Kinnomizu Sector

(金の水, "Gold Water")

A segmentation of small islands clusters known as Isles, each small island having a representative which answers to the Daimyo. The islands themselves are unique in their own ways, giving various resources to the growth of Land of Water. Originally one of three great clans that fought over the island cluster, the Yutaka were the only one to emerge from the Warring Clans Era fully intact. Masters of coin and commerce, the Yutaka put little above the acquisition of wealth. Venerating wealth, the three most sacred sites to the clan are the mountains from which they made their wealth; They owe most of their wealth to the lucrative silk trade which originated on their home island. The Yutaka's network of trade partners outside of the Water Empire is rivaled only by that of the Nadeshiko, something which has sparked trade wars in the past. Regardless, the two clans currently enjoy strong economic and diplomatic ties. Politically, they are aligned most closely with Kirigakure and the Nadeshiko, wanting to expand economic and diplomatic relations with the outside world. Aside from the Ketsueki, they are the only ones with a private naval force which is now controlled by the Daimyo himself.