Nadeshiko Sector

A mainland territory—known for its ambiance and relatively peaceful surroundings which are made up of mostly water bodies as well as trees. The trees are notable of different sizes making them very indigenous to the Land. The sector is location is ideal as it stands within the center of the mainland. The region itself is also known as the Daimyo Sector as it stands as the location in which the castle of the Water Emperor. This in fact makes the region one of the hardest regions to even breach as it bolsters unman machineries as well as troops. The region is sometime known for its constant change of climate as the Yuki Clan are presumed to effect the change of climate. The productivity of this specific sector is not as Omizu Sector, however, there are a lot of hidden factories within the region. Although many may be unaware, but the very region is where the barrier crops itself are established due to the location of this sector— which makes it easier for them to oversee the sectors in their entirety. Though this territory has vast amount of landmass and landscape not just anyone can occupy the region without the permission of the Daimyo himself.