A Forest That Blooms


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Start Date: November 28th, 2022

Throughout the world, a mysterious cause of trees began to emerge from the surface creating dense woodlands of flowering trees. After the humongous trees emerged, they started to produce pollen containing an unknown poison. When inhaled or entered through skin pores, the poison immediately enters the bloodstream which is signified when a person's skin begins to swell and fabricate massive bumps. Through inhumane medical practices, medical shinobi have burst the bumps but soon learn this to be a mistake as the bumps would only become a means of spreading the poison and making it airborne but does not travel through pores on the skin. Shinobi who believed brute force was the answer, was restrained by the branches of the trees moving at speeds incapable of the Sharingan following. Those gifted with a fire affinity attempted to produce forest fires but were bested by the regenerative and attacking power. Because of how powerful this jutsu is and how easy it is to spread the poisonous disease, it has accumulated over 50 million deaths. Through the collaboration of ninjutsu, shinobi around the world worked together to create an artificial island free from the Cardinal’s control. Even when shinobi needed to band together for survival, a growing war between The Land of Wind and the Land of Earth surfaced. The Land of Lightning lacked both a Daimyo and a Raikage, who mysteriously disappeared steadily decreasing the power of their military, political, and financial power. Entrapped on this fabricated island, was here where shinobi would band together or become victims of the Cardinal and the Ancient Knight's power.