Flight 588






Following the successful attempt at blowing up a decent quantity of Gunpowder below his opponent's feet, Sasuke would watch as the explosion would catch his opponent off guard as he hadn't seen the trap coming. As the gunpowder ignited it was clear that while it was effective it hadn't taken his opponent out of the fight, though luckily it had enough power to destroy the floor beneath his feet. The lack of floor that resulted from the attack Sasuke had set up had seemingly led his opponent Karma to fall down into what was obviously a cargo bay of the plane. As the boy from the Hidden Rock Village fell through the floor Sasuke would focus upon him to see what he was planning via his Hakkegan's signature Life and Death Sensory that allowed him to track a persons life force.

As Sasuke took notice of his opponent he could see his opponent moving rather oddly to which Sasuke would jump up using his staff to assist him to hold him above the floor so as to barely escape the slashing of Karma now transformed weapon. With the combined effort of his Dojutsu and the sound of the clinking metal, Sasuke had managed to barely dodge. "Damn, that was close. I might be time to pull out the big guns," said the young man from the Hidden Leaf Village as he turned his staff to the side before having it extend as to create a surface to stand on. This was done by Ishizaru in staff form pressing hard enough against the wall to not to slip off, but light enough to not break through the wall. Once the staff was set Sasuke would land upon it quickly forming the required hand seals before exhaling a large cloud of chakra infused gunpowder down into the cargo bay. Once the cargo bay had been partially filled with the chakra infused gunpowder Sasuke would bite down cutting off the stream of gunpowder before clicking his fingers and setting the gunpowder off.