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  1. Davon

    Mist District

    Yumaro traveled with his heart heavy with grief and anger. The remnants of the recent battle lay scattered around amongst his thoughts, a stark reminder of the lives lost and the innocent souls taken away throughout the world. His failure to protect them gnawed at his very core, fueling a...
  2. Davon

    Mist District

    Yumaro is a shinobi from the Hidden Mist Village, known for his exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to his village. He has consistently advocated for strong leadership, so he was deeply disappointed with the former Mizukage's tenure. Yumaro was one of the few who spoke out against the...
  3. Davon

    Mist District

    The blood that coursed through the veins of Yumaro was linked together by the mist district's two most notorious clans, the Hoshigaki and Kaguya clans. As a descendent of equally bloodthirsty clans who desired action, Yumaro pooled his inherit thoughts into comprehensive contemplation. That is...
  4. Davon

    Mist District

    A lot of things in life challenge you, whether or not you prevail over them is determined by the fortitude you possess. Most obstacles are manageable, some are tedious and others are emotionally and mentally exhausting. However, an individual who can stand after each storm is more powerful than...
  5. Davon

    Role Play Format

    Fuinjutsu Class System – シールシステム "Devoid of perfection, limitless in possibilities, risky in its deliverance… It is what I note to be, a double-edged blade.. One capable of downing a deity, defying the goddesses, and ascending to godship, at the cost of your own morality, the scarring of your...
  6. Davon

    The Shinobi's Den

    Ketsugo: Obviously haha (you know how he looks) But if you can add dramatic shading to his face and be mindful to remove the headband. The seals can be replaced with customized fuinjutsu, as well as surrounding the main fuinjutsu it can be unique formations and or inscriptions alongside the...
  7. Davon

    🌸Wawa Creations!🌸

    Want this to be Ketsugo as a teenager/young adult. The water can be turned into black or red ink, whichever looks cooler and is easier. The style of how you did Yozu's last art, if you can use that style on this that be great. Colors? Ketsugo basically color scheme - he's a simple dude.
  8. Davon

    🐸 Gama-chan's Adventures

    jutsu description/wikia article upload - $6.00 USD I'd like to order a Jutsu description and Wikia article upload. < - Blank Wiki Page Below are the details that I have brainstormed for the Shinigami Transformation and all of...