Gakusha Village


Gakusha is a village founded by the Owl Sages. Due to its incredible heavy defenses, it’s near impossible to get in through sheer force. Many tests must be passed or the “Master Owl” must allow entry in order to come in. It’s said that the biggest owl ever to live rests under the village, and may take flight and change its location at any time.​



"Your death will come swifter than moths to a flame."


A loud voice cried out from before the gates of Gakusha Village. Standing before the great gates of the village was a tall tan-skinned man, the origins of such a loud and angry cry out to those within the village. To some, his appearance there would come as a shock, However, in all reality, he had been there for days already. See, as a result of the current global turmoil, shinobi have been scrambling for a way to avoid demise at the hands of Madoguchi. Shinobi were spread thinner than they'd like and searching for any semblance of an idea of what to do to defend themselves, and unfortunately for this shinobi, he was tasked with attempting to do just that.

He'd stood before the gates for days on end, and in that time, he'd tried numerous ways to get into the village. From scaling the gates to trying to fly clean over it with the help of what seemed to be his summonings, all attempts were thwarted by the great defense of Gakusha Village. If the man was any less stubborn, he would've left days ago, however, he pushed on. Though, it's not as if he had a choice. Upon further inspection, his clothes would denote his origins, not only that but his features.

His darker skin and flowing clothing implied he was from some sort of sunny oasis, not only that but he seemed more than a bit out of place in the dull forest. If it wasn't for the Sunagakure symbol always present somewhere on his person, it may have been harder to discern where he was from. You'd think it would be a bit less obvious than that, but he was a man proud of his village, who could blame him? But alas. appearances were the least of his concerns.

He faltered back a few steps in annoyance, his back colliding with a tree as he let his body drape down to the floor into a seated position. He raked his hands through his hair, extending it down to his waist as he combed through it with his fingers, letting it hand down over his shoulder as to not meet with the ground. He gazed upon the wall that held him from his goals. Although currently nameless to those around him, from the days he's been there, a few things could be acquired by the mind pertaining to his character. He clearly held more than a few stubborn traits, however above that, he was passionate. In between him screaming profanities at the wall, he'd made prior mention to his village and family under his breath, it was clear he wasn't leaving without entering to some extent.

"I guess it's onto plan....Q."

He dropped his arms at his side, recalling all his failed attempts in his head, leaning the crown of his head back against the tree and looking off to his left. He pondered on his next plan of action. taking in the forest for a moment to rest his mind and body before his next attempt. Though, his rest wouldn't last long as he shot up to his feet, his eyes widening with shock as he stood straight up, his eyes glued to the forest floor. He'd made eye contact with none other than a family of rodents, four to be exact, all plump and seemingly well-fed for being outside of a village of owls. It was perfect, if he could present the rats to the Owls, maybe they would accept his gesture and let him through their walls.

He swiftly began inching toward the pack of rats, shuffling his feet closer and closer as to avoid startling the creatures. However, just as his luck would have it, he stepped on a branch, causing each and every rat to instantly take off in a frenzy, the Man taking off after them.


From there, he spent the next thirty minutes to an hour chasing rodents up and down the forest, leaping into rocks, trees, and bushes in an attempt to catch even one rat. Each and every time the small creatures evaded his grasp, their small forms allowing them to instantly scamper around through the thick grass and take cover under the thin fog that blanketed the forest. Regardless, just as they were determined to survive, he was determined to catch them.

Soon enough, his determination payed off as he dove into the ground as if it was a lake, clasping his hands around the tail of the smallest rat in the group. His eyes widened with madness as he began to roll about the forest floor with happiness. He leaped into the air with the rat in hand and punched his fist to the sky, dusting himself off and strutting back towards the gates to the village.

"Let's see how you like this plan, damn owls. I'll call this one Plan R, not like the original plan would've worked, I'm sure setting the wall ablaze would've been...a lapse in my thinking."

He remarked to himself as he arrived directly before the wall. He cleared his throat, presenting the rat to the wall in hopes that the owls would acknowledge it.

"Oh, wise creatures of the sky! I present to you this rat, though it's small in size it's rich in flavor and sure to fill your stomachs. I would like to exchange it for entry beyond your walls!"

He dropped to one knee almost as if he was proposing to the wall. To any onlookers, he'd look as though he'd lost his mind, and in some way after trying for so long, he had. He met eyes with the rat for a moment, peering into its sad beady eyes. He cut his eyes away instantly, avoiding its sorrowful gaze at all cost. He bit his lip, slightly shutting his eyes as he turned back to the rat once again as it now stared even deeper into his eyes, almost as though it was pleading with him to release it. His face softened, losing his strong pose as he gazed at the rat for a moment, pondering on exactly what he'd done in order to conquer the walls of the village.

"I can't do this...It's not fair to you to sacrifice your life just so that I can accomplish something I couldn't on my own. You have a family just as I do, you should be with them. Lord knows I'd like to be with mine."

He loosened his grip on the rodent, allowing it to slip from his fingers, running down his arms and leaping from his shoulder before speeding back into the forest without as much as a departing glance. The man's hand anchored on his hip as he turned on his heels, looking back into the forest. As he glared through the fog, he began to whisper to himself, his eyebrows curling down into a slight scowl.

"Huh, I kind of thought he'd stick around, he just ran off...I should've let them eat him..."


He was looking. There wasn’t a specific thing he was searching for. More of everything. Discerning what nature energy did helped him realize what each thing was. Rocks did nothing. Animals scuttled around, watching behind them for predators. Taking careful steps forward as they fed from the grass that swayed in the wind.
He could feel it all, without using his sensory. The nature energy in the water he drank and the foods he ate. He could feel it in the morning fog of this small forest that bordered his home country and his new home. The leaves that fell from the trees, the rats that were hunted by the owls. He could feel the corruption from the source beneath him, from the being who called himself Madoguchi as he took from well of chakra. And he could feel the man that walked towards him.

Midori’s eyes opened, and his mind came into itself. As his eyes brushed over the village he was in, it was as though any barrier that obscured his vision was not there. He could still feel everything around him. He could see them, and feel the natural energy within him that all beings had. As he stood, the blue markings on his body that covered the entirety of the village of owls trickled down his body, separating from the seal on his forehead that ebbed from its glowing cerulean blue crescent back to its pink circle. He dressed slowly, his bare body not mentioned as an owl nearly his own height approached him in a flurry if feathers, a pale white bodysuit and red cloak in one arm and various beaded necklaces in the other.

“Master Owl...” he was greeted as Midori dressed. “A man with dark skin and pale hair has arrived at the gates. He’s attempted entry 16 times.” A smaller owl trotted up, whispering into the larger owls ear before hopping off. “17, Master Owl.”

“Leave him be. Typically once they work themselves through the alphabet without success, they sulk away.”
Midori stated as he buttoned the front of his collar. “How is replica t one faring?”

“Him and young Sasuke are nearly to the owl village. The Three Fates seal has allowed you and him the use of Hakkegan. If you were to keep Sasuke locked up, Master, you would have-“

“I won’t take advantage of Sasuke like that. His father saved my life once, and I won’t pay him back by stealing his son. Replica One is to release Sasuke Saratobi upon their arrival to Monkey Island, whether we have found a way to keep the Hakkegan or not.”
Midori ordered simply.

“You’re power has grown exponentially in the laat few hours. Are you any closer to becoming a shaman?”

Midori paused. He was still in the first stage. Discerning nature energy required him to move and interact with the world. His meditation had taken away from this practice, and he subconsciously felt the cloth of his robe, feeling the energy that the various plants that had given their lives to make this garment. “I am.”

“And the being?”
The owl asked. Oddly enough, it seemed that the village, despite being covered in blue markings, was unaffected by the same markings that surrounded the rest of the world. The trees outside were miraculously untouched, and the ground resonated only with energy that felt of Midori. This may have been one of the only natural places untouched by Madoguchi’s seals.

“He’s reached the chakra source. A well thats been accumulating copious amounts of chakra through the centuries. It predates even the ninja.” Midori stated. “This is troublesome. Trying to find a way to separate it from him without the risk of assimilation would be an act of god.”


“I’m a sage, not a god. If I allow myself to fall to Madoguchi, then I’ve given him secrets that risk the entire human race.”
Midori grimaced as he fixed his collar.

“Perhaps it would be best to not make a move for this battle, Master Owl. This enemy is a great risk to you.” The owl handed him his cloak.

“If I want to be a shaman, I need to start making the moves to keep the balance as a Shaman does. Madoguchi threatens this balance.” Midori paused as his eyes brushed to the gate, noticing something odd with his newly acquired sensory.
“Whats your family like?” A small, childlike voice asked Taihen, and an owl the size of a toddler peered at him from the pillar that marked the entrance to the Gakusha Village. “Ponyo’s sister was really big, and strong! That’s why the Master Owl chose to make her like him... but she didn’t say goodbye before she left! She’s so mean!” He whined, his feathers becoming ruffled. “And my brother too! He’s always right next to the Master Owl! But he only uses Ponyo to take messages to other people! He’s never even introduced Ponyo! Master Owl is a sage! Ponyo wants to be a sage too!” The small owl stomped his foot, opening his wings and hopping around in circles.

“Ponyo!” Midori’s voice called to him clearly, causing the little owl to freeze and look back into the village. “You were to watch, not interact with any trespassers.”

“Awww, Ponyo was only hungry!
” The small owl complained. “And the man had rats! Bug fat juicy rats! And Mowawa stole Ponyo’s lunch!”

“No I didn’t!”
Another small voice called from an unseen location.

“Mowawa does take after his namesake.” Midori stated in a flat tone, casting a glance to a shadow in the trees above Taihen. A small rustle signified that an owl may have been hiding there, carefully observing Taihens movements. “Ponyo, go have some lunch, and you,” Midori’s viridian gaze turned to Taihen. “Leave. Neither the owls or I have anything for the Yugata clan.” He turned, ready to re-enter the village.
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After the sudden and devastating declaration by the being known as Madoguchi, it would seem as though as he had retreated into the chakra source as fast as he had arrived. Due to this sudden retreat by the alien threat, the world leaders have ordered all citizens' return effective immediately.

Time-skip Implemented

Zone 1 & 2: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 AM
Zone 3 & 4: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 PM


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Gakusha village, a heavily massive fortress in the land of wind, located in Ten’inokaze Province under the protection of the tens of thousands stationed there along with two enormous scorpion guardians that protect the province and those within it, the only way in is by proving themselves worthy to the guardians in different ways depending on the person that the enormous scorpions confront. It was rebuilt under the direct order of the Wind Daimyo to serve as an underground HQ for psychic warfare, advanced puppet tech, and a place that holds secrets available to those who have requirements to enter via DNA signature. Yūichirō has sent a message to Makoto to Rendevous with her to Gakusha Village while the same time entering the chamber where Shukaku is being held but noticed a seal was placed upon it "We'll have to remove this" her hand glowed a menacing orange hue with fire surrounding her hand then used her skills to burn away the seal and the containment that held shukaku before quickly performing her own fuinjutsu that placed the One-Tails inside a golden orb that she quickly placed in her robe before her body was engulfed in flames.

Arrived at the village moments later out of bright flames she waltzes into the village with both guardians concealing themselves but ready if any foreign entity comes to the sacred grounds of their domain although they twitched from the presence of Shukaku radiating from the orb. Bites her thumb once inside a small building and places it on the scroll on the pedestal triggering the floor to descend into an underground facility while the opening above her closes up with a thick metal layer serving as the new floor "I just hope he is here already" she says while stroking the orb with Shukaku on it "I know you are not comfortable with what I have planned but better our own than Land of Earth's candidate"​

Kami Shia


Makoto Shika
As the thick metal door that led to an underground facility began to close footsteps could be heard rapidly approaching getting louder as Makoto approached his destination, early in the morning before the sun could rise he received word to rendezvous with Yuichiro Gakusha Village. Inside Gakusha Village is a sanctuary for the daimyo of the land of wind during war times, Mako rushed in arriving slightly off schedule.

"Hooooolllddd iitt!!!"

Makoto shouted towards the guardians sealing the door, with one last burst of speed he would manage to swiftly squeeze through the closing door that led to the underground chambers, had he go caught in between the sight would've been tragic. He had hoped that Kazekage wouldn't have been upset with him for being a few minutes late, Mako has a tendency to not arrive on time delaying whatever event he is scheduled to attend. The high spirited warrior always met his match when in the presence of Yuichiro her gaze alone could make his knees buckle, whether it was intimidation or flattery or both he has yet to determine; whatever the feeling, it shook even the great Makoto to his core. After slipping past the doors Mako noticed that she had a strange little entity with her could this be the legendary Shukaku he had wondered. It unique presence was astonishing for sure like nothing he's ever seen before.

"Sorry for the delay Yui, I got here a soon as I received word. I figured the matter was urgent."

He stated with a nervous smile on his face while scratching his head, one mature could easily tell he was lying through the skin on his teeth. Makoto's arrival was just due to waking up late, poor soul enjoys a good and can be rather irritating without one.​


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Yūichirō looks back only to see a blur of red and black landing right next to her in a slight gust of wind but she knows full well who it is since this isn't the first timebc8a4e he has done this, wake up and makes excuses for his late tardiness but she often let it slide cause how much work he puts in or their village but with the supreme leader assuming dominion over their homeland, Yūichirō had no choice but rely on him in these new times. Looking at him with a casual look on her face but a vein throbbing on her forehead indicates her annoyance with his tardiness today "Well at least you are not an hour or two late like your frequent ones throughout the year" she says with a slight chuckle then pats his head as they descend into the underground facility with many people walking around carrying someone or something to a destination meant for them "But we got work to do my friend" she said then walks off down the hallway to a familiar room she has used before, maybe Makoto will like as well. Loving the familiar carbonate, sulfate, and dirt in the air, the rough texture of the whole place, deep down into the earth that she grew onto this place, embraced the world's comforting embrace "As you have heard, Saito and I have united our lands together" looks back while walking without an incident, even paced, and gracefully "However, we must keep Shukaku from being sealed into a land of earth shinobi at all cost, he's part of your family's legacy so you must keep it alive at all cost"

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Makoto Shika

Mako chuckled and smiled while scratching his head nervously, he could tell Yuichiro was very disappointed but the way she reacted he knew something important was on her mind. She had let him off way too easily rather than doing her usual scolding, he was concerned about the Land of Wind becoming allies with the Land of Earth what could be the intentions behind that. The idea didn't fit very well with him but for now he'd choose to remain silent about it.

"Hang on a minute so you are saying you expect me to be responsible for thee... Shukaku, a tailed beast?"

The idea was so sudden it sort of overwhelmed him, however Mako felt that carrying on his family's legacy wouldn't be easy but leaving the burden to someone else felt just as unsettling. His gut was telling him to just go with it and everything should be fine, he was aware that one attempting to become a jinchuriki was at risk of death due to the vast amount of chakra entering their body. As a descendant of a previous jinchuriki Mako inherited strong genetics and posses large enough chakra reserves that he may be compatible to be jinchuriki himself, he just wish he had more time to think about the decision however their was no time to argue. Following Yuichiro down the hall it was dark and so silent that even their footsteps echoed off the walls and with each passing moment Mako couldn't shake the thought of becoming the One Tails Jinchuriki the Hidden Sands greatest asset. As they approached the door it was getting closer for Makoto to carry the fifth Kazekage's legacy and protect the Hidden Sand with life as lord fifth once did.

"This all seems so sudden are sure that im the one for the job?"

His concern could be heard in his voice his confidence was a bit shaken and he could use a little bit of reassurance, however he would find his resolve on his own as he thought of protecting the Hidden Sand. All he could think about is getting back and witnessing the results of these land being untied and why Yuichiro was worried about sealing Shukaku away into a hidden sand shinobi so suddenly. He immediately felt that something was a bit off about the situation. Hoping his intuition was misguided Makoto, prepared himself mentally for the worst to come.



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Yūichirō leads him down the long earthy hall, heels clicking on the hidden sand's expensive 2x6 solid jade tile floor that seem to sound nice whenever people walk in, yes she loves decorating more than fighting surprisingly but that doesn't mean she won't beat you half to death with one and still use it for her floor. The floor she spent a good fortune on to build this beautifully structured facility for Lady Shinkū Kūki, the woman who elected her to do the job no one else can do and make the hard decisions along the road and Yūichirō did not disappoint when she cut off a dozen workers and hired builders, Architect, ironworker, electricians, and scientists to make this underground structure meant for the Daimyo and the people living on the surface. Once the 17 ft jade-made door came into view she turned to Makoto with a glint of understanding in her eyes, knowing full well how much confidence can be shaken by a position you feel unsure of nor feel qualified to take on "I understand your concern over becoming Shukaku's Jinchuriki, hell I wanted to become the one to shoulder this responsibility but be as it may, you and Kyori will share this responsibility together" approaches the massive doors and push them open with little resistance "We're here" once the doors have open you can see much of what's inside, an enormous cavern that stretches out 678 ft (206 meters) with a slightly charred dirt floor with the fire burning in certain areas while the far end of the cavern an enormous dragon skull with its long spine and ribs laid "Welcome to the Training Chamber" she presents with a smile "this room you can go all out in, use any unique ability here even go full tailed beast"


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Eerie silence lurked through the darkness that thralled the emptiness of a vast chamber. Dead air, stillness, nothingness, occupied the colossal barren expanse. Only interrupted by the crackling embers breathing in the blackness was the veil of the shadows peeled away revealing hints of a silhouette. As the flames scattered amongst the terrain continued to burn, the shadows continued to dance across the wall and the silhouette. The random rhythmic dancing of the flames was almost hypnotic as it drew in the shadowy figure reveling the curves of a feminine face. Aquatic teal opals and raspberry pink locks were an acescent to the freckled pale skin that appeared from the depth of the shadows. The teal optics gazed into the deaths of the fire as if it were telling the individual a somber story. Enjoying the warmth from the open fire the women raised her hands which were cased in a set of elbow high leather gloves up to the fire. She was not feeling particularly cold, but her past was riddled with chilling darkness, and the fire, the warmth made her feel safe and she appreciated that.

As her gaze remained fixated on the source of the soothing feeling, she also noticed charred dirt beneath her weathered tan boots. The ground was once plagued with a much more grandiose inferno, she deduced as her nose twitched from the smokey odor that stained the air. She speculated what could cause such a blazing monstrosity before she allowed the smokey odor to pull her into a memory with the very woman who summoned her to this place.

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The woman from the chamber found her turquoise optics lay focused on a single stream of smoke that flowed through the air like a long winding serpentine river. Beyond the haze of the smoke emitting from an incent sat another woman. This one was known as Yūichirō, the Kazekage, the other lady in Sungakure with pinkish hair, the girl from the chamber grinned and though to herself.

God damn it Kyori! Can you please pay attention for once?!”

Kyori’s right index finger was previously twirling the cluster of her candy-colored hair, curling it around her finger playfully, that was until lord Kazekage scolded her. Her hand froze for a moment before her hand gracefully slid the hair she played with to a secure position behind her ear. All while her small grin transformed into a flirtatious smile that was accompanied by delicate eye lashes.

How can any one focus with a beauty like you around Madame Kazekage?”

Kyori watched as the face of Yūichirō grew stern and annoyed. It was clear to the playful girl that Kazekage was not one for shenanigans. Kyori paid this notion little mind and could tell the Kazekage was to speak again. The flirtatious girl could not help but let her mind wonder to the curiosity of what the Kazekage really thought of her. Did she truly buy into the bubbly flirtatious façade Kyori portrayed to the world? Has Kyori proven her worth to the village since they saved her from her slave life? The real question she supposed is why the Kazekage had summoned her directly to her office.

The silver eyed Kazekage was about to speak out of frustration from the clear insolence of Kyori and her lack of focus. But she paused and inhaled an extremely deep breath of air and several moments after Yūichirō release the breath in a deep sigh she looked at Kyori with a serious but empathetic look.

Kyori, I have known you for some time now. And I have come to learn the depths of your past.”

The mention of her past caused Kyori façade to falter. Her bubbly schoolgirl smile vanished in an instant and was replace with a somber mid frown. Her vision descended so she starred at her own legs. But unsarcastically of her she did not speak and allowed the Kazekage to continue.

Do not be ashamed girl! You have endured much throughout life. Many would have died or even worse wished for it, if they had to live through what you had."

Kyori’s eyes began to swell with liquid as she listened to the Kazekage. She grew angry with herself for freely showing so much emotion. It bothered her cause it was a sign of weakness. Kyori absolutely hate the idea of being weak, because if she is weak who can she truly protect.

You have come back from places that once you which thought there was no escape, you have been beaten to the brink of death and still you held on. Hands stained in blood…….”

At this point the puddles in Kyori’s eyes over filled and crashed into her upper thighs. She tried so hard to hold back but it just made everything so much worse. Both her hands raced to shield her face from view, but it did little for the light whimpers and sniffles that escaped from Kyori. Memories of grotesque men reaching and fighting over her, pushing her over, her body getting crashed around, beaten, laying in a pool of its own blood, a man begging for his life before she snapped his neck, and that of her parents all raced to her mind as the Kazekage spoke.

You come here seeking refuge and amnesty of your youthful crimes and we have granted these to you. As well have you been a stand-up citizen and kunoichi of Sunagakure, but we must ask of you now a monstrosity of a responsibility.”

Great, Kyori thought to herself as muscled herself to cease the tears as she wiped the remaining tears away with her forearm. She figured it was going to be another assassination, just another weapon for these people, but at least she could hope for it was in the name of justice. Or it was she should leave and never come back. But once again Kyori’s mind wondered, and she missed a few of things the Kazekage said but one word pulled her back to realization.


Shut the fuck up!”
Kyori nearly spit these words from her mouth

We think you would be an excellent candidate to be a jinchuriki to the One tailed. Well, that is we expect you to share responsibility with another.”


There was not really a choice to Kyori, she was searching for meaning in life, she was searching to be stronger to protect those who could not protect themselves. Who the other individual was did not really matter to her, she was sure she could seduce them, man or woman. And she has heard tales of the monster Shukaku was, but she was monster seeking repent and maybe they could find it together.

Excellent, meet me tomorrow at the underground facility beneath Gakusha Village. Ill tell the scorpion guardians to allow you permission to pass without trouble.”

Kyori nodded in agreement, but her mouth spout open again. Who is the other individual…….”
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Footsteps from beyond the giant chamber which she resided awakened Kyori from her memory. Within an instant she began walking toward the direction of the foots steps. Two sets of footsteps Kyori noticed, it must be them she thought. She halted at the point which the shadows would not be altered from the light once the two giant doors that stood before her swung open. And just like she had predicted the door swung open and light raced to adventure into the darkness. Any normal set of eyes would be blind to Kyori in the darkness, but she would be fully able to see the individual silhouettes of the two who stood before. She could identify the pair easily, Yūichirō from her distinct bun she adorns on the top of her head. And the other person was some one who she had worked next to for years at this point. She could identify simply by his presence never mind needing to physically lays on him or see his long flowing mane. Makoto Shika the man who assigned to the mission that saved her from her slavery life and became her sensei afterwards. Which she was sure that he absolutely hated. Makoto was troublemaker and free spirit, who liked to spread his wings and fly. That council of Sungakure thought he needed to be grounded and taught a lesson, so they assigned him an individual student. She pushed all that from her mind and thought about what the two were about to go through together. It was going to be rough indefinitely, but they were chosen for a reason.

You ready for this sensei?” Kyori shouted from the darkness.​