Land of Merchants

(商人の国, "Shōnin no Kuni", English TV: "Peddler Country")

A wealthy nation of the Shijin continent, the Land of Merchants is known for its productive mercantile practices. It is said that the country is a true melting pot because it is full of sellers and buyers from all around the world. A variety of items can be found in the country from rare gems to counterfeit shoes and purses. The people of the land often feign kindness and hospitality in order to sell to something or gain something from someone and they are often "on the go" or rushing from one place to another. Even still, it is not a lawless, crooked land despite capitalism being quite important. The country's leader known as the Merchant Daimyō yields often to the whims of businesses and profit so he does not have much power or say but boasts great wealth and comfort. There are quite a lot of poor people within the land, so-much-so that impoverished children are often seen stealing at markets or being beaten for crimes. As a result of the Peddler Country's constant caravans entering and leaving it is the perfect location for black-market sellers to do business.