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"Proximity to wealth deludes some into believing they possess it."

Deep beneath the castle were legions of captives. Shackled to abrasive metal and sequestered behind dense walls with no light, these dilapidated and malnourished detainees had lost all sense of purpose - it was a tragic thing to see. A number of them had come into the keeping of the Keeper fraught with ambition, only to have their resolve whittled away but like a carver did with his wooden utensils. The utensils of Kechi's employment were nothing more than sadistic volition and violent compulsion. Could Kuragari, by chance, be different from the others? Had he possessed so great a kekkei genkai that he could bypass what had been deemed inevitable to anyone
who had encountered Kechi?

A sharp and troubling gaze cut between the cold air separating the young man and his superior. Eyes doused in pink flared beside the sunlight which infiltrated the room from his left as it perused the body of the delinquent captive with a terrifying bloodlust that caused those in attendance to shudder in horror. Gasps floated through the library and in this moment people began to vacate the premises immediately. For at least half a second it appeared as though Kechi remained in place without movement - this, however, was a farce. Kuragari's body instantaneously went flying twelve meters across the room in a tumbling whirl until he crash landed with his younger sister into a bookshelf with a brutally impelling force. Thereafter Kechi's form would emerge towering over the lad in but a blink with a dreadful visage; his bare foot pressed upon the boy's stomach. "Impudent fool...!"

Had this presumed action been as imagined, Kuragari's right jaw would be broken in four places and his younger sister hidden among scrolls, books and shattered wood.

With speed imperceptibly divisive the small statured man moved without sound, without form, without scent and without conventional means of detection - all thanks to the power of his kekkei genkai. Between the moment that Kuragari uttered the word 'kidnap', he had already been in transit and, for those observing, it would seem as though when Kuragari went flying Kechi hadn't moved an inch and was still lounging in his seat. In actuality, he had in the fraction of a second cleared the short space between them and rammed his fist into Kuragari's right cheek; by natural cause and effect the kinetic energy used to move at such speed would be transferred to whatever was struck and in this case it was Kuragari. Discomfort in Kechi's left arm was for the most part indiscernible and by means of his cells quite quickly dissipated.
Those who did not possess the skill of an Isogi were unfortunates. Tenson (天孫), which translates to "Descendant of a God" or "Heavenly Grandson", bestowed upon one stupendous movement ability that outclassed even the most favored speed techniques. In that brief moment and in the slightest of a fraction of a second just before the word had been surmised he had already carried out his intentions. It was no secret that the Isogi were quick to anger - their patience ran dry with rapidity.

"I will make an example out of you, you worthless wretch!"

Loud and rather crude, Kechi's voice spoke volumes for someone of such small stature. Had it not been for the life force he siphoned from Kanora and her babysitter, perhaps Kechi would not have been so animated. For now, it would do - someone of their lineage possessed the verve of a cockroach, after all. It was unfortunate that Kechi would not get the opportunity to respond to Zeze and Keji but perhaps their conversation would continue another time.


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Kuragari knew eventually his mouth was going to get him into something but he couldn't help it, it's just the way he was and he loved it. He remained completely calm through the entire encounter with his sister relaxing peacefully on his shoulder still unconscious. However, things were heating up and the young shinobi was instantly able to sense that something was coming from due to his Kekkei Genkai, any form of dark matter feeding him intel on anything within his sensing range, and Kechi happened to be too close to escape his sensory. If his sister had been awake at the time then this might have been distracting, however, due to her being unconscious and not needing to worry about her getting too freaked out and moving around on him. The young shinobi seemed as if he had no idea what was coming and the attack from his opponent had seemed to connect. Though with the the adversary feeling connection, "Kuragari" suddenly allowed the hand of Kechi to go further into "his" body as if a whole were punched in his head entirely. However, upon futher observation, one will instantly realize the body of Kuragari had completely turned into dark matter and attacked itself to Kechi on impact. Now with the speed at which his opponent was traveling, the semi-connection will allow for the dark matter husk to engulf the entirely of Kechi; Hardening to a point of almost no escape unless one had the physical strength to shatter steel or control dark matter.

Should this be successful, the dark matter case that has Kechi trapped will also feed off of the dark matter within the area and gain more durability as time passes. Meanwhile, the young shinobi will reveal himself emerging from a shadowy corner within the room with Kanora. Giving the most annoyed look towards Kechi due to the simple fact he was willing to attack him while she was still on his back. The bloodlust that had been carried by his "superior" had no effect on this young prodigy of the Nubatama Clan whatsoever, in fact the feeling only caused him to smile in the face of his adversary. For a man who thought so highly of himself back in their first encounter, surely this couldn't have been his best. Kuragari planned on getting him to use everything he had, even if the young shinobi ended up losing the fight, he was going to show this pink haired buffoon he wasn't some "weakling" as he called him previously.

In this very moment, Kuragari used his own chakra to gain power within his legs and his right arm to enhance the strength and speed at which he can attack, with the shirt distance between them, Kuragari closed it within the blink of an eye to deliver a devastating punch directly to the center face of Kechi. This punch is not only stong enough break someones nose and even fracture a skull, but should the opponent find noway of escaping the dark matter binding him, the punch will surely use Kechi's body an extra amount of force to break his own technique and send his adversary crashing through his own wall (going outside or into the next room depending on the building layout) with a bloody face and bruised body from the collision as Kuragari followed his body. Should all go according to plan the fight will progress as followed:

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"Don't tell me that's you can manage.. Hmph, I know you have more power than that. AHAHA SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN REALLY DO YOU ROSE COLORED DOG!"

During the last part of this sentence as he's yelling with excitement, his irises and pupils dilate slightly and a good portion of his power is revealed to match the intent and bloodlust he was giving off as the room/area suddenly gained a dark purple coloration due to the purple glowing coloration that showed itself surrounding black chakra energy flailing violently around the body of Kuragari. Though this display was not an actual attack but rather him slightly powering up and becoming stronger by absorbing portions of dark matter from the surrounding shadows within the area.

Though, if his efforts proved to be too much for his opponent, Kuragari will simply put his hands into his pockets and fully relax, considering the fight to be over.


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Zeze Isogi

As Ze analyzed the situation he could sense Kechi’s chakra move, he was only able to see the exact moment his sense’s attack landed. Instantly he began to channel his chakra as he saw his sensei begin to take action. With his chakra flowing he would draw a Golden Girl in his right hand. Focusing that channeled chakra into a single bullet he had done so before Kuragari’s body went through the wall, however now that he was focused on what was happening Zeze could track everyone movements easily, following his sensei as Kuragari chased down the peasants body. He stood above the young man hovering over his head, aiming the Golden Girl directly at his head.

The young Isogi was extremely fast and knew it, he wasn’t like other kids. Ze was a natural when it came to using his clan’s kekkei genkai. Entering the third step of the Nanajinho (七神歩, "Seven God Steps", Viz: "Seven Steps of Shunjichōshin"), Miho a simple technique which an Isogi can use by enhancing there speed by just using chakra to enhance their movement.

"Don't tell me that you can manage.. '' Ze frowned upon Kuragari’s disrespect. “Hmph, I know you have more power than that. "AHAHA SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN REALLY DO” while the man talked Ze had already pulled the trigger to shut the man up. Zeze was even a little surprised that the guy would even speak after being pinned down by Kechi.

Shut Up." The young man calmly stated just before firing a shot. Using the Golden Girl allows the young man to fire his bullet faster than the eye could see let alone leave enough time to react. If the attack succeeded, Kuragari's skull would have been pierced with a dense Stunning Cell Release Bullet with enough velocity to pierce any type of matter. However not only did Ze use a cell release bullet he heightened the Yin and Yang natures within the technique in order to create to apply his sensei Stun Technique to one of his bullets. He’s been wanting to test it out for awhile, and he thought now would be a good chance to test it. The Stunning effect from the bullet would paralyze Kuragari’s body from the inside out shutting down his nervous system temporarily leaving him brain dead instead of killing him.

"Maybe he'll act right when he wake up."

The young man would then look to Kechi and smile nervously while shrugging his shoulders. He’d walk away to leave the rest into his sensei’s hands awkwardly while giggling. Ze would return to Keji’s side hoping he wasn’t whimpering or being a cry baby or he’d be annoyed.


It wouldn't be right to call Keji cold toward his dad, or toward the Land of Coins, he just wasn't leaping in to defend their honor when someone talked like a fool. They were strong enough to stand for themselves. That, and people who went around antagonizing someone like Kechi usually got their butts handed to them in a storage scroll. He saw the blurred image of Kechi leaping to smite the guy who talked back to him and while he tucked Akaya's face away from the action, he couldn't help but be reminded of trying and trying until he could perform his clan's technique of moving too fast to be seen. As a coming-of-age technique to learn, it wasn't complicated in theory. It was just very difficult in practice. Every muscle and nerve (and it was said for the truly legendary, every cell and synapse) moving perfectly in unison, speed erasing the user from the senses like leaping through time.

Keji tried to soothe Akaya and wrap him away from the loud noise, circulating the chakra in his arms in the same rhythmic type of exercise he did for his body each day. He had no doubt but that his dad had this completely handled. Even if Keji couldn't please the guy, and wasn't that interested in his values, he still looked up to him as a strong shinobi. You know, unbeatable. There was no way he wouldn't win. And of course, as usual, his dad didn't need his help. Keji looked unimpressed at the guy lying under Kechi's foot.



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“Once the spotlight is on and the curtains have opened it is my destiny to take the lead!” - Yūbi
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A nap that lasted surely longer than expected, the redhead was woken up by the sound of a tap on the window. With a slight hesitation to respond to the annoying sounds, she opened up her eyes revealing her heterochromia orbs. She then used her arms to push herself up from her laying position to a sitting one and slowly standing up from the couch. The ebony was irritated; she scanned the room to see where that obnoxious sound was coming from that dared to wake her from her deep slumber, but when she looked at the window she realized who it was. “...Fuki!” She hadn’t seen Fuki for some time, of course, she brought her with her to Konohagakure but when she started to her staff she was staying over at Mowa Sozo’s house she was taken along with her staff back home. She rushed over to the window to see Fuki standing in front of a closed one, she hurriedly opened up the window as she immediately grabbed her red panda in her arms cuddling with her to give her the attention she wanted. She felt like a mother that finally picked up her little kid from daycare. Fuki however realized Yubi’s different state. The panda stared down at her lower abdomen to see it looked much bigger than it used to two weeks ago. Surely her belly was growing larger, it was enough to show something off. “That’s right Fufu, I am carrying a child, well rather two children… I am sorry I haven’t been able to properly tell you.” It was then that the redhead saw she was hiding something, a letter. She pulled it from Fuki and immediately unfolded it to read it, news was brought to her that Kechi finally returned to his castle. Just the thought of him brought her back to an agitated mood.

"This asshole… not only hasn’t he read mine, he expects me to continuously wander around to follow him! I’ll be sure to let him know I am not his dirty dog! ...Oh Thanks Fuki, go ahead and rest now okay? Mommy will be back soon.”

With that she allowed Fuki to walk around on her own and Yubi made preparations to leave her mansion. Most importantly she needed to freshen up because her hair was a mess. The rapid growth of her hair was truly irritating, it hasn’t been that long ago that she cut it and now it was already long enough to constantly cover her face. But it couldn’t be helped so she left it the way it was. She did however wash her face and continued to apply her lip gloss she never is seen without it honestly. And to finalize it she wore a much more comfortable outfit than the skintight dress she used to wear. She went with a traditional choice: The black kimono with a light colored obi. With that she looked as beautiful as ever, there’s no way she would allow anyone to see one of the most popular actresses on her worst… even during pregnancy. With that, she had finally left her house and made her way over to the Ujidera Castle

Upon arrival, she made sure her footsteps were heard in the halls as she was approaching the current room they were in. But to her shock, there was a lot of shouting, noises and it seemed there was a fight going on.’Ugh… great, I really had to show up to a bunch of idiots having a go at each other... Let me take care of this’ Right as she entered the room it was a bombardment of all kinds of negative emotions and MADNESS. It seemed Kechi had fought with this brunette kid, and the kid had been shot down too. Within seconds she saw the two kids, although she barely spoke to them she was aware of who they were: her little cousin Keji and Zeze. The other kid was almost lifeless on the ground, but there was no lie he was struggling to catch some air to survive. As ruthless as her uncle was, he wasn’t planning on letting him live on. But that didn’t seem right to her, regardless of who this kid was… she felt the need to save him. Even though he was just a stranger, was it a maternal instinct? No… she hated the suffering of children and once in her life, she recalled her uncle did too. Seeing his intention to leave a final blow to his throat the redhead rushed into the room, she was sure to use as much speed possible to outspeed him at this moment. No one would have seen her coming as she reached out towards the arm Kechi was gonna extend backward to force his punch. Once she was able to get a grasp onto his wrist she would hold onto it firmly swinging it back towards his seat so he sits back down and glared her uncle down with a warning that spoke ‘Calm down!’ She would continue to hold onto his wrist until she noticed he would have calmed down. If he did fall back she would take her opportunity to demand what is going on. “What is going on?!” She turned right to Kechi to face him completely ignoring the other children because her anger rose up quickly. “First I travel all the way back home from that damn Land of Fire, then you ignore my letter to come to meet me and then I get invited to this madness?! Have you lost your mind?!” She adjusted her stance as she had completely forgotten that she wasn’t in a state she was allowed to act out like this. With that, she immediately checked her lower abdomen and placed her hands on it for support. It wasn’t like she expected it to bleed but still, her anxiety of bad luck kept her on guard.
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Within the large meeting room that laid within the magnificent Ujidera Castle, the chief of staff of the land of Coin could still be seen standing beside the seated pink-haired President of the country Kechi. The entire time that he had been standing there beside Kechi the man known as Kinshi Noroi had continuously maintained his Land Sense, a technique of great versatility that allowed him to see with seeing. The deaf Kinshi would be surveying the room as he seemed to be listening and following along to his mentor and employer converse with their student about the young child that he had brought home with him. This would seem weird especially since the man himself was known to be completely deaf. At first Kinshi had been a little worried for the young Isogi as he held a soft spot for his students, though fortunately for young Keji his other teammate another young Isogi by the name of Zeze would speak up and give him the back up he needed.

The scene was a proud moment for Kinshi as a sensei, especially seeing as they were attempting to con the worlds greatest con artist. Even if they hadn't managed to succeed Kinshi would have still been proud, though lucky for them the young idiotic brunette Kechi had brought back decided to step over the line. "Well it seems there will be one more corpse for me to collect today," Thought Kinshi thinking about the words that rolled off the boy's tongue. Kinshi was almost certain the boy's life had come to an end, and as he had thought in a split second at speeds that even Kinshi's rare mastery of sensory could only barely comprehend did Kechi make his move. In a way that almost nobody in attendance could grasp Kechi had made his move and managed to completely subdue his target in a split second. For most, it would seem a blur as the boy would go from stand up to being flat on his back with Kechi's foot ready to end his life. It was at this moment that Kinshi had decided to make his move to assist his employer in the cleanup, though before he could move young Zeze had approached attempting to shot the young brunette boy in the head to knock him unconscious.

While the blindfolded white-haired Kinshi watched the event unfold with an evil grin upon his face, he would sense a presence that he hadn't felt in a long while, and that was the presence of Lady Yubi Isogi, his employer's niece. She was a strong woman with great skills, but something seemed different and it kept Kinshi from concentrating which gave her an opening to move in to attempt to remove Kinshi from his position standing over the boy, though in the end even if Kinshi had attempted to stop her he'd most likely be met with harsh repercussions if anything happened to Yubi which also force him to stay his hand from helping Kechi. "It's lovely to see you again Lady Yubi," said Kinshi disembodied voice as he gave he a co0urtious bow to show his respects.

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"Well well well, just what's going on here."

From seemingly out of thin air, a thunderous voice rang out from the entrance to the courtyard, sending a small tremor through the Earth due to the sheer bass of his voice. Unbeknownst to those within the courtyard. their day had just grown a tad bit harder due to Kojin's arrival. He made his way over to the crimson-haired woman and pink-haired man, looking down at the both of them. A split-faced grin slapped across his face as he nestled his arms down into his Obi belt, almost as if the enormous appendage was too large to hold. He could barely hold back the joy and anticipation hidden behind his smile. Not only had it been longer than he'd expected since he'd seen Kechi, but he hadn't seen Yubi for years, her mission along with Kojin's...touchy reputation in the public eye made it a nuisance to visit her before now.

"Looks like the people have finally started throwing those rotten tomatoes, huh Mr. President? Your approval rates have sunken lower than Yubi's back while hauling those babies around."

Kojin remarked, laughter held back at the very tip of his lips, his mouth pressed together almost as though he'd tasted something absolutely foul, all in an attempt to hold his laughter in. It was as though he'd been waiting for the chance to make a joke at Yubi's expense from the moment she began her mission. For a moment, he took the time to admire the woman Yubi had become. There were more than a few times where Kojin contemplated on the state of her mission and if she would succumb to what he calls "the curse of the white man". However, she proved loyal, strong, and resilient, and her coming back meant more to Kojin than she or even Kechi would know.

Kojin took his eye off of Kechi and Yubi for a moment, taking the time to recognize the children in the room. His eyes instantly fell upon Zeze, his grin dropping into a scowl almost instantly as he began to dwarf the small brown-skinned boy with his daunting size. He cast a shadow over the boy, crossing his arms over his belt. He kneeled down, pressing his knee to the ground, barely bringing his head a few inches above the boy's much smaller build. He grabbed out at Zeze's nose, gripping onto it as if he went to turn a dial, pinching down on it with a considerable amount of strength. Kojin's hand would engulf Zeze's face, pinching at not only his nose but his upper lip.

"You been causing trouble, Zeze?. Kechi may be blinded by your delinquency, but luckily I'm here to humble you "

Kojin snapped, pinching down at the boy's nose a slight bit harder, laughing at his expense should he still stand there and take it. In the same motion it took Kojin to harm Zeze, he tilted his head down to smile at Keji. See, Kojin had always harbored a soft spot for who he considered being his nephew. Keji was one who geared more towards the emotional side than professional, something Kojin knew would affect his treatment by his father greatly. So, he made sure to lift the boy's spirit from time to time, soon enough time to time turned into a habit and he formed a familial relationship with the boy.

"How's my favorite nephew?"

Kojin paused before pestering the boy more as he looked down to his chest to meet eyes with an infant. As he laid eyes on the baby, the feeling of nostalgia would momentarily wash over him. He bent forward, even more, to further inspect the child, pulling his hand from Zeze's face and wiping it against the ground before pulling on the edge of the baby's blanket with a single finger, moving the sheet from its face. For a moment, it was almost as if Kojin's knew the baby somehow.

"Cute kid. But not cuter than my lil' Kej-Kej!"

Kojin disregarded the baby, unable to connect it's existence to any lasting memory in his mind. Instead, he patted Keji on the head, smiling and pampering him as if he was some sort of beloved pet. He turned his attention back to the adults, laying eyes on Yubi and Kechi once again. However, unlike his misadventures in trying to recall the child's identity, there was another factor that Kojin could by no means overlook. He stood to his feet, making his way back to where he stood prior, now towering over Kechi like he once did the man's students.

"You think I'd forget? HOW YOU LEFT ME AT YOUR LAB?! How'd you think that made me look? If I wanted to carry around some red-haired bird I would've gone to Konoha to pick up Yubi myself! Ain't that right, Tomato Head?"

Kojin patted Yubi on the back, moving past his joke as smoothly as possible, hoping to get another laugh at her expense.

"And, Blindy! Why didn't you tell 'im to wait for me!? Could you not see him leaving? You really need to find some better help, Shorty"

Kojin's jokes now had new targets in Kinshi and Kechi. He let out an uncontrollable laugh, waving his hand back and forth in front of Kinshi's face knowing more than well he couldn't physically see it. Not only that, but he waved his hand over Kechi's head, making it the staggering height difference between them that much more noticeable to the group and leagues more entertaining for Kojin as tears began to well up in his eyes from his incessant laughter.


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"Proximity to wealth deludes some into believing they possess it."

At neck-breaking speeds the body of Kuragari went tunneling through the air until it crash-landed into a rather lofty bookshelf. The thunderous crackling of wood and shuffling of loose sheets of paper echoed in the spacious library while the small girl on his back seemed to disappear into it all. Kuragari himself had been partially covered in shattered wood, novels and scrolls while the small foot of the larger-than-life figure pressed firmly against his stomach. Less than a singular second after he had placed himself over the boy ,"Kechi's" right arm came up beyond the perception speed of the masses, much like his earlier movement. Meanwhile, his left hand swiped near Kuragari's head to retrieve some "debris" before reclining at his side again. His right arm from earlier was vibrating with an intensity, so-much-so that a delayed humming sound could be captured had one listened closely. What was this jutsu? Certainly those in the room would recognize it - all but Kuragari, of course.
Just as he was going to drive his fist into the boy's neck a hand grasped his wrist firmly.

With a dull expression, the barefoot man glanced to his right to see his niece. It was in that moment that something valuable had appeared - something far more rewarding than a battle. As soon as the woman appeared he had forgotten about the farce and inspected her. From head to toe as she spoke he scanned her eyes, lips, and skin tone as well as her heart beat! "Say... I can hear two - no, three heartbeats! She's pregnant!" thought the mad-scientist.

As with the rabbits, Kechi could hear far beyond normal human capabilities. Even from this distance noticing a heartbeat was simplistic to him.

As his niece rambled on and complained Kechi dropped his arm and stepped off of Kinshi only to turn her direction; his eyes peered at her belly intensely. Before he could speak a loud and obnoxious voice came from out of nowhere. Using his left hand to snatch up Yubi's right wrist Kechi tried to make a break for it by sauntering off toward the exit in the opposite direction, all to no avail! Kojin had arrived. "Oh great, he's here!" exclaimed Kechi in thought. Snarling as half of his teeth began to show, Kechi rolled his eyes as he turned to Kojin while still holding Yubi's wrist.

"All is well... So long as my approval ratings aren't as low as your IQ, you bumbling brute!!"

Certainly out of character, his loud and youthful voice was irritated. Seldom had anyone seen him act in this manner. While Kojin made his rounds, Kechi turned to Kuragari and looked at him with a placid expression before his very image simply faded away into a blur and disappeared. Kuragari thought he was facing the actual Kechi and Yubi herself felt that she had even been speaking to him! In actuality, this was nothing more than an afterimage... The true Kechi casually came walking from being hidden behind a bookshelf; his bare feet stammering against the wood floor. Just as the afterimage completely disappeared the true Kechi emerged right next to it beside Yubi in order to exchange the contents of the image's left hand - a few strands of hair. Humans lose about 100 strands of hair a day and being knocked back several meters and landing in violence would surely expedite this, right?

What was the meaning of all this? You see, earlier when Kechi disappeared the true him was never said to have reemerged. Even Kinshi in all his sensory ability failed to notice. It was stated that the "form" of Kechi appeared, not the actual him. His speed was far beyond that of those present... but at what cost?

Breathing heavily the man's heart felt as though it would pump out of his chest! "Drat!" thought the man.

"Curse this kekkei genkai... the true double-edged sword..."

His movements were possible due to a hiden jutsu of his clan and this village - the Speed Clone Technique (速度分身の術) which in some cases was known as the Kinetic Energy Clone Jutsu (動的分身の術). It essentially allowed him to produce actual physical afterimages using nothing more than speed. These lookalikes were packed with so much physical energy that they were mirror images of himself even down to the internal and internal systems. That was how he fooled everyone. Had Kuragari continued on with this farce the duplicate would have expired slightly later, seeing as even he had not noticed. Instead, it would have been used to expose of him expeditiously and without a tinge of remorse. "B-bring... t-the boy to me..." panted Kechi. Kinshi knew who he meant. "Red-bean... you come too!"

Using the last of his strength Kechi disappeared in order to rest in his office. Surely the others would follow. Before he could hear Kojin's whip about his height Kechi was gone and instead went to the top floor of the castle where his office was.


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Things had escalated pretty quickly after his remark about kidnapping, taking the hit to his jaw at full force though he had no idea where it came from since he hadn't been prepared to actually fight yet. All he knew was one moment the young shinobi was standing up with his sister and the next he was under a pile of wood. While still being in the process of trying to figure out what happened, he was cheap shot by someone else that ended up shutting his nervous system down temporarily and putting him to sleep since the only resistance he had was to his summonings toxic scent and the separate venoms in each of the of the different heads.




Kanora had been shielded from the impact received by Kechi since she wasn't the target. However, she did feel the impact of colliding into the bookshelf which woke her up from the collision and falling onto the floor. In doing so, she no longer felt the presence of the person she last saw before she became unconscious which made it easier for her to collect her thoughts instead being overcome with fear again. Once moving all the debris from on top of her she noticed her brother was on the ground unconscious and had no idea why, normally she was the nicest person ever but with no idea what happened she was very upset but her way of showing it wasn't the meanest. She wasn't one to really want a fight unless she absolutely had no other choice but she still wanted to try and be helpful. Her anger only made her seem even more adorable since she was so small, as she awaited her answer she walked over to her brother and a visible amount of dark matter began revealing itself from around the little girl and leaking directly into the body of Kuragari. From there she proceeded to perform the handsigns Ram-Boar-Dragon which was "supposed" to be her version of the dark parasite, however she got one of the hand signs wrong, mixing Tiger with Ram. So instead of her dark parasite forming, the dark matter stuck to Kuragari's unconscious body and hardened on his skin like armor. She knew she messed up but decided to play it off as if this was what she wanted to do before turning back to face the others to speak with a smile hiding her anger while also speaking in a really sweet voice.

"What happened to Kura?"