Dispute against Ketsugo Uzumaki's Interruption of Tenseigan


Dispute Origin: Story/OOC
Dispute Type: Continuity

Sorry for another dispute. However, I would like this to be looked at as well. Davon believes that Ketsugo interrupted Mowa before he transferred Itsuki's chakra to Sayū, which would jumpstart his awakening of the Tenseigan. While Ketsugo did interrupt Mowa, it should be noted that it was after the fact that I had already responded acknowledging such transmission of chakra through the scroll.

This is Mowa's post where he sends Itsuki's chakra to Sayū. I want Blue Team to take account into the date it occurred. Alex posted as Mowa on March 8th, 2021. I responded to Alex's post as Sayū, who acknowledged this transmission, listened to the words of the Mowa, and awakened the Tenseigan in this post. Once again, the date, March 11th, 2021. Davon's responded as Ketsugo on March 17th, 2021 with this post that interrupted Mowa's actions.

I know what Davon's response will be to this. He believes that since it is turn-based, he has a right to interrupt the action. Typically, that is true. However, when you include another character in another location, who acknowledges the transmission or whatever occurred, then it has occurred. What Davon is essentially doing, despite I having already written that Sayū acknowledged the transmission, is go back in time.

Proposed Solution: Ketsugo's post be voided as the action had occurred and been acknowledged.
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In rebuttal to Sayu Hyuga having Tenseigan, I'll basically state the reason's why my interruption should be valid.

This is a turn-based role-play and through this, we have to take into account posting orders.

March 9th, 2021 - Alex posted as Mowa Sozo

From this point on, it took time for Tray, a moderator to post. As he is shown to post on March 15th, 2021.

During that time, I believe Tray was overworked through role-play and his moderator's duties. And it is known moderators at times get ample consideration to post.

Now, as a non-moderator, I had a thirty-two-hour time frame to respond to Tray's post. According to the role-play rules, I had responded by

March 17th, 2021.

So when we go on the basis of our role-play, which is turned-based and T-1 role-play. These factors should constitute that my interruption is successful.

As a person in the posting order, posting in a turn-based role-play and responding in time according to the role-play rules. I did not waste time on my end. It is the responsibility of all role-players in the posting order, and those outsides of it- to take advantage of whatever missed detail.

Ketsugo did not miss detail in interrupting Mowa sending Sayu, Itsuki's chakra. Therefore, his method of acquisition should be revoked and negated.