Chinomizu Sector

(血の水, "Blood Water")

A mountainous hot spring remote from the other sectors, that is described as de-industrialized. There is nothing extravagant about this sector as houses are built of only of wood. Bloody hot water is seen naturally flowing through the rocky land and is rich with minerals such as iron. Because of the water's temperature and because of the valley's geography, foul-smelling steam is always thick in the valley. This make it quite inhospitable to life, with no native animals and only minimal plant life. Inhabited by the Chinoike Clan, the Ketsueki Clan, and Jashin worshippers, this sector has an ominous and sinister vibe. Daily sacrifices and worship ceremonies here participated by each resident of this section. It is mandated that visitors must participated in this rituals or will be cursed for the duration of their life.