Hashirama Middle School



Hashirama Middle School, is a prestigious middle school of academics and wit, many of the teachers here are current or former shinobi with students possessing incredible intellect.​
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“I wonder…”

“What do you wonder?”

“I believe he’s thinking of the wiles…”

“The wiles?”

“Yes, I am.”

“You are?”

“Of course, isn’t that-“

“I believe everything is set up, shall we begin?”

“We should begin”

“Let's go!”

The unit of three had leaped from the shadows onto the middle school playground, instructors' and teachers' eyes shifted upon the moment the cloaked group landed upon the surface. As eyes glanced towards the unit of three, the instructors jumped to the front, guarding the children. The eyes of the children soon too were drawn in towards the unit, confusion they were plunged into. Why had these random individuals decided to show up and who were they? That was the job of the adults to figure out, and so the questions came to them.

“And just who are you?”

“Why are you here!”

“Protect the children!”

The three-man unit stood adjacent to each other, covering each other's openings based on positioning. Upright in position with eyes scanning the positioning of the teachers and students, they quickly deciphered on addressing the situation. After all, they had planned for this all to happen. The tallest amongst them was six-foot-eight-inches, who executed the tiger seal causing the earth to alter surrounding the playground.

Metals began breaking apart, powerlines continued to break apart, and poles and fences were uprooted and tossed around surrounding the circumference of the playground area. Instantly, the children and the adults were surrounded by refined and condensed earthen walls. Each of the cloaked members leaped upwards, standing upon the opening at the ceiling.

"You all are bait, we have a deeper purpose. Anyone of you adults moves, and the children die by our paper bombs."

The tall individual threw a paper bomb upwards into the sky, it triggered an explosion to grasp the attention of any shinobi nearby. With powerlines down communication was limited, thus reinforcements were too but someone must be aware they planned for.​

Kami Shia


Kami Uchiha
Finally being able to return to the village in one piece after completing a solo mission Kami, had made his way directly to the Hokage’s Mansion without any hesitation making no time for any stops along the way. The village was at peace as usual, he would reach his destination rather quickly as he had something urgent to report to the Hokage. As he was out surveying the Land of Fire’s border he ran into some strange individuals wearing hooded lab coats and masks that concealed their identities. They seemed to be searching for something but didn’t seem like they had posed no immediate threat nor taken any notice of him. As he investigated the situation further he witnessed unusual technology being used by these visitors. After finding the object they were looking for they reported their success to their superiors through a wireless communicator on their wrist that projected an image of their higher up, although it seemed you must have direct connection to the communicator in order to receive the message relayed; Kami could only hear one half of the conversation piecing together small bits of information about their status. After the group quickly departed however one them managed to leave what seemed to be an identification card however all but the picture appeared encrypted,‘Thoughts’ “I wonder what that was about, perhaps this may come in handy"; who were these people he wondered returning with the card he was hoping to launch an investigation soon after he returns to the village for some R&R.

As passed through the village swiftly he’d notice three individuals surrounded by higher ranking shinobi of the leaf, assuming there was some sort of hostage situation he’d scope the area without being seen looking for a way to quickly free the hostages without being seen, he didn’t want to rush in unaware of the enemy’s capabilities however the situation was dire and rescuing the hostages without and casualties or injured was priority. Kami shut his eyes shut for a moment as he awoken his sharingan to analyze the situation, the three individuals had seemed prepared to defend each other's blind spots however while being surrounded there was little room to escape the only thing keeping them from being attacked was their hostages. It was out of the ordinary for someone to attack a school and their eccentric behavior seemed like they were planning something much bigger and this was just a distraction, what was their endgame the young Uchiha wondered.


Another group of reinforcement arrived without being detected they all seemed to be capable of Jonin from respected clans, Yamanaka, Aburame, and Akamichi were the easiest to acknowledge. All of them gathered around Kami as lot recognized who he was, sharing what little information he gathered with the team they would coordinate a plan to free the hostages before attempting to deal with the aggressors.

Kami: "Relay a message for me."

Yamanaka: "Understood"

Directing the Yamanaka to report suspicious criminal activity to the sensory corps, the message relayed requested that the sensory corps to do a thorough scan of the immediate vicinity for any other suspicious activity happening in conjunction with the current situation at hand. It was possible that this situation was just a minor distraction to a bigger goal or perhaps these individuals had nothing better to do than harass a group of kids. Still it wouldn't hurt to be cautious he assumed.

Aburame: "I'll take care of the students, my insects have already begone to make a tunnel so that the students may escape without being noticed or in harms way, a cousin of mine informed of the situation before hand. I will be sure to update you when they all of the students are in harms way in the meantime we should all remain out of site."

Thankful for the assistance he offered the Aburame a kind nod showing his appreciation, the lot continued to watch the group of Jonin on the front lines who seemed to be at a stand still with the invaders. Hoping that the Aburame's plan would work he'd wait patiently for the word on the kids safety praying that those who stand in between the children's fate would not doing anything to trigger a reaction. The Aburame's beetles made their way towards the youth group as they reach the center of the dome they began to dig upward to create a second hole large enough so that the children could escape through an underground tunnel.


Jonin Teacher: "What do you want, why you are attacking a school filled with a bunch of innocent children?

The teachers hesitated to attack as they were concerned they actions may cause the death of their students such an ultimatum would cause anyone to think twice about fighting a losing battle, so little option they felt helpless.



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There was one amongst the unit of three who was a sensory type, and through the means of having superhuman hearing capabilities and chakra sensory made the gathering of information not much of a challenge. Subsequently allowing for adequate deduction of the environment and those within and nearby. The sounds of reinforcements arriving and gathering in strategic positions, as well as discoursing amongst themselves, the member was capable of being privy too. However, the focus was not on the reinforcements but rather on the party below. Upon the roof of the earthen ceiling, with eyes peering downwards to the adult and children.

"There is a vibration coming from underneath the surface, as well as chakra coming from below the ground too. The miniature vibrations may be from a technique, no, that would blatantly put the children in harms way. This is something more subtle, more careful yet still reckless... It is the result of an Aburame if I must suspect, such finite chakra within tiny bodies of mobile creatures... Insects. They are attempting to build a tunnel for escape. There are also reinforcements waiting around, considering the kekkei genkais and four noble clans... Our sacrifice must be impact."

"Sacrifice? Fool, I don't plan on dying here... But it also seems like the lot did not listen to our warning."

"If we are being specific none of them have moved yet."

"Fools... If our opponent is apart of the Aburame, who host insects within themselves and then use them... Is that not a movement of our opponent?"


The tallest amongst them stood upright, feet firmly planted upon the surface and eyes trained on the soil below. There are positions that maybe prime for what has to come, and with another of use of the word ‘fool’ came an assault that would certainly test the strategy and tactics of the assembled prey.

“They are just necessary casualties for what is to come.”

Shadowed by being underneath the cloak is the withdrawal of two hatchers, gripped by the guards and soon revealed by the tossing of both arms into the air where the lengths of the sleeves came down revealing the ninja tools. This was a visible display of intent, as well as the colossal situation they had unfortunately been placed in. As surrounding the blade of each hatchets handles are ten exploding tags. The terror in the eyes of the men and women, boys and girls, were expected to be high.

The thrill upon the hidden face of the man was unknown to others by the shade casted by the cloak. However a sadistic malice was seeping out from his core, and it was possible to be aware of his intentions because of it. With the channeling of chakra throughout his arms, they flickered through the vitalization causing the hatchets to land between two coordinated points on the surface. Before a group of teachers, and before a group of students. Making a marker in between some of them, which could be triggered at any moment during flight or landing. It took a half of a half a second for the kunai to land. They would not trigger upon landing immediately, but could explode based on the discretion of the hatchet thrower. As this happened, the others were alert and waiting to see what to do next.



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A small boy could be seen walking through the halls of the Hashirama Middle School Library, the cartoonishly small child collecting a tower of books several times his height within his diminutive arms.

"Particle Physics", "An Intro to Quantum Mechanics, From Protons to Gluons" "Entangled Lives: an advanced study of Quantum Mechanics" "Inverse Shinobi Kinematics" "The Uzumaki's Guide to Advanced Programming" and many more. The librarian raised an eyebrow as she wondered simultaneously what, what appeared to be a but 9 year old, would be doing with this collection of books, and why a middle school library carried this collection in the first place.

"Hey kid, are you sure have the right material? The coloring book section is on th-"
"hey you! Don't I know you from somewhere?"

"I'm sure you must have me mistaken for another!"


She in fact did not have the lad mistaken, for he was a doppleganger.
A clone formed through a unique approach of the shadow cloning technique! Because of the low naturally occurring reserves of its creator, it took weeks to generate even one clone, and months to amass a handful, but over the years, a whole network of clones were derived. On normal occasions are usually hidden, deep within the Hyuga compound in the depths of the Toshiro estate.

But when the festival of lights turned on within the Land, the clones have to come out to play!


With the Supreme leader as well as his trusty assistant out from the land, the Dopplegangers flooded the streets in order to partake in the wondrous spectacle. The temporal shift of ever present daylight caused problems within the daily lives of the adults, but for the kids, these uncertain times were absolute bliss! There seems to be no end to the festivities taking place, that was until an unusual explosion could be heard ringing through the land.

It rattled and shook the windows of a nearby library of a prestigious middle school.

As the lights flickered, books fell and the librarian stumbled in the darkness. The nerdy clone swiftly ripped off his glasses and affixed his attention to the sight of the sound.

From the diffusion pattern I can tell it was a paper bomb, fired off in an enclosed space. Given the reverb tail and frequency attenuation, I can surmise that it came from an unusual structure that does not exist on the floor plans of Konohagakure, which means it was newly erected structure, likely composed of earth release. This caliber of earth release would never be used at an unscheduled time around potentially unpowered middleschoolers...

All this information was derived in the fraction of the moment before the final decay of sound had subsided. Checking the librarian as well as himself for any evidence of genjutsu the unceremonious sounds and scents could have created (of course breaking it if any were detected), it was clear in this moment, in the dimly lit light, exactly who he was...

for he was the spitting image of the Hokage assistant himself

though if one were to lay eyes on him, they would see an ordinary child. With a teal buttoned down shirt and round rimmed glasses, he was virtually indistinguishable from any of the other students. Though he is not as dedicated to combat as some of the other clones, he was seemingly at the perfect place at the perfect time.

After commanding the librarian to take shelter in a safe haven, he quickly adjusted the glasses back unto his face, grabbed his notebook and ink brush, and quickly vacated to the premises, making a beeline towards the newly formed earthen structure; though the librarian must have been taken aback to receive a direct order from one of her students, she felt equally compelled to comply.

Even in these times of unrest, few organizations would be so bold as to attack the Land of Fire in Open "day light", a school where shinobi's children reside no less. They either lack wisdom or lack discretion to make such an unfortunate decision; evidence points to the latter, as they chose a time where both the Active Kage and assistant were out of the village as there window of opportunity. There was a third option, that these people didn’t care for their own lives, let alone had the empathy to care for others, both alternatives of which were equally grim and vile.

We need more time to gather more information. Lord Hokage is gone, and I am off active duty… I hope whoever is in command at the moment hadn't made any ill founded decisions that can disturb the delicate balance of the situation…

I HAVE to hurry….

It would be mere moments later back at the festival, where two of the newest remembers of the clone network could be seen emphatically dismounting darts into a bulls eye of a carnival booth. Just as they were about to receive their prizes, they gave a look so grave that it betrayed their childhood. Moments latter, a pair of small twin girls could be seen holding some cotton candy and a stuffed animal, the prizes the clones had won for their accomplishments


the clones themselves were no where to be seen….

Busting from the corridor, the small child suddenly emerged from the library, voluntarily stumbling right into a hostage situation.

"Mister! What's going on?? Have a I missed a drill or somethin?"

utilizing his best 7 year old speech to arrest the attention of the captors, his prepubescent voice lending credence to his farse. Given his almost non existent chakra signature as well as cherub like countenance, it is highly unlikely they would perceive him as a threat.

It is more likely this intrusion is peculiar enough to disrupt the proceedings of both sides, preventing anyone from doing anything rash, such as dropping more bombs in an enclosed space, or attempting to break hostages out of a dicey situation without securing them first, so long as no one makes any further moves.

"OH I know! Is this all for Lord Hokage's surprise visit today?
Its not much of a surprise if you're making all that noise!"

What a strange thing to suggest?

It is his hope that all members involved see the severity of the situation and cease operations entirely.

The best case scenario is that they take the yammering child in as a hostage, and everyone on both sides stop doing what they are doing.


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