Kechi's Hideout (Rōsoku Woods)

Small quick steps sounded outside the room before a young boy let himself in. He was short like his father, his hair the same bright coralberry color swinging in locs around his face. He wore a fresh chuunin uniform, manufacturing creases not yet worn out of it. Shoulders straight, ready to report... or just to duck his head a little and greet his dad's associate.

"Hi, Kinshi," he said with a shy smile, his speech a little too quick. "I graduated. I'm a chuunin now--I can take real missions. Did my dad, did he tell you? I'm taking it seriously, swear."

He was here with no genin team, just an eight-year-old promoted early. Anxious to prove himself, conflicted about his unearned promotion. His locs bounced as he nodded once, emphatically.

"Whatever the mission is, I'm ready."
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Deep within the subterranean hideout of Kechi Isogi, while the numerous scientist and lab technicians scrambled about on the tasks and experiments that they had been assigned. It was a rather normal sight with the bunker, though it would appear that while they worked hard they all avoided small part of the lab. That part of the lab just so happened to be the personal workspace of Kechi's Attendant and the Land of Coins Chief of Staff, Evil Eye Kinshi.

Everything that occurred in that portion of the lab was usually left alone as very few people had the courage to approach the blindfold man. He was an unusual person and normally only Kechi or his son Keji ever approached him. Unlike the others in the lab, Kinshi wasn't a scientist so he simply used his space to work on his own personal projects such as his Ofuda Talismans for his Talisman Technique. He had spent the entire time since Kechi left working on them all while managing his other work as Chief of Staff, though this would continue for long as Kinshi would find himself being approached by a familiar young boy with a headband of the Land of Coins, Hidden Petal Village. Most of the lab tech's were caught off guard by the boy's sudden arrival, though fortunately for Kinshi he was not. He knew the whole time that his student and the son of his employer Keji Isogi had just arrived. Kinshi already knew why the boy had come, even before he spoke as they had been assigned to a secret mission by Kechi to retrieve the corpses from Ji City.

"Hello there Keji, it's good to see you again," said what appeared to be a disembodied voice that had seemingly come from nowhere. While most would probably freak out and wonder where the voice had come from Keji would have already been aware that it was merely one of Kinshi signature techniques that he used to communicate among other things. Not long after the disembodied voice spoke a similar voice would appear again and this time with a much happier and less calm and collected manner as the boy spoke of his recent promotion. "Yes, I did hear about your promotion. Congratulations Keji, your father and I are quite proud of you. Also just for the record, I have high expectations of you as a Shinobi seeing I helped train you," said Kinshi's disembodied voice as the blindfolded man casually turned around to face the boy with a smile before continuing to speak through the voice. "Once our last team member arrives we will take our leave. I assume you've read the mission briefing?" asked Kinshi hoping his student was prepared.


"Yeah, I got it," Keji confirmed, smiling back. He liked when he could hear what Kinshi was feeling through his voice technique.

Keji glanced around at their surroundings, not certain whether the workers in the building were in on what they were doing. It was a top-secret mission after all. "About the precautions and everything."

He trusted Kinshi without question that he'd know how to keep everything sterile regarding the biohazard job they were going to be doing. Keji hadn't handled corpses before or anything, but he did have a basic medical understanding of why doing so could be dangerous, even without other complicating factors. Being from a clan with many health problems came with the benefit of a greater amount of medical theory being explained earlier than for most children.

The psychological aspect might be a place where his inexperience would be a greater disadvantage, since handling a lot of bodies would be rough on any eight-year-old, but at least he would be on this first important mission with someone he looked up to and trusted.




The blindfolded gentleman known as Kinshi could be seen standing beside his student as they discussed a number of small details about the mission they were about to embark on. The only thing holding them up was the late arrival of the third team member, though it wouldn't take long for this to be addressed as Kinshi received orders to take Keji and simply start the mission themselves. After receiving the new orders Kinshi would look towards Keji his gaze still obstructed by the blindfold which as was noticeable before had no effect on his ability to locate objects and people. Once he was facing the direction of his student Kinshi would smile and prepare to give Keji the news about their mission and answer his earlier asked question.

"I have good news and bad news. The good news is your father has already thought about your question and has supplied up with these special scrolls to use to seal away the ingredients, but the bad news is that we are on our own as Ataeko is unable to make it," said Kinshi through the disembodied voice which seemed to possess a feeling of both anticipation and mild irritation, which most likely came from the way the team had shrunken. "Well then, young Keji it would appear that it's time for us to head off, but before we go take this scroll," said the disembodied voice created by Kinshi as he would hand the boy a scroll that would be required for their mission.

Once Kinshi yhad finished speaking through his disembodied voice he would switch his attention to the task at hand, and that was making their way to the Land of Merchants. For Kinshi who was strong, but still in need of more training in certain techniques and areas he didn't have a personal way to travel to and from destinations instantaneously. Fortunately for Kinshi and his young pupil, their magnanimous leader and Keji's father had instructed Kinshi on the way to utilise the
Spirit Highway for highspeed transport over large distances. Once the boy was ready kinshi would take the boy's shoulder so as to secure him for the trip, shortly after Kinshi would place his hand upon the shoulder of Keji the two shinobi both of their bodies would be engulfed in a hollow blue before they, like a star, shot out of the plane and jettisoned towards the Land of Merchants.

Keji took the scroll and fastened it inside one of the pouches of his chuunin vest. It was a little daunting for the mission to be down to only two shinobi, but he could follow orders just as well with two as with three. He braced himself for the travel on the Spirit Highway.

Keji seemed to remember something like the blue streaking light from when he was much younger, but he wasn't really sure if he'd been there before. The only person it would have made sense to have taken him on it would be his dad, but that on its face was a little unbelievable. The Spirit Highway was supposed to be pretty dangerous in that a traveller's soul could get ripped from their body if they were on it too long.

Yeah, no, his dad probably wouldn't have done something risky like that with a little kid. They weren't close but Keji figured a good assessment of risk featured doing things the safe way, one you were sure would work.

So he filed that thought away as they arrived in the Land of Merchants. No witnesses, they were to leave no witnesses and no evidence.

He hoped there wouldn't be any witnesses to silence.






"All of that work, just to come back to an empty room...I just can't seem to find decent help anymore"

Kojin stood in the center of Kechi's hideout, in one hand he held two unconscious Kappa, both draping from their wrists that Kojin held them by. In his other hand was a blood-soaked blanket, dripping to the ground below him. He stared upon the same lifeless boy that he collected just a day earlier, bloodied and stabbed through his chest. Some would ponder on the usefulness of keeping such a thing around. Who needs the body of a dead child? Even Kojin wondered when Kechi first proposed the favor, it wasn't until he arrived at the scene that it all became clear. Despite being seemingly lifeless, the boy's body exuded a minute amount of heat, not enough to make any difference in the temperature around him, but just enough to be felt if you held your hand close enough.

"Dirty bird"

Kojin cursed. kissing his teeth and slinging the blanket from his hand to the boy's body, resting it upon his torso, the arrow that penetrated his body protruding upwards. He took a few steps closer, hovering his now free hand over the boy's body, flicking the arrow, and watching it ping back and forth beneath the blanket. For a moment he pondered taking the boy, for the value he held in his body was truly great. It wasn't the boy's blood he wanted, not even his eyes, but the spirit he held inside of him.


The boy held the spirit of Suzaku within him. One of the four legendary cardinal beasts. As its host the boy boasted almost complete control over heat and fire, however, there was a more coveted ability he held, one Kojin could most definitely make use of. For a moment he pondered taking advantage of the empty lab and leaving with the child. It's not like there would be anyone to stop him. If not leave with the body, he could always leave the boy with a seal on it, should Kechi notice there would be nothing to be done.

"Why bother, I don't feel like being on Kechi's bad side. The last time that happened he starved me for a week until I said sorry. That, or he'll sick tomato head on me, or worse....that blind bat he has for an assistant"

Kojin shuddered for a second, an image of an angry dark-skinned woman with red hair appeared into his mind, behind her was a man of similar complexion with a blindfold wrapped around his head. Eager to go about his way, he slung each Kappa over his shoulders, their heads banging against his back muscles as he turned on his heels and began to make his way out of the room. As he made his way out of the room, his footsteps reverberated through the facility, each loud step shaking the ground around him. As his steps faded, it indicated his departure to deal with other endeavors.






箱 朱小さい炎
a dying world...

Within the mental plane, the darkness had seeped onto the landscape consuming all that is left of the broken bird - removing the light from all over the plane until it was but a dying fire reduced to a small dot of light - that continued to persist in the skies indicating the death befallen upon the Goka. Across the land it was no sign of life nor light in every corner - it was only the dimming source in the skies and sudden. The tone sets the end for an era and then it died off reducing the environment to a cold lifeless one - and then it was a sudden burst of fire. From within the dying light, a sudden excitement of life occurred and grew more robust and spontaneously overtaking the skies. It didn't end there, no. The land throughout the plane found itself to be submerged in red outlines and from within them, lava exploded allowing the creation of numerous volcanoes to form throughout the plane. Before one knows it, the mental plane would be consumed, and to be submerged in the immense heat, its destructive nature is incomparable to the natural world.

Suddenly it was full of life, unlike before...

Within the building that was constructed by a particular consciousness to serve as a holding cell for something - locking them away far into the deepest layer of the mental plane. An ebony-skinned hand uplifted the terrified boy by the collar and stared at him the darkness continued to conceal his appearance - the left eye glared in an eerie light it was no secret that this scene appears to be a person torturing a child.
"It's a humiliation that I would have to consider you as my main personality - or it would be easier to eradicate you here and there. It's unfortunate that you had denied my existence and involuntarily to tap into our rightful anger - if you did in the first place... perhaps you could've saved your cousin, Rika Uchiha from yourself."
A mysterious voice can be heard - it echoed throughout the plane.

"Oh. You didn't know?" A chuckle can be heard until it evolved into a burst of sinister laughter his hand continued to crush the neck until the boy couldn't gasp for air, and then a sudden release on the neck allowing the child to hit the ground. The child attempted to get away but chains from the mental plane enwrapped him, restricting his movement and being immobilized - a sigh can be heard as the shadow continued to approach the boy.

"You thought you could fucking escape from me? Guess what? You're stuck with me and I'm stuck with you, there's no fucking chance you can run from this." He hunched down, placing his hand against the hair, and pulled his head up so that he could look into his eyes - a menacing grin can be seen on his face.

"And... him too."
He referred to the source of the light in the skies that appeared to be working toward restoring the mental plane as well as the vessel outside the mental plane to be filled with life and a second later the shadow could see that the boy was in denial about the news broken to him - the broken child continued to be in denial despite he was shown the last moment of Rika Uchiha through the fire making use of a certain technique. Through the fire, it is possible to recall the moment before it consumes the town and people - allowing the child to experience the pain and emotion in which they were forced to experience being consumed by the fire causing a strong sensation in their right eye. For the fire contains memories of things - including the destruction of Rika Uchiha and he was forced to witness what he had done - breaking him in.
"...Man. You're no fun sore loser. You know what. You can stay back where you are and fucking whine about your cousin is dead because of you." he paused, holding his hand over his right locking the child into the deepest layer of the mental plane, and left him chained to a cell in which serves as his new home - with the memories pertaining to jutsu and experiences regarding skills stolen from the child; leaving behind what could compromise the shadow the emotions and memories for his loved ones. "I'll be the pilot until then. Something tells me that I will be entertained soon." pertaining to the emergence of Madoguchi as well as the chaos that would soon come, prompting him to grin.
The process of being resurrected will fully occur the moment Kechi appears. What would occur is that the body would be undergoing a devastating rebirth in which results in the original body being destroyed leaving nothing but ashes behind - though within the ashes a new body constructed by the Spirit of Suzaku would be found here - still retaining the seals he had made from his own chakra. The moment the boy wakes he would leave a parental imprint on the first person this new face sees it was in a similar manner to a baby chick. This imprint is what would prevent him from dismissing entirely their wishes - in a similar way in how Juugo regarded Kimimaro or Sasuke Uchiha as the voice of reason.


After the sudden and devastating declaration by the being known as Madoguchi, it would seem as though as he had retreated into the chakra source as fast as he had arrived. Due to this sudden retreat by the alien threat, the world leaders have ordered all citizens' return effective immediately.

Time-skip Implemented
Zone 1 & 2: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 AM
Zone 3 & 4: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 PM