Fuwa City



The largest landmass within the Lotus Republic, the State of Greater Temujin serves as the capital state of the Lotus Republic itself. Home to the Federal Government, as well as the combined armed forces headquarters of the nation, its leadership runs most national operations as well as handling international affairs and policies. The Governor of the region is the Prime Minister, who runs the government as the highest official in the nation. The state holds the highest population out of any of its fellow members, while also maintaining most of its resources; including gold, oil, volcanoes, beautiful beaches and coastal regions, and majority of the agriculture of the country. The region is also known as Central Lotus Republic. For hundreds of years, the nation has been known to be strangely advanced in technological studies, a feature which has not been lost on its current generation, an ingenuity not lost even in times of strife.



"Dispatch teams of Yokai across each state, establish a federal link through a unanimous spirit connection! All technology seems to be down for now… Generals! We must prepare our forces for the possibility of combat on a grand scale… get to work now.. GO!"

That single quick briefing was all that was needed to get the highest officials of the Lotus Republic of Temujin into immediate action. It was like clockwork, many officials, several Ozaru in heritage would nod and vanish from the conference room which remained hidden under ground within the capital city of the Republic. It seemed as though the situation at the moment was that of an untimely technological assault on the Republic. The original opinion of the Republic was the impression that perhaps it was an attack from the UR itself, but something seemed odd. Agents dispatched across different areas of the globe as well as space itself confirmed the dismantling of all technological prowess across the world. Within the conference room remained only two individuals. In his seat sat the Prime Minister of the Republic with his primate companion. The thoughts running through the mind of the Ozaru was that of slight worry. This was a position that he had just recently taken over after being appointed by Emperor Shinde himself. For such an unfortunate circumstance to befall the nation in its early fragile state as it was, became a challenge for the PM unquestionably. This put his people at risk and was something he could not stand for. He would tap into the Spirit Network, a unique line of communication established through the spiritual world through connection of spiritual energy to pass along information at high speeds, to communicate with the spirits observing the earth from space.


Reports were flooding in of a powerful unknown entity surfacing from the Land of Earth. While this in fact was a member state of the United Republic they didn't seem as though the threat had originated from the country at all but in fact from an external threat which in fact seem to have presidents over the entire world. For now the Prime Minister would clutch onto his chest gripping on to the hidden gem located within its cavity and see silently prayed. This young Prime Minister was none other than Endai Ozaru himself! It had been no more than two weeks since he had been appointed as one of the most powerful world leaders on the planet, holding the responsibility and honor of presiding over an extremely powerful nation with many resources. What was interesting was that within this day an age it had become quite common for the leaders to be younger on the age spectrum, this too rang true for the Ozaru. It would be foolish to say that such a situation has not taken a toll on him, becoming a leader of both a nation and his tribe, as well as losing many brethren including his own blood brother and best friend. It was safe to say that the nation had been in a relative state of mourning and reestablishment, as well as certain private measures taken to ensure the safety of the people in the event that the UR decided to strike. For now, thousands of Yokai and agents of the LRT scattered throughout the country at immeasurably high speeds, seeking to quickly establish communication between governments. The Prime Minister would contact his generals to discuss preparations for potential invasions to the border. Many things were taken notice of, including the alteration in the weather and the awakening of something… otherworldly in the west.


The Lotus Republic of Temujin, a legacy to a sprawling Empire which expanded across two continents. It was the culmination of decades of engineering on the part of a particular individual, one whose name stokes fear in the heart of millions across the world. The terrifying name who should not be spoken, recently underwent a dramatic ending, along with the entirety of the Central Demon Empire. It was a reality which was almost a dream.. how could such an event be allowed to happen? Un-ironically, within the time since the untimely fall of the Demon Empire, the world was not at peace, it was in fact in a worse off state than before. It seemed as though many odd occurrences had taken place, along with many changes to different aspects of it thereof. The East was now lead by the Lord of the Ozaru, the new Prime Minister to the Republic, but the question is asked, was this truly the end to the Mythical Demon God? Deep within the bowels of Temujin, in a region detached from the rest of the world, there resided a particular individual, who floated just 3 feet off the ground in a form of mediation, surrounded by a group of twelve hooded and cloaked individuals who produced a ritualistic like circle, each carrying a single candle in their hand which dimly lit the room as it's only light source. These robed individuals were in fact members of a secret cult known as the Order of the Black Moon, a group of powerful priests who had fallen from grace and benevolence, and in fact became Majin. Together, they hummed a most monotonous and dreaded tone, slowly releasing incriminates of their power in order to sustain a particular technique which employed specific properties of a barrier, utilizing even so much as the natural energy of the environment to empower it, the priests too within its confines. This barrier worked to conceal the presence and actions of the parties from all outside sources which did not know how to specifically bypass the very nature of the technique, which in fact was designed to negate the sensory abilities of even a sage, but just who were they protecting and why?

The individual who indeed had been mediating, resembled that of none other than the presumed late Demon Lord himself, Naraku Uchiha! What in the world was going on though? As far as one would assume, the Demon Lord was locked away within another dimension, and that fact had not changed.. So just who or rather what was this? Only time would tell.. however what was certain was that this individual here, was just as much the Demon Lord as was Naraku himself, albeit on a significantly weaker scale.. He had been there, meditating for the better part of the last two weeks, generally unmoved as he carried out a most specific task which had been assigned to him just two weeks prior by Naraku himself. He would slowly open his eyes, glimmer of the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan glowed ominously in the room with a grim bloodsoaked radiance, a violet aura radiated just the same around his entire vessel. The humming from the priests stopped. The words "it is time…" escaped uncannily from the demon's lips as a thickness filled the barrier and he rose from his position of meditation, the spirit of Naraku, though a mere tenth of it's prior mass was anchored and sealed within its current vessel, while still far outclassing that of the surrounding mortals, bringing them, even as majin themselves, grave discomfort, this portion of Naraku's spirit had also been cut off in any degree from original source, yet still possessed an overwhelmingly frightening presence, though none leaked out of the barriers confines. The demon would glance to the left ever so slightly, the space beside him contorting and twisting until it concave into a rift, leading to an alternate dimension, one which possessed items necessary for the following events.. one which was set to shake things up just a bit.. the demon entered the confines of the dimension and was gone without a single trace. Oddly enough, across Temujin, thousands of Zetsu, including a particularly powerful and interesting one cloaked in black, followed in the same path, creating rifts and vanishing without a trace.. what could be going on?

(Temujin -----> Pocket Dimension)


After the sudden and devastating declaration by the being known as Madoguchi, it would seem as though as he had retreated into the chakra source as fast as he had arrived. Due to this sudden retreat by the alien threat, the world leaders have ordered all citizens' return effective immediately.

Time-skip Implemented
Zone 1 & 2: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 AM
Zone 3 & 4: April 13, 1205 AH 9:00 PM


Behold.. Today a nation is born!

Several hours had passed since emergency measures were implemented by the government and its higher officials due to the many misfortunes that had occurred in the last two weeks. With the fall of the Empire in the west, the loss of the eastern Emperor Shinde, and a sudden technological disruption across the entire Empire, officials including the Prime Minister himself had been ravaged with fear of an imminent invasion from the western United Republic. If the government was not careful, like the west, the east too would fall and this was an option that they were not by any means going to accept. Over the last several hours, the Prime Minister would call an emergency meeting of all daimyo, top government, and military officials, joining together in a private location in the Capital City in order to ensure the survival of the Union on the continent. Together, attendees of the meeting compromised under a new Constitution, forming an entirely new form of Government. After this meeting, all officials would be returned to their dominions of influence to implement the new rule of law. The Prime Minister himself would sit alone within the conference room for a while.. Lost in thought and in full reflection of the situation at home, and it was not a good one. He, like many in the east, had been mourning the loss of family, friends, land and people in the west.. Millions had perished in the war, and an entire way of life was simply erased off the face of the earth. This was dark.. Darker than anything the Demon Empire had done.. And it was all in the name of .. justice? The Republic was a deep threat, but something else had been lurking in the horizon as well.. Something vastly more threatening than the Republic, and the Prime Minister, if no one else in the east, could feel it.. All of the reports of the what went down in the Land of Earth only confirmed this as well, a great battle with the late Heiwa Sozo against an unimaginable foe, the fall of Naraku and the West, and whatever that being was reemerging, all of it was data transferred to the east and now knowledge to the Prime Minister… All of this was extremely troubling to say the least and was something he took time to reflect upon before his next course of actions. The problem of the technological assault was for the time being solved at least, connecting the Empire through the Spirit Network, a privatized and specialized power, technological and communication network flowed through the spiritual plane.

After this reflection, the young demon would rise from his seat and straighten his tie as well as adjust his tie with a deep sigh. He headed for the conference door, clearing his mind of his thoughts and focusing himself for the task at hand as he gripped the newly signed constitution in his hand, almost shakily. He headed down a long hallway, where he could hear nothing but his repetitive reciting of something within his mind, and the sound of his shoes pressing against the ground which seemed to reverberate a light echo throughout the room. Continuing to press forward, he reached a door at the end of the corridor which he stopped before and placed his hand upon its knob preparing to enter. He sighed once more as he closed his eyes and slouched slightly. In a moment, his eyes flashed open with determination and his demeanor took a full 180% turn, and without further reservation he entered the room with full authority. The room was quite large, filled with reporters and cameras that almost as immediate as the chatter began to flash all around the Prime Minister as he walked onto a stage. He approached a podium and placed the document on it, looking over it for a moment, before looking up at the crowd who almost immediately quieted. Without hesitation, he cut the piercing silence with an intense opening to a speech;

My fellow Temujins.. Today is my first address to our people as its leader since the fall of the Empire in recent times. Together, we have spent time in mourning for our lost friends and family and loved ones abroad, and many of us have been scared, confused and wondering what was to come of us. Earlier today our people sustained a shocking assault on much of our technology as many of you have noticed, but the government has worked tirelessly in fixing this problem which has given us the ability to address you all here and now. For decades our continent has been riddled with war and famine, the blood of our own people spilled by one another for reasons of foolishness, endured starvation, and have suffered. However under the former government, this land has learned to live again.. How to survive on her own and build herself into a great civilization once again. The fall of the previous government symbolizes the end of an era, but not the end of our story. That has only just begun.. As your Prime Minister I have worked ceaselessly to assure the unity and security of our people, and the promise of a greater Temujin. There is no need for fear, but a call for courage. We must remain together and uphold the principle of unification across the continent in the interest of her people for a better and safer society!

Under the authority of the State, I hereby reorganize the Lotus Republic and declare a new Republic of Temujin, comprising all provinces and territories of the former Empire in the east including; the former Empire of Temujin, Land of Gelel, Slaves, Cats and Oceans, Shitenno and Atarashi Republic, as well as Buki-ko Kingdom. As of today I step down from the position of Prime Minister and assume the office of Chancellor. Such an agreement has been signed under a single national constitution by the former Daimyo now Governors. This document shall be made public for universal viewing in hopes to bring about an unified understanding among our people. One Nation, one People, together we stand for unity, honor, loyalty, strength, and growth.

After this statement was made, the former Prime Minister, now Chancellor, would lower the newly signed constitution which he had presented to the cameras when it was addressed during his speech. Many questions would explode from the reporters almost immediately, the flashes of the cameras littering the room like the scene of a night club, but without a further word, the Chancellor would exit the stage and room. He would soon be met with a team of four Knights and two Ozaru who acted as his personal security detail for the time being, and together the group would walk through and out the building entirely heading down a flight of stairs and into a vehicle parked out clearly awaiting the group. One of the Knights opened the back door of the car as Chancellor entered, followed by the rest of the group who all were able to comfortably fit within the long car. Taking off, the car would be joined by two identical cars (the other two filled with security detail) as well as twenty motorcycles, ten in front and behind, which all had flashing lights indicating their position in law enforcement. The drive would last approximately 10 minutes before reaching its destination, a large military complex facility which was gated and guarded by thousands of soldiers, but for now only two could be seen at the gate. The guards would open the gate as the fleet of vehicles rolled in one after the other, driving to the entrance of the facility itself as the gate was closed and secured once all had passed through.

After reaching their destination, the fleet would pull over as the Chancellor was escorted out and into the building. It was quite large and filled with scientists, soldiers, engineers, and all manners of employees and officials. The Chancellor and his group marched through the facility, receiving bows and salutes of respect as they continued traveling throughout, headed to the research and development branch. Once there, only the Chancellor would enter the room, his security detail surrounding the door and closing it behind him. In this room, there was a group of generals and scientists who welcomed the Chancellor with a united standing, until he himself sat down at the lead chair, to which the rest all sat back down as well.

Chancellor Ozaru: “Good Afternoon ladies and gentlemen, it’s a pleasure to see you all again, especially in these dark times which have fallen upon us.. However, I'm sure you have seen my press conference… and now is the time for us to be stronger than ever.. As I am also sure you are all aware, I am no longer Prime-Minister, however I will be maintaining command over the armed forces, until the new PM steps in. Our national security is my top priority, so I am here today to go over several revisions of our armed forces as well as check the status of the projects that the late Emperor put in place.”

General: “Congratulations Lord Chancellor for your new office, we all agree that the nation’s security is at great risk and stand in support of any means to save our new nation. All of the projects Emperor Yomi had initiated have been completed and all tests have been successful. Projects Armadillo Armor, Gelel Guns, Spirit Gate II, Supercarrier Class 1, Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles, Trident I (ICBM), Raijin I and of course... the world's first Hydrogen Bomb.. which is thousands of times stronger than what was delivered upon Iwagakure.

Chancellor Ozaru: “Excellent, take me to it all. I want to see everything with my own eyes, let us all go together brethren. On the way we can pick up a certain individual who I’d like you all to meet

With several nods, the group rose and left the room, joined by the security detail who stood close to the Chancellor. Together they headed to a separate part of the facility, secluded and sealed off by witchcraft from the rest of the world, concealing its very existence and all within entirely. However first as he said, he would hope that a particular individual would join up with the group soon enough.