Migrate to The Genin Tourney


I was wondering if I would be allowed to move from the main tournament to the genin tournament. As far as I know, there's an open spot in the genin tourney and there has been no official deadline for that tournament, nor is there a roster out as far as I'm aware. The character I'd be participating with is Samiya Kanari, her Bio is for the most part ready as well. So if allowed I'd like to enter her in the genin tournament, I'd also subsequently be dropping out of the main tournament as Kojin, seeing as his bio is not prepared and his partners is not complete either.


The Final Verdict:

Under normal circumstances, being that that your request was made upon or after the generalized deadlines, it would have indeed been denied. However, seeing as though your time has been stretched thin due to the innumerable assignments and tasks delegated to you to keep the group functioning as a result of your moderation status, (which limited the actual time you had available to complete your biography), your extension has been approved. It has also been agreed upon that having the moderators work on their assignments, while having them stretched thin across the group performing a multitude of other tasks, to have them strive to meet the same deadlines as the general participants would not only be unreasonable and often unattainable, but also unfair and overbearing. As such, moderators will be assigned different deadlines that are flexible to their current workload, yet moderate in their limits and extensions.