Hyosui vs Kami Shia

Once again I intend to keep this short and simple. While this fight has been riddled with problems from jump street including continuity as well as a lack of detail from either party (guilty as charged) this most recent occurrence was the straw that broke the camels back. Shia made several mistakes in previous post as well as completely neglecting to properly address actions in an interrupt that occurred in my most recent post resulting in his previous capture via shadow possession potentially resulting in his characters death. While we all love our characters near and dear this most recent post doesn't sit right with me.

To keep things simple we will start of with the initial connection of shadow possession jutsu being inacted. This was hinted at through the descriptors present in the post in a single section of a paragraph. Below is the example of such.
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The above snippet of my post is the allusion and over all tell that something was up as we all know shikamaru's favorite gimmick with every combat encounter is establishing a connection of shadows via distancce, distraction and misdirection. In the case of Hyosui it is no different using a kunai to give his shadow the necessary range to connect his shadow to Shia's own. In shia's follow up post to such an interaction he completely ignores the idea of the kunai even being a thing in which we can see below.
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If the moderators would like to see the full extent of his post and his actions they may refer to page 2 of the Iwanohashira thread in order to get a full continuity of things so far.
In the act of Shia completely disregarding the kunai thrown at him this allowed Hyosui to in turn ensnare his opponents shadow in order to give himself an advantage as an end result. The next post from Shia states that he is impaled by a Kunai after my post prior states my kunai moved past him which as previously stated was the mode of transportation for my own shadow. As we've seen in the series time and time again shadow possession is powerful in its own right and being caught in the technique may mean life or death for any shinobi. That aside with Hyosui moving out of the way of Shia's attempted ambush allowing his own kunai to impale him it is in my own personal opinion that Shia as a character would be subject to the aforementioned effects of his own use of lightning release. This would mean that the follow would occur as a result (see snippet below)
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It is important to note that an OOC discussion was previously had in which we decided to let things play out per Kechi/Mich's description of things. However as the follow up post occurred we see again that Shia neglects to answer properly when his post is interrupted by my own. It is also important to note that Hyosui as an individual is known for spit second decision making and equally as quick jutsu execution being known by the merit of even as a chunin his skill with shadow possession jutsu and its subsequent off shoots its very quick. This is further displayed IC as hyosui is previously seen transitioning between normal shadow possession and shadow imitation field in order to now ensnare shia and his blood clone. In turn meaning that the aforementioned Kunai above would strike not Hyosui but its originator Shia resulting in his electrocution as well as paralyzation. While an argument was made OOC to deliver a more fair judgement persay by stating one might not be effected by their own lightning chakra in the way that the intended target might be. This was accepted by both parties and a result of a nonofficial mediation by Kechi we both intended to move on with Shia being hindered as stated by Kechi in a voice call seeing as the opposing party's healing wasn't up to snuff to reward the result he was looking for. The subsequent result of this "decision" was that Shia as a character would be slowed down as a result and would need to tend to his injuries the old fashion way, with jutsu.

In the upcoming post I state that Hyosui has decide against his previously decided choice of actions of which consisted of him performing his own technique known as "Shadow mutilation" there in allowing him to tear shia to pieces as a result of bing caught in shadow possession jutsu as a whole. Yet this would only happen if everything panned out accordingly as stated in the previous post made by myself. However Shia opted to resist and stumble as a result giving Hyosui the perfect opportunity to strike his opponent dead after proper examination as any strategist would seeing a clean cutthroat opportunity. The stumbling in shia's post can be seen in the image below.
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While this snippet of Shia's post does present an instance for him to potentially break free my follow up post presented an interrupt perfectly placed at the moment of opportunity, the stumble. This would leave Shia's follow up actions of absorbing the chakra of my own technique at the point of to little too late as Hyosui promptly shifted to shadow stitching turning his shadow into a bladed weapon to completely split the opponent and his clone in question in two. There was a conversation had in OOC in which Shia stated "You can't just change your technique instantly against an opponent that is faster and stronger then you."
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While this statement would be true under normal circumstances of brute force on brute force that is not the case here. If you look in the above snippet mentioning where shia as a character would stumble after taking the impact and look at my follow up post to this stating that Hyosui would merely adjust his strategy to accommodate this reaction. This would render Shia's attempt at evasion useless as a result meaning he would in fact be cleaved clean in two through the aid of Hyosui's own shadow. See snippet below for exact statements from the post.
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This would mean that in the same stroke that Shia took his Kunai to the shoulder and was paralyzed by the shadow possession he would be caught in the attack as a whole. His follow up simply includes him simply breaking free with no consequence despite my post presenting a clear and cut response to his stumbling. (I am also aware that there is an entire sentence in the paragraph that doesn't coincide with the following actions due to my own negligence in forgetting to delete it prior to posting. In shia's response post some moments ago he simply states his character moved out of the way and as a hobby that so frequently relies on detail this section of his post is clearly lacking the aforementioned.
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While his use of body flicker and the like would normally be adequate to escape this does not properly address the notion of being captured in a technique that occurred during his stumbling several post prior. All in all in my opinion this fight as a whole lacks a lot of continuity and proper descriptions from one party more so then the other. I'm merely seeking to keep things as friendly and as clean as possible~​

Kami Shia


“Shadow Imitation Shadow Mutilation Jutsu..”

What came next was something out of the norm for a Nara clansmen. It was the fact that Hyosui had a a very good understanding of shape transformation and what that meant for things like his clan’s hiden jutsu. The first most widely taught application was that of the imitation field and the second was Hyosui’s own personal jutsu Shadow Mutilation. He gave his shadows form allowing them to take on the aspects of animals in the same way that a water release user could generate sharks or other fish.

he Okami descendant would use sheer strength and will power to break the jutsu while simultaneously increasing his strength using the channeled chakra from earlier. The Nara’s jutsu would be broken and Shai would be able to move once again, as he would quickly leap out of the way of the oncoming attack

(in my previous post i stated breaking out of his shadow feild dodging his shadow mutilation jutsu)

This young man may have broken from the Shadow possession but his clone hadn’t which in turn would take nothing but the will of Hyosui. In exchange of this young man taking his own kunai to the shoulder in simultaneity with the shadow possession already binding the pair he could find that Hyosui shifted his shadows in the same stroke that it made contact with his being. He was already victim to the shadow possession meaning that in the very moments that he stumbled and became trapped hyosui would adjust his shadow in order to allow for one of the Nara’s more prominent combat techniques, Shadow Stitching. This would mean in the same stroke that this young man was impaled with his own kunai and his clone was stuck in place mere feet away the pair of them would be impaled by a single thick tendril focused down like a blade in order to carve cleanly through both the boy and his clone. This would in turn mean that Shia would already make him subject to the end result. This was in part due to the split second decision of Hyosui himself being a master tactician as many Nara tended to be. This black haired young man was no different using quick thinking and the sheer agility of his own techniques in order to dismember his opponent one the spot. This was in part due to the fact that Hyosui was already under control of Shia’s shadow moments before this. Shia himself made the mistake of getting caught in the first place as they made first contact with one another meaning that in the few seconds it took to transition into attempting to absorb the chakra from the jutsu he would instead be cut clean in two.

Who could think something as simple as a moment of hesitation would lead to the downfall of a shinobi on the battlefield. Simply put any well trained strategist knew what it took to end a battle decisively as hesitation led to freezing or in Shia’s case stumbling. This action alone was going to be what cost him his life and more importantly make Hyosui the victor of this battle. His lips still curled into that aggressive smirk as he blew another bubble with his gum. His opponent would have to do more than merely absorb chakra or even attempt to break free from the shackles that was his own shadow. Even if this young man somehow managed to break free he would simply fall subject to the shadow imitation filed once again as it was merely just an expansion of his own shadow and the shadows he was already connected to. This would in turn mean that if Shia had indeed managed to break free of his initial shackles he would merely fall victim to the shadow possession again.

(In his next post he clearly stated that he changed the technique that he was using as if it supposedly increased the speed of his attack with no description he also stated that i stumbled but he clearly stated that i broke his jutsu.)

A kunai would pierce the young man’s shoulder but instead of stumbling he felt himself trapped by a Shadow Imitation Field. (Here i stated that i felt trapped instead of stumbling which meant that i didn't move because of the shadow field)

This was a result of the simple reality that no matter how hard one tried their shadow was always going to be around them even in the dark of night the moon aided rather than the sun. His opponent was effectively trapped no matter how hard he tried to escape his own shadow one could never do so as it was quite literally attached to them. As a result rather than Hyosui and Shia’s clone only casting a simple circle of the shadows there would be two separate circles. This in turn would result in two circles overlapping with one another spanning easily a hundred feet if not more.

(Here he's disregarding the fact that i stated i got out of his range) With knowledge of how the shadow possession works, Shai only needs practice with the hidden technique in order to use it proficiently. The young man gained his new found knowledge through the Nara’s chakra used to perform his shadow imitation field technique, which he could now attempt to use himself though passively gaining some of his opponents knowledge from his chakra absorption/memory ability.(Here is where shia learned the weakness of the jutsu and how to escape it and he absorbs chakra through touch of any part of his body.)
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Greetings all,

I hope all is well and want to congratulate you both for getting this far in the tournament. It has been an honor to read such an intense battle from a veteran character I am fonned with (Kami Shia) and a new rpc (Hyosui Nara). Under careful consideration, the judges are in agreement with Hyosui's argument. Because each post has been vague and lacked appropriate detail to come to a more efficient outcome, we had to refer to Naruto anime and manga while also reviewing the stat attributes in your biographies. Though Kami Shia is of Ookami Descent and has a strength that is stronger than Hyosui, it would be a struggle for Kami to break out of the Nara clan's shadow possession technique instantly, which has not been done by ANY character in the anime or manga so far. In addition, to my knowledge Kami is not immune to lightning so had he actually did take advantage of the lack of timing details in his opponent post, becoming victim to his own lightning-infused kunai would have certainly paralyzed if not kill him. Lastly, the environment had played a strong role in conjunction with Hyosui's shadow techniques as their surroundings helped immobilize Kami Shia, even if he did breakout, the radius of the shadows was too great, immediately capturing Mr. Shia after he broke out. With everything considered, Hyosui Nara would have had a clean hit with his shadow bind which then immediately transformed into his shadow strangling/shadow stitching technique. This would indeed make Hyosui Nara the winner of this battle. Thank you for your patience, it has been an honor reading your post, and cannot wait to see what both of you accomplish after the tournament.