Omizu Sector

(大水, "Flood")

A sector which is perceived as Industrial sector by the Land of Water. The industry itself is notable found to the southern section of the mainland territory. The sector has brought a lot of prosperity to the land. With collective amount of income coming from this sector, as the industry continuously grows. The land itself host many factories near to the water yet inland there is mostly farms and crops. This humongous land space provides the country the ability to reap income profits of nearly fifty(50%) percent. The rather tropical climate is perhaps one very odd for a region of the Land of Water, yet it is one of things which makes the products produce so rapidly over a short space of time. The settlement of people within this location are majority the members of Terumi clan. The Terumi clan are the overseers of the region as like each one of the regions within the Land of Water are home to either one or two of the most prominent Shinobi Clans of the Land of Water. The Terumi clan takes pride in this region which has some of the largest mountains flanking them to the northern side. These mountains were said to be dormant volcanoes which were originally the home to many of the Terumi clan members.