with a dense aura of Senjutsu around me. Now in my post I had stated that it in fact served as an over shield around my body. Senjutsu is not only the application of nature energy, but also the bolstered perimeters of spiritual and physical Energies, thus making a singular far more powerful energy. What this means is there is in fact an empowered, dense chakra aura surrounding Naraku, who is in Sage Mode mind you, there would be no way a miniscule amount of NONE Senjutsu Chakra would pervade that. It was literally stated within Raj's post that the amount of chakra distributed was in a very small dosage/quantity.

It was in such a small dosage that it would be unnoticed by the civilians and military men and women present on the train, but ample enough for Naraku Uchiha to sense it. Or so, he would hope that was the case, for he had no inkling of Naraku Uchiha’s sensory ability, but he did initiate an attack—so he should know Kirinji was present on the train.

This is my counter argument to the dispute at hand. Thank you for the time and as requested by Raj, please review the battle.


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Naraku Uchiha did not state that his senjutsu shroud possessed the ability to ward off genjutsu. Therefore, the specifications of its defense is null and in fact it does not possess any power because the post does not attribute any defensive power to it specifically. Naraku's role player later stated that his Body Consciousness technique would have saved him. This, although being a passive power, was not properly evoked; the post stated that it would indeed allow one to move their body but it did not state in what fashion it would allow them to move in.... meaning there was insufficient information in the post to substantiate a victory or defense.

Kirinji Uchiha has won the battle.
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