Sangoshō Sector

(サンゴ礁, "Coral Reef")

A unerground water sector which is perceived to be overseen by both the Hozuki Clan and the Hoshigaki clan as it keeps both houses hydrated and environmentally meets their biological needs. One of the most alluring of all the sectors, this aquatic mainland is home to a diverse group of mammals that pose no threat to residents of Land of Water. Before entering this district, those who do not have the ability to endlessly breath under water are given artificial gills a device that allows one to naturally breath and interact as if they were on dryland. What’s special about this land, is that it has a healing factor and those who are injured and enters this section are instantly healed as damage was never casted upon them. Within the aquatic sector, there are thousands of large temples constructed of stone. Mysteriously when entering the inside any place of residency it is completely water free replicating the effects of dryland. This sector is highly popularized and is usually a tourist attraction, which helps finances this sector. It is to be noted, that sector is assigned to shinobi of Kirigakure to help increase their fighting styles and swimming underwater to gain an advantage against opponents from neighboring nations.

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