Naruto Fighters: Hyosui vs Sam'e

Going to keep things short and sweet as well as being as civil as possible. The fight between Hyosui and Sam'e while boring on the surface for the most part was skewed to begin with. While things were pretty much carried out smoothly up until this point this most recent post has turned things to the corner of taking it to OOC dispute due to a few things not lining up. Like we've seen with other threads genjutsu has been the source of many complaints as well as the downfall of two other equally as skilled participants so I suppose this is no shock here either.

In nicks post he states that the bite of the knife would be the thing to break him from the genjutsu but as we've seen in several cases even in canon that genjutsu are only ever broken by purposefully inflicted self injury not one force onto the target by the caster of the genjutsu. Among this he has also claimed in his post that his samehada cells would protect him from the genjutsu but just like in other dispute threads this comes across as a last ditch effort to protect oneself from the end result of the battle. If he even knew he was in a genjutsu from the jump he would've broken it before now. So much like with kirinji and Naraku this comes across as something sheerly done out of convenience rather then an actual trump card to the mentioned counter to genjutsu.


Hyosui is using this technique to completely hinder Sam'e's movements aside from those intended from the genjutsu meaning he would still be stuck on the battlefield still face to face with the clone that had been left in his place.

Among his supposed counter to the genjutsu he claims that the knife would merely break upon contact when the blade itself is Hyosui own knife which is designed to split things on a cellular level completely removing the idea of it simply breaking upon contact with his flesh due to durability. In short I feel as if Sam'e response is a bit in adequate to deal with the circumstances of the battle as despite what he would hope to counter he is still under the guise of Shadow clutch which would effectively leave ineffective in any form of resistance along with allowing the killing blow to still go through. Sam'e being under the guise of this jutsu would mean that he would be bent to Hyosui's will even with the help of Samehada cells as we have never seen samehada interact with the shadow of a nara nor have we ever seen it sealed away in canon aside from the kote in which it was merely bestowing the jutsu upon two targets not ripping it away or absorbing it.

I will gladly go over this in detail only after all Moderators assigned to disputes who are also currently attached to the Oni Clan as recently as of January 18th 2021 are recuse from this dispute. Details regarding this decision have already been shared with the appropriate authorities.