Iruka Sector

(海豚, "Dolphin")

This sector is highly technologized and is the workplace for the most brilliant minds to reside in the Land of Water. Composed of different universities that vary in study from genetics, advance technology, orbital mechanics, and weaponry and naval advancements all help to secure the safety of Land of Water residents, while also educating themselves on foreign genetics and weaponry. Overhsadowing the hundreds of thousands of scientist are humongous skyscrapers that have state of the art security and technological advances never seen before. Located within this Weapons Research & Development Facility, is a forge that has produced weapons for Kirigakure Shinobi since the times of the First Mizukage. It was the central point around which the Military district was originally constructed before its integration into the Central District. Any shinobi seeking weapons are free to come and place orders. Extending all the way to the river, recent expansions have allowed for the installation of dry-docks to help in the construction of warships in the village as opposed of having them made elsewhere in the Land of Water. When shinobi or residents are injured or killed, their body is sent to this section for medical treatment or examination. A lot soldiers are sent here to this sector practice the new weaponry.