Land of Wind: Complaint against Kasumi Yugata.



I would like to form a formal complaint regarding the One-Tail Shukaku as well as it's exact whereabouts.

As you know... In the post acting as Land of Fire Military one of their actions was to establish a new Kazekage in which was done in a particular process. In which was announced publicly that this was her successor, not only securing the assets of Sunagakure this also extended to the One-Tail Shukaku. which allows us to secure One-Tail even more efficiently, granting us the ability to determine just where is the Shukaku is. 一一 Kasumi did not respond to this action nor counter it as Land of Wind, exceeding the time limit which had been placed on us. I noted that in all of the three posts that One-Tail would have been secured by Land of Fire. Yet Kasumi Yugata hasn't responded to such action, it is only after the time limit that he did post, about maybe three days late.

He stated this after:

The chains of the Kazesa would vibrate with energy once, charging briefly before dying down as the One-Tailed Demon became sealed in a room, concealing its chakra signature and location from any unknown or foreign entities. here if you want to see it. It didn't explain it, at all.

In this instance Land of Fire had taken over the Land of Wind, placing this puppet as her entire successor both Kazekage and Daimyo thus efficiently has the right to determine what to do with the Land of Wind as well as its assets, as Shukaku itself weren't noted to be defended or secured elsewhere that only Kasumi has access to. It was just somewhere in Land of Wind. Plus there are numerous contradictions in which suggest that One-Tail was in the Sunagakure the entire time until, as you guessed it, Land of Fire settles in the midst of Sunagakure that the Former Kazekage had suggested it's elsewhere instead. It clearly is a dash of metagaming.

What do you think?

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I’d like to formally start by stating that there was not a predetermined “deadline” I was told to meet, as well as I was skipped in the posting order because you guys were working to try and take over Land of Wind rather than allowing me proper time and courtesy to do so. Had I actually been given the common courtesy of, you know, not being looked over in your attempts to take over the Land of Wind, my post would have made more sense (also a “You’re running out of time to respond” that everyone gets would’ve been much appreciated instead of going to post and seeing that I was skipped). Because we talked OOC with many people, and it was VERY clear that Kasumi was alive, I was told to simply make my post as I would be responding to everything (see how I also spoke about my decapitation, genjutsu, etc.) So this measure actually took place before the Land of Fire even stepped into the Land of Wind, which can be clearly distinguished in my post, unlike any actions you took. (See how Kasumi is in LoWa before she even hears that LoF has taken over her country). Why is this a precaution taken? When world leaders overseeing things are killed it’s logical to lock up the button that sends nukes.

The vibrating of the chains was actually a surprise weapon that we are going to put away for later, and have nothing to do with the One-Tails.

I will also state that the One-Tails has never been inside Sunagakure, nor was it hinted in anyway that Shukaku was inside Suna. I disclosed this to Michael a while ago, and the hints are all in my military info, but the One-Tails is not, nor ever been in Suna.

On top of this, the military has numerous members of the Yugata in its ranks, meaning that you walking around a soulless puppet, after they received a spiritual message that she’s dead, is suspicious and can still be acted against. We can also talk about how long it takes to create a puppet and how it’s a Land of Wind specialty yet the Land of Fire managed to do it seemingly instantaneously and perfectly with no time constraints but I can overlook it (will not overlook puppet masters being able to see through the technique tho, since again it's a Land of Wind specialty) . It lacks her signature weapon, her soul, and I’m guessing her KKG since, you know, soul manipulation requires a soul, so any competent member of the Yugata will continue to work against this. I’m assuming that this will be acceptable since you have puppet masters, master surgeons, and general NPC’s at your disposal, so me having members of my clan deployed in my first post at my fingertips (as well as a clone that you all forgot about) won’t be an issue.

This is not me metagaming, this is me using the little resources I have to ensure that the stinginess of the Land of Fire doesn’t ruin the opportunity of future One-Tails Jinchuriki, or lose its uniqueness. The One-Tails has never been in Suna (it’s too obvious) and I would NEVER MG to give myself the advantage.

I suggest that if you guys want the One-Tails, you should do what everyone that wants a Biju does and hunt it down (while also taking a deep reflection of why Hashirama gave it to the Land of Wind in the first place) . It shouldn’t be hard. It’s chained up.


The Final Verdict:

Pertaining to the first issue at hand, we have the mass understanding that according to prior receipts provided pertaining to the 1 tails, the current location is unknown and can likely be anywhere within the shinobi world, and as such it was a group understanding that anything relating to the tailed beast in both posts would be null.

Second issue that was presented: The barriers erected around the entire country by LoF, would logically prove unable to sustain itself from the circumstances presented IC alone, leaving that particular reserve of Konoha's chakra reserves depleted. And due to the sheer size and magnitude of such a barrier, a continuous support equivalent to the amount required to establish it would continuously have to be applied to keep it constant. Being that the initial erecting of the barrier alone drained nearly the entirety of Konoha's provided reserve, it logically wouldn't have enough for continued support. So in all actuality, all that would happen is that the barrier would be erected, only to dissipate seconds later. Being that it was stated that it was consuming smaller portions of chakra present from the living things within, it wouldn't equate to the needed amount of chakra to uphold the barrier – eliminating all intended effects the barrier would have had.