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Chūnin Exams



The small remote island burnt ever so brightly, its flames casting an eerie and unrelenting glow that painted the entire landscape in shades of crimson and orange. These relentless flames seemed to dance with a fiery spirit as if they would never run out of their blazing energy. The air was thick with the acrid scent of scorched earth, and the island's once-serene ambiance was replaced by an atmosphere of tension and anticipation.

Screams and shouts reverberated throughout the island, their echoes bouncing off the charred remains of trees and buildings that now stood as mere skeletons of their former selves. The ground was littered with the ashen remnants of what was once lush foliage, now reduced to grey-covered bones, a haunting testament to the trials that lay ahead.

As the contestants gathered, each with their own hopes and fears, the island stood as a stark and unforgiving battleground. Without warning, the Chunin Exams had begun, and the participants were about to face challenges that would test not only their skills but also their resolve to emerge victorious in the crucible of fire and fury.

1) No set posting order, but a 72-hour posting expectation; penalties for failure to post.
2) No metagaming; gather information in character; characters unaware of each other's abilities if no prior interaction.
3) Wait for the STORY account to confirm success or failure after posting.

Team 1: Satoru, Mellow Tomogui, Bōfū (deez nuts) Kegan
Team 2: Soma Chinoike, Aiya Akiga, Xuan Tomogui


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Bōfū would wake up with a start, before taking deep breaths to calm himself. He would then close his eyes again before slowly reopening them, allowing his visual sense to adjust to his surroundings. Even though Bōfū was quick to figure out that he'd been sufficiently incapacitated and brought to this location, the fact alone was still a bit unsettling. So he put it out of his mind as he steadily rose to his feet, and focused on taking stock of the situation at hand. Even though he'd already experienced much at the hands of his own clansmen, even he was forced to grimace at the various sights and sounds around him... If he were a lesser man of lesser constitution, he'd have believed that the world had come to an end of the apocalyptic, fiery sort. But thankfully - or unfortunately, depending on how one thought about it - that was not the case. Sometimes, and he spoke from experience, the truth was simply that much harsher.

Feeling his focus begin to fray, he would close his eyes once again and sit in a meditative position, taking deep and steady breaths to calm himself, doing his best to rid himself of these unpleasant and impure thoughts. But even so, the harsh reality of the things he had just seen and heard would continue to haunt him for some time - nothing that he'd ever experienced in his home district had prepared him for anything like this. Absolutely nothing.
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Upon the young genin beginning to wake up as all of his senses slowly began reacting to their surrounding, the eyes of Mellow snapped open to a chaotic scene that defied all logic. The air was thick with acrid smoke, and the crimson glow of flames danced around him, casting eerie shadows on the twisted remains of what seemed to be have bustling village. The deafening sounds of screams and yells echoed off the remnants of trees and buildings, sending signals throughout his body informing him that the situation was real instead and not just another dream within a dream. As the young boy scrambled to his feet, he instinctively reached for one of the few Kunai that was strapped to his thigh. The heat of the flames licked at his skin, and he simply couldn't shake the feeling that he had been thrown into a random war. Confusion washed over him as he tried to make sense of his sudden arrival in this infernal landscape. He had been aware that the Chunin Exams were supposed to be starting, but nothing could have prepared him for this random placement within it. This had to be part of it, a test of his abilities and resourcefulness perhaps? Or had something actually gone wrong in the village?

Mellow's keen eyes darted around, searching for any sign of familiar faces until his eyes came across someone who looked familiar but their choice of clothing and hair color didn't match either of the two he had known, this particular being had to be the third one he's heard about, the one Kyo and Yatoru called Tofu. He would have preferred one of the other two but the third best in their words was good enough. The once-proud buildings were reduced to smoldering ruins, and the trees that had once provided shade and tranquility now stood as charred sentinels. The screams of the panicked villagers filled the air, but they seemed to be coming from all directions, making it very difficult for him to pinpoint their sources, especially with everything else going on.

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Mellow knew he had to act quickly to save anyone he could without causing adding more to whatever problem is already going on in the current circumstances. He had trained for this moment, honing his skills as a ninja, and now it was time to put them to the test. With a determined resolve, he started to move cautiously through the fiery chaos, mindful of every step he took. He knew that success in this test will only bring him closer to becoming a full fledged chunin.

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Sōma and Xuan woke up lying against a tree, near the burning trees, completely clueless and groggy from being knocked out and brought to wherever they are, the young Chinoike groaned and got up rubbing the soar from her neck before cracking the bones to release the tension while Xuan look around, sniffing the air only for the heavy scent of scorched earth "What the hell?" finally spoke the Tomogui twin although Soma stayed silent, observing the area and hearing the distant screaming "We're in a battleground it looks like" she spoke before looking around for her sword but found it lying beside the spot where she was once sitting unconscious. The two gathered their senses and began walking opposite of the burning woods, Xuan leading the charge since he has better sensory skills than his companion who stayed on guard with her sword drawn and vigilant of their surroundings, could this be a mission her father had sent them on? Ever since the incident in her home district, he's been distant and cold towards her while showing praise to her crush Mellow who went with him to fight the enemy they were called heroes for their valiant actions to repel the enemy but she didn't know what really happened nor was she told what went down, it frustrated her very much more since her sisters and crush are praised for their skills and while she is the youngest daughter and least experience of the three in the family, sure Nashiro and her, are half-sisters and grown very close, she can't help but feel jealousy over the young Ashida's abilities and physical prowess that she wanted to surpass the girl and those who looked down at her, she'll show them all.

Xuan simply looked around using his one good eye to watch out for enemies but so far it's been quiet despite the distant screaming he saw no one but corpses littering the ground, speculating a genjutsu, Xuan's left eye activated, his Osoregan glowing bright white with chakra but as he looks around, detecting no illusion he shuts it off and kept walking with his companion deeper into the terrain "Maybe my dear brother is here too" thought the elegant twin tomogui.


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Satoru Amatō

In the world of shinobi, destinies are interwoven with shadows and fire. Amidst this tapestry stood Satoru Amatō, her heart wrestling with memories that threatened to consume her very essence. Visions of a foe, whose eyes held the mysteries of a thousand stars, haunted the very corridors of her mind. The weight of a decision — to align with or against — bore heavily on her.

And then, a voice, as if from the void itself whispered, "It's time to wake up."

Emerging from the shroud of her recollections, Satoru found herself amidst an inferno. The scent of charred earth and firewood invaded her senses, painting a scene of desolation. Could it be? Had the fabled Queen of Darkness risen to power, cloaking the world in her malevolent shadow?

Satoru refused to be ensnared by despair. Summoning her chakra, she rose, the remnants of the battlefield clinging to her attire. Among the scorched lands, two figures stood out — their auras echoing the signature chakra of shinobi. One as dark as the night, and the other, a stark contrast with hair as white as freshly fallen snow.

The backdrop of this enigmatic island whispered tales of possibly legendary battles, of shinobi pitted against insurmountable odds. But why were they chosen? Were they mere players in a cosmic game?

Her capsule of sugar, a memento from a past mission, swayed as she adjusted herself. Every movement reminded her of the scars she bore, both seen and unseen.

Caution was her closest ally in this unpredictable realm. With chakra channels primed, Satoru maintained a safe distance from the duo, observing, always vigilant. With the specter of the Chūnin Exams looming, Satoru was poised to face whatever lay ahead, bearing the will of fire in her heart.


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Phase 1: Welcome to the Chūnin Exams

Screams echoed relentlessly through the burning forest, a cacophony of fear and desperation that seemed to have no source, no location. The flames raged voraciously, a merciless inferno that consumed everything in its path. It was a relentless, insatiable hunger, and the very trees that had once stood tall and proud were now reduced to mere kindling.

The forest, once teeming with life, was now a landscape of devastation. The towering trees, old and wise, were reduced to skeletal remains, their branches reaching out like desperate arms to the heavens, as if pleading for mercy. But the fire offered none; it danced and crackled with malevolent glee, casting eerie shadows that flickered and contorted in the searing heat.

The sky above was a sickly orange hue, choked with thick smoke that billowed upwards in massive plumes. Ominous storm clouds loomed, their dark underbellies pulsating with a deep, foreboding energy. Thunder rumbled like a warning, a harbinger of the violence that the heavens themselves were about to unleash.

Amidst this fiery chaos, the cries of animals and the rustling of leaves, now ignited, added to the nightmarish symphony. Wildlife, once at home in this lush forest, now fled in terror, their eyes reflecting the same fear that gripped their hearts. Birds, their feathers singed, took to the air in a desperate attempt to escape the relentless blaze.

As the fire continued its relentless march, the very ground beneath seemed to tremble in protest. The earth cracked and split, sending embers and sparks scattering into the air. The acrid scent of smoke and burning wood hung heavy, suffocating, making it difficult to breathe.

In the midst of this apocalyptic scene, the source of the screams remained a mystery. It was as if the forest itself had become a chorus of anguish, a symphony of suffering. The flames devoured all, showing no mercy, no remorse. And as the fire raged on, unabated, it seemed to whisper a cruel promise - that in its all-consuming embrace, nothing would be left but ashes and echoes.